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Laokos Apr 24
~every distance is a long shot
within reach of a fool
                          Prv. 𝑓:𝑦

bleed your heart out in dripping
poetic pretense―slip
that inky salamander some silk:

         "the wilting waiting flora
bequeathed their busting bouquets and
     bountiful bosoms unto the world
              in all of its prescient

then read it back to yourself
later and be
absolutely disgusted.

throw it away with all the other
things you've done in your

now reach back in your closet
and rattle the skeletons
lingering there.

finger your dreams in the
dark under pressure
from the mind
to find yourself.

the lightning severance
will sing and
anxiety will
harmonize with the knife.

you've done it again...
****** it all up
and everyone
knows it.

you could eat all the erasers
in the world
and your **** still
wouldn't come out correct.

a lifetime of valleys and
seawalls has made you
an avatar of
effortless blunder.

and you can't stop bleeding
all over the page; white
is red again
you blue it.

bleed in―breathe out
breathe in―bleed out
bleed in―breathe out
breathe in―
bleed out...

welcome to the creative
alexis Apr 9
I get paranoid after throwing up my fears the night before, intoxication comes easy when you’re lost in the worries of not being enough. The whispering from my nightmares become real, their faces distort in disgust when they look at me and the weight of terror eats me alive.
Raven Feels Apr 6
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some memories haunt us to the grave---they never fade:|

I put the space

mere a distance

and air to redeem

for the desk to choke the

fogging steam

heavy unspoken glares of things untold a gleam

nears and approaches some spites that repeat

if walls at least could shout could scream

lines would be spit to the ultimate some tense perched

meant on bits of merged

known subtles

left on the bottles

shaped from knuckles

inherited not chuckles

reds on the addicting muffles

                                                                ­                        ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 4
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some days can be numb:\

in the instant blink of an eye

in the double slow tick of the clock

in the gloomy twitch of the sun

in the unnnotice of the dusk and the dawn

in the raw mere of blur

in the racing droplets down the tub

in the pretentious eyes of red

in the odorless stink of the day

in the companion of numbness

in the tasteless lines of wry disgust  

in the lyrics of merciful peace

Nicole Mar 23
A river runs red
From my knuckles into the sink.
As I stand there,
Hands dripping.
Washing the evidence of loving you,
Scrubbing the remembrance of the flesh.
Draining into pipes are memories of bodies together,
And mouths full of lies.
I give up anger
Face my fears
Surprise my body
With feelings of happiness
And yet sadness still prevails
Filled with disgust
I despise
With my faint heart
I'm consumed once more
By the very bitter emotions i tried to over shadow
Bitter emotions of anger, fear sadness destroy one true sweet emotion which is happiness
Dawn Jan 26
Insecurity is a fast acting disease.
Pouring into every cell,
thickening the lens,
distorting view.
Erupt in jealousy,
tension fills the chest, breathing deep feels sharp.

Pick at their flaws,
make them feel small, tempt them to inch down to your level.
Do what you can, in every desperate attempt,
But the self disgust still radiates off your skin.

The unjustified hatred will
consume you,
convince you,
that you truly are the victim.

But it is merely a sickness that will eat you away.
Mackenzy Dec 2020
1800, 1200, 500,

When will I look myself in the mirror
and say, "you are beautiful"

When will I see me
and not cringe in disgust.

When will I feel good
in my own skin?

When will this end?
When does this end? I don't know.
Always wait 'till it's gone
Always blind even when taught
Always deaf even when sought

Only looking back at what was
Only pilling bricks on my walls
Only gulping bile in my rue

Coulda had, coulda got
Coulda grabbed, coulda talked
Coulda laughed, coulda loved

Emptied comforts, emptied joys
Emptied rooms, emptied possibilities
Emptied mind, numb false serenity

Only broke up by
Intense flashes of
toleomato Nov 2020
I pen a poem
a beautiful
and think that maybe
it is about a woman instead.

in disgust,
i throw it away.

not that i hate her,
the contrary,
but to me,
it seems,
a flower cannot be a flower
and a woman
cannot be a woman.
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