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Gabriel burnS Mar 31
What leaves won’t leave you
What’s rooted holds you
What flies sees you exposed
What lies stays a child
What dries up won’t remain dry
What’s come to pass shall roll again
Old songs don’t go when new ones play
Things drip and flood, dance out their pace
A snaking river knows its way
No tongue to speak or eyes to see
This realm spins to realign
So every sunbeam finds its tree

*   *   *

Което те напуска, няма да те пусне
Което корени е пуснало, държи те
Което лети, те вижда открит
Което лъже, дете си остава
Което пресъхва, няма сухо да остане
Което е минало, пак ще се търколи
Не изчезват старите песни пред новите
Неща капят, заливат, танцуват си темпото
Лъкатушеща река пътя си знае
Без език да говори и очи да види
Тази шир се върти до подреждане
За да може всеки лъч да намери дървото си
Translated my own poem from Bulgarian, my native language...
Justyn Huang Feb 11
Why do Lovers always love
at the set of Sun?

Like why can't they Love at
the tick of a clock or
the flushing of toilets?

A clock ticks far more often
In One Day
and a toilet is home to a whole
Host of Colors

I will Love you at every flush
of the hand past nine, and
I will Love you at every slip
of the bowel past time.

Wholly heck, I'm hella romantic
Just a ramble
Jasmine Reid Feb 3
How does one say “*******” politely?
Because personally I do not wish to offend, but I’m in need to defend.

To defend my actions and what I said, or did, to protest against the way you all want me to live.

I’m rude, I’m mean, I’m a bully. Call it what you will but I will always see it as honesty.

Why, must I be the one in trouble, when no one spoke to me
Why, must I be beaten down violently when I didn’t know what to do
Why, must I be tortured mentally that I want to break my own skin open and let everything out.

All the, emotions and pain, suffering and sleepless night that I spent crying.

I mean no offence, but seriously...
I don’t want to speak to you anymore.
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
heart, a softened shard
thumping deeper than itself
I insert music in my ears
Picking things, living and inanimate,
snatching from all around me;
I put reality in my pocket,
kidnapping eyes
as I build my time-armor
to crunch the kilometers
so hard to swallow
feeding the cogs of routine
daily and hourly bits of myself
...crudely put in shape...
Sky Yang Aug 2018
the stupidest love
the blindest love
is also
the purest love

(and perhaps
the stupidest
and blindest people
are also
the purest people)

love for the sake of loving.

for the way your name stains my tongue
so berry-blue
and the way our gazes hold
tight like a rubber band

do not love for your sake or mine.

and most of all, love
at your own risk.

i love you whole
from the top of your head to the
tip of your toe,
even the grime under your nails
(but that's gross man, please cut them)

i love you unconditionally
but leaving ***** underwear all over the house?
you're testing me.

i want to love so much that
love drips out from my wounds
and out of every pore of my body,
and you'll say



f* you

i want my love to be flawed
like you, before that morning bed selfie

my ***

i want my love to take your form,
both your chocolate abs
and your flat ***

no, you're not special
i could love anyone-- just give me time
but i chose you

you're special after all
a love poem
Sky Yang Aug 2018
i love you, i told him
he stared back at me with those lovely
brown eyes

marry me, i said to him and
although he stayed quiet i could sense

the answer
from behind his smiling lips

i smiled and in one
swift motion

smacked the poster of him on my bedroom wall

its crooked
its difficult being a fangirl...
FRITZ Mar 2018
the shakes own my body they make it harder to type so i peck at my keyboard like a ******* animal and i keep smashing the power button every time i hit the backspace and i'm afraid the whole godforsaken thing will turn off. macs arent bad though. i might be okay.

wow this whole ******* thing just went to ****? can i even say that? i'll be ******* honest with you (aside from the avant-garde scene and the nihilistic WOKE poetry ensemble) i really don't know if i can say that or not? i mean when was PC invented? like 2008? *******. that was ten years ago gimme a break.

jesus man the shakes are horrible tonight. they're so bad im really just relying on autocorrect to do everything for me but sometimes it misses and so do i. i could use diction on the mac but then they would have my voice and once apple took o ver the world id just become one of their drones or something.

i know why too. maybe the "substances" im constantly ingesting. (oooh "substances" s cary word ayh right. you're an idiot.)

or maybe its the lack of creativity and originality in everything i see and hear and do? maybe not.

(taking a break to ____________).

all the bugs and trees are talking to me and you know what in not eve n gonna bother with typing at this point so if are still here then good for you,

.... six, no wait, make that, 12 bottles of wine. and some whiskey. and some champagne. and a jug of sangria. and...

it's **:05 as I write this. so if you're awake and reading this then either you're a night-owl or you live somewhere thats not here or there.

i m really truing to see; the shakes off and I think in doing pretty well so i have to just keep it up. right?

im going to shrink down and sleep with my succulent. tomorrow will be where hell is waiting.

******* come in early. 2-3 AM. i always wake up right about then.+
thank you once again, Fritz.
Lure Pot Dec 2017
I feel just like I am in terror
When I look at your mirror
You are loveless and rude
You're like a ****** dude.

You just started being crude
Sometimes you lie and elude
I'd not fall in a ****** error
So go away, I am in horror!

No, I'm good, I wouldn't exude
something bad; I am a *****!
You have nothing to do for furor
with me, just shut the bad door!
'When I look at your mirror' is for 'When I think of you'________
R Nov 2017
Excuse me sir
I am a Nigerian prince,
and I need you to take my cash since,
I need to copy-paste this chain
to avoid this curse of eternal pain.
Dump the cash in all these
***** enlargment pills.
Did you know you're my nine-thousandth ninety nine
nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine
insert name here?
Click here for more.
(This is an actual poem about spam; not spam in of itself.)
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