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Summer 4d
I look at you
and dream of sunflowers
because you told me once
that home was where the sunflowers were
and I’ve been awaiting summer since then.
This is actually a dialogue I plan to include in the fantasy book I am writing :)
Sam 6d
|Sequel of SUMMER RAIN|
                               —KIAH P.

Looking for the silver lining
In the image of mirrored skies
But the water on the pavement tries
To warp the silhouette
The horizon glows as far as the eye can see
Darkness poses no threat
As broken clouds conceal this brilliant afternoon
The fading sunlight feels like heaven's kiss
Comes the rainfall tenderly
And the sentiments fill the atmosphere
Sentiments of regret and bliss.
POEMS OF THE RAIN, Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Give thanks to those that are appreciative to have you as a dearest and vice versa. Many people in this world are without those that love them. While many of you are in mourning, look up into the heavens and see how beatific your deceased loved ones are. They send you their love and wish you many blessings. When you cry, the family of angels are there by your side, surrounding you with their healing presence. Your heart is the fountain of youth; pour into those that need replenishment. I promise you that love will always and forever be the root that gives life to the tree.
Allesha Eman Jul 15
Beyond the rolling hills,
A shy horizon awaits coloured in a savoury Himalayan pink
And you stand on the peak of a mountain
Practicing your introduction for when you meet destiny for the first time
The hairs on the back of your neck rise
Whenever you find yourself thinking about time
And memories fly around you, drawing their reflections into the irises of your eyes
Hand in hand with tomorrow you walk towards a new sky
A single cloud hovers over you, bringing with it a rainfall
To nurture the seeds of dreams you have yet to meet
And soon enough you’re gone as you fade into the haze,
running towards a melancholic cry with the future by your side
To meet destiny at the horizon line
Feyre Jun 19
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
I say a picture is a movie trailer,
of a trip down memory lane.

One look at a photo, of a time now past,
can unravel a strand of memory.

People in the photo can call to mind,
The story behind the image-
  the context that’s missing.

A photo tells a story in the mind.
Captures a candid moment-
A laugh-
A look of pure joy-

A photo tells more than meets the eye.

Picturesque people, places, and things.
Parts of life otherwise unseen.

A  stolen glance,
A shy smile,
A wistful look,

Capturing things in the moment,
That would otherwise be forgotten.

Time stands still in a photograph.
Those exact moments in time,
able to be preserved for forever.

When memory fails,
and recollection gets hazy,
Look back on the photographs.

Professional or Amateur.

Good lighting or Bad lighting.

Blurry lights or Sharp lines.

No matter the photo,
No matter the quality,
No matter the who, what, where, when, or why-
A story it will tell.

Maya Jun 6
And in the middle of the night
when your thoughts
comes up
of the darkest and most stormy
to the most sentimental
revealed by your
darker side

Who are you, really?
behind a mask
lower your guard
reveal your real identity
a little deep
AgerMCab May 22
I'll forever yearn seeing the view
Thoughts of kisses between me and you
Never to part and never to break
View of images my mind has made
Jake McKowen May 21
i regret all the times i said leave me alone
you put up with a lot and asked for so little
a little love a little time
a little something from me

but any time i was stressed
or bored or
upset or

you wanted attention i should have known how to give
all i had in me was Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone and i regret it because

i didn’t actually mean it
to happen but
you did
AgerMCab Jan 2019
A poison to my vein
A blockage to my brain

It fogs my mind
Till i no longer hide

Go away from me
Just let me be

There's no room for you
For the love I pursue
I've watched you countless nights and days.
Don't know your name but seen your face.
I've seen you cry and smile and laugh.
You are the One, my better half.

I know your likes your shoulds and wants.
Your musts, your wonts, your oughts and donts.
Your dreams and fears, your tears and hopes.
Your ups and downs, your slippy slopes.

I've heard you breathe, choke up and sigh.
Listed the things that make you cry.
I've watched you work, and rest and sleep.
I've felt your pain like bones deep.

To you I 'm not a that or this.
I won't be a thing you'll ever miss.
A mystery only is what I am.
For you I'm none I'm just a ****.
Put some effort into making it creepy. ;) (hehehe)
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