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Well hello twenty four
Didn’t hear you knocking at my door
Woke up to happy birthday baby
Me wondering where good morning went
Out the door to early you just missed him
Dancing in the breeze on a whim
Here I am now twenty four
No surprise, there’s still skeletons beneath the floor
The darkness didn’t go away
Like we had hoped
Getting older doesn’t cure it
Just makes it easier to hide
Still wish I had died
Yet here we are at twenty four
In the dessert heat
No reprieve from the sun
But the suns healing
And the healings only begun
So much left to do
With no idea how to start
Just hoping that I can find my heart
Buried it years ago
Now at twenty four
Hoping I can find it, when I open the right door
Life is a very scary thing, I woke up crying this morning, but this was the first birthday I’ve had in years that I didn’t dread
neth jones Jun 15
invest     in  your  dreams

for they are nestled in life

and life is    but  a  dream
3. All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. ~ Edgar Allan Poe


paddle your feet
                       in life's great jest
        make it your dream
          explore company
           but safety first
            wear a vest [19]

i am a limber explorer of life's dream
today has been exhausting
i lay down and kip out
to dream within a dream
Will it feel the same way
If I give you a poem today?
The same as the day I first conveyed.

Will you fall in love with me again?
Will you believe that it's me and you
Until the end?

Can we revive the butterflies, the withered flowers,
And the nights of thoughts and dreams ?

Can I hold your hand again ?
Without promises or wishes,
I am simply the man you once sought.
The man who gives you love,
And not colorful leashes.

Will that be possible?
I will give you some time.
Will your heart be able?
To give a chance to this heart of mine?
Isamarie Aug 2021
Shes always in your heart, shes never leavin.

She told stories through her eyes, you cant help but lean in.

Her mind leaves stories untold.

I wonder in a past life if she was a star seed soul.

But in this lifetime i know she's painted in gold.

She's a rainbow in this lifetime. She's made all the pain go.
Merlie T Jun 2021
Each time I return to the market
I bring home with me
two bouquets of fresh flowers
to fill a vase found long ago
in childhood with my loved ones in Mexico
from a shop near by, once meant for tea
A porcelain elephant
now holds cold water for fresh flowers
Diesel Jun 2021
I miss wet rain on buses
I miss crowded subway stairs
I miss noisy streets in public
I miss breathing ocean air:

I miss walking in the snow
I miss snowmen building high
I miss concretes slushy flow
I miss children stepping by:

I miss eyes of pretty girls
I miss old men sitting too
I miss seeing squirrels creep
I miss streetlights switching hue:

I miss walking to and there
I miss waiting crosswalks tick
I miss coming home all wear'd
I miss sleeping after six:

I miss waking up at nine
I miss dreading morning days
I miss my recurring life
I miss living life again.
I have several things left to pack:
First, the old grey jumper.
Second, a dusty photo album.
Third, that China plate from the kitchen.

Moving through to the hallway,
I swivel on the spot.
The cat eyes me from the stairs,
Swishing his tail left to right.

I gesture to him: In childlike voice
"Don't worry I won't be leaving you".

Boxes laid at my feet, I fumble about.
What a life;
You spend most of it collecting junk;
And then you realise,
What an earth are you going to do with it all?

Leave it behind?
Chuck it away?
Chuck it away, leave it behind?
A disastrously difficult decision!
We are all sentimental someway.

The smell of cooked beef wafted from the kitchen.
Ah, home cooked meals.
I suppose it'll be takeaways soon.
Until we've settled in of course.

It's really real now isn't it?
Like a punch of reality,
Slapping you in the face.
Mixed emotions,
A bit like Sunday: You enjoy it but know that Mondays coming.

Gently, I stroked my cat.
Amongst the purring:
There came a sudden realisation,
That I had not started my list yet.
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved. Published 2021 at
Chipped and cracked
Old and worn
Yet you are still my favourite
Old things have more sentimental value than new ones, almost the same with people.
Zygos Mar 2021
-I scream at you for bleeding everywhere, when I myself feel like an never-ending open wound.

-Lazy, laying, and filled with disdain we sit and let time wander through the dusty halls.

-Suspended in mid-air, twirling amongst light and darkness, I wait for movement to occur.

-The smog has lifted, but we remained mentally clouded and uncertain.

-There's plenty of food, but nobody eats. We stay still until the sun sets and countless clouds of *** eagerly activate the palate. Then we feast meagerly on snacks and drink and drink and drink until tomorrow blinks into our vision. We clean until the space feels open and momentarily alive, only to wreck it through the night to create purpose for the next day.

-The fragility of the day immediately crumbles in my hands the moment I make contact.

-I'm holding my breath, hoping all the air will keep me afloat.

-Because in the end I'm just a scared girl, shooting arrows at the world trying to pinpoint my direction.
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