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Thrystan Tate Aug 2019
Bands a make her dance.  
A dollar will make her holler.
So she must be worth a pretty penny,
to flip open your wallet just to call her.
"Hey baby, how much for a dance? Oh slow motion, yeah I like it like that."
Her stripper name must be Visa for her rewards and her cashback.
She can flap her wings to get your mind on track,
of you spending your money all Welly-Nelly,
and swiping your card down the crack.
She's got you running to the private room like she's running game.
If you fall in love with these strippers that's a tale of Two-Pains.
How could a dime be worth a stack and arouse your spending range?
I mean her game so tight she has your whole money roll entertained.
And all she has to do is something strange for you to come out your pocket change.
By: Thrystan Tate
an0nym0us May 2019
I am not myself
I'm flying to the skies
I'm starring to the shelf,
I see small dice...

I see images on the clear wall
I think I heard something fall
It was someone's pen
I believe I need caffeine then.

My thoughts are very random...
I am the empress of my own kingdom.
I'll just write this down,
Cause in drowsiness, I've drown.
I was sleepy as hell...
Justyn Huang Mar 2019
Someone is richer
Someone is prettier
Someone is smarter
Someone is stronger
Someone is better
Someone is more

But no one else is as ****** up as you are.
And that’s why you are special
Angge Mar 2019
it's hilarious
how a single statement
can make you curious

it's piteous
how a single statement
can make you furious
Souf Mar 2019
I, for one, know I should be up and moving round.
And now and then,
I do, what I'm supposed to do.
But now and then, I also dig a hole or two,
so the odds of me doing what I am supposed to do are slim.
My homework's, in my bag.
I am looking, quite sad.
I don't want to do anything,
And every day
goes the same,
so please don't make me do a thang.
Because I, for one, am having oh so much fun.
Just a funny poem about my procrastination!
(also it reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast!)
MisfitOfSociety Feb 2019
Never drop kick an alien,
Or they will shoot fudge in your ears,
And nut in your eye.
Then stick a needle in it,
Then stick a probe up your ****** pipes.

Nobody wants those things done to them, so I advise that you don’t ******* the alien that took you from your planet.

Oh **** the E Mother ******* T is at it again,
Stealing cows and ****.
Running the farmers out of business.
What do they need the cows for anyway.
Is their planet running out of milk or something?
Are their women not producing enough ***** milk for baby alien lips or something?
Makes me so mad that I want to drop kick an alien....
But I need to keep it together,
Because I know what they will do to me if I do.
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
How reasonable dreams are... .................................................................­................

Till you wake up.

Just woke up and realized all the reasons I was battling with in my sleep to sleep on weren't reasonable but they seemed perfectly right till I woke up. So many moments like these I'm sure all of you guys can relate. Oh that confusion when you wake up, like where the heck am I?
nawke Jun 2018
life's constant journey
always tooling.willing.bleeps
precision mapping
What do we willingly bleep?
Gray Jun 2018
I find it really hilarious,
That one can be so oblivious.
For instance, take the brown cow.
Some people believe they produce chocolate milk, but how?
Another one is swallowing bubble gum,
And believing it stays in your stomach for seven years, how dumb!
Finally, the stupidest one people still think is true,
It that some believe i still have feelings for you!
Honestly find this one really funny.
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