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Love you stilly,
the quiet winds
that bend

through morrow
hollow woods
that secret
sounding send

off we go
awning so
tell me where and when
The reasons I know I had loved you
well and fully
are by the pages and words it took
for me to find and fill
as I forgot and missed you stilly.
Another sweet nothing
Justyn Huang Sep 25
I'd give you the world,
If I could.

But you became mine
and so the world
was given
to me.
Another sweet nothing
Justyn Huang Sep 17
“How heavy is the light you carry?”
, asked the kid.

The light itself weighs nothing
but is easily seen by all:
the good, the bad, the wandering
and eventually touches everyone
which makes it an easy target.

To bear the light, one must
wander through the consequence of their own desires.
Everyone can spot the light easily,
but darkness masks itself in many forms.
Eventually every individual is chosen at some point
in their lives to seek their true path.
But they must navigate the dark on their own.

The Universe has no wrong timing either.
They send each soul out when they are supposed to go.
But everyone encounters different things.
Some see dragons, others see pigs, or even
the shadows of ghosts - but in dealing with these,
each is granted their own weapon of choice
Which is sharpened and made stronger with each foe they slay.

Everyone is matched with monsters the
same size of their bravery and no one is pitted
against the things they cannot overcome.
It is believed to be of highest honors when
an individual is chosen to journey, and
during this time the people closest to them
must let go. Friends and family look away,
and the more they hold on, the longer it takes.

“What about those colorful stripes? How
did you get those?”, the kid asked tracing
the edges of colors that decorated the light bearer.

Oh these? Every time someone loses a battle
and falls to the darkness, they are marked with
a bright color - making them more easily spotted
by their enemies and must start over.

But every time they start over they have
gained the wisdom of practicality to navigate
the darkness better and begin glowing a hue brighter.

“Oh that’s really cool! You remind me of a
colorful Zebra and feel like a Daddy to me!
I’ll call you ZADDY!”

Oh, gawd. Please don’t facepalm

“When I grow up I want to be as colorful as you!”

Ah, for your sake I hope you keep your one true color.
A bush rustles nearby
Quick, look! There’s a shiny bulbasaur over there!
Let’s go catch it!!

And the light bearer flings parts of himself upon the ground
illuminating a glowing path for all that wander nearby to see.

"Everyday is like walking on magical rainbows with you"
A short story.
Justyn Huang Sep 12
I wish people were more like
Stop lights;
You’d never see one glowing
both red and green
Simultaneously, otherwise
there’d be a car crash

And neither would they turn
Completely off, cause then
No one would know how to proceed.

By all means — flirt with me.
But stop sending mixed signals.
Don’t you hate it when people send mixed signals?
Justyn Huang Sep 6
If each person is a Universe,
then self-exploration is a
visiting your own planets
that we can learn to understand
each other by.
Self-exploration is a journey
Justyn Huang Sep 5
Why would I wish on a star?
That’s so far away.

And you’re right here.
Another sweet nothing
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