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Justyn Huang Sep 2020
There are those fighting for their life
There are those fighting for their/ to be right(s)
There are those fighting to be white
Black Lives Matter.
Justyn Huang Jun 2020
A happy person makes a terrible activist
Due to recent events
Justyn Huang Mar 2020
Whenever I have a bad day
I always remember they’re usually followed by
Good ones to come
Justyn Huang Dec 2019
Give a man some straw
to build a bridge,
and he will find a way
to mend brittleness for his
Family to cross.

But give a man cement
and the foundation will be lazy
Justyn Huang Dec 2019
If we be a day (today)
let's make tomorrow jealous
Justyn Huang Dec 2019
The people we truly Love never leave us.
There will always be imprints on our Hearts
made by them.
And when we choose to Love again
It's like muscle memory
Love poem
Justyn Huang Nov 2019
Fall arrives, and the leaves
turn dry — meanwhile outside
there’s plenty of wet *****.
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