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The day of you
that left the night
in evening.

Beautiful Light
that leaves me

Beautiful a
leaves a grieving

Nighttime falls
and daylight gleaming

Beauty, a wonder
of yours I
Beauty oh, you’re
beauty to come by

wrote this for a girl haha
While waiting for a good day,
You waste the one before.
Do we write to remember?
Or do we write to forget?

If I ever lost something that
cost an ounce of pain

Whatever had been lost was
worth the life I gained.
There was a land, so fair and green
they called upon it "opportunity"
rhyme scheme, metaphor,
**** THAT WALL YOU *******!
one of my more refined poems
Even the word "Meaningless"
has its own purpose.
Find your own.
When you left
there were no words
or meaning

Just endless piles of dictionaries.
ur so ******* hot you'd burn a hole
straight through the ground
and keep going until you reach the
Earth's mantle.

Careful, don't get too close to me--
I'm not ready to feel what it's like
to be next to the Earth's core.

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