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Wondering in lucids;flowing on Goosebumps!
This is just not about lucids.It's all on what matters for us.anything that makes us get up out of our bed & embark getting a change in daily routine & keep everything restrained.What makes you intense to feel something deeply that leads your brain to send energy to the universe?
Traveler Sep 2020
Julian Assange‘a trial is being suppressed
by the United States media. A complete blackout. Even YouTube and other Internet media’s are involved in the suppression.
Traveler Tim.
Autumn Sky Sep 2020
It’s ok to be girly; it’s ok to like pink.

It’s ok to be a princess; and yes I can think.

It’s ok to be ladylike; I can still fight.

No I don’t want to burp; and yes that’s alright.

We are all slaves; slaves to the system.

You want seats in the boardrooms and you want higher pay.

What life is a boardroom?

Can money buy joy?

Smash the system that binds us; stop fighting the men. They are slaves too, so stop blaming them.
I wrote this because I feel modern feminism is outdated and divisive. We need to shift to equality and humanism. Capitalism is the root cause of evil, we can’t make real change within this system.
Traveler Jun 2020
There's a lot of good people in this world
People who would like to see a better world
Unfortunately it's out of our control
That is if, your ideology is to
"Stay the status quo"
Did you just get comfortable?
Close your eyes and play your role
I have everything I need
Yet my world is not complete
My connection to the world
Will never disconnect
I possess true love
Which parallels deep regret
That's why I'm an activist
Traveler Tim

If I could dehumanize black people
Close my eyes to our war criminal President's
So what...
Congress bailed out Wall Street
And the top corporations and left the people to struggle
Traveler Jun 2020
It hard to be patriotic
While most of our rulers are psychotic
All their crazy has no end
They lock up the poor
Whenever they can

I won't salute their blood stained flag
Nor bow to their angry gods
I'll take a knee with Kaepernick
Now that's a worthy cause!

The lesser evil can fight it out among their selves
Dark money and propaganda are proportionate of their wealth
Corporations of greed destroying our precious planet
A war machine that kills millions to survive
Shall we just take all this for granted?
Our one percent are out of control and underhanded

Standby for a wave of american immigrants
Coming to your shores
"cause it's getting hard to be patriotic anymore.
Traveler Tim
Justyn Huang Jun 2020
A happy person makes a terrible activist
Due to recent events
ari Mar 2020
this is mother earth
killing us off
before we **** her
think about it, won't you?
Peyton James Feb 2020
I am the middle child,
Though I have no siblings
To speak of.

Growing up a heathen among lambs,
I emerged from the blessed pool
A member of the cult of liberated women.
Out of my own distorted sense of sexuality,
I arrived with a label that designated me
With the right to love all -
She, her, him, they.
So why is it then, that I am still unclean?

My creator told me once that
I came off the assembly line
With a crack in my chassis.
See, I have this switch embedded
In the deep recesses of my mind,
That can allow me to only appreciate
The aesthetic of sharp lines and flat planes;
But then, I sink too deep into the scent
Of azalea, and I salivate at the thought
Of soft curves, running my tongue
Along plump flesh, and Oh!
I lost my admission to heterosexuality.

I am the cellophane blanketing
Every celebration of liberty and pride.
Marching along the same sacred ground,
My ancestors rioted for the right
To be visible, to be sanctioned a people;
And yet, my boyfriend’s arm around
My waist is the burden that I haul.
I scrutinize the overwhelming list
Of binding entrance rules,
Only to find myself drowning
In waves of haughty rebels
That dictate I’m not “gay enough to ride” -
I lost my way to the left side of the spectrum.

I peer into the static-covered looking glass,
Only to watch myself dissolve.
Piper, Catherine, Frank, or Queen Sophie Anne
Are not me. They are poorly illustrated
Cartoons of people like me.
I am not promiscuous, confused, and blood-lusting,
Nor am I the forgettable adjutant in your
Breath-taking! ****! Highly marketable YA novel.
I am the middle child, and I demand more.
This poem is dedicated to all of my bi, pan, and trans brethren that have made their home the middle of the sexuality spectrum. We are all middle children and we are all beautiful humans.
Ammerikkka we're appealing
To your truest heart
The Conscious,
A revolution is infolding

Your land is
Is cold full of hatred
War on the minority
Masses walking for
Real freedom
We aren't savages
We rewriting the
True story.

All is One
As the Sun rises
In our lives
The Soul of a
People desperate
For all to Hear
Our cries
Watching and
Waiting on God
"GoTell it on the
Mountain" like
Baldwin said
We've articulated our position
As the Victim
Time for
Love's Vaccination
Into your greed filled veins
Our skin is not a sin.

We done Historiography
Lie and tell us to our
Faces we're less than
God's own Kings and Queens
Royalty runs throughout
Our D.N.A.
The imprint of
The Source Almighty
Masculine and Feminine
9 to the Ether
With No substitution.

Our Story is unfolding
All Life is Matter
Carbon copyright of Righteousness
Factors of dark and light
Star dust to Universal matter
Cutting thru your dogmatic
Chatter of divisions and classes
With clear lenses gazing into
The future Human

Gaia is our home
mother to All
Hatred in Amerikkka no longer
It's called Love's Patience
Sending racism to the depth of
While we Raise Heaven
As above so below
Thy Will Be Done
Above and beyond false
Religious and Political

Question why you're separated
Contaminated systems
The water is filthy like
Amerikkkas violence and lies
Who's God is Lady Liberty
Really trusting
Rothschild or Builder burghs?

Feeding us brain washed
Religion with pimps
As the preachers
I gotta pay for my
Salvation Again
And Again with my
Soul and skin?
That's double jeopardy
That's twice you've
"We the People".

Ammerikkka you
Enslaved us but we
Forgave you Gracefully
Building all your
Even faithfully  tithing taxes
Exploited by Capitalism's ism's
Like regentrification
Let's not forget
You created reservations and
Ghetto Slums and
"The War on Drugs"

Still consider my bloodline
Unworthy of a Promise

We are not *******
We're Philosophers
Still writing Emerald Tablets
For our children's children
Children Children
Prayers form Pyramids
We're setting out
To make living Legacies
Can't Erase Obama
Out of History
Time to pay up
No more insufficient funds
From the Founding
Father's Constitution
King said it
Poetry demands it
We fact check you
Because we dream
And still have
Hope in
Your Faithful Promises
To Be
"Home of Brave
Land of The Free"

Kevin Guru© 2016
Black Lives do Matter
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