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Darryl M May 2019
How about we get messy tonight?
How about we wreck the place up?
Let’s talk ***** we’ll clean up later.
With your kinda dirt, I’d rather remain a ***.

The way you bend turns men into perverts.
Is it my ears or is your body calling for mine?
Winter snow, on the outside.
Summer warmth, inside you.

They say I never get the bigger picture.
Maybe with your pics, I’ll start getting it.
Dreams have been like the Saharan desert, dry.
If I had your pictures, they’d start getting wet.

Its late night loving,
Below your waist is my belonging.
Completed: 23rd April 2018 [21:42 PM]
Justyn Huang Feb 2019
The ways I love you

Everyday I wake to you
is the first day of school
let me learn your name and
say it til the psalms of our souls
are well written and worn.

For every tear you cry
A river rushes in me
For every smile that peaks
A sunrise in my eye
For every waft of hair
A windmill churns and
For every heart of that beat
Those three words I live for:

“Send nudes please”
Welcome to February, *******
Justyn Huang Jan 2019
ur so ******* hot you'd burn a hole
straight through the ground
and keep going until you reach the
Earth's mantle.

Careful, don't get too close to me--
I'm not ready to feel what it's like
to be next to the Earth's core.

SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Thoughts of you tonight with me
Does fills me with such ecstacy.
You approach me in your robe
Your beauty i can't help but probe
In the hot tub we both sit
While I lean in for a long kiss
Your bikini i undress
Your ******* and ******* i caress
I'm kissing down your neck and chest
I can't ignore your perfect *******
I continue to move down
Until I hit your golden mound
As you start to spread your legs
My lips and tongue, for more you beg
After I have made you ***
I turn you round to have more fun
Spread your **** cheeks to the side
Then in your ******* my tongue slides
For your second *******
Your bottom i lovingly rim
Now it's time for the main course
As you beg me for *******
Our bodies are interlocked
While we make love around the clock
Faster slower in and out
As we continue to make out
After hours of all this fun
Our bodies both begin to ***
We both tremble in delight
While in my arms I hold you tight
I'm in heaven, so happy
With thoughts of you, tonight with me.
Just another ****** fantasy
ju Oct 2011
He fishes-
with barbed question hooks.
Discarded conversation-thread
leaves me too tangled
to talk.
Too tired to care.
Exclamation marks hurt-
Long strokes do nothing to sooth.
Marble-dots scatter
to trip me up as I move.
******* the difference
between his round-mouthed-O
and mine-
A slow, steady discontent
down my spine.
Soeka laborde Sep 2016
The ghost of you lingers on my mind
The echo of your words tangos across my heart
The feeling of excitement of falling in love in cyberspace
Sexting without remorse or grace
A friendship that hits below the waist
Intelligent conversations that strokes your passion and ignites your fire
I wonder if I'll have anything left to offer
Or would the sight of you take me higher up the ladder of my sinful desire

Your words drive my imagination wild
The touch on my skin, your fingers, lightly caressing my spine
This image in my head is so divine
Seriously hoping that one day, this feeling will be mine.
Pictures and thoughts exchanged on a whim
Something strange grows from within

Intellectually stimulating every part of me
Zeros and ones creates a digital reality
Here I am, imagining being in your arms
The sweetest words you whisper in my ear
My soul yarns for you to be here
Feelings your warm body against mines under the cover
I long for you, my WhatsApp lover

                         *©La Vida Love
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