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life in bloom beyond a dream
one of fairest things I've seen
Rama Krsna May 12
nestled within
this ocean of tranquility
with its zen-like decor
they sit for hours
in total silence

a smiling Buddha
sole witness
to the arrow-like exchange
of amorous glances

each glance
an implicit confirmation
of intimate liaisons
from lives past and present

the odd tap
of wooden chopsticks
picking up sushi
the only music

dare not enter
this oasis of love....
as eyes keep
rapidly exchanging words
while lips stay silent

© 2019
Zywa May 11
Waiting for later

I realised: this is it –

this is all there is.
“Mother Prudence – Faxing to Ger” (“De porseleinkast – Faxen aan Ger”, 2018, Nicolien Mizee)

Collection "SoulSenseSun"
ZenOfferings May 11
There, the air does quake
But it becomes the nothing
As the fly passes
In response to: "Everything vibrates.  There is no nothing."
Star BG May 3
Walk on Mother Earth...feel the pulsation of love
flow through you and let the tree of life grow


All those walking on earth are lighthouses
meant to shine for one another with beam of love,
compassion and forgiveness.
Inspired by a chat with Claryt

The lighthouse voice of spirit.
Rockland World Radio
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ZenOfferings May 2
A crest with no trough?!
You can not break the silence
Its in your bones...
A fitting haiku for a return from a hiatus
Herb Apr 5
What is hidden in an empty box?
What is the time in a world with no clocks?
What is the length of the universe?
Is infinity a distance that man can traverse?
How high is high? How wide is wide?
How do we get to the other side?

I once had a dog but I gave him no name
I'd clap my hands and he'd come just the same
He loved to chase after imaginary sticks
I taught him all kinds of meaningless tricks
Like rolling over and sitting up on command
But he wouldn't stop barking if I made that demand

If you can't see the forest because of the trees
Would you see flowers if there were no weeds?

I walked in a circle for one full day
And never once did I lose my way

How many stars are in the night sky?
I ponder this question... but I don't know why!
Sleep Apr 27
Oh! storm,

lovely dark storm

quiet strolling ready

storm, i was about to ask

why you linger on

but that’s a silly question

in the face of mountains

and great wheels
Zywa Apr 14
Above my sadness,

swallows are swiftly winging –

in the laughing winds.
"Donna Donna" (1960, Joan Baez)
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