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What's needed to see
World peace -- a miracle, or
Magnifying glass
ZenOfferings Jul 17
Prized beautiful beach!
Plant your heels!  Lasso that wave!
Ride, surfer cowboy
Hogtied with the karmic circle
Jammit Janet Jul 12
Poetry in motion
Hair in the wind
One with my emotions
Dedicated to the present
Full of presence
As I roll around
Words and wheels
Healing the world's essence.
Lauramihaela Jul 8
Presence is a form of prayer;
Instead of praying that all will be well,
Know that all is well;
Instead of praying that the future will bring happiness,
Know that there is happiness now.
Instead of praying for perfection;
Know that right now everything is in place.

Presence is a form of prayer;
Know within you that this moment
Is carved by the divine.
Anmol Mago May 23
Drowned in a puddle of
empty meaningless sounds
Distant screeches and
Haunting howls
like a lonesome owl,
meditating on the vast dead
numbness clouds
over my intellect

Like a swarm of cicadas
Gathered around gaslight
A higher cosmic wisdom
Embraces the castaways
The unsaid word
heals the souls scarred by
illusory world of sounds
In solitude the irrefutable truth
dawns over the blessed hearts.
mal frost May 11
the great war,
my war,

against my parents
and my family,

my culture,
and my heritage,

our religions,
and our God

has come to a screeching halt at the doors of the Ultimate Truth.
and thus I was transformed,
I feel like a child again, now,
impure in actions
but pure in belief

and my tattered past led me to it,
so to all my sins,

thank you.

to all my enemies,

thank you.

to all my friends and my lovers and my family

thank you .

of course, last but not least,
to the Truth that hides beneath the illusion of our existence,
guiding us mercifully -- to where, we know not -- to the Absolute and the Negation of Nothingness, bringer of Unity and founder of the school of thought known as Logic and Reason

thank you.
I left high school feeling lost, searching desperately for something -- what , I knew not.
After many spiritual journeys (although I didn't realize they were spiritual at times) I have finally found it, and now I feel empowered to live my life in control instead of feeling like I was in the backseat.
Anmol Mago May 6
Look through the window pane
beyond the silhouettes of dim lit faces
beyond the city skylines
beyond the cascading clouds
Into the horizon - infinite
Look into the vast nothingness
Which cradles our
petty civilisational ego
Like a mother unasking,  in it's kindness

In this rare moment
elation of the soul
pure joy flowing through your veins
untainted by sorrow
A gamut full of emotions bursting through your gut
A universe gushing through your eyes.
Om Ah Hung
Anmol Mago Apr 30
Like the cinders of incense
Escaping out of an altar
With broken panes
Or the smoke billowing
From an unceasing pyre
(Hope diffused into
Meena Menon Apr 29
The stems pile all over the ground
from the plants that have been torn from the earth
as people steal everything those stems have spent years feeding the plant.
That branch lost its flowers.
A tactile submission to the ways of the human race
but that plant fights
though it's nothing but a stem on the earth with a bunch of other stems.
All the elements destroyed by people
unable to live a life
of enjoying the simple things
like honey on a spoon dripping into tea,
a moment in life,
the emotion of only that.
I don’t eat honey anymore because of what they do to the queen bee when making honey.
ZenOfferings Feb 5
Inherit..h e a v e n
Where a mass of our mistakes
Met the biomass
As of 2020, by estimates, the anthropogenic mass now outweighs all living biomass on earth
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