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Who am I,
I don’t know anymore,
I lost myself long ago.
I lost pieces of myself,
In those inner landscapes.
I’m struggling to find the pieces,
I can’t remember their names.

I forgot how I got here.
Where do I go from here?
I’ve been,
Down on the dirt,
On my abdomen.
For a tree,
To hang from,
To set the butterfly free.

This skin I wear,
Encases me,
When I’ve molted,
I will be free.
I will wiggle off the confounds,
Of bone and flesh,
Of space and time,
And of birth and death.

I was once,
A baby larva.
Eating my birth leaf.
I was so small and hungry then,
But I have eaten enough now.
It’s time to harden,
This old soft skin.

When I pass,
Through this knot,
In the infinite,
Line of life.
I will squirm out of my biology,
Taking on a whole new body.
That’s beyond all senses,
Beyond our limitations,
Beyond our imaginations!

You call to me!
You will be free!
Your time has come,
You have been waiting,
For this moment,
To break out!

That inner beauty is shining through,
Becoming that apparatus that moves you!
Listen to the rhythm of the beating butterfly wings!

Am I,
Just an isolated ray of sunshine,
Or am I,
The one behind the sun?
Am I,
Just some burden for light to bare,
Or am I,
The one who will bare the light?
Am I,
Just some insignificant speck,
On a spinning ball?
Or am I,
Something so much more?

I tricked myself so long ago,
Thought I was nothing more,
Than a worm on a tree,
Stuck to the a sphere,
Spinning out to nowhere.
This body is just an egg,
That encapsulates me,
Soon it will hatch,
And I will be free.

We are all larva,
We all have a butterfly.
Come and crawl with me,
Get down on your abdomen,
We are going to find a tree,
To hang from upside down,
And set the butterfly free.
neo Jul 7
she stands there,
wind through her hair,
dazed and unaware,
numb and hopeless,
a broken goddess.

she stands there
waiting for time
to fade her away
into the dark, cold night.
Osiria Melody Feb 14
It is I, who is shaken by the subliminal
lies said through your eyes
Which are unfaithful to the truth
I'd rather feign my sadness, lest my
existence disturbs you
Drown me in my apprehensions, a
labyrinth of my fragmented ego
Savor my tears, for I have cried enough
to **** my pride
Yet, it is I who is still shaken
My dearest friend, lover

I do not know how to mourn by the river
Taking my soul, all torn and withered
No one can tell me where I lie
Standing upon my ground, goes awry
Hastily making the gravest mistakes
My heart trembles, never quakes
Such tender darkness, so trivial
Makes my voice come alight through my upheavals

Oh, tell me if my fears mean nothing
Throwing my tears against an unknown something
Only burns, the reprimanding light of day
Night, only sense of freedom, in shape
Thunderous words strike my being
Negative washes do cleaning
To breathe is to draw in one less breath
To speak is to utter one less regret

I don't know how to mourn by the river
Drawing me in, my faults come hither
Relentless suffering that visits my head
I wish something else could visit me instead
I don't know how to mourn from the river
Secret despondence, my only killer
My dearest friend, lover
Show me how to mourn by the river

Grief is like a river which ebbs and flows.
Justyn Huang Jan 27
The wealth of the world
Inside us,
Lost through the eyes of
Each other.

how we live for other people
Star BG Jan 26
I stand, move,
dance, cry,
balance, love and
inside INTERNAL world
with purpose...
to reflect outward
my EXTERNAL world changes
to whisper
IN grand song.
Everything’s crashing down on me,
Sometimes softly but
I can still feel it,
I breathe it in and out
While I’m still not understanding
What am I supposed to do with it,
I don’t feel like coping,
I don’t feel like writing
And I don’t want to tell.

Everything’s spinning around in circles in my head
And it’s a dark place where the light still exists anyway,
They say I see in black and white,
Without reason for the black while I don’t get why there’s any light,
Because it only sends me into darkness.

Am I supposed to make this
I feel like I need a rest,
I feel like I want to hide from everything that could evoke a potential thought.
Maybe they are winning, I don’t feel like I am.

Wasting, running out of people to leave me,
I don’t want anymore.
And even those I love make me selfishly feel sad,
All because I know I should be happy for them,
What if they become as messed up as me one day?
I think my soul will fade away.
You have every right to desire it            
             You are selfish for accepting it
Let them take care of you                        
               They should not be bothered
It's okay to be vulnerable                        
                  Dependence is for the weak
Life did not go easy on you                     
               Stop fussing over everything
You are doing the best you can              
               You are nothing but a failure
Be kind to yourself                                   
                                  S-u-c-k it up loser

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