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I thought I knew pain,
I thought knew heartbreak just the same.
Until I saw the knees of a mother buckle at her child's funeral.
             She couldn't speak.
             She couldn't even scream.

                   - e.  m i s h e l e
You should have left my lips alone,
I should have left my heart at home.
You should have known better.
            I never wanted to fall for you.
            I only wanted to walk with you.

                       - e. m i s h e l e
Kafka Joint Oct 8
Sometimes, even an ocean might shrink for you,
But then you'll have a tsunami.
Kafka Joint Oct 8
Breath in, breath out,
Try not to breath -
Nothing should go amiss.
Kafka Joint Oct 8
Sometimes it's not enough,
But suddenly it's tough,
And all the edges are exceptionally rough.
Kafka Joint Oct 7
Look on the bright side,
Even if it's a midnight,
Nothing is left to fight,
Sleep tight.
Kafka Joint Oct 7
Nothing is overrated,
Nothing is exaggerated,
There was no fun.
But it's done.
Kafka Joint Oct 7
And after all
We will succeed
And be rewarded
With a sleep.
Kafka Joint Oct 7
I understand that leaves will fall,
And nothing will be there for a moment,
Or so I'm told.
Kafka Joint Oct 7
I'm not a messiah
To absolve any sin,
I have no desire
To want anything.
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