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Neelam May 20
Fascination with the spearheaded flashes of light

Is equivalent to courting danger lurking in the darkness

You weren't meant to be the conduit

Or, even this furnace hasn't let any soul to evade its raging spirit
Anyone who has experienced the dangers of  forbidden love knows that it's worth the risk.
Neelam May 19
The deity residing in the heart pumped adrenaline

Angels fueled his voice

Thunderbolt electrified his nerves

The sky compressed his spirit as the

Sound waves borne the gravity of his soul
Music is the best drug, the ultimate hypnotism and it's created by the powers of heaven.
Neelam May 19
They confiscated her dreams,
And pacified her with their convictions

They veiled her with their self-righteousness
And sought her soul as the fodder for their sins
In memory of the girls who were bombed by the extremists for pursuing education.
Neelam May 17
They wanted the art,

                     not the artist.

So they stole his work

                     and claimed

it as their own.
Paras Bajaj Apr 23
No, we are not fine on our own,
and that's why we leave
for reasons unknown.
BadBookthief Apr 5
like a mad dog
this heart went on chasing
the trails of love
BadBookthief Apr 5
it was breathtaking
the way she sat there
like a winner
ready to consume
the apocalypse surrounding her
BadBookthief Apr 5
don’t speak of me
to the world
think of me
in the silences
between your words
BadBookthief Apr 5
it was the light
from the scars
that made the broken ones
BadBookthief Apr 5
maybe that’s why
letters always arrived late
weighed down
by all the love and regrets
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