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Miesha Feb 7
You suffocate me

and give me life

at the same time.

Where did you come from?
L Leonelli Jan 13
How come I can't stay focused?
I tend to overthink...

What is it that is making me waste all this ink?
Luiz Dec 2018
Part 1

She was the type
that would float
him to conversations
with angels

in one delicious word

Part 2

He was the type
that would caress
her sweet lips
to a silence

so that he would not
elevate with words
above her pedestal of


Luiz D. Syphre
© 2018
an M&M Edition Series
JK Cabresos Nov 2018
Two shadows
walked at nine,
loud voices
of deafening fight,
one stopped
and bid goodbye,
the other
left with lies.
Copyright  © 2018
Zia Oct 2018
To let it all go
and let it all flow
before I lose my glow
he adds as if he know
I need to take a mo
for I to further grow
Over to him I tiptoe
and I say, no
I’m not chasing rainbows
I bloom through tornadoes
Did you hear
the groans of
rivers floating with
bodies torn asunder
by cannies of sharks

how thier cries
are faint & eerie
become moans
of children
dear to the heart
of the forest &
her wild

how their mothers
are forest trees
bent into brooms rode
by witches of whim

& how their bones
are on a quest for flesh
lean enough to cloak
their nakedness.
I have always been
the one with a hungry heart.

I will swallow you whole, even
if it tears me apart.
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