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Ron Sparks Aug 2023
for buying a
flower from a roadside
vendor.  America summed up
right there.
Ron Sparks Aug 2023
by me as I
wrestle with my regret,
she laughs - and for a short moment I
too smile
Ron Sparks Aug 2023
The way
you talk about
it, you seem to think that
time really does stand still in my
Ron Sparks Aug 2023
The taste
of my cigar
and the whiskey in my
gullet can't fill the pit inside
my chest
Ron Sparks Aug 2023
at Departures,
waiting with futile hope
that my flight's not cancelled; let me
get home
Ron Sparks Jul 2023
The work
isn't easy,
and doesn't satisfy,
but the burn of twilight whisky
sure helps.
Ron Sparks Jun 2023
So many
years behind me,
but instead of wisdom
all I seem to have acquired is
Unpolished Ink Feb 2023
great ship in the fog
creaks low on a rising tide
rusting whale in pain
Unpolished Ink Feb 2023
Our connection
is a pale moon above
and stars that shine
they are yours as much as ever they were mine
we feel the grey of falling rain
the warmth of joy and the chill of pain
we live and we love, we laugh and die
under a yellow sun and the same blue sky
Unpolished Ink Feb 2023
dawn in the garden
fragrant blossoms fill my cup
hot tea with lemon
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