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There are no words left,
to matter a change
that's worth any positive
cause and effect
Unless action can be taken
to calming to nurture a yearning
My first lover king ever
from mine youth now shared.

A precious dream breathes
and lives at last if
only in poem form, in song
and in memory chip.

In imaginary form
Bittersweet a fire burning.
Endless true loving of the woman
who loves you most
in this whole world wide.
Mind to mind,
and as the music played
To summon my story.

Any hope left
by the edge of this this cliff,
is but a final blow.
My misfortune.

Be your happiness my own
Her joy, my joy.
By: Mr. And Mrs Andrews
(Honors to this famous English
vast land famed painting-portrait
of something missing on Mrs lap,
  One of many past karmic lives.
Being chosen for changing Earth
I finally understood my peril
and then other's dilemmas
A great fortune against,
and for me stolen .
Written with Karijinbba.
Dearest darlings Phoenix my fire birds how I love you how I miss you
My true love my grown children jewels of my crown motherhood
Beloved I too am your Phoenix Mother your first love
Forever and ever treasures adored rddbbajpcasg.
Phoenix bird wild birds of paradise beloved
Golden eggs if mine
My tragic life full of happiness
Infinite love baby girls my true loves
Forever and ever I love you adore you worship you
Yes I am crying like you are
We are one eternally
Come to me in every lifetime
I will protect you guide you free you adore you worship you.
It's a golden promise
From your Phoenix Mom.
A message to the love of my life too Jpcrdd..

Nothing wrong with feeling hurt as with pieces
We all are, a puzzle of joy or sadness depending on who wants to feel blessed we touched one another in so many ways.
Unfortunately some men some people don't know how to blend in and reciprocate

How to inspire one another for more.
In rare locations a twin soul twin flame is found
And is willing to hurt us enough to force us to see the beast within us and the beauty
To be **** as we are in front of the one we love.
Either we are naive or ignorant or perhaps we are that rare gem who quietly takes it all in for later use for finding treasures even after those left for us were stolen

The one true lover who understands us enough to wish to be puting our puzzle pieces together.
We all are in the same basket of opportunity to not be a fool and to grab or to jump of a dangerous situation.

How many times we must avoid deceit at ocean sea shore or river or lake but we don't and we get shattered and later on  we drown in puddles and feel stained when we should realize life is but a play each of us must play fair fight for Truth and for justice for ourselves and our loved ones if any.
it's of us the few the wise who can jump off at the right time if the vessel is ignited with fire by hidden present two faced criminal minded ones.
Sadly some of us wiser kinder don't jump of our burning bridges or boats or sailing boats and stay fighting more sinister entities than fires from envious,jealousy malice galore even psychopaths.
Who befriend us.

I am a Fantastic amazing Mom demonized trashed
By the very ones I birthed who fell under the spell of psychos I had escaped long ago the habitual drug users the liers the dividers the murderers the poisoners the relentless sterile jealous feme fatales hyenas and the twisted evil boys they manipulate to profit from destroying honorable triumphant human beings
Yes me Angel of light intellect wise Angelina BBA
this Mom triumphed where my enemies all were defeated.
This I write in honor of my absent loved ones
Because I am not a criminal not any thief not a shameless liar not any divider and I am not any child beating beast

Nor any murderer like the murderers for hire the many who are on my tail
To silence me to hide their many crimes against me my family.
Victimizing other many elderly on advantage private Medicare scam plans.
Being born in another country near or far don't make me a criminal nor an untrustworthy human being Mom for raising my family alone with honors
fighting all kinds of trash like the sterile wolves who created fraudulent birth certificates for themselves naming themselves mother's to my baby girls.
Imagine what I went through in life for years in USA to keep myself and my family alive safe and well.
My children are the jewels of my crown motherhood
But won't stay around to be butchered get blows
Because they allowed themselves to be assimilated
By teams of murderers for hire and thieves in CA, Bronx New York etc.
I forever love you dearest darlings treasures of mine
Please remember me with compassion justice and with joy.
I am I was I forever remain a best friend best Mom best grandmother but from afar.
Please fly away free yourselves
Stop your hate crime against your own beautiful Mother regardless of nationality social status creed or race.

Be proud of Mexican European Mestizo heritage.
Stay away from Greeks who harmed you at birth and me stay away from haters drug users murderers for hire thieves in USA who claim to be friends they are deadly enemy.
By Mrs and Mrs Andrews
All Rights Reserved.
May 22 · 61
True love is only you
Dearest tree of life giver of life lover of life I find you in every tree every twin butterfly in wild gardens
I see you in my own reflection
Come to me love
I am totally found in memories of you otherwise totally lost
You are my true north
The mirror of you is besides me to show me where I am
And a compass rests besides my bed pointing towards you
Dearest Darling
Oh how I love you
Miss you want you
By: Mr and Mrs Andrews and Karijinbba..
Story poem:

It's mother's Day 2024 I think of fame and great fortune
All wealth and wisdom links from you son of God. My Jesus my beloved best friend best lover best husband best father ever in Earth.
Dearest Darning Pat
Saint Patrick's Day passed too; before that was Saint Valentine's Day. And for Christmas I couldn't find a snowy all village card to send you my precious one my all.
I love you more and more with your aka and your fame your good fortunes your generosity your gold heart my everything.
I love you as Jsack for Rose in Titanic, As foolish Scarlett for Rhett in Gone with the wind book.
Meggie in love with in the thorn Birds Rachel Ward and
Richard Chambelane such pain sorrow.
I think of you in Starry Night painting the pain that lasts forever. Stuck in a famed painting my pain too.
I may not ever sing another song but only one about us
"Sing and dance with me with the Violins."
And this one¡: The music played me with RDD vs JPC.
As the music played: Repost

An angry silence lay where love had been
And in your eyes a look I'd never seen
If I had found the words you might have stayed
But as I turned to speak, the music played
As lovers danced their way around the floor
I sat and watched you walk towards the door
I heard a friend of yours suggest you stayed
And as you took his hand, the music played
Across the darkened room the fatal signs I saw
You'd been something more than friends before
While I was hurting you by clinging to my pride
He had been waiting, and I drove him to your side
I couldn't say the things I should have said
Refused to let my heart control my head
But I was made to see the price I paid
And as he held you close, the music played
And as I lost your love, the music played
Apr 4 · 484
Biden Scum genocidejoe
White House Biden ****
Shame on you
genocide joe
liar liar **** gov
burn in Gaza's hell
bombs fire ***** and all.

Kamala Harris laughing Haina
Genocide Joe hoo morena
Narcissist pooping
heartless lunatic
****** devils advocate
garbage ticking bomb.
Shame on USA, UK,Germany
France, Ukraine
Israel **** regime, go to hell
Court martial sinister satanyahu
and it's **** ****** IDF psychopaths
Free free long live Palestine!
From the River to the sea 1947.
By legions of human beings.
May all Israelites **** regime be
exiled incarcerated famined too
Thanks Israel for teaching us
Earthlings on
how to hate you..
Feb 27 · 323
For me from my love for our children lala, sassy, coco:
I heat up, I can't cool down
You got me spinning
'Round and 'round
'Round and 'round and 'round it goes
Where it stops nobody knows
Every time you our darling kids call my name "Mom" Angel Mom"
every time I Mom you call
you sweetie pies lalasassicoco " P. a. t. r. k." papa too comes to mind.

Your names up high in the sky" Scarlet Letter " A" is seen A for Angel.. ine.
My rkrdd, heat up like a burning flame
Burning flame full of desire
Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra abracadabra
You make me hot, you make me sigh
You make me laugh, you make me cry
Keep me burning for your love
With the touch of a velvet glove
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra abracadabra
I feel the magic in your caress
I feel magic when I touch your dress
Silk and satin, leather and lace
Black ******* with an angel's face
I see magic in your eyes
I hear the magic in your sighs
Just when I think I'm gonna get away
I hear those words that you always say
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra abracadabra
Every time you call my name
I heat up like a burning flame
Burning flame full of desire
Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher
Yeah, yeah
I heat up, I can't cool down
My situation goes 'round and 'round.
"Here I am, send me an Angel" to lay me down on a greenest grass,
In memory of his velvet canon
caressing my cheek
igniting those forest fires that forever burn
By: Steven Haworth Miller.
Jan 7 · 189
Lifetimes Linked
He loved or not at all
Hurt distrustful low
Fantastic teacher never
said good byes to nobody  
my twin soul and I.
Charming poet move on
You have passed my galaxy
many a time before
banner on hand prayer
in heart clearly shared.

Your private poem is read.
Follow your first dreams
GOA is closer to reach.
difficult to attain but
your efforts continue
strong she's your Zaheera.

With contract marriage
licence on hand
must abai by such law
Your cup is overflowed
There's no room for growth

My Angel's star to my beloved twin soul has deemed down
and this fool's
luster lingers on,
to stumps remains attached.
Forget this fool can write
and just learned to read.
My twin soul's
ancient forest paradise
drags pulling me in
Slippery ***** ever
so strong
   I've fallen off it's Cliffs
  hip joined to my first love
   Linked in love
  Interchangeable remain  
Mr and Mrs Dntz
Mr and Mrs Andrews.
Rddbba lifetimes.
By: Mr And Mrs Andrews
And Karijinbba.
Two ancient eagles often meet
free and high, celebration dancing our death spiral or mating dance.

Flying over this weeping willow forest lands we found
Our white willow tree bark healing properties own
salicylic acid relieving pains and inflammations.  

Our beautiful pendular branches, the weeping willow trees of us, symbols of fertility are; out willow trees grow best by side roads by body of water rivers lakes, or ponds. And us special eagles, mate by the sea.

And like us our willows of life attract scary snakes, but also birds bees butterflies, cocoons moths many diverse birds make a home in us. Our willow trees seem to hide a fertil sadness within.

In our roots, creatures find habitat restauration erosion control and perfect ******* growth of 6 to 8 inches length.

Our willow trees filter poisons grows quickly and live longer with a human touch like ours.

Our weeping willow tree established root systems decontaminating water and soil.

Raindrops drip down our leaves. My weeping is called pillow P**y willow tree.

When our weeping tree grows largest it casts a grave size shadow and a family member goes supernovae or so it's written.

Thank you my weeping willow tree, sweet poet mine for placing baby blankets under our weeping willow tree.

Your invitation uncovered accepted loved and cherished eternally.

To the one poet Sonnet 75 my
True love, this one honors the day my smile captured thine heart, my weeping willow my everything beloved.
Inspired by a tree of life planted in my honor once upon a time.

By: Mr And Mrs Andrews
Dec 2023 · 173
Greetings dear Knight
Happy Holidays:
Always in my heart
Dear son Shiv
Heart of gold  
Blessed be your days
Unforgettable be
your holidays
I am always with you
Dearest darlings my
grown children
my biological grandkids
Tamally Mask
I am always with you
I love you adore you.

Tamally maak
I am always with you
No matter the trash
that clouds your mind,
Sickens you judgement;
Discard those door mats

Tamally Mask
You are always with me
No jealousy divides us
No malice, nor greed
Today criminal minds,
Impostor wanna be Moms
are sunk and drowned
we are always one.
Lala Sassy Coco
mother loves you.
I am always with you.
Ancient true love,
Be my Knight
Twin soul PC Rk
obstacles have fallen down

You remain in my heart,
Ancient twin soul divine
As you promised
remain imaginary mine
my best friend Joel.

keeping me company
regardless of miles
between creeping in
Joy to poets who
took time to read
to comment
to connect to write
to keep me company
Tamally Maak.
You are always in my heart.
By: Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
Long live Palestine survivors.
From the river to the sea
Palestine is surely free.
The whole world chants a plee
World's children chant boycott Izrahell
Israelites now
their own star of cause and effect a huge defeat is earned.

We don't support genocide.
We detest concentration camps famine torture too
that Gaza people in Palestine endure open bombed crowded extermination camps. Israelite's genocide
actively carrying on as an intimidation show off to show the world **** regime Jewish
Agenda is armed to the teeth.
Against Palestinian beautiful unarmed civilians
Fighting for their own existence against beo **** thugs.
I see red! Genocidal Israelites
blasting new born babes up
Moms and Dads.


I SEE RED: (!We all see red )

1SRAEL your STAR now stinks,
With your billion grave stench
in shreds
digging your own genocidal exile
to your poverty ridden Abyss.

The whole world opposes
Your baby daily
genocidal scoring chants.

To h** with your many other
hidden agendas.
Israel all the planet agree you to give back full immediate payable
restitution to palestinians before all you are court marshalled and exiled.



"Did you really think,
I'd just forgive and forget,
After catching you with her,
Your blood should run cold, so cold

You, you two-timing,
cheap-lying, wannabe
You're a fool,
if you thought that I'd just let this go
I see red, red, oh red

A gun to your head, to all IDF sadist Nazis heads.
Now all I see is red, red, red
Did you really just say,
she didn't mean anything, oh
I'll remember those words,
when I come for you r soul, your souls
Know that you,
you dug your own grave,
now lie in it forgotten broke and alone.
You're so cruel,
but revenge is a dish best served cold
I see red, red, oh red

A gun to your head, to your heads.
Oh! Executioner style,
and there won't be no trial
Don't you know that you're better off dead
All that Earths peope see is red, red, oh red

Now all I see is RED
Run, hide
Oh, you're so done, gone.
Oh, better sleep
with one eye open tonight

I see red, red, oh red, oh
A gun to your head, heads.
Executioner style,
and there won't be no trial
Don't you know,
you're better off dead

All I see is red, red, oh red
Now all I see is red, red.
Read between
this lines, Israel.

Death to genocidal agendas
self proclaimed saints

The chosen ones
are our Palestines
Along with all of us.
Requesting justice.
RIP 100,000 Palestinians death 70.000 under the bombed homes rubble.
Shame on you sinister Satanyahu.
Dec 2023 · 372
Oct 2023 · 828
Ancient evangelist prayer.
Dear poets and poetesses

Easy way out.
To have an evangelist
Girl friend boy friend
Is the best thing that
ever happened to many.
of us
Because men and women
often cheat undercover
they find each other out.
They pray confess cry yell and
even faint backwards.
In church and at home,
making up forgiving
each other
And there blame it all
to Satan the devil.
Diligently so,
they invite others
door to door asking
for donations
to get others to do the same, in the name of Jesus
So there we have it religion.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
And Karijinbba.
Oct 2023 · 204
I love you

Our young candles burned
brightest in April, May and June
all through October.
Our love was instant eternal
We loved each other in an instant
inside eternity's bussom
We became one deeply in love

The std specter had knocked,
the falsely imprisoning ****
born impotent seeking erections
paid a stranger
for semi **** fame to be photos of me.

Then ****** greedy thieves
came with envy jealousy
butchers and murderers
To watch how we
sounded in supernova

Your beacon of light
Arrives timely from
light-years and beyond
to say you love me too.
There's life there's hope
I sparkle in love with you
Your kind of love heals all.
Our inner beautyi
Guides Survives
Our road not taken

The ugly is a distant
and faint memory
Now archived.

By: Mr and Mrs Andrews
with Karijinbba
All rights reserved. supernovas loss hope
Jun 2023 · 1.0k
2 Times lover
Billy Wynne lover.
Best baseball pitcher ever
field of dreams 72 clever
And me Mestizo wife
Within your theme songs
Shaks restaurant-Cashier job:
You ate and came to me to pay.
you asked me to walk by the ocean
Your eyes glared so sea-sky blue
Tallest Knight with magical hands.
You didn't say you had a wife
and I didn't ask!.
"Sweet Caroline song blasted
on your radio cassette player
an" The great Pretender,*
all night long.
smooth passionate fallen Angel
Long thick gentle inside
I couldn't climb mountains
Americans seldom chose Mestizo
Women for a wife
this thought froze me iced still.
over a grand dinner table
by the lovers seashores
I simply asked you for your seed
you said;
You don't want to hurt me
you were a married man
and had a child.
  You sounded blue
by your inability
to see it simply otherwise.
A happier easier scenario
two wives not just one.
That was me.
Thanks for sharing your
wedding vous famed
theme songs to honor me too.
Our passionate
love making nights
and for calling me wife
a few bittersweet day,-nights.
I forever missed you and
Loved meeting you.
Wished you all the best.
I did meet the love of my life
We fell in love at first sight
an American like you
An elite chose me to change Earth
My once upon a time King of hearts
Due to abandonment syndrome
I let him go regretting it forever.
My billionaire loving mind
keeps me sane and safe
My Psalm 109.
By: Mr. and Mrs. Andrews.
Honoring Karijinbba
Jun 2023 · 872
LA CA,Baja, New York,Greece:
It might be easy thinking
by the ****** for hire
brain dead childless type,
the covert narcissistic enemies
working the various
Invasive medical fields that
eagerly plot the demise
of a precious heroic human being
Amazing intelligent talented
surviving witness Mom.

Such stupid enemies
Don't you know the fact
that no one can **** an idea much less what an exemplary
stands for; Loving
Raising saving protecting
her legitimate offspring
full custody awarded children
Against deadly jealous medea
habitual drug users sterile
thieving **** of Earth!
Unless evildoers succeed breaking
a righteous human being spirit first.
B.B.A's spirit soul Mom is safe
Guided guarded by
Living among the very best
of bestest from ancient times.
By: Mr and Mrs Andrews
With Karijinbba.
Jun 2023 · 496
My adorable grown children.
Much love eternally yours
E,BR,JM, Much Love
choose friends wisely
Your enemies are not above the law
Free yourselves.
Psalm 109.
Na myo ** tenge Kyo.
Jun 2023 · 915
"Breakthrough "
A new study seems to think
alien signals could be emitting
from the heart of the Milky Way,
attempting to make contact
with humankind.
The study focuses on the use of data
from a groundbreaking mission
known as the Breakthrough
Listen Investigation
for Periodic Spectral Signals
Earth's system looking out
for outworldly life.
Please dear E.T's mine beloved
Return now it's time
take us the open-minded home.
At Last Stand by me
and What a wonderful world
I miss you love you.
BEWARE seniors are targeted for demolition
They make it look like an accidental solution
First patient visits general doctor then you are asked to fill in tons of weird questionnaire asking specifically how many relatives are still that care about your well being
Upon filling up fraudulent medical required paperwork asking front desk for a copy of documents it's denied and any attempts to complain about the issue they make you into a crazy person with dementia and enter fraudulent
illness codes on file trashing medical records and patient healthy otherwise will be targeted.

If going for a simple UTI antibiotics
are denied and visits to dentist
patient made to wait until all patients have left
To inject poisons  into patients mouth.
Patient is often asked to submit to invasive tests
ordered by visiting unlicenced nurses
instead of doctors
Most general doctors never get involved
they allow the evil doer greedy ******* to do away with their evil deed for a cut in the fraudulent life insurance.
The patients family is usually victimized they lie divide and plot to ****** the loving sage wise relative that was made into a estranged.

Most crooked doctors patients have a list of life insurances fraudulent in nature which they renew and then extort the money from victimized
grown  next of kin .
Trashing the innocent elderly parent
even more to the eyes of patients grown kids
to  embarrass them.
Later years later the patient has been tortured infected on purpose during minor medical procedures
But all you crooks on *******
habitual drug user morons
crooks are not above the law
Publishing this awareness
that what happened to us
is happening
to your loved ones somewhere else 
in this amazing superpower heavenly USA
becoming a **** hole disgrace
called North America
with it's madness rampart
mass shootings
and covert greedy medical Neo Natzis
Abusing medicare Medicaid system
Pre meditating the killing maiming of elderly.
Now martial law continues
targeting senior population US citizens
in hospitals.

Define all this hell life going wrong
hate crimes against beautiful courageous
dodging bullet immigrants.
Like myself.
As to the evil greedy psychopath's
trashing me to the 11 winds to my family
beware I pray Psalm 109
**** murderers human trafficants
To the jealous Liz W and Henry R W
His ****** twisted girl friend
evil nurse sociopath sterile
haina with the fraudulent birth certificates
Some idiot bailed you out of ******* and you implicated me sold my child my life for your evil deeds and bad habits
Your evil doer now you're made public.
All of you are on the FBI list being
You will be cought imprisoned
with each crime you attempt
to commit
You will be made to pay.
My parents didn't birth me for you to ****** me pregnant and stalk me a fife time **** of of Earth in USA
Repost: true story appeal.

A mothers plee: Let my children go.
and come to me.
Appeal to the powerful wealthiest.
Save my children and grandkids
Our enemies noone is above the law
The evil doer criminals hide their crimes
Assassination of character their banners.
Dear daughters anyone who lies about mother
Pin it on them they are the culprit.
Destroying enemies of my grown kids
Protection prayer for the crown jewels
of heroic amazing Moms
Fir a lifetime Mom BBA victim of hate crime in LA by a group of racist haters.
Prayer for justice and freedom against
false friends who lie divide to Maine to **** covertly so.
Assassinating heroic Mom's character and her lovely
Offspring; Ellen Ch,
Rose Abrecht Jeanette Moreen W
(in LA CA( Illinois TJ.Mexico
Destruction of impostor mothers wannabees
Who Maine hurt play with babies lives newborn and hunt down stalk years and years
To pin their evil doing on their
amazing successful heroic survivor
Mother, grandmother (BBA®DD-jpc-AA)

The unprovoqued enemies of my motherhood
© God of my praise, don’t remain silent,®
for the wicked have opened their devilish mouth of deceit against us.
They have spoken to my family with a lying tongue.
They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, they use harrass my young grown children.
continually fightt against me without a cause

In return for my love my silence, my enemies
are my adversaries;
but I am in prayer.
They have rewarded me evil for good,
and hatred for my motherly triumphant love.
Set a wicked man over them who falsely accuse me human traffickers i had escaped from.

Let an adversary stand at his their right hand.
When he/she is judged, let our enemies come out guilty.
Let my kid's false friends their prayer
be turned into sin and medical tampering
malignant medical frauds turn on against them all.
Let our deadly enemies days be few.
Let another take their twisted offices.
Let the enemy's  children also be stolen and become fatherless,
and the false mothers, evil wives suddenly be a widow.

Let his children be wandering beggars.
Let them be hunted down from their ruins.
Let the creditor seize all our enemies have illegitimatedly acquired.
Let strangers plunder the fruit of all their twisted labor.
Let there be no one to extend kindness to any of them,
neither let there be anyone to have pity on his fatherless children.
Let his posterity be cut off.
In the generation following let their name be blotted out.
Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered by the LORD.
Don’t let the sin of his mother be blotted out.
Let them be before the LORD continually,
that he may cut off their memory from the earth;
because they didn’t remember to show any kindness no mercy,
but persecuted the poor and needy mother struggling to survive all alone,
broken in heart, to **** her.
Yes, they loved cursing, and it came to them.
They didn’t delight in blessing, and it was far from them
They clothed themselves also with cursing as with their only garment.
Evil came into his inward parts like water,
like oil into his bones.
Let it be to them as the clothing with which they cover himself,
for the belt that is always around them.
This is the reward of and to my adversaries from the LORD omnipresent,
of those who speak evil against our soul.
But deal with me, GOD the Lord,† for your name’s sake,
because your loving kindness is good, deliver me;
Deliver my children and grandkids hide us from the evil doer in medical uniforms
They maime ****** make it look like accident
Not to avert the authority
of our impending death they trash our medical records.

Lord almighty I am poor and needy God Jesus.
My heart is wounded within me.
I fade away like an evening shadow.
I am shaken off like a locus
My heart is wounded within me have mercy I'm innocent.
I fade away like an evening shadow I been victimized by those who cover their many crines against me.
I am shaken off like a locust.
My knees are weak through fasting.lbI am a sage lord.

My body is thin and lacks fat.
I have also become a reproach to them.
When they see me, they shake their head, feed and inject my family poisons.
Help me, LORD, my God.
Save us according to your loving kindness;
that they may know that this is only your hand;
that you, LORD, have done it.
They may curse, but you bless.
When they arise, they will be shamed,
but your servant shall rejoice.
Let my adversaries be clothed with their own dishonor.
Let them cover themselves with their own shameful sins as with a robe.
I will give great thanks to the LORD with my mouth.
Yes, I will praise him among the multitude.
For he will stand at the right hand of the needy,
to save us from those who judge our humble loving soul.
A repost:Biblical truth
All Rights on the personal notation
By: Mr and Mrs Andrews
for and and with Karijinbba

My enemy tried to ****** my new born children and later contacted my enemies after divorce to sell them my grandkids lie to my daughters to favour them i did not contact DA again because i feared for my kids life..
The situation must end and wicked receive their rewards by God's hands and the universe cause and effect
Susan and Arthur raitano, Elizabeth Gummeson kiriaki Mandalozis Piraeus Greece with 12 othersl criminals cruel poisoner's
I survived them all! John Christianson blind foolish son in law from hell has been assimilated by the gang if blue collar criminals:
Jeff Albrecht.henry Robert Welonek his wicked ex girl friend nurse killed Ng in the medical field in usa attempted ****** ling me a pregnant young Mom evil Athens Medea to Charalambos Mandalozis ***** donor serial killer his evil racist mother father
Jeff's psychiatrists in LA twisted blind family counselor from hell i use this Curse with God's imprint against my kids evil doers. My enemies hunt us down in the medical field may all you do against me and my family who you appropriated bought from ancient trafficants all should turn against you all.
Dec 2022 · 528
"I remember you as something very dear and precious."
By Karijinbba
In care of
Mr and Mrs Andrews.

Jpcpcrddbbaasggs.. all rights reserved. Happy holidays... love of my life
My true love you threw your magnetic pebbles your magical out worldly rocks
on my lap
you called my small momma your portal to heaven star seed.
I called your small Daddy
the bridge to heaven
and we whispered to each other
the titles; Mama and Papa.
I guess we lived many lifetimes as man and wife as twin souls interchangeable twin flames before.
In almost every book ever written where love is lost or found and in every lifetime we found each other I'm never alone, we remain glued
just one thought away.
I notice your waves right here on HP they fall on my writ pond and mine fall on yours my beloved.
You might just as well call me Delene where both of us meetings in some mystic time travel space ship.
In love with your poetic waves revealing secrets;
true love always takes chances on Earth and up in some exotic E.T. mother ship.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
with Karijinbba.
Jul 2022 · 1.2k
Justice Executioner Style
Your lifeline is going flat ✓\✓_viscious enemies
as I pull the plug of your nasty predatorial existence **** be the day your great grandparents were born.

Henry Robert Welonek you two timing ***** impotent ***** donor fool
your sterile butcher jealous Spectre nurse attacking anesthesized mother; cutting her mother injecting her brain with high long gage needles
kept for years to re-attack out of jealousy- ✓\✓__ugly stetile gorillas who spawned you!
You too Lizzz Welonek
your Arthur- Susan Raitano
trashing scapegoating lala sassy cocos mother drugging her grown kids pregnant with hallucinogens and metamphetamins!
assimilating my girls to butcher their intellect, heroic heart of gold
and unbelievable beauty.
May your heart stop beating now
and go hell go.

Charalambos Mantalozis gaiduri
( dunky) ***** snake
cold in grave glad you don't breath:
baby torturer mfkr murderer .
your Kiriaki Madalozis 4 jealous baby poisoners envious shadow people
greedy Greek demons satan shines before your **** .
The Piraeus kalamatan 12 thugs
Human trafficking predators
GO FLAT lined DIE! **** of Earth
✓\✓\✓\✓_there won't be no trial.
I SEE RED butcher haters.
pepper spray you burning swords, knives in your gut better sleep with one eye open covert fools I am all you are never could be I succeeded where you failed.
Cheating ******* plotting butchering me pregnant I survived you in Mexico in Greece and in USA team of arrogant proud butchers!
Yes I am a surviver a witness to your nasty hate crimes.
Those nasty doctors murderers for hire assassin's from corrupt LA,  CA!
I  see red executioner style.
On fire my flame sword on hand
straight to your heart and brain. Elizabeth Welonek Gumnedin your impostor
Fraudulent birth certificate go to hell,my children aren't dogs to be sold to bail you out if ******* dues!  
Your life line is going flat flat flat
don't blame me here I learned from you
and my new name is JUSTICE.
As for you my first love jpcrdd
you could have asked me questions where I've been who had kidnapped me!
Given me your heart diamond ring in your coat pocket.
You ran to your greedy lover crawling for you.
I wish you nothing bad I still love you.
You had my best interest tried to save me from this hell I still need your protection don't forget
your one piece of golden heart
holds me dear as you promised.
The world will pass
but not your word.
Save my children please or
Build me a home your heart is
my last card you're generous
to a fault the wolves howl
in this homeless jungle
I am no longer Jane
I got a name- JUSTICE
please help me.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
with Karijinbba
Jul 2022 · 371
fantastic two igniting
Each time I hear this
exquisite drumming sounds
you are here present alive
pounding me deep where you
pleasured me too eons ago.
Heart mind soul eternity.
The sounds of your tantric love
We are mighty oak trees  
since ever millennia before
Our trunk roots by strong winds
marriage distance bittersweet
can't uproot our bare battered
ancient trunk
tangled pain roots and forest loss
We were fantastic my love interchangeable flame twin souls
the mare sight of you annihilated me:
or birthed me rendering us
as one pure blissful burning fire
and ashes smoke still ignites

In an instant I was you love
and you became me
I can't ever stop loving you
I promise to share this love
of ours while I reign in solitide
with this ****** drumming
thump thump appeasing sounds
I am forever in love with you..
Mr and Mrs Andrews
at Karijinbba

Jul 2022 · 653
Such beautiful love
First love rdd/bba
lost and found kept in mind in heart.
Second chances virtual love
Lover I believe in you.
virtual Cyber or present.
With tender compassion
towards all your loved ones.
I apologize forgive me please
I got a tender heart too
under my skin and tough mask.
Life teaches us Lessons taught me to always show my compassionate self
I cannot ever harm anyone not even in self defence yet a couple of times
I uttered unkind words to the love
of my life. He called me a known fool.
once after returning an insult his jealous woman sent me to my post.
Today a new friend in my horizon.

The lack of funds lacking where needed are the only culprits.
not any marriage contracts.
I am not jealous in the love arena
but prefer to be a wife head and tail.
to my sweetheart love of my life poet
virtual relationships are based on true friendship loyalty trust and hope  
After pledging eternal love
many moons back
one still clings to me to my heart
He has reassumed communication
Since I lost my first true love finding
true understanding reciprocating love is been almost impossible to find.
Love that is found offered even
isn't the fulfilling kind that changes my life yes  I've loved I've forgiven
I understood.myself, people and circumstances I am very sociable
I don't admire solitude or hermit life.
I find my beloved has not left me
he simply got cut up without any communication abroad .
Mr and Mrs Andrews.
A repost poem by a famed HP poet Walter H thanks for sharing it helped me out here .

Walter W Hoelbling
how do I know
if words that clog my throat
and finally spew out
are worthy to be read?

how do I know
whether my thoughts
arrive as I have meant them

survive the transition
from notions
into words
No distance is for reproach.
No gaps exist that can't rebuild
fallen bridges.
Silence was only to retain,
one such moment of perfect beauty.
That mother's perfect Day.
To be still is knowing the ways
of the Universe and its creator
as in walking side by side.
No arrogance ever known or intended
no disobedient streak no malice ritual performed.
only wrong medical advice the culprit.
my demise but I raise triumphant
motherhood against tirani.
Being voiceless was to let you speak. ignorance was obliterated by your wisdom for loving me,
and betting on my future.

My being afraid ended with your hello your songs and poetry.
I remain pregnant drunk in love
and joyfully thinking of you.
My mystery twin flame,
from beyond, still you fill me up.

Anxiously patiently I wait for your return your presence.
my powerful great fortune
talisman of happiness is only you.
sent from another world.
You are my one best moment
of perfect beauty.
I  know I am yours.
I stood in awe voiceless in shock.
I feeling alive someone like you
cared for me for so long.

I walk in gratitude feeling blessed.
I return to your power house
of freedom true love and I grab what you give honor what you don't.
Accepting whatever blessing
or crumb granted.
without selfish requests.

I remain your faithful student
my first, last best teacher
best friend, husband lover and to my eternal joy the best father to our children in every lifetime.

You are my lover of life, giver of life
My one moment of perfect beauty
forever only you, my past
my present, my future my best poet,
my everything.
All Rights Reserved
in memory of a great portrait
Mr and Mrs Andrews.
by Karijinbba.
Mar 2022 · 3.9k
Luna tell Him
Unto Him I am glued
my King of Prussia.
oxytocin- dopamine dilated
his pupils inside his blue green
as I entered Him, eons ago,
and never came out
He left but returned to my abode
for me or his Tequila.
I wanted to fall down crying beg him to take me with him to his heaven
Saving me from the hellish existence
But pain was greater then tears to convince HIM.
Into his song YESTERDAY I merged 
and with one voice we often sing it
from that time on and on.
I became his song his moon and stars.
Although our fame sleeps
as beauty rested in a glass coffin;
with one leap across the gap
chaos that one butcher
with medical ignorant lies
opened up and three
 of us got evaporated.

With one song each in heart
we bridged that chasm.
In his art we thrive yet for long.

To Him to his heart of gold
I slowly walk to, his ancient bride.
Into our holy temple of forever,
straight to his heart and open arms
United in one single thought.
Our own Taj Majal
to reign we did plan to build.

Into mine eye pupils, grasping
all of his substance in
his light projecting all was received
My intergalactic time traveler.
Interchangeable we are.

In me he finds more than wisdom
he finds truth a true artist.
Our true love bittersweet.

Before Him I Joyfully crumble kneeling
As he embraces my swollen
teary eyes and merging me
Into to his heart and arms
I surrender grace, charm
and complete trust.
In confining solitude
In the darkest of mine nights
My brightest sunny days
it's him I hear, love and seek.
I understand, worship
and adore him forever more
He's my true love! Luna tell Him!
That I love him the most.
Mr. And Mrs Andrew
And Karijinbba.
All rights reserved
Mar 2022 · 15
Dec 2021 · 1.4k
Dear Universe GD! Please!!
If you gave me true love fame
great fortune, a man to adore
and be greatfull for near or far before,
Pease resend all back to me!
I missed my mark before,😩🗽
multiply blessings 🙏🏻for my loved ones next of kin, the SanGutiers the Auer the Bach's the Welks the Mlozis
All known-unknown & true friends
please God!
Ah and as for my enemies traitor sterile raitano s & a,  liz.w&
Greek predator thugs do as you please with'm return all they do to my kids isolating trashing us all,
back to them hundred fold!
I give them all my burning pain.
For Petes sakes get'm all out of our Julys Independence Day path.
In Christ name amen.
Happy New year to all.
For reading my poetry donations accepted.
Laugh out loud..but really I am homeless bless me please.
Dec 2021 · 1.7k
Mon Amour

When a man whispers
"His feet hurt, and his shoes
are too small and
he's forgotten how to dance."
He prays noone else
understands his dilema,
nor what this means but I do.
No moon rises betwéen his
lowly stinky creepy
femfatales shoe-less other.
My moon spins way up higher
in orbit serving mystic functions
and our moon glares
in each others eyes
as our breathing sighs in love.
True love is our vine that
reigns in us as gravity rules on Earth.
With trips to nowhere and back
In love and without presence
I remain lost and found
a restless Angel.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
Dec 2021 · 180
My everything JPC.
I see the gold rubby diamond
rings on each one of my fingers
even though no rings I wear
but were promised and so
I see them a lifetime after.
I am wealthier then even you are
because I believe your plan works.
even though I survive dirt poor
in total lack, homelessness
is on my one left foot.
I AM a billionaire mind
if only I write my miserable fated
action inaction cause and effect
tragic life down without you.
Yes I missed the mark
how not to adore you JpcRk.
we remain glued.
You left treasures for me to find
all over you wanted us to go.
I am wealthier then even you are
because I believe in your amazing
bittersweet lost and found plan.
even though I found only myself
looking at myself naked
in the mirror.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
And Karijinbba.
True love I miss you so much
Oct 2021 · 802
Beloved Tycoon
It's me,🌳
that queen bee
It finally occurred to me
and anyone among your
Powerful elite dearest
darling lover poet,
in your glamorous domain
that I wouldn't be unkind
but something sinester had
happened for death silence
to take over my free will
speech, laughter song and
dance to just walk away from
all treasures anchored to our
heart all which fell into
my lap from your sky
Oh that Janehilton may on
mother's day at the Hilton
your three hundred fifty red and white roses and my last letter upon them from a perilous past I had ran from straight into hell
thus, naturally I was speechless!
Your tycoon antorage passed me
by and again here your gold ink
  throwing stones into my pond
Like in a Japanese garden as other
younger King drones join in.
Stone ripples changing all again.
And I am never the same
Mr and Mrs. Andrews
And karijinbba
(In memory of poets tycoon beloved)
Oct 2021 · 955
Poetic Ripples
Gifted soul
🌜moon willow🌳
my ripple my stone
your blue lagoon
here in my inland sea
Only misery and pain
greedy green mates came.
Unsalable virtual lovers àim
flowed distant partners were.
In the power of one
you complete me my
transformer perfect mate.
In this world a mystery you are
a little bit mine, and in another
world you are my exclusive all
my everything.
In this our power of one.
we exist as stones thrown
into each others pond
see our ripples, your ink in gold.
Everything changed
❤️and nothing is ever the same.🍵
Mr. and Mrs .Andrews
🌜treasure loot all embezzled was😩
Oct 2021 · 2.0k
Gin in a bottle
Once a year its champagne!
I feel calm passionate and teary.
It gets my head to Paris
  As life is broken down goes out
in transition or revelation,
there's a greàter darkness then the one we inadvertently fight,
the darkness of the soul
that has lost its way.
I was chosen by great sages crossing paths the sting of my blindfold lingers noone sees hope or their future, or where it leads we know only that it's bought in pain and sacrifice.
Letting go what I loved the most.
was eternal loss, having
no reparation, neither in time,
nor in eternity.
My love river is truth it's mouth is
cosmic creation.
He measured sensuality
secretively, and in shadows 
he showed me feathers of half
a man syllhuette of him,
and feels guilty I just fill in blanks,
why smack a devolving face?
And what the heck!
I first measure people in trust.
then love, as true love is rare.
Trust tells love where to roam.
Love can't be made perfect
in distrust nor fear of rivals.
When I give my heart I do,
When I share my dreams too.
I do not drown in midnight
   dew not retreat;
but I won't take sand in my eyes.
After the loving I go from rags
to riches in his love or shine
to wiser horizons..
Mr and Mrs Andrews.
At Karijinbba
Oct 2021 · 1.0k
Adam's yarn.
I write of mine inner most
feelings as ye had ventured
in thine ink to me ons before.
Our paradise my father's forestland
there was I my dad's queen of our  Sierra Madre green tree land
Oh! Adam a hero lives in thee.
Thou it seems not too long yee
have stood and looked down
one ancient road on our path
as far as thine eye could see
to where it bent in
the undergrowth.
There mine soul layed long
upon a grieving stump

True love soul redeemer youv
Earth might pass away
but not thine word.
Oh hold me near thine heart
this Eve knowed thee.
and thine beige yarn
on finger, I still wear.
Mr.And Mrs. Andrews
with Karijinbba.
Oct 2021 · 1.9k
Ginny of yesterday
King tree of life hello
I'm full of dew
dripping willow me for you
Two virtual
emperors, like you
write deep sensual ink.
Striking similarities to yours;
one is owned by his wife
I ignite a phantom fate spark.
Another is one way street.
Yes I am born a self existing
yellow star, a curse a blessing.
Portal to heaven by birth chart.
But you were bridge, something
in the way you brew my wine.
Fiery red gold key my six-nine.
Then silence, gap, abyss.
Into your own ginny you are!
No longer into mine!
Your ginny of
Me and Mrs Andrews-k
Oct 2021 · 2.1k
Golden Ram Angel eyes
Poet ancient dear
Stay with me ink lover
I take the heart not just a hat"
The sweetness you given me,
poems ink more mystery
takes my breath away
stay with me.
Timeless hour glass.
Where you hold me tight 
In your arms deep in the night  
you enchant me with your charms
all of the night I hear your heart
beating against my own
you paint my gloomy sky with
each one of your sighs
wrapped around me
many lifetimes can't suffice
I crave to see the me in you
silver E.T mine melt my gold
I live under your willow's
dream spell, stay with me.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
@ Karijinbba
Oct 2021 · 632
Sacred secret lover
I am your Mona Lisa I fit the song
understanding a smile behind a maiden depicting inner treasures
of unmeasurable beauty
a Mona Lisa smile I've owned
  tempted a lover's innermost aim
  hid a broken heart
Yes few lovers entered gates deceitfully projecting inner strife
selfish indulgence at best.
those can't demeanish me
but exolted wiser got me
It's better to love a second
to be misunderstood a lifetime
than not to have loved.
Worst is to pretend to steal
a moment's grace sacred lovers vise
from an innocent seeker of love
I'm careful who I trust to hold
to live is to risk, to love is to win
to loose and to learn
******* for the wise
is eternal sacred bond
*** itself can be animalistic
how I love you is true,
taste of my wild, a twist of fate
sacred secret lover mine.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
for Karijinbba.
Sep 2021 · 1.2k
Suddenly I feel like a man
singing painfully in love
"When man loves a woman"
hear her sing Yesterday
Lennon–McCartney Beatles.
I've seen seven wonders
of the world in your eyes.
Your sunsets to make me cry.
My moon in all its faces
gives shivers to your spine.
I see beauty in diamonds
synthilating within me
same spell sparkles in thee
afire rubbies of us
reflect radiantly on me.

I am ice cubed frozen
body mind soul cold
a wishful thinking well
pennies for my thoughts?
Oak tree stump my ancient
to willow tree now
has turned.
Tears put out this fire dear
but ambers linger so I write
no Knight may fly your kite
I give myself
everything I got
In love I remain with me.
I trust in self for my courage
to carry on as longing dog
out in the rain alone or in.
  your scorching sun hear me
crying and howling
out I love thee so..
Karijinbba at
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
Sep 2021 · 2.0k
Willow bless me
Oh swaying willow tree
lower your branches cover me.
I am so cold without thee.
You're so green and gentle..
give me oxigen and shade,
you bow down gently
as in reverence yet detached
I feel more than gratitude
I too am detached as breeze!
In wonderment of your face
feel my breeze under
your starry sky

You like a hungry kitten
sensing timing to run for it
may it be that my pyramid's
wise winds shake your trunk,
to leaveless ****
blushing in your branches?
Are your hidden
fruits any ripe
you do sway delightfully
My frozen cocoone is detached
my tiny feet from my butterfly
might slightly tickle your fancy
as I voraciously neeble on
your green golden leaves?
will you fear my strong breeze
wild Autumn winds
as your branch may get
By;Mr and Mrs Andrews.
With Karijinbba.
Jul 2021 · 1.7k
Fire on Ice.
I am ice cube
fire put out
no other love rules
in your sbsence
In love our hearts are.
trust energy the courage
eyes like air to breathe,
poem the food devoured,
To nurture stain or drain,
our ancient lovers aim.
Patience key passion luck
Lock is temperate heaven
And you my vine all mine  
To relish, cherish to trust
  my groom my Adam
your bride your Eve.
Tree of life
willow divine.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
And Karijinbba.
Jul 2021 · 379
Nom De Plume mask.
Who are you beneath your cores
dear poets.all?
Behind your eyes, and
The abyssmal joy of your voice.!
Who bore your hands painters
of my canvas in my
dark skies Moi I love her so!

Who are you in the gates
compass of your feet's troot
In such manly sunny grace
The world of roses bows
to last a season longer
in your courts Moi and
weeping willow, you Crow?
Tspoetry Traveler who are you?
Who are you when the night grabs treasures in your tantric hands
to exploddives full of putpose
claiming your ancient
queen of love.
Who are you behind the Scarlet rose that owns your poems all inked in gold, Moi who is your Z,😇
I thrive for poetry attempting to define true love and find you holder of Grammy birds in rose gardens
mastering grace and joy
arena of loverz expertise.

I find you intriguingly
Inquisitive over powers of women
Needing no man to thrive in life
a faint disregard to Ballance
value wisdom in
Ancient ones wanting more.
Who are you behind your faceal avatars
Who are you dear.poets
Behind your nom de plume
In the ******* Mansion fields
of young damsels landing
to feed on your gummy inks,?.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
By: Karijinbba.
Jul 2021 · 1.4k
The universe conspires as mirror to mine soul's eye,
I see myself as best friend
Or worst enemy.

I feel and see thy painted canvas in mine sky,
turning blue, with clouds
of white, trees of green.

Treasure map on hand.
And lullaby in mind's eye
Thine courage wisdom, grace my true north compass is.

First time I ever saw thee
Mine lovers face !
The poetess in me began
in poem to trace it's magic.

The friend in my mirror,
I now see is also thee.
And in thy mirror
yee too can see me.
Confidant, I love thee.

I sow myself in mirror clearly
and I learned to love
myself in thine eyes poetry.
Thine wild bird of paradise
I too in word paint.

The best poetry we devour
and share fully, roots
from our own hearts,
Forever in love.
Karijinbba- rdd/bba
at Mr and Mrs Andrews.
Jul 2021 · 836
"I Still exist." BbA
Somewhere in time!
Come back to me.
My love
Two minds one single thought
Two hearts one single beat
Thats is still us dear
I love thee rdd-Jpc
"I still exist" twin flame yee
did write entailing all this.

As the world bends it loops.
I find thine sylhuette dancing
hobbering around me.
Looping me back to life
Yee never left me beloveth pc
Thanks for waking me up
For watching over me rdd

"Each night before I go to sleep, not knowing if I shall wake up ever again,
but with your name in my lips I see the sunshine
again and again.!" PC-Rk.

I love thee so much
I think of thine courage
love brain heart, grace,
It all defines me within

In thine arms forever
I remain to part never
My Angel guardián
yee have saved me sweet P.
Yee bit the apple yee love me

This love I have shared
With human predators, wolves, boys beggards
enemies poets and kings.

But allmy travels spin me back into thy loving kindness and wise patient love's serenity.
whence happily ever after

I, i, still exist.

based on my life's true events
Somewhere in time.
Often poets communicate
via internet voice recordings
sharing dancing lovers videos
as pen pals may venture to do;
no it doesn't mean
we do not exist
people aren't virtual cartoons!
We have feelings emotions we love
the mind makes it all real.

We are real people in different countries interchanging loyalties
we are perhaps more real then couples living together yet disconnected in many ways,
and not in love either
but rather utterly bored.
So don't be cruel saying
I am virtual and you've met
the love of your life already
and want no one else,
but your Zaheera for all eternity
because she's omnipresent real.!

Trying to make her jealous with me
a real poetess!? think again!
Zaheera and me can smell your rat.

She is more a fantasy for years if she even exists
Why the virtual competitiveness
and AnK isn't real?
We are breathing eating sleeping loving trusting sharing
yet not real!?
In your book of tricks ? Hu?

How shall we search for real connections hu?
have you noticed though
the whole planet has gone virtual.
it's become a ritual,!
All people are real living brings
not virtual their lap tops cell phones  c are the virtual conduits,
though so what !?
By Mr and Mrs Andrews
inspired by Karijinbba.7/21
presence trust is life
but so is penpalship honored with trust  respect and consideration for people's hearts  We all deserve to live life liberty in pursuit of happiness.
Jun 2020 · 374
Downloaded mind
Beyond thought is the going
when downloading begins by the universe and in silence,
is best where G** speaks,
right into my
open mind's eye,

His grace is downloaded
Into my minds eye
With light coded
eagerly grasped into my
downloading mind
joyfully perceiving
in awareness
as it's conspiring presence
Manifests, I am eagerly high. .
By:Mr and Mrs Andrews.

— The End —