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Karijinbba Aug 2018
"Chin chin chinny
Chinny is in love
in love
with whom?
one might ask!
In love with life it's plain to see
also in love with me!*
~unto forever"
across the miles time and space mind soul heart
belly, thighs
and in the midst
spirit breaths of life
yours and mine joined live.
~All rights reserved.~
~~Unbequieted lovers ~~
poets:P/C/ham &Anilegna S.Gbba
Colm Mar 2017
Let the morning rain fall
And pat your head
As softly as if I were there
Julie Grenness Feb 2017
I give you a pat on the back,
Me, you always cut some slack,
Thank you for healing my heart,
A 'thank you' would be a start,
You never say anything to whack,
I give you a pat on the back,
You're just a plain golden heart,
A 'thank you' to you for healing my heart.
Feedback welcome.
Ayin Medina Dec 2016
It's cold but I'm sweating
Liquids from my body are dripping
Slowly touching dry surfaces of my body
It's cold and lights are flashing
From dark to bright, bright to dark
I can see you clearly even without the spotlight
It's cold but I'm not crying
Starting to sense unfamiliar feeling
I'm feeling a lot less lonely
It's cold and yet you're smiling
The world went slow motion
I can't hear the clock ticking
It's cold and we're singing
Nice songs and pure emotion
You put sunshine in this lovely evening
It's cold, am I dreaming?
Everything is surreal
I'm not sure if this is really happening
It's cold but we're laughing
You're slowly turning this sad after day time into something
Now I'm wondering
Will you continue to make me less sad the next morning?
Cause it's cold, it's dark*
*And I know I started loving
I never noticed his nice smile and pure thoughts until last night.  I love his voice. I love his laugh.
Ronald J Chapman Feb 2016
Like tossing a pebble into a pond,  
My long ago memories reflected slowly,
In each ripple of sunshine,

A Fresh breeze whispering lovely songs to me,
From times long past,

Every misty morning sunrise brings hazy memories;
Memories that traveled from a distant time and place,

With eyes wide shut, I dream of times long ago,
Thoughts of today's sadness and yesterday's happiness,

Seasons' change, the fragrance of kimchi and coffee remain,

Waiting some day for the sun from my past to warm my Soul,

It's just like, daydreams of your first lover,

I'm waiting to touch you again,
That we can make new happy memories; Memories that will last for eternity. 

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights
Ripples On A Pond musical "ÆSOP"
Brendan Sansome May 2015
Mr McParland;
our Primary 4 teacher lived in Newry,
Northern Ireland.
Not a City in those days,
but a dangerous border town.
He had wiry hair like a blonde Afro.

Pat Jennings;
world class goalkeeper for his country,
was also born in Newry.
Our man claimed to know him,
and went to school with the green giant.
We believed without reproach.

Yours truly;
age 6 & 7, in the years of the Hunger Strikes,
born in Belfast.
I was enthralled because Pat was of another
world to kids reared in our divided times.
A symbol of hope on an island of doubt.
sheeba balan kpp Feb 2015
When past comes knocking
I am most aware
to decision taking
and ghosts reappearing
past is always
pink and gold glitter powder
best untouched and
messy in open envelopes
From the time that Billy was a kid
There was evil in the things he did
His mama knew it
And I knew it too

I told her that he needed help
I tried to avoid this evil whelp
I had to find out
Something I could do

Billy's teachers said he's bad
In fact the worse kid that they had
They sent him home
And kicked him out of school

I told his mama, he can't be mine
She blamed the Mogen David wine
we had when
we were on our honey moon

As he grew up, he wouldn't change
He'd spend his time out on the range
doing things
we didn't want to know

I told his ma, I've had enough
We can't keep hiding from this stuff
the folks about
will run us out of town

It's bad enough when I go for beer
The bartender serves me with a sneer
And the other's look away
Or just look down

I know Billy has a dedication
To certain kinds of medication
But nothing ever helps
The way he acts

We can't blame the Mogen David wine
I said Ma, I think it's time
That Billy left
and that's the facts

Mama cried, but knew the truth
He couldn't live beneath our roof
Or we'd end up
in an early grave

One night I went and said to Billy
You may laugh, and think I'm silly
but, son you have a week
you have to go

Billy nodded and kept on eating
This was a short,  family meeting
He looked at me
and said real slow

Pa, I know you don't love me
And ma as well, it's plain to see
We ain't the same
and I ain't moving on

I didn't argue, just got up
I couldn't eat, I couldn't sup
I had to end this
I had to get a gun

I knew I couldn't take him down
But, I'd find someone around the town
someone who would
Rid me of my child

No one came to help us out
I even gave the lord a shout
Help us god
our kid is just too wild

A fellow came, in a week, ten days
His name was Pat, to change Bills ways
He said he'd help
tomorrow night

He faced down Billy at high noon
Bill, dropped like a lead balloon
His ma and I just knew
That this was right

Pat, said things will work out fine
It wasn't Mogen David wine
that made Bill bad
It's just the way of life

He rode off in the setting sun
He'd killed our boy with his six gun
with Billy gone
it's just me and my wife
Patrick Sutphin Oct 2014
Come to me love, come to me.
Only for a little while that
We may hold in a warm embrace
and remember that the world
is not as bad as the bitter
Taste left lurking on our tongues.

Come to me love, come to me.
Only for a little while that
I may shelter you from the
Scorn of lovers looking to make
your face mirror that of the
Torn egos they fail to hide.

Come to me love, come to me.
Only for a little while that
We may share this blessed day.
Loved ones gather to hear me
Say the thoughts and feelings
I once kept locked away.

Come to me love, come to me.
Only for a little while that
I may see your face, for only in
Dreaming are we not apart, but
Lonely years have rejuvenated my
Heart and renewed my steadfast grace.

Come to me love, come to me.
Only for eternity. My
Reflection aged and withered, I
See you standing by my side, still
as strong and soothing as the day
You left this world behind.
Hollow Sep 2014
She read my journal
My internal thoughts spewed out of her mouth like *****.
Anger. Regret.

I saw him as a book then
And he was easily read
Flipping through his memories, I found tainted history

Oh, woe is me
this girl, she knows everything.
My incestuous mind
unkind and dark
genuinely written without hesitation

Yet here I stand
Confused, taken aback
Stricken with...
...curiosity, perhaps
Sadness and unknowing
And his eyes apologize while his frown regrets

Perhaps she now feels closer.
There's nothing to hide inside
A relief.
I am disgusted by your actions.

I wonder if he still loves me
He won't take the words back
Ink never erases, and scars remain
And so does my heart
Rooted to my sleeve yet chained to his palm

"I'm sorry", I forget to say
Words so typical end up filling the room
breaking all glass
You made me like this
my words are a byproduct of your insanity
You're sad.
Yes, sad. We are all sad.
You are not entitled to read such things

I peered into your soul today
Something twisted and half alive
A face, my face to place blame
I'll never walk away
Without another war wound
But I'll bleed you dry
Should I question morality? Am I human?
What happened to us?

You seek knowledge, yet cower in its presence
" all loving" I mock the idea
for you despise my words.
My work.
What are they, but a part of me?
Your voice is timid
Your despair, unsettling..

Silence is all I want to hear anymore...
Written by the lovely poet, pat, and his new friend Hollow.
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