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Colm May 2019
A door
Large and impending
Leave it ajar and I'll be regretting it
For a drafty age to come
Just being honest.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
Truth is big
it's imminent.
Little is in the know.

I wonder though
what if we knew it a lot
will we not die no more?

Pondering me
ended up on the water.
There was land no more.
Or the colossal ocean
at the end of the earth
is its backdrop who knows?

If this little soil earth
can stand in the midst
of the giant ocean
why can't a life's
bottomless backdrop
billow up when the
momentary death swoop?
(Thus propelling it into its
deathless eternal portion.)
Karijinbba Aug 2018
"Chin chin chinny
Chinny is in love
in love
with whom?
one might ask!
In love with life it's plain to see
also in love with me!*
~unto forever"
across the miles time and space mind soul heart
belly, thighs
and in the midst
spirit breaths of life
yours and mine joined live.
~All rights reserved.~
~~Unbequieted lovers ~~
poets:P/C/ham &Anilegna S.Gbba
Colm Jun 2018
As close as the rain which runs down the veiny leaves of the poplar trees. Closer still to you and to your thoughts do I wish to be.
Slowly as I did, to descover this desire within me.
Colm May 2018
Ask me not
The question I most want to ask
The letter never sent which flies
And falls apart between the lines
You think I'm scared of you?
No, not scared...
I'm terrified
Questions Midst Letters
Stay clear of the green that
longs to take over the blue area,
it represents what should not be
forgetting that what would be
is also in existence.

The need to understand overshadows
the requirements for a person’s sanity.
Insanity probes, forges and let’s go
but does it stop in the midst?

In the midst, it grows and
reproduces but also, can be lost
in the midst of a deep gaze.

The deep gaze is that that
let’s us go on in the midst of it all.
In the midst of blue,
so many things happen but one thing is constant
jealousy would always be green and
blue peace and tranquility.
Colm Mar 2017
Occasionally, you may be impressed
Because someone else came close
Someone else seemingly understands what you hold most dear
Be it inside or out
But the mistake is to assume that because they seem
They are the same
When really, true life is all about graciousness and kindness
A willingness to mold and be molded
That way you will become, as they are also becoming
Rockie Jun 2015
Seasons change, babe,
Get your winter coat on,
The weather isn't going to bend at your command,
The summer sun hates your weak shine,
The autumn moon despises your crescent smile,
And seasons differ, honey,
Get your head on straight,
Pumpkins are gonna leer,
Get over it, dear,
And snow is gonna fall,
So wrap up, darling, in your knitted shawl,
Seasons change, babe,
Nothings gonna change for you,
Oh, nothing is gonna change,
Seasons are obviously not for you,
Wait for spring, love,
'Coz when push turns to pull,
You'll want to leave seasons behind,
Changing forever in your midst.

— The End —