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Andrew Oct 2018
Do you hold me in your memory?
Or did all the mementos flee
Once you no longer heard from me?
My intention was not to abandon
But joy played elsewhere so I had to run
To it; thinking I could leave crumbs
To find my way back to you
Now you found your path more true
And I am just a time you rued

I wish you would remember me
Even if in the distance like fading drums.
A beat begot by the love you lose
A rhythm that holds memory
That weeps now at what it will next become
A trance to track the my next muse
This is a poem I wrote to honor my first love, the one that taught me how to
astraea Aug 2018
my treasure map on your skin
-soft stars and dots,
i connect them with my fingers,
and they become constellations.

and your voice, my fingers,
playing a soft melody,
as i drown in you.

a thousand dancers -we watch them,
and i ask them to dance for you,
they swirl and laugh and then
they disappear.

i wait for the music to start before i say my words,
because then, only then,
maybe then they’ll be worth it.

if only i could convince you to stay,
because you make me feel lonely
-suddenly i can hear the soft moan of the sea,
see the waves dance to it’s voice.

and now i ache,
because as time passes,
your song grows weak.

your voice and my song, it’s being swallowed
among all those other ones,
more beautiful than my call to you.

and now that you’re gone, i hear them
those drums of the sea,
the angry clashes that make the storm that brought me to you.

and now i hear it, the sorrowful moans,
beneath the soft songs that all those lovers sang,
that day we fell in love.
based on the song mermaid (by train)
duncan Aug 2018
it should have been
41 degrees today.
the hottest day of summer.
i prepared.
i wore shorts to work.

it rained like
noah's flood.
i didnt see it coming
but i heard the rumbles
like drums from ****.

i wrote words for jane
and i never thought
id ever show her.

i read her two poems
and she liked the one
that wasnt about her
much more.

it should have been
41 degrees today.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018

Hit it harder, harder, harder!
Break that, smash that, hit that beat!
Punch it, kick it; make the drum shatter!
This is how the song begins.

When we are lost and in need of guidance,
Music reminds us of who we used to be.
When we are down or surrounded by our friends,
The music gives us a place to sink.

From the gutter to the stage;
Who am I to wish for that?
From the **** to the grave;
The meaning of life is an unknown quantity; an undiscovered track.

Off the rails we crash and burn,
Then we rise up from the dirt.
We find a way to change ourselves
And drag ourselves up from our empty bed;
My place of misery, without her.

Safety in numbers, love is our shield.
Words of a trust broken, never heal.
What are we to become if we have never even tried?
We are sinking deeper into our mind and we have nothing left to feel.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Cleo Feb 2018
time is blood
and blood is time
all the blood of my ancestors
flowing through my veins
why did i forget their song
the drums of life
lyrics of freedom
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2018
Every night crawling
into bed beside you
Wrapping my arm around you
Drawing you closer
Into the perfect spoon
Our skin to skin one caress
Comforting one another as we fade into dream

every morning
before the alarm sounds
To the feel of your arm
Out-stretched & Searching
for me beside you
Finding me, finding you
the safety, the joy
The serenity of feeling Home
In our bubble

At the peak of the mushroom
free of anxiety, ego dissolved
A familiar peace abounds
Amid the chaos of the mind fray
Our souls dance
Together and free
Simultaneously lost and found
in your emerald gaze
Peering endlessly as
the periphery fades to blur
and all that exists is We
All is you and me
We are All

Feeling every molecule
of You
As we merge our physicality
The Gnosis in the mushroom
Illuminating the Archaic
Gnosis in our beings
Reigniting and fuelling our twin flame
the magnetic synergy of our Souls

Sharing time
Sharing space
In your intoxicating presence
In your nourishing embrace

Engaging in ceremony with you
Honouring spirit
Of the Earth, of ourselves
Casting intentions to the four winds
Through the cleansing of raging fire

Discovering the rhythm of personal expression
Under the full blood blue moon
Our spotlight on the stage of surrender
Hanging effortlessly in
the star-speckled Black of Night

Finding the circular beat
Of your two drum-heart-beats
Through the noise
of solo djembes on their own tangent
Desperate to find the momentum of song

Our trio in unison
Our drums in harmony and rhyme
Synchronised in time
A voiceless song of the divine

These and many more
moments you've given to me
We created the space and
seized the opportunity
I hold them in memory immemorial
And the feelings they inspired
Infused forever into my "me-ness"

I thank You
I miss You
I Love You

Forever my Moon
And one day my Sun
experiences that inspire to new heights.... life is fleeting and transient, make every moment count
Kaiwa Dec 2017
My heart beats like a drum.

It only beats that way for you.

The steady beat thrums in my chest.

'*** *** *** ***'

If you are near it speeds up.


When you are away it gets softer.

'***        ***       ***       ***'

I love the sound, oh how beautiful it is.

I hear yours too when my head is on your chest.

It speeds up when I smile at you.

Does it slow when I leave you?

Or does it stay the same, unbothered by the lack of my presence.

I need to know, if your drum reacts the same as mine.

Two drums beating in harmony.

Two drums beating in time.
Oculi Nov 2017
The bells of the cathedral we're standing in,
Seething hate, rage, everything horrid within.
The ritualistic percussion sounds off in my head
As I'm looking right ahead. At you. Right ahead.

You ******* despicable horror of a person.
Have you ever tried doing something nice?
Have you ever considered not being such an idiot?
You have the capacities of a teaspoon,
With the mental awareness of a tiny child,
You little stain of ***** on the couch of life.
You were never wanted and you were never loved.
You couldn't show me one thing that makes you worth it.
You can't prove anything to me, I know you.
You're disgusting, you're worth the hate.
You're nothing to me, you ******* maggot.
No wonder you get degraded and taken advantage of.
No wonder nobody wants you and they just use you.
Continue on your worthless existence, you ******* *****.

As I walk towards the gigantic door I came in...
I see him walk off towards the same door in another world.
Voicesinthewild Aug 2017
I can hear the drums in my sleep
I know that they are real
They are calling me to a strange place that seems so familiar
When I wake, they are gone and I wish to hear them again

The rhythm is in tune with my Soul
The drums of a Kingdom come
A place that I know for certain I am from
I call it "home"
As I write this, I'm not even thinking about a poem

Just calling out to my brothers and sisters who are coming with me
They'll know because they hear the drums too
The spiritual warriors are being called with

a shout,
a chant,
and a rumble

Let these words awaken your eyes
Let the Spirit pierce your Soul.  

One Spirit bears witness to itself
Ancient secrets to be revealed
Power given to few who have been tested

The Kingdom is near
The Kingdom is near

Listen to the Drums

With your spiritual ear.
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