Kaiwa Dec 2017

My heart beats like a drum.

It only beats that way for you.

The steady beat thrums in my chest.

'Bum Bum Bum Bum'

If you are near it speeds up.


When you are away it gets softer.

'Bum        Bum       Bum       Bum'

I love the sound, oh how beautiful it is.

I hear yours too when my head is on your chest.

It speeds up when I smile at you.

Does it slow when I leave you?

Or does it stay the same, unbothered by the lack of my presence.

I need to know, if your drum reacts the same as mine.

Two drums beating in harmony.

Two drums beating in time.

Oculi Nov 2017

The bells of the cathedral we're standing in,
Seething hate, rage, everything horrid within.
The ritualistic percussion sounds off in my head
As I'm looking right ahead. At you. Right ahead.

You fucking despicable horror of a person.
Have you ever tried doing something nice?
Have you ever considered not being such an idiot?
You have the capacities of a teaspoon,
With the mental awareness of a tiny child,
You little stain of semen on the couch of life.
You were never wanted and you were never loved.
You couldn't show me one thing that makes you worth it.
You can't prove anything to me, I know you.
You're disgusting, you're worth the hate.
You're nothing to me, you fucking maggot.
No wonder you get degraded and taken advantage of.
No wonder nobody wants you and they just use you.
Continue on your worthless existence, you fucking moron.

As I walk towards the gigantic door I came in...
I see him walk off towards the same door in another world.

Voicesinthewild Aug 2017

I can hear the drums in my sleep
I know that they are real
They are calling me to a strange place that seems so familiar
When I wake, they are gone and I wish to hear them again

The rhythm is in tune with my Soul
The drums of a Kingdom come
A place that I know for certain I am from
I call it "home"
As I write this, I'm not even thinking about a poem

Just calling out to my brothers and sisters who are coming with me
They'll know because they hear the drums too
The spiritual warriors are being called with

a shout,
a chant,
and a rumble

Let these words awaken your eyes
Let the Spirit pierce your Soul.  

One Spirit bears witness to itself
Ancient secrets to be revealed
Power given to few who have been tested

The Kingdom is near
The Kingdom is near

Listen to the Drums

With your spiritual ear.

GreyEyedSunshine Jul 2017

A Lightning storm of feelings
Flooding into my soul
Booming throughout my mind
Her name strikes
Again and Again and Again
Humming aloud with a marvelous
Symphony of rainstorm drums
Rhythmically in tune
With the pounding crashes of my Heart

Kee May 2017

my feet are pounding the ground
but it feels like im flying
my heart is beating like drums
but i can't feel it at all
all i know is that im a few steps away from freedom
can my feet take me there?
maybe i can leap to it
i can't fail
i need this
i need to be free
i want my own air in my lungs
no, not want
i need
i need to be free

in economics class
mr. gardner is talking too much
Essa Freedom Mar 2015

Listen closely
What do you hear?
Go to a room with complete silence
Just for a short time
Tell me
What do you hear?

I hear the beat
The beat of the drums
Constantly beating
Am I crazy?
What do you hear?

Nateive Son Feb 2017

Zachy Hill
Beats the poop outta his drums
Like he's wrestling an algorithm
From the back of some shitty
Wal-Mart warehouse
Where the old black guys
And young white guys
Smoke menthols together
And listen to AM radio
While discussing
This god-forsaken planet
And how every two feet
Some asshole has thrown his garbage
To be found by the slum Indian children
And turned into the next
Windows platform
That's not how I get to Control Panel
I usually take the 2nd exit
Down Cherry Street
Where Dad taught us the difference
Between crab apples
And something edible.

Roshi G Oct 2016

sounds pouring out the walls
bouncing from ceiling to floor and back again
waiting for a call from a certain friend
never thought today would be the end
of this whole ordeal
although i don't think it is
i tried to steal
but she never missed
never cried over myself
always there for me
never needed my help
and the sounds worked their way back to my ears
pounding, drumming, not quite clear
and i accepted what had become of this day
and anticipated the next
with no delay

Troy Sep 2016

Echoing through my heart
The beat of the drums
Pounding louder
Filling my lungs with ecstasy

Passion burning
The turmoil spilling
Overflowing the cup
Life is bliss

The echos grow louder
Sparking the candle
Igniting the flame
And sending us higher

Mellow goes the beat
The drums go silent
Life stands still
The darkness sets in

Silence fills the air
The fountain of life
Flowing waters of gold
Cease to exist

Margo May Jul 2016

the second we take the stage
an undeniable unspoken bond
is created by our passion
to lead, love, worship
in the presence of our savior
with the fellowship of believers;

the second we take our corner
a thrilling thriving bond
is created as he starts the click
to play, sing, worship
in uncontainable joy
without a care in the world;

the second the music takes us
a dependent determined bond
is built on complete trust
to know where he’s going before he arrives
in spontaneous moments following his every lead
without a sense of worry or fear;

though it’s never brought to light
what we have is real,
we have a musical chemistry
that could never exist off stage;

and it is marvelous.

love playing music with my drummer friend.
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