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SMS Feb 18
Toes pattering with pain
Arms swooping with love
I want to dance until it stops
Until my spins put me
Seconds before the world
Where troubles don’t register
And you can spin until it’s all over
Until you tip over from exhaustion
Breathing heavy and lost in euphoria
No thoughts, no need to hurt, nothing
Best movements made are subtle.
Years, been record needle down.
Embrace the rubber ring
king of the loop.
Stuck in spin, too.

Spent, cored, spun,
inside the toilet.
Spent, cored, spun,
inside the toilet bowl.

A format, everlasting --
A poet, ******* banality,
   out of steam.

Cored, spun, and bored,
skimming porcelain.
Cored, spun, and bored,
kissing porcelain.
Sanny Dec 2018
Like two yo-yo's we're taking turns on having feelings for one another.

Will we ever meet halfway?

We spin between fear and love, but never at the same time.

The midpoint is within reach.

Yet one rope is streched while the other is wrapped tight.

I hope one day our yo-yo's get tangled so we can live in balance and harmony.
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Great men have lived and died
Yet the earth spins no faster
Just those that arise.
Reminds me of Julius Ceaser, and what his wife told him.
c Dec 2018
And I spun and I spun and I spun
So out of control
No rhythm
Short. Choppy.
It lasted so long, so quickly.
I don’t know what happened,
But I saw it.
Even though I didn’t.
My car did pirouettes
Down the embankment
Until it found a spot to rest
In between two hedgeposts
And barbed wire.
They say your life flashes before your eyes
In moments like this,
But for me,
It was moments I wouldn’t ever have.
The things I wanted to accomplish,
The people that I loved.
It was heartbreaking.
When I crawled out,
No different than when I got in,
I laughed with tears in my throat.
Today, the world is the same,
But I will never be.
rip Beatrice
"I will beat this," I swear.
No one else has,
as there is no end,
but there must be an end.
I'll find it.

Watching everyone spin
on their axis,
touting their progress,
there must be a someone
or some thing!

Watch me spin.
Spin and fidget.
Watch me spin,
spin and fidget.

Spin the blades
to your right.
Now you're loading. Now
you're spinning.

"I will beat this," rings obsolete.
Now, "I will secede,"
seems pragmatic.
Is it romantic to
be at one with nothing?

Cross legged on the floor,
I whisper,
to myself,
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
I know not how many
million stars there are.
But I know there is
only one earth.

Maybe we have counted
the protons of the atom
as many it has in its nucleus
counted the electrons on the run
orbiting the nucleus.
But the spinning circle is a zero
yet to compute the unifying one!
It's a pattern spans the universe.

I know there are
billions of us human
out there on earth.
But all I want is only one.
Just to count on
a permanent one!  

The big earth
is a bigger zero null.
Standing on barefoot
without the perpetual one.
No glue, no roof nor a sign
only on one pure rigid science!
Shirley Antonio Sep 2018
Dear Lilly

Do you want help to fight with your monster?
Do not call me now, I may be drunk.
You liked to listen to stories of fairy tales before bed.
But you  did not understand what it meant.
So you laughed

Because you did not know that with Stockholm syndrome you lived.

Are you willing to sell your brain?
And your dreams?
How much do you want to sell them?

Are people dying for God?
Are you going to die for me?

Let's get out of here
I want to make your mind spin.

Dear Lilly

Why does everyone talk a lot?

Today I will take you to the land of fantasies.
They will not control your mind there.

I can give you freedom.
If you are able to keep your thoughts with irony.

Be very careful with  what they say.
They told you that love is a healing machine.
Let's us supposed that they are right.
Do you want to be healed?
Jabin Jul 2018
It spins. It spins.
On it goes within.
Tomorrow comes
Until the very end.

The fall and rise
Around my own eyes.
Look at these thumbs.
Look at how I pretend.

Up from the dust;
In God we do trust.
But, is that true?
Come see all that we've made...

Through mist and pall
Pride's taken us all.
Clean sky so blue.
Our clouded scruples swayed.

A new day dawns
From times full of bronze.
Sundry chances
To smother out the flames.

The waters drown
This wicked old town.
Moonlight dances
Upon our many shames.

Rotate once more,
This sight we abhor.
Time is too short,
For wish to turn the ships.

The stars twinkle.
Time will not wrinkle-
Spite, any sort.
Grant us our full eclipse!

But nature knows
Our craving still grows,
Limitless wingspan.

So on we fight
Against what is right.
Mourn not breaking
The cursed night of man.
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