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No more beautiful a soul could I touch, no better woman would find, whenever she is not near she is on my mind. She is my match, my equal, my partner for life, so short lived, so completely, she will complete me.
In the time you have which is unknown find something share yourself, dont hide away waiting gathering regrets
Johnny walker Jun 14
Now here's my story of a
true love I did once have childhood sweetheart but diffted away me to a life
all alone through
And Helen went on  to a failed marriage through no fault of her own abused never respected and made
seriously ill by husband
that just didn't
but many years later fate would show Its hand by bringing us back together after all of those years
apart purely by
both had become ill we met at a clinic the first time  I'd seen Helen as a women but I knew In that moment of seeing her
after all those years she was the one for me I was not going to lose her for a
second time On returning home couldn't
so started to write her a letter after about 2 hours loads of failed attempts finally had
a letter I was happy with
it Included phone
me at
6 pm
She did and  Invited me round for a cup of tea and I did and I never went home stayed and looked after her Helen became my
we had a son against so called medical advise Twenty years I cared for her and raised our son who remained
with me after my
his mother passed on what went before and after the twenty years with Helen means nothing for I only
ever lived twenty out
of 66 years Ive
been on this
There were times In my life before I met Helen sat alone In my room upstairs strange thoughts In head
from window out to a world far from the
that of my four walls I know longer felt a part of for It
a world that didn't really want to know me for I was a loner long since fallen
from grace sometime In the middle
winter whilst laid In my bed not able to face the world through depression I would hear people pass
In the
below voice's of laughter so I'd drag myself to my feet and gaze through my
at a world I never knew to the
far below I'd see
walking hand
In hand
making there way through the streets covered deep In snow
stopping momentary to
hug and to kiss kids playing In the snow snowball fights so happy they looked
Oh how I
to join them just to have fun be able to smile but for my four walls of depressoin
me It would not be till nearly
thirty years later that
would set free by becoming my loverly
Nylee May 29
Watching the roses fade
another one escapes
the life has been lived
and has gone with the wind.
Johnny walker May 28
Voices In my head haunt me from my past of things to
I tried
my hardest to hide away of perhaps the
things that I never should have
But why say those things  even at time I knew
In truth were wrong far to late to change It
For my sweethearts gone so anything I thought of
In the way of apology I thought there will always be tomorrow
I would awake to tell her I'm so sorry for the things that I never
should have
been said not
even an
to say  In the heat of an argument
now she gone there won't be a tomorrow to awoke
upon to say
For your loved ones gone
you shoild have made  
that time to
say sorry but
my sweetheart has gone
I 'll have to live with regret
I never took the time
to say two simple words that could
have changed It all for me I wouldn't
have had to  live with all those
regrets for sake of
just two
Sometime we have to live with regret that makes life all the more harder to cope
Leigh May 11
Crowded streets, alive with a rhythm
That moves too fast for me.
I carefully weave through a town for the artists
Who need someone to be,
And recede into a quiet place;

A crowded mind, sustaining an echo chamber
Fit for our times.
Surrounded by a thousand decisions
I look back at a life
Up on a pedestal.

Where I missed the signs in smiles and glances,
And hold out for those second chances
At the moments that I've missed;
Never lived.

(I) Detach from the dream disrupting the rhythm
That makes you you, and me?
Lost in time;
Compulsively collecting the moments
That made me want to be
In this quiet place to read

(Read) All the signs in smiles and glances;
I won't change the world discarding chances
To move on from when we lived,
But we'll live, we'll live, we'll live...

(I'll live)...through all the second-hand supposed answers
Composing poems in hopes of small advances
Towards the peace of mind I need
To find me again.

Crowded streets, alive with a rhythm
That moves too fast for me.
Reliving days of my youth remembering memories of you we lived In the moment no plans ever made lived from day to

Carefree and happy never  no worries In life no
pressure did we feel so wild and so free never thoughts of tomorrows
or of growing
Heen and I lived In the moment never any thoughts of tomorrow or of growing old
Johnny walker Apr 29
I wish I could say I've
lived a full life but that would be a lie I never
had a childhood because
of abuse at the hands
of my
so all my days as a kid were extremely unhappy spent most of the days living In fear from my mother I was forty-three years old when I
Helen and then to find what life was all about
the twenty years I had with Helen before she passed on I consider the only years that I
all those years that went before Helen count for nothing I'm sixty-six years old I've lived twenty out of sixty-six years that Is a short
Living before Helen or after Helen Is just an existence of basic survival instincts built In to us all
to survive no matter
happens In life It's not really life how can It be anything other than that
when such big part of you has gone with the loved who has
When you lose a loved one as I did with Helen the only way I survive Is on basic survival Instinct that built Into us all
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