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Always remember
I lived life
with a certain determination
It was not always easy
It was often painful
I never gave in
Copped out
I preserved
I had my kids
I had my music
I wrote my
I shared my life
I helped others see
The beaches , I enjoyed
I collected my rhinos 🦏 & my rocks 💎
I always loved hard
you were my reason
for believing in hope
I found love ❤️
and it was good
mmm yes it was magic💖
But it ended
So my witchy self 🧙
moved ahead with grace
It took my 3 times before
that was accomplished
Why not test out those mishaps
Just to make sure
Lol 😂
Oh well
Learned the hard way
Hard headed , Stubborn
Norwegian 🇳🇴
so ALWAYS remember
AND BACK 💞🌙🌍💗💋🤟✌️🎵📝☯️
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Michael A Duff Jul 2020
All the best words have been written

Loved lived lost and forgotten in time

Only to be found by broken hearts
We are recycled of heart broken by time forgotten and replayed searching for happiness
Berry Blue Jun 2020
‪all that I knew and all that I lived for is nevermore yet it’s forever-more
Forevermore, you are in my heart.
unnamed Jun 2020
Someone once told me,
I will never be good enough,
I am the worst,
I ruined them.

And I taught myself the other way round.

When you wish for an end,
Always remember there are people out there faced worst,
And they survived.

When you wish to give up,
Always remember why you started in the first place,
And made up your mind.

When people stepped on you,
Always remember to be strong,
And moved on.

You will drown in the midst of darkness,
But you will also live in the midst of light.
Even for a few seconds.

Find and remember that few seconds,
And always remember to live for yourself.

It's your life you live,
Not theirs.

That's why it's okay if no one understands.
Nat Lipstadt Apr 2020
perfect summary, of pre-times, the ex-diurnal regularly raggedy,
lyric line, of lunar linear days, wave to it hi/bye crooked jaggedly

foretelling, of a first time, when world was self-imprisoned, wondering,   a sin of commission, an omission from a shut-up confession

guilty of laxity, no perspicacity, our fortune telling, loved our ignorance,
lazy greediness let sickness rule, everyone pointing no, not me, fooled

heroes dying in saving, rich in New Zealand hiding, while poets
march in punctilious timing, mourning lost freedom to be unafraid

all thinking, now disbelieving, we’ve lived so well so long,
but the fault-lines cracking showing all of us were emperors naked

from now on, we’ll live so long, not so well, suspecting each other,
the masks we will wear forevermore, dual purposed, protect and

hide our ashamed faces, gowned to disguise, finger pointing
not my fault, but the curve of life and death, proclaiming good bye:

so long so well, so long glass houses, so long, age of so swell, we too, sophisticates, above the fray, impervious innocence, so well we dead

gutless guiltless

^ ”And I don't know a soul who's not been battered
I don't have a friend who feels at ease
I don't know a dream that's not been shattered
or driven to its knees
But it's all right, it's all right

We've lived so well so long
Still, when I think of the road
we're traveling on
I wonder what went wrong
I can't help it, I wonder what went wrong

“American Tune” by Paul Simon
Sat April 25 twenty twenty
5:06am fifty thousand dead
Steve Page May 2020
Afterwards I started feeling
like I am a human
being again.

That's what this place did to me
it brought back my human
in the reflection of the hills,
the lakes, the trees,

but doing nothing to fade the ink.
No one told me that I had been liberated,
I had lost my knowledge.

So I ran free to find my voice last heard
before the years lived with the lasting dead,
the years sat with the lasting hunger,

but I had everything, I had paradise. So I ran -
taking my time to reclaim my body for the hungry,
taking my time to reclaim my voice for the silent.

I stopped living through and started living slowly.
I slept and ate and grew into our new normality,
together again alone.

Running not marching
Breathing not moaning
Swimming not dying
Living not surviving

and my voice lived to tell.
This is where I belong - not alone.
For the child holocaust survivors transported to Windermere. I recommend the documentary
Ken Pepiton Feb 2020
king of all the children of prride,

a challenge

simulate the mind of christ,
imagine that,

but before that mind there were others,
fully contained

in the godhead,

the reference points we are mortal at or on or in or of or

withknown mitgnostic mag-I-artful-intuition ifity

springing, post clockwork world,
post atomic force augmention focus visuals translated

in virtual 2-d

a word. is. wide or long but never short and long and high or low,

without a very sophia isticated way of folding

ality into now, with you finding yourself beyond the Disney-ifiers

set with cubic ziconia tiaras holding mantilla veils

covering the window in the top of you head.

--- great message, I got a lot out o' that.
--- especially the worthship

seamanship **** preventer, look up, y' re

demption station draweth nigh,
we all *** rrecycle by and by,

jest, decide not to lie,

ye get by. And y'kids do, too.
Rope and release
Colm Jan 2020
I trick myself
More often than most
That the time before me will feel better
Than the air which I now breathe most close

It won't

Time is time
Just as a perception is a vision of the mortal mind
Most unknown
Heck, I
Need to learn how to live for the moment of most

It's time
This is one of the ways my mind works. Even if I do mimic a bit of EE in my speech.
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