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The security of a nation
By armies, tanks, and guns
Expends a lot of energy
But protects our lands and funds

It’s cheaper to defend ourselves
With flowers in children’s hands
But it won’t be as effective
In defending our lives and lands

The cryptographic proof of work
Has served us well for years
It’s not the same as proof of stake
Which will end in regret and tears

True consensus takes some work
This is a feature, not a bug
Bitcoin was built with energy
Not with flowers - not with hugs

Flowers and hugs are mighty fine
But won’t make a network secure
It takes a lot of energy
To make the ledger safe and sure
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Hunting in exotic lands
Today we made an encounter
To never go home she cheerfully vowed
To never ever think of her children's athirstness
To deprive them life and never send anything
To replace them with foreign fruits of her never tiring womb
She has decided to make her legs
'her' source of provisions......
I concluded.
I just met a fellow Zimbabwean today who left her children back at home with hunger and now she is not even concerned drinking and having fun with men in that fair? WHAT'S YOUR TAKE ON THIS?
Iggy Chuck Feb 2020
We were two distinct lands divided by light
in my forests slept a cold penumbra
in your savannahs shone the blazing sun.
Bryce Jun 2019
Above me, the great zone of sky
Where wonder and darkness forever hide

In her a sad and lonely guise
So blue, so kind,
a lasting cry.
Àŧùl Mar 2019
I visited the same beach,
The beach of our sobriety,
It's there in my memories.

I touched & felt there the sands of time,
The time that we spent in togetherness,
It's a time in that recycle bin of the past.

I shall forget you forever, soon,
This tide of time will help me,
It's going to immerse that sand castle.

I let my ship find her angel,
The angel of my dreams,
It's not long before I touch her.

I see myself visiting her lands,
The lands of beauty and Bihu,
It's just that I realized ships must sail on.
My HP Poem #1738
©Atul Kaushal
Lunar Feb 2019
looking into
your eyes,
i wouldn't think
of getting lost
in them.

your eyes
are a getaway
where i find myself.
to lj, your eyes are second home; a place i'd forever be a tourist in.

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