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Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Fickle mindedness
A moment here
Another moment there
Lands you nowhere
Unable to decide
What's black
What's white
What's to do
What's not to do
Where's to go
Where's not to go
Frustration fastening
Emancipation a day dream
Fickle mindedness
An impulse in the mind
Make arrow shot
In the dark
Not bother
The consequences
Cis-river, trans-river
Another impulse
In the mind
Don't decide
For the time
In not deciding
You decide
A decision
Better than
Arrow shot
In the dark
Fickle mindedness
Lands you nowhere
This far nor that far
Take deep breath
In and out
Make resolute mind
Dispel fickle mindedness
Decide with confidence
Landing this far
Or that far
In best interest
As you are
If on the horns
Of a dilemma
Or a multi-lemma
Be content to decide
Fickle mindedness
You avoid
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
He has tread his path alone
He will tread his path alone
You know he hates name and fame
He wishes to remain unknown
For You too are Unknown
He wishes to go towards You
Please don't stop his heartbeats at this juncture
He wishes to fulfill his some important responsibilities
Later if You willed he wishes to be a wanderer
Moving across lands and oceans
You know he doesn't  even wish to put the burden of his death on anyone
He just wishes to get lost and vanished in unknown trails to be one with You
Hunting in exotic lands
Today we made an encounter
To never go home she cheerfully vowed
To never ever think of her children's athirstness
To deprive them life and never send anything
To replace them with foreign fruits of her never tiring womb
She has decided to make her legs
'her' source of provisions......
I concluded.
I just met a fellow Zimbabwean today who left her children back at home with hunger and now she is not even concerned drinking and having fun with men in that fair? WHAT'S YOUR TAKE ON THIS?
Iggy Chuck Feb 2020
We were two distinct lands divided by light
in my forests slept a cold penumbra
in your savannahs shone the blazing sun.
Bryce Jun 2019
Above me, the great zone of sky
Where wonder and darkness forever hide

In her a sad and lonely guise
So blue, so kind,
a lasting cry.
Aŧül Mar 2019
I visited the same beach,
The beach of our sobriety,
It's there in my memories.

I touched & felt there the sands of time,
The time that we spent in togetherness,
It's a time in that recycle bin of the past.

I shall forget you forever, soon,
This tide of time will help me,
It's going to immerse that sand castle.

I let my ship find her angel,
The angel of my dreams,
It's not long before I touch her.

I see myself visiting her lands,
The lands of beauty and Bihu,
It's just that I realized ships must sail on.
My HP Poem #1738
©Atul Kaushal
Lunar Feb 2019
looking into
your eyes,
i wouldn't think
of getting lost
in them.

your eyes
are a getaway
where i find myself.
to lj, your eyes are second home; a place i'd forever be a tourist in.

Brandon Conway Jul 2018
My hands pull
the horizon down

charting lands unexplored
by my eyes

the horizon tossed
to the floor

the world has
never looked this


I have charted
many similar maps

But none of
those I wanted

to get lost
but now I

don't care if
I forever stay


I stare into
those celestial constellations

and study the
stories they tell

worship the fire
that now ignites

the hearth within
this ramshackle skeleton

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