Dawn Treader Mar 23

Anybody who knows her
Understands she's not like the others
Head in the sky, feet on the ground
Detached when she speaks, cold she sounds,
But her heart is a warm place,
For those she lets in,
The select few see her distant but gleeful grin,
Aware she's different and that's alright,
Because this Nefelibata is always in flight
Head in the sky, feet on the ground
A nefelibata's mind knows no bounds.

Nefelibata: A cloud walker; One who lives in the cloud of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not abide by the precepts of society, literature, or art; An unconventional, unorthodox person.

I'm so shallow
Don't believe a word I say
I look one way
But act another
You don't know what's real
Let me tell you
What's real is fucking sexual attraction
It is all I know
Between a friend or lover
I'll deny it until the end of time
Because I'm a tease
Don't put my hand there
Oh I definitely want it
But only on my terms
I'm not proud to say
I'm just being real
Telling you the truth
Accepting my flaw
Detached as hell
I want your body
And your mind
If I can't have both
Those moves
Swaying with words
Before you know it
I'll just be on my way
On to the next
I'm like air
Never know what you'll get
I could be hot, I could be cold
Because I'm shallow as hell
I'm sad to say
But if you want to get mixed up with me
You got some games to play
Levels to win

Brett Palmero Nov 2016

Sometimes when I think
About people struggling
Pushed to the brink
I feel nothing
This isn't anything old
All I feel is cold

Emotion is fleeting
Happiness absent
Despair receding
My mind stagnant
Soul has been sold
All I feel is cold

Nothing is what's left
Gone are life's sparks
But I am not dead yet
A walking corpse
Emptiness uncontrolled
All I feel is cold

Talking about how it feels to be emotionally detached. This poem is not how I always feel, so I hope no one worries. Just enjoy or do that head nod thing where you're like "I get you man".
Colten Sorrells Nov 2016

my eyes feel like
they're gonna bleed
and I can't get
enough to eat


things have been a bit fuzzy
thehiddenwriter Oct 2016

Your heart has been broken
just like a leaf which fell down from it's tree,
It wasn't intended and
neither did you ever thought of it,
But for something new to come old must go and
when one doesn't go ,
Often -
It's forcefully detached.

Aseh Oct 2016

One you peered at and collected data on
in the confines of your tantrum
You with your diamond eyes
Looking at me through
a purple looking glass window
haze and wondering
about me
It was a distant curiosity
Detached from itself
and from me and from all the loose
and heavy vessels
that connected us

Sarah Parker Oct 2016

They said my anger
was cold and distant
like a far reaching planet
I didn't understand
until I felt the heat
bubbling underneath
I felt it and I left it
and as time passed
the lava flow within
hardened into rock
cool, dark, volcanic rock
A permanent landmark
quietly intimidating
those who dare come close

Lydia Hirsch Sep 2016

All those years, you never came out
from your hiding place, though I encouraged you
with bouts of song (did you hear them?) and
poetry I couldn’t write or speak.

I never wanted you to stand over me.
You were secret, but feigned visibility,
and I nearly believed you. You acted well.
But what was the purpose?

You are now, as ever, alone.
Your soul has not been touched.
It is secret, as secret as snow.
I admire it, but cannot adore it.

May your secret heart freeze in the cold.

Raylene Lu Aug 2016

Two hearts clang
never open

Tears fall
are never caught

Flames arise
are never fanned

Minds connect
are never spoken

Why so far, yet so close?
Chloe Chapman Jul 2016

capable but unmotivated,
love being different, hate being misunderstood,
impulsive long term planner.
strange mix of super private and open book.
rational yet unrealistic.
great at giving advice, bad at following it.
arrogant, but painfully aware of my flaws
sure of myself, yet unassuming
introverted extrovert,
rigorous yet care-free,
perpetual loner with tons of friends.
energetic but lazy,
sensitive, yet cold hearted
gregarious yet studious,
intelligent but spacey,
personal, yet detached.
unhealthy, yet understanding therapist,
competitive mediator.
The optimist who just wants to see the world burn.
Where do I fit in?

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