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My strings have detached
Like the vowels and constants I speak detached.
I watch the world
Through eyes not of mine
And live in a body
Living a life that doesn’t feel mine.
My chest feels empty
And my tone sounds vacant.
I am floating
Further from conscious
With no one to ground me
Everything seems not to be mine
To feel to touch
No matter how much I try.
For it merely feels like mist
Through which I pass my hand through.
CNM Aug 30
physically sick
feeling like i'd love to break out of this physical shell
digging drilling further further into my brain
into nauseating omniscience
impersonal detachment
from my own self that I thought I knew so well
until faced with insurmountable complexity
and a sadistic torturous mind

i've spent days falling in and out of sleep
no sunlight
except what comes through the windows of my childhood bedroom
maybe if I dream enough he will cease to exist

I close my eyes
And as I look up he is everywhere I look
he is everything I see
standing staring back at me
the stare like needles to my eyes
I try to look away
but I forget to not look up in only a moment
and there he is again

and again

maybe if I cease to exist he will too
Thomas EG Aug 12
It is easy to see that I'm flawed
Yes, it is splayed out for all to see
I am hopelessly co-dependant
Utterly disorganised and depressed

Stupidly ridden with anxieties
(Thus awful at living in the moment)
Easily distracted but not detached
And yet, deeply submerged in love

As you're my favourite thing
About myself

And it is easy to see that I'm loved
Or at least it should be, although,
You do remind me the right amount
For me to feel... not so lonely

Not so unloved
Not so unloveable
I love you
Korina Aug 7
Duct tape...
My heart is like
Duct tape
My love may seem
And very unnecessary
I am a tool
That seems to have no use
Till you need me
Then I become an adhesive
I can hold you together
Spiritually, mentally, emotionally
And if you’re lucky...
But then...
You will complain...
I don’t match your swag
I’m worse than a
Band aid
My grey color bores you
Now you’ve ripped me from you...
Duct tape...
As strong as I’ve been
Holding onto you...
Is as strong I’ll be
Once you remove me from you...
And I will NEVER hold onto you
So every time you fall apart
Spiritually, mentally, emotionally
And if you were lucky
You will want my adhesive to return
But it won’t...
I won’t
I never return
I am nothing more than duct tape
And unnecessary
Till you see my love
Holding onto someone else
You fell in love with a girl and I'm wearing her skin
On the surface composed and inside broken
I have two souls and they hate each other
Mariah Wynn Jun 22
A stranger standing
In front of me.
Extrinsically scrutinizing
This figure staring back at me.
Eyes dead like a corpse
An expression of no remorse.
How did I get here!
Here, I stare.
I stare at a reflection I don't endorse.
Startled by who stands before me.
This is not who I want to be.
imai Apr 22
short and contained moans
fill my ears—
i think of every gasp
as “i love you’s”
i know i would never hear

        hot and sweaty hands
        grasp my thighs—
        i think of every touch
        as promises
        i know you will let die

                strong and desperate hips
                ****** against my own—
                i think of every action
                as “i’ll miss you's”
                i know you’ll never think
                when you are alone.

        long and tired legs
        entangle with mine—
        i think of this finality
        as a self note
        to make this the last time.

cold and distant nothingness
fil the space beside me—
i try to think nothing of this,
i would only be,
once again,
more than your body, more than a moment
AD Snail Mar 22
Detached from the body,
Lost within the mind,
Never able to handle troubles,
As shutting down became much easier.

Day to day holds no meaning,
Left in auto pilot nothing being fully processed.

Senseless as I walk the halls of society and home.

Absent and drifting further away,
Floating amongst the void that I made,
Now I gotten myself lost within it.

I gave a kiss goodbye to my life,
As I dipped myself in the bathtub filled with vast of nothing.
im not good with my emotions,
i give too much or not nearly enough.
i dont know why my expectations are so high,
it’s a constant juggle between letting them down or having my heart sink with the titanic.
im not rose and you arent jack and its been 84 years and i still just cant love you back.
i want to be kissed like the whole world is sinking,
like we dont have a choice between life and death,
and i dont want to admit to myself that sometimes,
sometimes i’d choose the latter.
i promise im not dead just feel like it also im not illiterate just tired my dudes
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