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Karijinbba Aug 15
My photo in my youthgul prime
and even older puts Mona Lisa's painting smile to shame

my lover twin flame of one upon
a time told me I was his venus
the Venus of Urbino a painting he'd bought in honor of me in the Castle
by the sea waiting for me to arrive.

to TwinOaks Blvd which he also built for us twin flames and our children.

I agree since I am polyfacetial of features and all
he also called me Beauty.  

I guess he was Beast wish I had told him the famous "I love you"
I am sorry "I will marry you!"

PC was very easy to fall in love with,
he had courage heart brains and purse on top of wisdom intellect
he had charm and grace
fantastic outworldly looks.
he was the love of my life!
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights apply
In memory of a great lover best father best husband best friend
Gift Gugu Mona Dec 2019
My kind of girl
Understands who she is
Stands for what she believes in
She cannot be broken
No one can belittle her
When trials come her way
She remains unfazed

My kind of girl
Walks with confidence
She exudes excellence
An epitome of elegance
She does due diligence
Being mindful of her intelligence
Because she knows her importance

My kind of girl
Builds her own future
A certified trailblazer
Who utilizes the power within her
To be of good influence
Always on top of her game
Yes, she keeps soaring like an eagle

My kind of girl
Takes charge of her own life
Secures her name in historical archives
For she is no ordinary woman
An extraordinary being
She dares to dream
In the world, she makes a difference

That is my kind of girl
From My Mother's Classroom: A Badge of Honour for a Remarkable Woman
Heather Ann Oct 2018
i wonder what it would be like to touch lips with the mona lisa,
parchment paper tasting like olives and old wine.
how dare i so much gaze upon those royal crowns
when their value is more than i can name--
sailing ships just to catch her name,
paddling monstrous waters to merely catch her gaze.

freckles on your skin resembling ancient constellations
that i still see to this day,
that made me love those stars that gleamed in her eyes
looking at me as if i'm her prey.

but there's already an arrow in my heart,
i'm begging god to let me fight for her honor
a princess in shining armor.
only ancient when i close my eyes,
you are art amongst the flowers--
please don't float away.
a mystery to fathom in a famous frame
smiling from canvas with story to tell
oh lady of the portrait oh lady of fame
the painter captured your face so well
those who study art ponder and ruminate
on the enigmatic pose that doth beguile
no brush strokes conveying your mind state
angles inspected of daubed profile
yet the secret stays ever concealed
baffling them all with slightly turned lip
nothing of the puzzle being so revealed
closeted away in an artist's dip
Leonardo da Vinci yielded scant insight
on masterfully shading the subject's light
Phoebe G Nov 2017
You paint me up with colors
That don’t speak to all my flaws
You airbrush bits of who I am
And look at me in awe

I am your prized possession
Your trophy and your muse
Within me rests your vanity
and things you cannot lose

I used to want a love like this
To shower me in praise
Your flattery is dreary now-
It lacks the warmth I crave

This love it leaves me empty
Like I’m only halfway living
How could you ever be my vessel
If you can’t touch my inner being?

If you can’t trace the patterns of my soul
To the creases in my brow
How could you love me one day
If you can’t truly love me now

See, all I ever wanted
Was someone who would say
“I see through all your brokenness
And still, I choose to stay”
Rough Draft
Bill Higham Apr 2016
You cannot touch her,
Tread quietly,
As she overlooks you with her straightened jaw.

Her proud eyes,
Waiting for the moment when your strength gives in,
And opened up,
She plunges into your depths.

Yes - She has seen you before,
As she carries back out of your darkness,
The little light,
And the moisture that was your love.

She laughs,
Dropping them onto the floor, and
With her own,
More delicate hand,
Reframes herself on the wall.
Nameless Feb 2016
Mona Lisa,
I'd pay
more to see you smile.
I'd love you more
than he ever did.

You're not stuck
in the barrier
of your
Go on
take my hand.

Mona Lisa,
I'd pay
more to see you smile.
I'd smitten you
with color,
Just to see you smile.

Mona Lisa
Amber MacWilson Aug 2015
Mona Lisa, of Louvre,
in simplest words,
an angelic, of beauty.
Her enigmatic smiles,
so mystical, like
bewitching, yet heavenly
as I and you,
felt her, so alive,
left a mystery of,
Da Vinci's Perfections.
"The painter has the universe in his mind and hands"
- Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)
emily grace Jul 2015
you were attached to me like art in a museum
you were my mona lisa
and i simply was the plaque underneath
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