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Oakley Barnes Sep 20
From one place to another
Another one behind
For them to keep you

You are worth far more than what they tell you
They don't see the diamonds in your eyes
All they see is the smile you use
To hide your hurt
Let me take your tired hands
Hold them in mine
And tell you it's ok

It is so hard to believe
Believe me
My words are true
This will pass
The hurt will end
The crying will stop

Your words are sweet honey
It is too sweet for their bitterness
They dislike your courage
To keep going
To keep thriving

You, little plant
Will keep GROWING
Your vines will reach tall
Your leaves will soak up the sun
And you will
For my dear friend, you've already read this but I hope you like it ☺
I can't
Do it
<  mxm  >
So I
Did It With
Turns out
A *****
That I
Made Out Of
Ceyhun Mahi Aug 19
I've come across a broken lady once
Who said: ''I do not need men anymore,
Who will desert me after a short month,
Because I have other things to adore:

My bright diamonds! look how they shine with pride,
A thousand mirrors lie within their being!
Look how it does never deceive or hide,
Let this be the last thing I will be seeing.

I know! I know surely they will not hurt me,
Hitting me with violent words always cold,
And I know too that they'll never desert me,
Throw me away like leafs when sick and old.''

I said: ''O lady; diamonds will not last,
They'll leave you too like men of your sad past.''
Inspired by the song ''Diamonds Are Forever''
Pyrrha Jul 28
He's so insecure about being loved
He feels as if he isn't worth it
Through his eyes he's a peice of coal
He can't see the beautiful diamonds he shelters inside

Through my eyes he sparkles brighter than the sun
Because even underneath all the pressure thrown at him by his peers
He never gave up or changed for anyone
Instead he became something that they could never come close to

If only he could see the beauty inside of him
Perhaps he'd love himself as much as I love him
Stella Jul 21
Clear, glimmering, white.

His hand claims the sequined waist
That he earned to hold with jewells.

Cut, polished, sewn.

The chandelier above emanates
The ones hung from her ears.

Strung, tied, boxed.

Not as much a girl's best friend
As a man's trophy wife ticket.

Bought, gifted, worn.
L Jul 13
If you want diamonds go with him
If you want the world go with him
I’m just a broke man trying to love
And be loved


If this broke man love would suffice
I’ll be happy to give my life to you
Joyce Jul 9
as night falls,
so do the tears.
drip. drip. drip
down the cliff of my chin,
soak the pillow
and make it heavy.
drip, drip, drip
down the river of my bed,
glimmer like diamonds
that bleed red.
The sun is napping behind a cloud,
though loud plane engines call her awake.

Pollen is prancing around the patch,
and tiny critters follow their lead.

A big dog lies on the patio,
his smelly body absorbing heat.

You rest here with a pen in your hand,
tossing small diamonds into the sand.

by Aleksander Mielnikow
(Alek the Poet)
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