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All diamonds
Blood Diamonds
Rich ladies
Not so rich ladies
It looks nice
You flaunt
Diamond jewellery
You're good humans
No denying
It's ignorance
I surmise
Diamonds saturated
With human blood
Poor men extracting
Or insurgency
Blood diamonds they're
Shun buying
Improve workers condition
**** out
Shady traders
Funding insurgency
Buy only
Highly reliable
Certified diamonds
You're good human
Hammad 6d
They call her
a real gem,
a jewel in the crown
the talk of the town...
But my dear!
Not all the gemstones
are rare...
Do you know - It rains diamonds
on Jupiter
Beulin S S Oct 13
I lost my diamond,

I couldn't find it;

Who can find it?

"Lost diamond"

Very precious;

I searched for it,

I lost my thoughts...

Worried for  something departed...

Lost diamond, it's me...
Worried about departed things
Luiz Sep 21
diamonds luminisce
a silicone web apart
weepers I can't reach
Tizzop Sep 16
the way you look at me, the way you make me smile
the way you move, the way you style
i move mountains for you, a thousand miles
wit' you, i'm never doubtin', worship the fountain

the club is open, you can feel the vibe
lights on the dancefloor, lights on the dancefloor
baby, you so handsome, you are the ransom
love you in the air, we got a certain flair

floating over oceans, frozen magic moments
as i hold you tight, so precious, precious
jackpot, jackpot, i will make your back hot
meet you at the hotspot, within the night clouds

put dem lights out, i'm newsy, right to it
let's do it, you moan like "i knew it"
crystals in the water, you stop to breathe
and now be good baby, don't leave the hood baby

sad dancers, what are the chances?
do you have anything to live for?
what are the chances, sad dancers?
what do you live for? you know the answer?

what do i live for? i don't know, fo' sho'
do i have a motto? i don't, i be blotto
operation foxtrot, observate the top, top
dealing in souls, workin' deep holes

sadness is flowin' through me, like yumy
i'm feelin' toony, like betty boo blew me
in times of appetite, you meet the true me
in terms of copyright, you meet the true you

i'm at the building site, lightin' the dynamite
everybody hype hype, don't mind the twilight
girl in the moonlight, down in the snownite
the flakes are blowing, and you are snowwhite

a glow is in your smile, and your eyes are twinkling
i will buy you an island, ice bags and diamonds
all dem words, all dem worlds are shinin'
all you need is me, you just want a lion

sad dancers, what are the chances?
do you have anything to live for?
what are the chances, sad dancers?
what do you live for? you know the answer?
Karijinbba Aug 29
love is not killed
in good byes
It yields freedom
to a loved one
unable to communicate
with one on one chat,
since no matter
how great the ink
writ' may be
that makes a script
holy good
the face to face
spoken voice
is key heart clue to win
a loved one back

Have the courage to yield
set the loved one free
If loved one returns
for Go** sakes
speak up ask for help
feel worthy
grab your treasure

Above all know
when NOT to yield
write of love pain
sacrifice your truth
spill your heart
to your loved one
timely don't wait
might be too late.

Fight for lost
and love found
chance returns
For ink may last longer
as truth to scripts
in poetry
their poet poetesses
may long be gone
Copy Rights revised 08-2020
to love is better than to hste
Colm Aug 17
Meet me there
Where the beach is tall and blonde and nearly as fair
Where the sun kissed sidewalks are more forgiving and free
Holding warmth more unpretending than those who never cared
And the night breathes life refreshing back into our chests with a bellowing swing
Where we sing with campfire sparks in the dark
And look only to see the stars
Staring back down into our eyes alive
For as high as we are on this lifeguard stand
Meet me there my soul friend
I will be with you again
Above within the tepid air
Soul Friend At Sunset Beach
Lane O Aug 8
Raindrops glistening
Shining diamonds in the sun
Sodden evergreen
Maria Mitea Aug 8
Put me under the spell of maur night,
Let me sip from the drinks of celestial gods,
Lighten me on a sky-bed of heavenly stars, When receiving  the offerings of nocturnalight.

Cover my body with holy rays, songs of praise, Adoring dreams dressed in golden sheepskin, Happily grazing on faith’s meadow spreading
The noble fragrance of sweet-bitter laurel.

Let me sleep in nocturnal goodness tonight.
Let me sleep in nocturnal goodness ...
Let me sleep ...
Sleep ...
Sip ...
S ...
Have a sweet sleep baby all your life ...
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