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Reshnia crimson Dec 2023
Swallow them down
Lumps of coal leaving dust in my throat
Cough once
Cough twice
Spit out black coal dust
Brush my teeth

In my chest
Or sometimes my stomach
The pressure builds

When I *****
And my stomach wretches
And my heart seizes

They'll climb back up my esophagus
Edges sharpened
Reflecting crimson gore
From the paths they cut as they came back out

If coal can turn into diamonds
Can my "self restraint"
Turn a bitten tongue into silver?

I cut my voice on diamonds
They looked like rubies when I spit them out
relahxe Feb 2023
The only certain thing in life
Is that the sun will rise and shine
The bees would fly around and grasp
Whatever they could find at last
The moon will shine as well tonight
And all the stars as diamonds bright
I shall tell you one thing only:
The only certain thing in life
Is that you will live
And you shall die.
Heidi Franke Jul 2022
Helping a child with a mental illness and co-occurring disorder such as substance abuse disorder. Our little diamonds who grow up with a broken mind.

Diamonds are in the rough. How long does it take to mine a diamond?

If you as a parent do not have any tools, you will have bloodied hands and feet  and never will you get to where your child can shine without the addictive source.

Diamonds are found in many ways, but to communicate with the diamond, the ore around it is crushed and milled.

Diamonds repel water, but are drawn to grease.

Expect to get down and ***** when helping your addict, but DO NOT, go into the pit. You will be of no help once you are in.
#diamonds #travel #homeless #sand #mentalillness #Addiction
Strying May 2022
connections sparking
inside our brains
two hearts beating
connected through a band
of blood
and love
and fire
and power
and you and me
a couple of torches
in the darkest town
lighting up the worst places
and the worst people
and turning them to dust
to dirt
to diamonds.
LC Apr 2022
My fingers ached as I pried a box
from the sides of my mail slot.
I ripped it open with my bare hands,
and found a note written in cursive:
"Put both feet into the box."
I raised my eyebrows and smirked,
but I stepped into the box.
The base folded in on itself,
and my feet crashed into waves.
My lover floated with the seaweed
until he finally reached me.
His hands brushed my shoulders,
and I whispered, "I think we're lost."
My arms burned as I valiantly fought
to reach the uneven surface,
but his eyes sparkled with mischief
as he took my webbed hands,
pulling me toward the ocean floor.
Flashes of light hit my eyes.
and he led me toward the light.
My fingers brushed the floor,
then wrapped around a rough chain,
and my heart punched my chest.
Glittering diamonds surrounded
a heart of azure sapphires.
He led me back to the surface
as the heart overpowered me.
He unclasped it with ease,
placing it around my neck.
As my hand lightly rested in his,
the water droplets joined us
as we flew toward the sky
right back out of the box,
our hands still intertwined.
Escapril Day 12! Prompt: "I think we're lost." I hope you enjoy it!
LC Apr 2022
a person barely within earshot
may absorb the cheerful ring in my voice.
they see me in glimmering gold
embellished with refracting glass -
always with crinkles adorning my eyes.

someone else may be right across the table
and see small smoke tendrils escaping my ears.
laughter follows the smoke, and it fades away.
they see dull gold topped with smashed glass.
the crinkles sometimes disappear,
only to return a few seconds later.

A few can see my heart whenever they like.
they hear unsteady tremors between words.
they see billowing smoke
emanating from my ears and mouth.
they know the wrapping is gold foil
with smashed hourglasses piercing my skin.
the crinkles appear whenever they want.
nevertheless, they see me rise, even as I ache.

I, the permanent resident of this body,
shed the itchy foil whenever I can.
my cells are clouded by smoke,
and the hourglass fractals
swirl into a tornado behind my sternum.
the crinkles have been starched.

But, I remember I am walking on diamonds,
and I slowly sculpt my armor.
I exhale, and the smoke clears, bit by bit.
I reach behind my sternum,
grabbing the fractals to line my armor.
I splash water onto my face,
and the corners of my eyes crinkle again.
Escapril Day 10! Prompt: magnification. I wanted to "zoom in," to the different ways in which people see me vs. my reality. This is my interpretation of the prompt.
I hope you enjoy this longer poem! I also hope the metaphors make sense. I'm not really sure how I settled on these descriptions, but I made an attempt 😊
Suddenly I feel like a man
singing painfully in love
"When man loves a woman"
hear her sing Yesterday
Lennon–McCartney Beatles.
I've seen seven wonders
of the world in your eyes.
Your sunsets to make me cry.
My moon in all its faces
gives shivers to your spine.
I see beauty in diamonds
synthilating within me
same spell sparkles in thee
afire rubbies of us
reflect radiantly on me.

I am ice cubed frozen
body mind soul cold
a wishful thinking well
pennies for my thoughts?
Oak tree stump my ancient
to willow tree now
has turned.
Tears put out this fire dear
but ambers linger so I write
no Knight may fly your kite
I give myself
everything I got
In love I remain with me.
I trust in self for my courage
to carry on as longing dog
out in the rain alone or in.
  your scorching sun hear me
crying and howling
out I love thee so..
Karijinbba at
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
Karijinbba Aug 2021
Astilleros De Veracruz
Independence street.
The summer sun went down on our love long ago
But in my heart I feel the same old after glow
A love so beautiful in every way
we let it slip away
I was too young to understand to ever know and comprehend.
You my Adam and me your Eve
owned our treasure,
buried in paradise by a stream;
all lost upon a hillside stump.
where the road bent in.
There I've read between the lines
your love was written not
in any shifting sand but in heart.
The Earth's sand doons account
for the measure of my sorrow
for our loss.
Recovering that memory chip saved
my life averting neverending
pain an upside down cross.
A love so beautiful a love so free
A love for you and me
And when I think of you I fall in love still again as every good man is taken.
A love so beautiful in every way.
Your love now transfers to my new love finding me adrift in that dream.
A love so beautiful it is written
In poem, and in song.
Seen in movies, operas
and lullaby's to heal hearts strong.
Stripping the mind of misery
and pain as lost is found.
A love so beautiful it's read sparkling
as diamonds in shifting sands.
A love so beautiful kept secret
in our cave of wonders for lovers
writing daily to one another
where magic and true love abounds.
A kind of love to everlast.
By: Karijinbba
Approved by Rdd and
Michael Bolton in Hollyeood.
Karijinbba Aug 2021
I love our time
together virtal mode..
Amame jaanam.
I love your diamond keys.
You love my golden ark
I love your typing index,
Your lovez written ink.
I treasure your voice.
In cave and treasure voult.
No other voice matters.
Your ink in poem cherished is.
You aren't free busy bee
nor power of attorney can be.
You must grow trust to be
ever wiser
and true to thee
and then me.
Revised 8-3-21
Amame jaanam.
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