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as a kid
a ***** head broke in
to my single father’s house
he stole my xbox
most of our food
and sent my family
into a spiraling depression
the broken glass
reminded me of diamonds
ones that i wish i could give back
to my broken family
I wish the  stars                        c/u/t    like
ripping                                            op en  
s k i e s                                           I’ve never  
amelia Jan 12
walking past fountains of roses,
she caressed them with her hands.
soft petals kissed her fingers and
thorns, piercing the pads of her fingertips.

wandering to the golden pond, lying
letting her hands play in the fronds of the grass,
flicking up glistening emeralds of water that
in the sun.
flickering moons,
fresh diamonds,
new life so quickly taken.
written whilst listening to your song by elton john
muna Jan 10
i'll cut my hair
and mark my lips with blood
am I beautiful yet?

i'll grow my hair
i'll bleed I swear
am I beautiful yet?

my nails are long
enough to cut
scars deep enough
for these diamonds

and I don't get diamonds
i'm not beautiful
and god I hate my hair..

can't i just have nice hair....

to hide behind
I cast my pearls before a blind man.
I assumed he could appreciate my open hand.
Some share diamonds
   with blind men scorpions.
Assuming they are worthy champions.
Poets offer gifts freely at broad doors.
Usually these are doors that can't understand metaphors.
Poor hearts some just can't relate.
They can't consume a healthy poetic plate.

There are those that will say speak plainly to me.
Keep it easy and elementary.
But for a poet there's revelation in the mystery.
Often we feel they just don't get me.
The less you read write learn or explore..
The less you want to dive into the brains deep shores.
I could give you a plain white flower.
Or I can decorate it give it colorful power.
If you don't understand the reasons.
That there are beautiful things in all the seasons.
And how every dish has its flavors.
How every emotion is relevent enhanced with its vapors.

Then I will just have to understand..
and pull back my gifted hands.

I'll give you a 1 and not a 2..
I'll give the less and let that do for you.
I'll keep my poetic expressions.
You'll not slander my word therapy notations.

My gifted juicy stories.. will be like vibrant leaves.
Bouncing freely on strong big trees.
Ready for the picking,
for those that love reaching.
Those that love climbing.
Those that love giving, sowing, planting and achieving.
We all will keep glowing in sunlight..
Rays of knowledge colorful simmering delight.

Yes sometimes we try to share some sunshine..Even with the blind..
Some chose to stay blind.
But if you could get to feel the light.
Would you still put up such a fight.
Poetic liberty is justice for me..It sets the captive free.
Poetic Therapy is soulful,
bringing every emotion possible.
Unveils or conceals situations of lifes mystery.
By SelinaSharday..2019..S.A.M
casting of pearls
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
I'm tired.
Not that tired
which makes you stay in bed.
But the one that
makes you wish you did.
I think about life
and the value it has.
It can be worth more
than diamonds and gold.
Or it can be worth less
than coal.
I chose the second option
because I'm tired.
But if I rest my life,
put it on hold
and let myself breath,
I could make life more valuable.
Yet, I wish I was in bed
and sometimes I'm guilty
of wishing I was dead.
Ellison Dec 2018
Thought I had become nearly as hard as brass
As my mind drifts aimlessly throughout the grass
But still, the pressures of the world continue to hammer
Yet who is to argue a diamond’s beauty and glamour?

For at the end of the day, I’ll be crushed into dust
And my soft flesh-bag form is all but robust
And the perfection of a stone that withstands the cold air
Is subject to pressure but continues without a care

The diamond is pure; the diamond is correct
We all ought to give it its deservéd respect
Because a diamond has no weakness or any sort of flaw
Unlike the simple humans that gaze at it in awe

I can almost hear it speak; give it your full attention
As it so rightfully boasts without a slight hint of pretension
That my sad pouring eyes and my chaotic plagued mind
Resembles nothing that belongs to its perfect carbon kind.

So mine mine mine out the caves in your brain
As the diamonds dryly watch as you all go insane.
Got inspiration from Steven Universe lol
Talis Ren Nov 2018
yes, set fire to my books
and give me a lecture instead.
do you really believe that
conditioning creates
great people?

no, they all made themselves,
just as i have forged
my own matter
by pressing my ashes
into the ground.

diamonds are just coal,
after all.
Absent Smile Oct 2018
She fears that she'll drown in her tearstained diamonds,
or expose her rough skin to find no more vermilion rubies.
She becomes a ruined landscape as she
brushes the black jewels out of her matted hair,
even if her emerald eyes aren't tough enough to withstand that pain.

She dreads for the moment when the world
will not accept her own beauty.
Why can't she understand? Why can't she realise?
Though she holds the rare jewels of a king,
no one shall buy those cursed gems.
Thank you for reading!
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