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Nathalie Jul 20
Our meeting was a catalyst
that birthed a love so
deep and true that it
transformed our lives
in an instant

Even though our physical
reality brought seperation
our souls were never apart
as it knew of no other
dimension than being together

Life brings us these
beautiful gifts wrapped
up in all kinds of packages
but it is only when our
hearts are open that we
can recognize them.

Whilst asleep I entered
my world of fantasy to where I held her hand
so warm then she took
and placed my hands and placed them upon her
I kissed her oh so tender lips moving my hands slowly up to her shoulders
to where I gradually released the straps of her pretty dress to where It fell gently to the floor without a sound
Eventually, she stood before me In all the  splendour of her
glory oh so beautifully I caressed her nakedness I held her to my body
I could the warmth of her
the thrill sensations tingle running through our bodies
Holding each other each so
closely blending together with the heat from our bodies laying her gently down on our bed to there we would make beautiful love
Respecting each other needs oh so beautiful she was to me making love with Helen was If I'd died and gone Heaven with this girl In my arms and the biggest smile across my
Making love to Helen was so beautiful It was If I'd died and gone to Heaven with beautiful girl wrapped In my arms and the biggest smile on my face ever
I saw the splender of Heaven the first I time I looked to Helens beautiful eye's and the feellin just like I'd been taken to Heaven with sweet baby wrapped In my arms

For my sweet baby she showed me a Heaven In way I'd not seen ever before when she lay down naked beside me and the first time I saw my sweet baby In her full

And the first  time my sweet baby and I made love It was surely to Heaven she took me on wave of pure ecstasy
but sadly my sweet baby has

and I dought I'll ever see Heaven again for I saw Heaven once In my life time when first seeing Helen In her full
I remember the first time I saw my sweet baby In her full glory It was then I'd thought I had been taken to Heaven with my sweet baby wrapped In my arms
Asiah Mangham Dec 2018
She wrapped herself in confidence and wore beauty like a ribbon. She is a present and the world is her eager child.
stopdoopy Sep 2018
Pretty Little Pink,

all wrapped up in silk,

for me.

Beautiful you are,

a gift to gaze upon,

making the hunger grow inside.

My oh my,

you do look delectable, my dear;

and I am starving.
I saw some lipstick and am listening to some music and I just wanted to write something more provocative. Left it gender neutral on purpose. Wish I wrote this depicting something more "filthy" but... ya do what you can.
clever Apr 2018
I'm wrapped around your fingers.
Your fingers are wrapped around my neck.
Choking the life out of me.
Breath by fading breath.
The Killers playing in the background.
It's a hit. It's also a song. Ironic, isn't it?

Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Clive Blake Mar 2018
What a great reptile,
A Royal Python - no less,
A serpent so dapper;
Never seen in a mess,
Non-poisonous, deaf, mute;
Except for its hiss,
It likes nothing more
Than to hug and to kiss!

Though it has no arms,
Harmless it is not,
Make no mis-snake a
Mean streak it has got,
Outside of its coils
The view is just fine,
But if invited inside
You'd be wise to decline!

Don't be enticed in
By its hypnotic stare,
For when those coils tense,
They act like a snare,
For those patterned coils;
Look brill' from without,
But lose their appeal
When wrapped
Around your snout!
Rachel C Jan 2018
I feel at home
Not because I'm at house.
Home is not a location.
Not even close.
Home is what I feel when I'm with you.
I'm wrapped in your protective arms.
I'm home.
The Napkin Poet Oct 2017
I  grabbed the teal towel
Your naked body had been wrapped in last
Used your slimming bar of soap
Conditioned my armpit hair like you do

I even swirled shampoo in the palm of my hand
Because today is my first shower without you

My back will not get washed
Your wash cloths will stay folded
Still on top of the glazed porcelain
And only one lofa will get sudsy and wet

I think i'd rather ferment in my own sweat
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