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Poet ancient dear
Stay with me ink lover
I take the heart not just a hat"
The sweetness you given me,
poems ink more mystery
takes my breath away
stay with me.
Timeless hour glass.
Where you hold me tight 
In your arms deep in the night  
you enchant me with your charms
all of the night I hear your heart
beating against my own
you paint my gloomy sky with
each one of your sighs
wrapped around me
many lifetimes can't suffice
I crave to see the me in you
silver E.T mine melt my gold
I live under your willow's
dream spell, stay with me.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
@ Karijinbba
Today is a new day; a new promise wrapped with blessings and gifts.

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
Emilio Valdez Dec 2020
A single pixel point of light
In warm and dank, rich dark
I tread with disposition mild
And countenance so stark

Enveloped in effluvium
The senses grow too dull
Emotions try but do in vain
This darkness always culls

So be this place; so be its pow'rs
Its pangs touch me not much
Be it friend or be it foe
So am I in its clutch
flamingogirl Oct 2020
We were laying in bed
and I was drowning in your gaze.
You wrapped your arms around
me and slowly whispered in my ear
that I was a national treasure to you.
You told me my essence,
my power, and my presence
overwhelmed you and that
I was your Niagara Falls.
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