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Heather Ann Oct 2018
i wonder what it would be like to touch lips with the mona lisa,
parchment paper tasting like olives and old wine.
how dare i so much gaze upon those royal crowns
when their value is more than i can name--
sailing ships just to catch her name,
paddling monstrous waters to merely catch her gaze.

freckles on your skin resembling ancient constellations
that i still see to this day,
that made me love those stars that gleamed in her eyes
looking at me as if i'm her prey.

but there's already an arrow in my heart,
i'm begging god to let me fight for her honor
a princess in shining armor.
only ancient when i close my eyes,
you are art amongst the flowers--
please don't float away.
Zara rain Aug 2018
Did you whisper a prayer before the roar of the inevitable end?
Should we have listened harder,
held you closer,
and tried so very much more
to persuade your troubled mind
not to let go?

I don't know.

You, in all your lightness
held me so convincingly
in oblivion of your parched spirit.
Too many years of despair, I reckon.
And too little human affinity found.

I will never know, what drove your final decision to meet the vast unknown.
It's terrifying me to think
that you felt that was the only choice.
But even if I grieve that you will never
light up the world with your dazzling smile,
gentle touch,
or kindness anymore.
I see you for the brave and wondrous creature that you are.
Brave to live so far.
And brave to end it.

Nothing grows now,
the dry spell hit this summer hard.
And yet...
The gentle fragrance of all blossoms
linger in the air ever since you took your leave.
Dear angels in the heavens... you have a new sister now. Be kind to her, love her and hold her so hard that she will never again feel lacking.
Phoebe G Nov 2017
You paint me up with colors
That don’t speak to all my flaws
You airbrush bits of who I am
And look at me in awe

I am your prized possession
Your trophy and your muse
Within me rests your vanity
and things you cannot lose

I used to want a love like this
To shower me in praise
Your flattery is dreary now-
It lacks the warmth I crave

This love it leaves me empty
Like I’m only halfway living
How could you ever be my vessel
If you can’t touch my inner being?

If you can’t trace the patterns of my soul
To the creases in my brow
How could you love me one day
If you can’t truly love me now

See, all I ever wanted
Was someone who would say
“I see through all your brokenness
And still, I choose to stay”
Rough Draft
Unnamed Poet Jul 2016
we were in love
and you broke that apart
how could you do that
to your own daughters heart
you're a terrible mother
i want you to know
you're the one thing
that's making me go
she did not do it
she wants me to stay
nothing you do
will make this okay
so next time i see you
don't be surprised
when i scream at you
and tell you to die
it's about my ex's mom; i don't actually want her to die i'm not that insane
Bill Higham Apr 2016
You cannot touch her,
Tread quietly,
As she overlooks you with her straightened jaw.

Her proud eyes,
Waiting for the moment when your strength gives in,
And opened up,
She plunges into your depths.

Yes - She has seen you before,
As she carries back out of your darkness,
The little light,
And the moisture that was your love.

She laughs,
Dropping them onto the floor, and
With her own,
More delicate hand,
Reframes herself on the wall.
Nameless Feb 2016
Mona Lisa,
I'd pay
more to see you smile.
I'd love you more
than he ever did.

You're not stuck
in the barrier
of your
Go on
take my hand.

Mona Lisa,
I'd pay
more to see you smile.
I'd smitten you
with color,
Just to see you smile.

Mona Lisa
Angie S Oct 2015
Your voice is a pale yellow, said the boy who
Etched colors into sounds. What he didn't say was that her
Loneliness dyed it that color, and that mosaics
Like her are much more that that; but she can't see herself as art.
Only a broken heart sewn together by shaking fingers,
Whittling away on a train to somewhere.
"I want to be one of you..."

(after episode 6 of znt)
Angie S Oct 2015
Losing herself to the roar of a motorcycle with wings she questions;
Are you going to destroy the world?
Understandably all he did was laugh in response, but the
Girl learned to laugh as well. And she
Held on a little tighter.
"As if anyone would just take me away when I wanted them to."

(This is also about Lisa Mishima from znt, but after episode four.)
Angie S Oct 2015
A smile like the sun on a hot summer day
Cracks open the darkness and peeks out from
Corners of the dirtied bathroom stall;
Other days seemed so hollow that she could
Merely be flung into the air like thin sheets of
Paper with a gust of wind; but today she
Lost herself in a boy who simmered in the pool.
In an instant she learned to live. And, when given the
Choice, rather than take to the air once again, she
Enlisted in his army.
Lisa Mishima. She has eyes like those kids from the institution.

(To understand this poem, 1. Watch at least the first episode of Zankyou no Terror and then 2. Did you notice i spelled a word)
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