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Chris Mar 30
The world is upside down,
we did not prepare, we would not believe,
That our time will see a fool that wears the crown,
That the jackboot once again stomps the dreams so free,

The sun and moon will drown,
We refuse to see,
Those who we consider brothers,
Will turn on us with righteous frowns,
That they will cover and devour.

The fear is real and now,
Two horsemen are ready, and they are here,
They make us starve, they make us bow,
Until the other two appear.
The world is upside down.
Trump, Putin, TBA, TBA....
Chris Jan 12
Crooked liars every last,
one of them,
Snakes in the grass!
To **** I send!

I lasted too long to
feel so wrong,
I smiled too much
to shed
a tear,
I don't want I don't belong!
I don't know fear!

I drank too much to be,
at home,
alone with everyone,
I cry! I crawl, I scream!
The filthy deed is done!

**** homini lupus est!
A carnivorous pest!

Sons and daughters
****** and paupers!

Ad cineram nihil est!
All the claims have been refuted!
Beware the snake, Beware the traitor!
Et tu, Brute?
*First Latin phrase= A man to a man is a wolf
*Second Latin phrase= From ashes comes nothing
*Third Latin phrase=  Even you, Brutus (alleged Caesar's last words)
We've been planning this for months, years even.
Nothing can stand in our way now, nothing.
The Protestant King will surely fall,
after we blow Parliament up the wall.

Today is the day that they will remember us.
We shall fight! We shall prevail!
History will be made tonight.
No stone will go unturned as we overthrow the King.

I sit here, keeping guard over the barrels.
Waiting for the signal to ignite.
It's a menial task - sitting and waiting. Caw! Caw!
There's the signal! Time to ignite!

Sizzle! *****! Pop!
There go the barrels! Setting ablaze the room.
Parliament and the King will fall!
Down tumbles the building! Burning up the sky!

We have fought! We have prevailed!
The Catholics will be in power once again!
We have made them remember us forever!
Remember, remember the 5th of November.


"Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Gunpowder treason and plot

We see no reason Why Gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot ...."
Alexis May 2018
There was a list of names
So many is lost count
Of each lover that tainted his lips
Whose skin he touched
Before touching my own
And each song he sang to me was from their album
And my shoes fell into their footprints
Why did I let him deconstruct every brick I had put together
Why did I gag on her breath for so long
Couldn't even remember what he tasted like
Because her strawberry chapstick was embedded on his lips
Her perfume on his clothes
And when I looked him in the eyes I swear her iris reflected back at me
Like he was seeing through me
Like they were always one step ahead
Like they were always the leading role and I an understudy
Why did I lock up my dignity and throw it away for so long
Thought if I could tuck in my demons they would rest easy
Put my thoughts on hold anytime there was something amiss
Why did I stay through every late night phone call that rang from her bedside table
And every lie he picked from his teeth
Why did I make a home in an unsafe place only to complain when my sanctuary was invaded
Why did I settle for a boy who simply did not want to be alone. And I was a shoulder on those rainy nights where his phone couldn't reach hers
And I was a mouth when hers was too far to kiss
And I was always second best
Giving myself up in battle for a man who commit treason
Brent Kincaid Apr 2018
A passel of rascals;
The cause of the hassle,
Guilty of the catcalls,
Would normally have pratfalls.
Never suffer from blackballing;
Their ethics are appalling
But greed is calling the shots.
In the end what have we got?

We have a den of thieves
Rolling up their sleeves
To count the loot they stole
Fulfilling their roles of criminals;
Not the least subliminal,
But right out front to be seen
And pictured on magazine covers
With their blow-dried lovers.

Hair and ******* by Mattel
They perpetrate their ****
On all but their rich buddies
And fool the fuddy-duddies
With their rancid ballyhoo.
Yes, they rob some rich too,
But some never knew it;
Rich, not smart, they blew it.

Every generation, this nation
Sires a new batch of vermin
And we have to determine
If this is the new litter or a loner
But instead the fools get a *****
Over some new crook or other
That can afford jet planes to fly
But claims he is a regular guy.

Once the country is a toilet
They’ll keep trying to spoil it
By boiling the bones of the dead
And murdering us in our beds
Because they don’t need us
Except when they want to beat us.
They can just pay each other.
But the country won’t recover.
In a Somerville coffeeshop, waiting for his single origin light roasted Pour over,

Frankenstein reads a philosophy magezine, seductively planted by the lounging area.

"One lives two lives."
The magezine reads,  
"That which one spends in their physical body,
and that which begins the moment one leaves that body,
lasting until all witness to ones first life has spoken its final word".

The baristas eyes widen when he sees Frankenstein,
The barista says nothing.
He knows better than to raise the dead.
Frankenstein is often confused
for his monster.

Condensation rises between crocheted mittens, Frankenstein Lingers on the Cherry notes in his Coffee, while it combs icicles into his snow white mustache.

He likes this new version of an afterlife. It empowers him to take advantage of the time he has now, to make his second life last as long as possible.
He's in the middle of this thought
When his face slams against ***** snowbank.
Dog **** mixing into the icicles of his moustache.
A familiar mob of torches and pitchforks only see the monster.
They take turns kicking.
Frankenstein wakes to a lynching.

When he lives
He is not a monster.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2018
You’ve done so much
That is in no way right.
It makes us all wonder
How do you sleep at night?
The party of Abe Lincoln?
Not really so very much.
With his kind of leadership
You completely lost touch.

With malice toward none
And with liberty for all
Doesn’t match well with
Your current plans at all.
Right now you look at us
Your regular constituents
As unworthy of your notice
Or any serious commitment.

You’ve aimed your entire effort
At making the rich richer
And very little nectar for us
Pours from your national pitcher.
You prefer we starve and suffer
So Congressmen can get wealthy,
And rich corporations as well
Which is almost twice as stealthy.

So what happened to the vows
You took as the Oath of Office?
Where did you promise to make
A vast king’s ransom off us?
When did it say “Now I promise
To ***** the meek and poor,”?
To me, that is not what we
Elected your crooked *** for.

Why can’t you do your job
Seeing to the common weal
And stop trying to treat us
As if we were something unreal;
Things that get in your way
On your rise to immortality?
Please read the Bible you tout
And learn about immorality.
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