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A poison lives inside her veins
I’m he who lives to rule & reign

Between her lips, not mine but his
I rule & reign. I’m he who lives

I reach the end of my book
She offers comfort with her looks

Inject her poison & sustain
Lobotomize her only king

I’m he who lives to rule & reign
Her poison riddles through my veins

Between her lips, sealed with a kiss
I rule & reign. I’m he who lives
Il pleure dans mon coeur (“It rains in my heart”)
by Paul Verlaine
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

It rains in my heart
As it rains on the town;
Heavy languor and dark
Drenches my heart.

Oh, the sweet-sounding rain
Cleansing pavements and roofs!
For my listless heart's pain
The pure song of the rain!

Still it rains without reason
In my overcast heart.
Can it be there's no treason?
That this grief's without reason?

As my heart floods with pain,
Lacking hatred, or love,
I've no way to explain
Such bewildering pain!

Published by Better Than Starbucks

Paul-Marie Verlaine (1844-1896) was a French poet and a prominent figure in the Symbolist and Decadent poetry movements. Verlaine has been called "one of the most purely lyrical of French poets."  Keywords/Tags: Verlaine, French, translation, rain, languor, heart, treason, reason, pain, hatred, love
You Mar 27
Do not break your head to think for nothing
What will happen, will happen for a lot of reasons
Climb the stairs and ring the bell what are you waiting
I know the story from the start from the first season
The last one is much more, much more shocking
14 years later you forgive them, like it wasn't a treason

Just stop and focus on what you are going to do now
Get up, shout out, scream out loud, don't leave nothing inside
Look them in the eye, show them why you make that vow
Loses that weight to not be right of their crowning pride
Free yourself for this burdens and let them see how
Breakthrough and get out of that black shadow side

When we want we can despite the difficulties
The moon is half. So am I
In the wintry night,
remembering lowly
the stories of lonely
of the poorest time
with no one beside
to sing a song  of season
I felt my life treason.
Chris Mar 2019
The world is upside down,
we did not prepare, we would not believe,
That our time will see a fool that wears the crown,
That the jackboot once again stomps the dreams so free,

The sun and moon will drown,
We refuse to see,
Those who we consider brothers,
Will turn on us with righteous frowns,
That they will cover and devour.

The fear is real and now,
Two horsemen are ready, and they are here,
They make us starve, they make us bow,
Until the other two appear.
The world is upside down.
Trump, Putin, TBA, TBA....
Chris Jan 2019
Crooked liars every last,
one of them,
Snakes in the grass!
To hell I send!

I lasted too long to
feel so wrong,
I smiled too much
to shed
a tear,
I don't want I don't belong!
I don't know fear!

I drank too much to be,
at home,
alone with everyone,
I cry! I crawl, I scream!
The filthy deed is done!

**** homini lupus est!
A carnivorous pest!

Sons and daughters
****** and paupers!

Ad cineram nihil est!
All the claims have been refuted!
Beware the snake, Beware the traitor!
Et tu, Brute?
*First Latin phrase= A man to a man is a wolf
*Second Latin phrase= From ashes comes nothing
*Third Latin phrase=  Even you, Brutus (alleged Caesar's last words)
We've been planning this for months, years even.
Nothing can stand in our way now, nothing.
The Protestant King will surely fall,
after we blow Parliament up the wall.

Today is the day that they will remember us.
We shall fight! We shall prevail!
History will be made tonight.
No stone will go unturned as we overthrow the King.

I sit here, keeping guard over the barrels.
Waiting for the signal to ignite.
It's a menial task - sitting and waiting. Caw! Caw!
There's the signal! Time to ignite!

Sizzle! Crack! Pop!
There go the barrels! Setting ablaze the room.
Parliament and the King will fall!
Down tumbles the building! Burning up the sky!

We have fought! We have prevailed!
The Catholics will be in power once again!
We have made them remember us forever!
Remember, remember the 5th of November.


"Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Gunpowder treason and plot

We see no reason Why Gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot ...."
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