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A message to the love of my life too Jpcrdd..

Nothing wrong with feeling hurt as with pieces
We all are, a puzzle of joy or sadness depending on who wants to feel blessed we touched one another in so many ways.
Unfortunately some men some people don't know how to blend in and reciprocate

How to inspire one another for more.
In rare locations a twin soul twin flame is found
And is willing to hurt us enough to force us to see the beast within us and the beauty
To be **** as we are in front of the one we love.
Either we are naive or ignorant or perhaps we are that rare gem who quietly takes it all in for later use for finding treasures even after those left for us were stolen

The one true lover who understands us enough to wish to be puting our puzzle pieces together.
We all are in the same basket of opportunity to not be a fool and to grab or to jump of a dangerous situation.

How many times we must avoid deceit at ocean sea shore or river or lake but we don't and we get shattered and later on  we drown in puddles and feel stained when we should realize life is but a play each of us must play fair fight for Truth and for justice for ourselves and our loved ones if any.
it's of us the few the wise who can jump off at the right time if the vessel is ignited with fire by hidden present two faced criminal minded ones.
Sadly some of us wiser kinder don't jump of our burning bridges or boats or sailing boats and stay fighting more sinister entities than fires from envious,jealousy malice galore even psychopaths.
Who befriend us.

I am a Fantastic amazing Mom demonized trashed
By the very ones I birthed who fell under the spell of psychos I had escaped long ago the habitual drug users the liers the dividers the murderers the poisoners the relentless sterile jealous feme fatales hyenas and the twisted evil boys they manipulate to profit from destroying honorable triumphant human beings
Yes me Angel of light intellect wise Angelina BBA
this Mom triumphed where my enemies all were defeated.
This I write in honor of my absent loved ones
Because I am not a criminal not any thief not a shameless liar not any divider and I am not any child beating beast

Nor any murderer like the murderers for hire the many who are on my tail
To silence me to hide their many crimes against me my family.
Victimizing other many elderly on advantage private Medicare scam plans.
Being born in another country near or far don't make me a criminal nor an untrustworthy human being Mom for raising my family alone with honors
fighting all kinds of trash like the sterile wolves who created fraudulent birth certificates for themselves naming themselves mother's to my baby girls.
Imagine what I went through in life for years in USA to keep myself and my family alive safe and well.
My children are the jewels of my crown motherhood
But won't stay around to be butchered get blows
Because they allowed themselves to be assimilated
By teams of murderers for hire and thieves in CA, Bronx New York etc.
I forever love you dearest darlings treasures of mine
Please remember me with compassion justice and with joy.
I am I was I forever remain a best friend best Mom best grandmother but from afar.
Please fly away free yourselves
Stop your hate crime against your own beautiful Mother regardless of nationality social status creed or race.

Be proud of Mexican European Mestizo heritage.
Stay away from Greeks who harmed you at birth and me stay away from haters drug users murderers for hire thieves in USA who claim to be friends they are deadly enemy.
By Mrs and Mrs Andrews
All Rights Reserved.
Jeremy Betts Feb 2018

What in the actual fuuck are we doin'?
Shootin' one another equals out to a no win
Showin' only that we are capable of goin' where we've already been
It's been provin'
Even good men can watch sin turn into addiction
Jonsen for a fix 'n looking for a substance to mix in
To distort your perception of the mess you're in
Crossing that line between wishin' straight into non fiction
And once you do that you've gone way beyond fixin'
But don't nobody listen to reason, we witnessin treason
As the agonizingly slow killing season eliminates believin'
So we turn on our kin and every non-citizen with different skin
And every US born citizen with a different complexion or opinion
We lack the discipline to avoid the tail spin
That we've gotten ourselves in, onboard this doomed zeppelin
A people forsaken so that the one percent can rake in a few more billion
This creates a toxin, affectin' everyone from grandparents to children
Shortenin' the distance to your coffin
A foundation of sand, yeah, we all know how that'll end
I gotta question, who pays the dividend?
When push comes to shove, and it will, who gets the win?
When all the frustration of an entire nation comes to a head and our "leader" is out on another vacation
What's it going to take to tip the scale in our direction?
Maybe its to late to take any kind of action
At least any that will bring some sort of satisfaction
Only living a fraction of your life and the rest through a corporation
No line, no separation, just a part of the consumer relation
And they don't want you to awaken and realize what's been taken
That's the reason for conspiracy, call it a theory to add complication and feed the confusion
Make the equation so impossible you raise fear to an elevation where you can strike with no confirmation
The laceration that severed any credibility will be our damnation
This great nation of ours quickly turned into the greatest abomination
Almost as if we set up and executed or own assassination
A goal of global ******* has always led to a civilizations extinction
History has proven to repeat itself and over and over again...we miss the lesson
So let it sink in...if this is our new direction we're destin to lose the beacon
No hope of a better tomorrow to believe in
If only it was as simple as leavin but it's not, this won't even stop if we destroy the villainous demon
So what do we do?...I have no ******* clue but this boat is sinkin'

Francie Lynch Jan 2022
Day-dreams and Night-dreams
Work as well as wet-dreams.
We need be alert,
Be awakened from our sleep-walking passivity.
Pick-up ourselves,
And be woke with humanity;
Rub away the sleep in our eyes.
The world is at a precipice of change, one way or the other. Let's go the "one way," not the other.
Often poets communicate
via internet voice recordings
sharing dancing lovers videos
as pen pals may venture to do;
no it doesn't mean
we do not exist
people aren't virtual cartoons!
We have feelings emotions we love
the mind makes it all real.

We are real people in different countries interchanging loyalties
we are perhaps more real then couples living together yet disconnected in many ways,
and not in love either
but rather utterly bored.
So don't be cruel saying
I am virtual and you've met
the love of your life already
and want no one else,
but your Zaheera for all eternity
because she's omnipresent real.!

Trying to make her jealous with me
a real poetess!? think again!
Zaheera and me can smell your rat.

She is more a fantasy for years if she even exists
Why the virtual competitiveness
and AnK isn't real?
We are breathing eating sleeping loving trusting sharing
yet not real!?
In your book of tricks ? Hu?

How shall we search for real connections hu?
have you noticed though
the whole planet has gone virtual.
it's become a ritual,!
All people are real living brings
not virtual their lap tops cell phones  c are the virtual conduits,
though so what !?
By Mr and Mrs Andrews
inspired by Karijinbba.7/21
presence trust is life
but so is penpalship honored with trust  respect and consideration for people's hearts  We all deserve to live life liberty in pursuit of happiness.
Mathieu Apr 2021
Why do we worship superheroes so much?
It's reasonable to hope someone cares about us.
Is it because all the good men have gone?
They were gentle and strong
When they spoke, we felt hope.
Their truth could move millions,
Ignite a moment of brilliance.
Unite every color and creed and ignorance
That history itself couldn't bury resilience  

But the moment is lost,
A match struck in a wave,
a nation of hate,
and the youth in a daze,  
And all I can think is we made it this way
We stopped exposing our kids to the truth of the matter
and so they got lost in a culture that says they don't matter.

When a fight for a vote became a fight for a like,
We can't act surprised when kids fight for a fight
Entire religions preach having a purpose
And still replaced values with things that are worthless.
A society so numb to the progress they've won
Find a perverse pleasure to see it undone.

When a company is allowed to sell plots of land on the moon,
When a leader of freedom commits treason against truth,
Is a sure sign that we the people, have given up, too.
The allowance of absurdity into our lives
Little by little, it rots from inside
Until we cannot admit that we have allowed this.
Now the roaring crescendo of human triumph is silent.
Is it better to admit that we're dying contrived?
Or is it easier to shut up and eat their lies?
Kristin Jan 2021
Sedition is not just patina-ed oil paintings
mobs not just lithographs
treason not mere fading daguerreotypes

Sedition is chat rooms and airwaves of mistruth and its taintin-gs
mobs are our friends and neighbors turned bands of riff-raffs
treason, the weaponization of dog whistles and stereotypes

Sedition is here now
mobs are the so-called militia of the present
treason is happening now

It will be one for history books now
be present and accounted for
be the United States of America, treading down snakes
Daan Nov 2020
I've seen and heard,
enjoyed and purred
at the stories of old,
the silence of mold.

I've folded and weaved,
gently miscleaved,
broken and barren,
answered to Charon.

My bed is too small
and my rope's a bit tight.
I bring justice for all,
even just for one night.
Remember remember the fifth
Long live the bond
The one which shall no broke
Full with trust and pride
Words that my heart doesn't recognize

Once a time i believed
They run, they hide
Inside the fog they'll decide

Long live the ash
One used to be a bond
The memories of a chaos
Bur no time for cries, so they don't recognize

In the table
It seems a corner
They see their own truth
They don't understand, they don't want to recognize

Every one there is lost
There is no sign of hope

In midnight they arrive
To steal the future of anyone
Only lefting a black mask

In the end humanity have been chained
Chains of hate and misuderstanding

Long live the new traitor
The one who has seen everything
Is in a dead end
Only left to pretend
Silence in the face of political corruption is treason.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate od Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet, an essayist, a novelist, and a human-rights advocate his entire adult life.
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