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Joanna 16h
The quiet consumes like a hidden river of peace.
There's a strength and a purity
that gives release.
The sunsets and my spirit rises, knowing it's time
to stop asking why.
Daybreak arrives, and there is an array of colors,
as this journey becomes an adventure
like none other.
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When things in my life
Don't make sense

I just pause


I remember that the aliens
That abducted me back in
January did this

So of course
Things don't make
Sense we're


But the aliens
Made a movie
To help explain

What happened to me

And the aliens
Were so friendly
Amy Adams

Named them
Abbot and

And she gets disoriented
Literally throughout the whole
**** movie so why wouldn't I?

She asks

"What day of the week
Is it honey?" Amy asks her
Young daughter

The question
Haunts me,
Why still?

My name
A palindrome
Eevee or

Ruth Hope to
Be complete

-Who the aliens also-
-Said would be-
-My daughter-

My wife and I
Childless in our 7
Years in marriage,

Evangeline Ruth Hope,
A chosen girl whenever
She ends up being born

But until her coming she
Lives here in mind
With me, or is me,

We don't always
Know to tell the truth
Things don't always

For us
I'm different from the advertisements
I'm different from being able to check the diffident
I'm differently formed, coffered the affidavit
The defendant left me in a spell of the time that I had lost
Imbibing my guilt in the adequate alacrity, inevitable wasn't it
The loss of my sensible sagaciousness and I took it to curtsy for my childish grin
Smirks and lenience were standing upon at gaze, in the confused crowd
Only you, you were standing in the surface flowing with troughs of tridents of storms
Making choices beyond your gayness, and pristine condition was your choice of gentleness
noun: arrival
the action or process of arriving
a newly emerged development or product.
Shin May 26
Let the sinners rejoice in solemn prayer.
Swim to your white savior and hold him near.
Indulge the ultimate moment held dear.
Stain your tears with blood splattered on the mirror.
AmeriMav May 22
In my arms, can this be the day?
No more waiting, no more delay
For months we've waited, seemed so long
Yearning to hold my soul's heartsong
Now playing at a grand forte

Our smiles beam with brightest ray
In this moment, no sky of gray
Holding me, where you belong
In my arms

Silent starburst of love's display
Emotions roar like waves at play
Feel my chest, heart beating strong
Oh time stand still, this touch prolong
All I want is for you to stay
In my arms
Rondeau form
Step right in
great to see you
it's been so long
sorry I haven't cleaned up
since you left
how have you been
I've been thinking about you
let me make some coffee
you must promise
you'll never leave me again
dear morning.
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