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Terry Collett Oct 2019
You waited for her
at the train station
where she said
she would meet you

it was getting dark
and the street lamps
shone like stars

you thought
she may have
changed her mind
or maybe
her husband
had stopped her
from going
to London
to see a show
and stay the night
with a female friend

but she came
with her overnight bag
dressed in her blue coat
against the evening cold

Didn't think
you were coming
you said

Had to wait until
he believed I was with
a female friend
go into details
about where she lived
and where I met her
lying is not easy
she said

No guess not
you said

and you got train tickets
and boarded the train
and outside the window
came dark cold rain.
A Jan 2019
Is there somebody who can watch you?
I know that this is my job
But recently i can barely manage to take care of myself
I can't be in this house anymore
So i’ll only stop by to do my laundry
I know i'm supposed to love you
And when i'm around you know i’ve got you
Is there somebody who can love you?
A Jan 2019
Feed me another lie
It's all you ever tell me anyways
Convince me to stay
It's all you know how to do anyways
Put the blame on me
It's the only thing you do anyway
But baby

When they take me away
Make sure to tell me how cool i look
Because everything else has gone wrong
A Jan 2019
It never mattered how many secrets i uncovered from you
My view of you never changed
Even in a room full of useless teenagers
Too busy laughing among themselves to realize the tv has turned off
Under starry skies when you and me shared the secrets of the universe
You’re the only one who could figure my heart out

How was i to know that your concern wasn’t on the romantics?
How was i to know you live more in your head than here?
A Jan 2019
In your mind there must be a line between what we do
And what counts as cheating
Your mind circles around this
While mine fantasizes about the idea of holding your hand
No matter how close we get
It stops before it fills your definition
But love i think we’ve already done all the wrong we can
Why not go further
She’s got a boyfriend anyways
A Jan 2019
Hidden in street corners
Dark alleys
Backseats of cars
It’s a shame your parents don’t know what you get up to
You make me smell like chocolate
Which is a flavor i’ve never really admired
And even mixed in with your smoke rings
I still feel the desire to quit
You or it
I don't really care at this point
A Jan 2019
Your favorite color is green
This has nothing to do with the color of the grass
Or the color of your favorite socks
Instead it wraps itself around your inability to be happy until you’ve spent your money on fake company
Planting seeds in your brain of all the ways your life could be better with
New clothes
New girls
New drinks
Manipulated so heavily that you cannot even consider pulling yourself out of this loop
You’re too focused on all the other things you could get up to
Terry Collett Sep 2018
As the night nurse
let me into the ward
the noise hit me
like something
from Hell.

He closed the door
behind me
and I wandered
further into the ward.

A group
of the mentally insane
surrounded me
wanting to shake my hand
to touch me
yelling various greetings
as I walk past them
to the nurse's office.

The male nurse
gruffly told them
to shove off
and they disbursed
out of sight.

Got to keep them
in order
he said
gathering his things.

As long as you
are here I can go
he said.

He left and the door
shut behind him.

One by one
the patients came
to the door and stared
and smiled
or grinned weirdly.

I spoke to them
and walked around the ward
one or two followed me
down the passageway
as I walked past dormitories
with unmade beds
and the smell of *****
and bodies.

One of the patients
touched my sleeve

We make the beds
he said
me and Gough.

He followed me
back to the ward
muttering news
of this and that
and in his eyes
saw emptiness
and vacant spaces
and sighed seeing
that in many
of their faces.
Kon Grin Jul 2018
ive seen the world all people same
we love we fear, deprived, insane
absolute mass and no division for the HQ supervision
we are Trialed in side by solicitude at night
blindfolded OF!
superiority of those that are biting in our nose
medicating under-eighteen that appear so differently
and thus don't reap the boredom we are destined to live through
im sorry that I'm different
and I'm sorry that I speak
for the nation of the flowers
all fragile but not weak
A call out to generation X
Terry Collett May 2018
There is traffic
on the street below
our hotel window.

You are lying
on the bed
and arms spread wide
in invitation.

The is no shade
on the one light
above the double bed
and the curtains
of shabby red
are drawn closed.

I undress slow
and uncertain.

I wonder what
your old man
must be thinking
you at some recital
of piano and violin
then to spend the night
with a friend.

I walk to the bed
and climb in
and you draw the covers
over us
and we snuggle down.

The recital was lame
and the pianist
some old dear
had knotted knuckles.

You said nothing
about your old man
nor what he thought
or cared.

You arranged me
into position
and set me off.

There was laughter
from the street below
from drunken revellers
on their way home
or to another bar
or club.

Game set and won
we lay on our backs
hearing nearby
a gentle hum.
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