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White House Biden ****
Shame on you
genocide joe
liar liar **** gov
burn in Gaza's hell
bombs fire ***** and all.

Kamala Harris laughing Haina
Genocide Joe hoo morena
Narcissist pooping
heartless lunatic
****** devils advocate
garbage ticking bomb.
Shame on USA, UK,Germany
France, Ukraine
Israel **** regime, go to hell
Court martial sinister satanyahu
and it's **** ****** IDF psychopaths
Free free long live Palestine!
From the River to the sea 1947.
By legions of human beings.
May all Israelites **** regime be
exiled incarcerated famined too
Thanks Israel for teaching us
Earthlings on
how to hate you..
For me from my love for our children lala, sassy, coco:
I heat up, I can't cool down
You got me spinning
'Round and 'round
'Round and 'round and 'round it goes
Where it stops nobody knows
Every time you our darling kids call my name "Mom" Angel Mom"
every time I Mom you call
you sweetie pies lalasassicoco " P. a. t. r. k." papa too comes to mind.

Your names up high in the sky" Scarlet Letter " A" is seen A for Angel.. ine.
My rkrdd, heat up like a burning flame
Burning flame full of desire
Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra abracadabra
You make me hot, you make me sigh
You make me laugh, you make me cry
Keep me burning for your love
With the touch of a velvet glove
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra abracadabra
I feel the magic in your caress
I feel magic when I touch your dress
Silk and satin, leather and lace
Black ******* with an angel's face
I see magic in your eyes
I hear the magic in your sighs
Just when I think I'm gonna get away
I hear those words that you always say
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra abracadabra
Every time you call my name
I heat up like a burning flame
Burning flame full of desire
Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher
Yeah, yeah
I heat up, I can't cool down
My situation goes 'round and 'round.
"Here I am, send me an Angel" to lay me down on a greenest grass,
In memory of his velvet canon
caressing my cheek
igniting those forest fires that forever burn
By: Steven Haworth Miller.
The traveler's wife?
I get it! You showed
that movie in the
magazine pages
long before the movie
came out

Pt, I finally did
watch it each time it rains
and when the sun shines
i search for you still;
shoes shirt and pants on hand
 place them behind the bushes
in search of you and amidst
pine tree branches too
thinking of you dearest
How i love you.

Not a day goes by
I do not seek you.
Please don't go hunting
but if you do I shall run
to hug you beg you to stay
traveler dearest
twin soul divine.
I love you. 
By: Karijinbba
And Mrs and Mrs Andrews.
Next to an old brown tree
Under a new pink sky
I found a younger version of me
The one who used to fly

Next to new concrete
Under an old pocked moon
I found an older version of me
The one who'll falter soon

Next to you right now
Under a peach fuzz sun
I found peace somehow
And for a moment didn't run
He loved or not at all
Hurt distrustful low
Fantastic teacher never
said good byes to nobody  
my twin soul and I.
Charming poet move on
You have passed my galaxy
many a time before
banner on hand prayer
in heart clearly shared.

Your private poem is read.
Follow your first dreams
GOA is closer to reach.
difficult to attain but
your efforts continue
strong she's your Zaheera.

With contract marriage
licence on hand
must abai by such law
Your cup is overflowed
There's no room for growth

My Angel's star to my beloved twin soul has deemed down
and this fool's
luster lingers on,
to stumps remains attached.
Forget this fool can write
and just learned to read.
My twin soul's
ancient forest paradise
drags pulling me in
Slippery ***** ever
so strong
   I've fallen off it's Cliffs
  hip joined to my first love
   Linked in love
  Interchangeable remain  
Mr and Mrs Dntz
Mr and Mrs Andrews.
Rddbba lifetimes.
By: Mr And Mrs Andrews
And Karijinbba.
His eyes blue green
His body Roddy
His hands distinctive
Arms strongest than pillars of marble
His hair reddish blonde
His manners unforgettable
His smile stunning
His private vessel redish too
His feet huge

His Adam leaf just right
His ancestry Irish
His heart pure gold
His soul my own
His twin soul twin flame
my very own
His voice strong masculine deep.
His passion wet a stallion perfectly shaped all rapture is  
My voice his soprano pride
My thighs his madness
His anger his silence I fall in love.
His true loving heart my own.
His physic athletic muscular HE- MAN type body
His hight 5'8
His wealth my own
His jewels my children
His diamonds my tears my tears his diamonds his Rubies his poems.

His sonnet 75 his treasures buried for me to know his love is true

His heartbreak my own
His goals my own
His first love is me
His love making supernovae

My smile his 20 million hurried loot worth fame and great fortune.
My Knight my all
My sheikh my king of hearts

My body his pleasure his desire
My hair dark ashy moon glow over cedar- brown
My eyes vitreous reflecting colors of nature, starry looking eyes

My voice his soprano pride
My thighs his madness
My DNA his own
My height 5'4
My feet 8-1/2-9
My heart of gold his own.
My talent his own
My joy and happiness
my own
My song his delight his lyric rights

My first love him patpat
My love.
Our marriage license sleeps.

Our book; We are the authors
of our own lives and destiny..

What Dreams may come
Gone with the wind
Message in a bottle.
E. T. Phone home.
Scarlett letter A
Countless written memories.
Favorite places stargazing under the stars.
Boat rides waves rocking our love away.
Lover is PatRk imaginary ancient
True love.My E T.

Knight yes one King of hearts RD-present here soon.
By: Karijinbba, all rights.
For my babies born and stolen at birth by jealous habitual drg users in USA targeting Hispanic immigrants mothers like me.

For my few babies butchered
by liar butcher abortionist in my womb. R I. P.

For my three babies I birthed raised adored admired cherished and trusted blindly dearly I love you all my grown babies

My God protect you bless you free you from yours mates
evil treacherous gang arrangements.

For my three children's. kids that were taken by Jews in CA USA along with my daughters
and sons in law from hell.

May you my children soon be free and survive.
This mother's love is eternal.
By Karijinbba
All Rights reserved
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