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Eslam Dabank May 31
Spines of us sapiens connect;
     minds, arms; cause and effect.
Spines of us sapiens connect; 
     thoughts, mouths, until direct.

"Deaf, blind, and roadless be, 
    after one, two, lies and three" - 
What beauty this is! Divine!
    Obedience and nods define. 

In corpore sano, the defiled sit,
    in corpore sano, fools commit. 
They speak, they speak, indeed,
    And we deem ignorance to lead. 

Clean they are, gaily nice too, 
    neat, and in black suits new - 
the outside glimmers, shines;
    Yet the inside on filth dines.

In corpore sano, wars are 'for', 
    "In death, glory we shall store".
The spring is not forgetful, no;
     Flowers ablaze; blue lips blow.

We shall not have to put in, 
    with rotten blood on a skin:
Earth's skin; underneath also;
    we seek dignity, not so-so. 

Saturday! tremulous Saturday!
    Since, passed not a sadder day; 
European corpores, May 1948, 
    With 'clean hands', ate a state.

Soap, water and towels came,  
    with the 'civilized' who aim; 
humanity, and morality not; 
     the core needs washing a lot. 

It rules, it murders, it revives:
    the mens that all living drives;
nerves blocking nerves other, 
   it is 'be satisfied or smother!'

Mens feminine's scorned being, 
    consoles the higher's wellbeing.
An animal's instinct commands, 
    no mens here, nor a mind stands. 

Universes penetrated are they;
    in maleficence power to display.
A fight against the in chains, 
    is history unjust that remains. 

Violence transmitted is sick, 
    it is harm you cause and tick, 
look up a definition of disease,
    It is you; a dictionary agrees.

A terrified soul in health, 
    is a curse, not godly wealth.
A sorrowful soul in health,
    is a fighter without stealth.

A ****** mind healthy, 
    brings destruction deadly.
A corrupt mind healthy, 
    is a treasure unreal, empty.

Dawn is sick of corpore sano; 
    it grinds the fool with a mano.
But the mold lies within it not;
    it is in the soul breeds brought.
'In corpore sano' translates into 'a healthy body'
'Mens' is 'mind' (or 'good mind' according to the context.)

The body might be healthy, but the mind (and soul) might not. They could be corrput, evil, blind, deaf, and all that is similar, no matter how healthy and clean and shiny the outside is. In this poem, I add some example of this: feminism, Palestine and Ukraine.
You can keep inhaling the ashes of my people

But i assure you
We will keep exhaling poetry,
For our breath is burning hot

Surely, one day
It will reach you
Bellpepper Mar 14
Ukrainians deserve peace
but don't Palestinians do too?

Pardon me if my plea for justice
brings light to your double standards.
It took a day for Russia to be condemned... then why, after years, Israel still isn't condemned? And Palestine isn't the only country that's a victim to the biasness of the west; you've got Syria, India, Iraq and so many more. Honestly, you'd think people would learn a little bit from the past.
Eslam Dabank Feb 3
Sons of Anakim, filling the Book of Numbers with terror,
    Antediluvian Gibborim and Nephilim back in unintended error,
Wandering gaily in the land of milk and honey under feet,
    Defying Noah’s flood forgotten, merging a past long obsolete.

“Dwelling they were, there; strong with cities fortified, old -
     The descendants of Anak, whose name in dread is extolled”,
Ten of the spies say, yet two in Yahweh: their power, believe,
     In the land that devours the grasshoppers: them: the naive.

Yet, with lacked faith they marched towards lands of others -
    The lands of the mightier, a land with people, sons and mothers,
Driving out the indigenous from Hebron, Arba’s stolen home,
    As they did to most of Canaan,: the honourable people of “shalom.”

Giants and Canaanites’ existential erasure lies within lies -
    A devotion of destruction it was: an offering with no surmise,
The victims were Gibborim and mundane, all for that:
     A land where conquest is imposed and adored is the combat.    

Ancestors with a catastrophe in common: primitive Nakba:
    The root of ethnic cleansing, dispossession and poisoning of aqua,
Historical thieves and maleficents, with dirt in the heart,
    ******, theological manipulation and conquest creates their art.

Noah survived the divine flood of Mesopotamia and corruption -
    Yet the grandsons were struck with the most fatal: human disruption.
The imperfection is perfection, the order of us is disorder. -
     History does not repeat itself, but human actions with no warder.
Eslam Dabank Jan 11
Gabriel, guarding Merneptah Stele’s foreigners across,
    Where the water tires and baptises the defiled with a cross,
Where a godly death of sin is a the origin of the profane -
     An excuse for supremacy to take what shall not remain.

Gabriel; standing on the tomb of sons and christ under,
    A mockery of history sewed in turmoil put down, asunder,
He, who is divine is human and among us dissimulates,
    God’s Strength he is, against his nation. Them, he destimulates.

Two meats overlap in conflict to preserve virtues adrift -
    A chapter in the hands of a priest as he mouths his shrift.
Uriel, the nation of us, disputes with Gabriel’s blind -
    When mastery of knowledge quarrels with corruption kind.

It is then, when clay worlds of the dark and light merge,
    And Raphael’s bewildering sensations heal wars that emerge,
A two nations’ last supper, where on victory one feasts,
    A victory where angelic blood is shed and dead are the beasts.

Human beasts virile with heart dwelling in greed and loss,
    Swelling with gout in mind. A heart they, with deceit, gloss.
Brothers, sisters and parents are the followers of them,
    Materiality is their goal, while resisting we are, with our gem.

Uriel - wisdom is his bliss - lacked by the puppets seen,  
   The revelations of the gospels and truth, is our ask, intervene!
In the green forests of the exile, where wounds are pride,
   Where the power is the groom, and dirt is its basic bride.

Desire not the high, for Mika ēl? No one is like God, you!
    Divinity on Earth, skies under feet you are ought not pursue -
The abused answer of Islam and window to hell and Eden,
    Michael -  the humility, the example to you, le terrienne!

Mika ēl? Gabriel’s strength seekers and minaret of duplicity?
    We are you, and you are us. We are your blood, your ethnicity!
What for shield the enemy's tail, as well as praise malfeasance?
     Committed are, toward the self and the nation, the ugliest of treasons!
Le terienne means Earthly in French.
Eslam Dabank Dec 2021
Upon the mound, an iris velvet yearns for hands,
       To move, towards the left where a destiny lands,
When a pale pastel petal defeats a forlorn thorn,
       And from the ashes the true history shall be reborn.

The spheres of doom and otherness collide, then,
      Under the iris; the temple of slaughter and amen,
Where men saddle upon wrath and devastation,
      On a native horse that shall refuse their faux nation.

There’s an iris dwelling, blooming in our tales,
      Who’s presence is an absence that in the stem wails.
A hideous notion brought here, webs of mould,
     But our truth will uphold the rights unsold and old.

The love to the iris, Zeit and Za’atar and figs,
     Grows within the heart void of green, but twigs,
The sweetness of figs salts our reality grim,
     And the saltiness of Za’atar brings little hope dim.

In Jerusalem I shall walk on day, knowing it -
     Knowing the streets and the walls, with no permit,
I will walk with a memory I never beheld,
     Walk with a memory in the heart, never expelled.

The memory within me from birth and womb -
     The memory of the Iris; the guardian of every tomb,
In haifa, Jafa, Jerusalem, and lands of merriment,
     Who’s our days shall forever be in a lovely resident.

Iris, the flower, the symbol of our soil and them,
     Them; the souls lost in battles under its merry stem,
The ones resisting the defiled from within, and me,  
     Who shall never, the love of any other, shall see.
Michael R Burch Dec 2021
The Story
by Kamal Nasser
translation by Michael R. Burch

I will tell you a story ...
a story that lived in the dreams of my people,
a story that comes from the world of tents.
It is a story inspired by hunger and embellished by dark nights of terror.
It is the story of my country, a handful of refugees.
Every twenty of them have a pound of flour between them
and a few promises of relief ... gifts and parcels.
It is the story of the suffering ones
who stood waiting in line ten years,
in hunger,
in tears and agony,
in hardship and yearning.
It is a story of a people who were misled,
who were thrown into the mazes of the years.
And yet they stood defiant,
disrobed yet united
as they trudged from the light to their tents:
the revolution of return
into the world of darkness.

Kamal Nasser was a much-admired Palestinian poet and Palestinian Christian, who due to his renowned integrity was known as "The Conscience." He was a member of Jordan's parliament in 1956. He was murdered in 1973 by an Israeli death squad whose most notorious member was future Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Barak (born Ehud Brog) later ruled as Israel’s tenth Prime Minister from 1999 to 2001. His adopted Hebrew name Barak means "lightning." As a younger man, Brog/Barak was a member of a secret assassination unit that liquidated Palestinians in Lebanon and the occupied territories. In the 1973 covert mission Operation Spring of Youth in Beirut, which was part of the larger Operation Wrath of God, he disguised himself as a woman in order to assassinate Palestinians. The raid resulted in the deaths of two women, one of them an elderly Italian. Two Lebanese policemen were also killed, along with the poet Kamal Nasser.

Nasser was the PLO's most prominent Christian and he enjoyed "great appeal" in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq "both as a distinguished poet and likeable personality." He was the “conscience of the Palestinian revolution,” according to Nazih Abul-Nidal, who worked with him on the magazine Filastin al-Thawra. Nasser “had the most democratic outlook of all Palestinian leaders at the time,” he recalls. He respected opposing views, admired the commitment of young people, and was a major recruitment asset for the Palestinian revolution. “That is why he was put high on the hit-list.” The previous year, the Israelis had murdered another renowned Palestinian writer and activist in Beirut, Ghassan Kanafani, by *****-trapping his car. Nasser’s successor, Majed Abu Sharar, was also assassinated by Israelis, in Rome in 1981 while attending a conference in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Keywords/Tags: Kamal Nasser, Palestinian, Palestine, PLO, Conscience, Ramallah, Christian, religion, poet, Arab, Arabic, Arab Spring, betrayal, conflict, courage, devotion
David P Carroll Sep 2021
The sun is shining
So bright and the
Sky is so blue
And the river its banks
Are so full to and
Bethlehem is such
A beautiful sunny place
I'm feeling the heat in
This beautiful warm place
And Palestine is the place
To be as the sun shines
So brightly on me and I'm so happy
In Palestine today
And I hope and pray
I get to the see the sun
Shining in beautiful Palestine
For one more day.
Sunny ☀️ 😎 ❤️ Palestine
Graff1980 Sep 2021
I can barely catch my breath,
there’s a sea of swirling madness
bodies bursting with endless
tragic tears of sadness
and all the sobbing leaves me
heaving and breathless.

Wishing I’d see death less
and more days of happiness
for all the world’s children,
but I can always hear them
crying, begging, for heroes
who will save them.

Little girl amidst the wreckage
loves her people,
lives in fear of the evil
acts of other nations
as bombs burst her foundation,
and she is left feeling
lifetimes of devastation.

Years of boots on throats,
of truths I wrote
of true experiences
only slightly altered
by my lack of living in it.

but I can see the way they live it.
Fear, and sorrow, pain planted upon
the soft soil of childhood.

I can breathe but I
don’t think I should,
don’t think people are good
as other human beings suffocate
I don’t want to take their place,
but I would exchange pained
lungs and ease the air of despair
from their chest to mine
to give them time to repair
their hurting hearts
as they breathe in fresh oxygen.
David P Carroll Sep 2021
It's bombs away
From the child
Murdering state
Today and all the
Dead Palestinian
Body's a river of
Red blood and nobody
Cares but me and Palestine
I'll never let you fade away
Your forever in my Heart ❤️ every day
And there slaughtering
You in your own country
Every day and I'll love and
Pray for every Palestinian
Who's suffering and *****
Every Day.
Free Palestine From The Gangster State.
4 Army men ***** a Palestinian women
Palestinian children shot dead today in there own country.
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