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Godwin Valentine Dec 2019
The thunder has crashed so loudly
The lightning has flashed blindly
What the gods wants to happen will happen
You must listen to these warnings.
I know heaven is a mind state,
I've been there a couple of times,
stock in my ways,
so I keeping on falling down

Beggars die, the heavens don't rage like this
Such a storm warns of the death of a king
The poor has no place
In the company of the lords
His ***** body in the market place
Is a proof of rejection by the gods
Cowards die many times before their death
A brave man only die once.

Yesterday a king died
But today another is crowned
Yesterday there was joy
But today there is pandemonium
One knows whom he loves
But the one doesn't know
who actually loves him
So is the way of the world
The difficulties we suffer
Is directly proportional to our actions
That's the way of the world
A world changed by our actions.
The cut off is a fictional poetry that tells about the way of the world and the ugly situations surrounding it...
Manic Tendencies Oct 2019
What has the world come to
The people in charge are cowards
I'm also a coward
But a more open minded coward
Fix the system
We're living in the mud
Onomatopiyya Sep 2019
Lies are unexpected
You could have lie to others
But you can't lie to yourself

Lies are unnecessary
Why choose to tell lies
When you could just tell the truth

Lies are usually for the cowards
It doesn't make things better
They mess you up miserably
Emma Feb 2019
My mind is a Haunted House.
I live in it with
the abusers,
the non-believers,
the cowards
and the lairs.

I am haunted by
lovers who have come and gone;
traitors that took my skin and
made it a stranger to me;
and the ghosts that make my brain their home.

I am haunted
because I know that I was not brave enough.
I am haunted
by those who have come after me
because I was not loud enough.

I am Sorry, my loves.
I could not stop what happened to you.
But I will teach you how to cope
with your Haunted House.
I pray for you, my loves.
Be a grain of salt in a sugar cane field.
Be the ice among the flames.
Be the badger among the snakes.
Be the courage among the cowardly.
The wolf among the sheep.
The light within the dark.
A survivor among the dead.
The calm within the storm.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
Cowards: Men who kick a woman(esp. after he's the 1 that drug her down).  You'd never suspect
it's the men with a good reputation around town.  If they're true & through bad they don't fight only women but their fist are enough for anyone who angers them enough... he'll try to take anyone down.
BUT it's a pure yellow-bellied coward sort that doesn't have what it takes to stand up to another, not for himself much less any other.
Lowest **** of all cowards are the ones who kick her like she's
a dog when she's on the ground,
  standing up over her like a tall tower,
feeling proud with
If or when it's found out then she deserved it all. Oh yeah, without a doubt especially if she's already been down the abuse pattern route.    
When he kills her; appears justified because they say, she should have gotten out before she died.
But sure enough, it's a pure coward that'll kick
a woman & tell her that he should stomp her brain's out.  
     SCREAMING at her
     FORCING her to
answer his questions  when she's already too frightened to make a sound...
              knowing that no matter the answer she decides, it's just another excuse for him to slap her around, why? Because of course whatever answer will be
a lie,
I guess a coward must
be able to predict it's a
lie before any words
ever have to come out,
I guess she lied because she just wants to be slapped around.

Wait what's that sound?
  Oh it's death bells now
   they'll bury me in the
ground. Death is merely
peace that I've finally
   ~SacredInkedBlood ©2018
The day that coward finally puts me in the ground is the day that peace will have no bounds. Not goodbye, so don't cry, just goodnight until it's time for everyone to fly.
Sombro Jan 2018
When cowards flirt
Sparks don't fly
Arrows don't fly
Birds don't fly
They don't even sing

When cowards flirt
There's no amazement
There's no tomorrow, or when
Drums don't beat

When cowards flirt
Hope takes a pounding
The heart packs up and
Moves to the throat

When cowards flirt
It sounds like sorry
It sounds like the wind blowing through you
They run

When cowards flirt
It sounds like a boring question
Aimed at making conversation
End quicker

When cowards flirt
The touch on your arm
Is wiping away the drink they spilled
And the tension says later

When cowards flirt
The kiss on your cheek
Stays in the head
Stays on their trembling lips

When cowards flirt
Ash is less subtle an indication
Of flame
Of feeling

When cowards flirt
It sounds like see you never
It sounds like running away
It sounds like thinking what I should have done
And never did
when cowards flirt :)
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
He was the meanest kid on the playground
If the kid he picked on was half of his size.
He abused his playmates if they were weak
Had freckles or wore glasses on their eyes.
He was not a handsome lad in any way.
It was almost like he took it out on the world
That none of the guys wanted to play with him
And he seldom got lucky with the girls.

There was the slightest hint of intelligence
But it was always of the devious kind.
Nobody ever thought this kid would turn out
To be the type to make fortunes with his mind.
Taking little kids lunch money from them
Was why he even went to school each day.
If he looked a bit older and wasn’t lazy
He might just have hid out and run away.

He didn’t play ball or do any kind of work
And his mom waited on him hand and foot.
You could tell when he reached legal age
He’d find a woman who would follow suit
And treat him like a six foot baby brat
As if he was a gift to the whole world.
Of course he was in luck there because
It’s easy to hook up with  that kind of girl.

At work he will call all the women sweetie
And soundly slap his cohorts on their backs.
He’ll always remember his boss’s birthday
It pays to keep the important things on track.
If he can block a promotions of co-workers
Who are not Caucasian and Christian,
He will stick to his hidebound beliefs
And stick to ideas of The Dominion.

And if this reprobate ever has children
They will grow up to be just like him;
They’ll subject siblings and playmates
To their own temperament and whim.
Because bullying is passed by parents
From their parents to their own children.
And bullying adheres to no rules about
Morality, propriety, intelligence or wisdom.
You are my beacon as I float endlessly
                                                                         I watch it in your eyes
  disconnected from the words spoken
                                                                                   hiding behind the shadows
trapped as a thinker and a dreamer
                                                                                  collecting pain and sadness
giving the world all your worth
                                                                          splitting at the seams
staying composed and vigilante
                                                                                   in a decaying body of time
meeting serenity in each smile
                                                                            your hands take flight
freeing the lies deep within
                                                                              grasping onto faults for truths
pouring out your heart into my mind
                                                                                      a fear carried willingly
embracing concepts once lost or buried
                                                                                       discarding your merit
brandishing a sliver of love
                                                                                      and weaponizing it to ****
ending a battle fought long and hard
                                                                               our deaths were monumental
As was our rebirth
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