A man had a gun for a mouth,
and it was hard for him to see the safety,
his tongue only made things go south,
he could not reach,

He didn't have many friends,
those he did wore kevlar,
None would wait, in the end,
and he dug his own grave,

He worked alone for good reason,
his situation made teamwork unbearable,
he hunted when it was in season,
his mouth, the only thing needed,

He could score a date quite well,
women flocked to his sight,
"What a barrel!", his looks could sell,
conversation was never alright,

His wife was a shield, a maiden of honor,
they worked quite well, nail to hammer,
where she was his mouth, he was her bomber,
ready to strike at the first threat,

His child, the only love in his head,
at birth so strong,
his son had arms of lead,

What carries on is molded by the past,
the fruit grows and ripens,
Until it meets it's last
moment here and the gun gets dim,
God is the creator, but death always wins

your guess is as good as mine
Keasbey Apr 4

Fear not little one,
Everyone has a purpose.
How quaint you must feel,
Like destiny ripping at your wired circuits,
Looking for meaning.
Looking for purpose.

It's not just you,
We're all wired that way.
Don't lose heart,
Your work, though minimal, has purpose.

Know that there is meaning in everything we do,
For there is a master plan, working itself out.
Even if it seems useless, faint, or unimportant,
Don't lose hope,
Do not faulter,
Don't stop or stutter,
You do more than pass the butter.

Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

He killed Glenn and Abraham
almost took the kid's arm
A kind of, "I don't give a damn"
raising the alarm

Maggie still needs a doctor
almost forgotten in this script
Rick no longer the officer
taken on a Neegan trip

Dismay and disaster
the theme and the play
Defining the master
showing us, a violent way

The producers and writers
holding us in contempt
Say "you don't define the fighters"
no one on the show, exempt

As Neegan to the owners
and to Rick do we relate
Held to the bitter end
no choice, within, the fate

Yup, pure violence for no other reason.
The owners of this show are Neegan.
I understand art and the subtleties of a storyline.
But this was a episode that defined nothing but hopelessness, in a world that can find a plethora of it in reality.
Bunhead17 Jan 2016

Wolf, I guess we were fighting a losing battle
against Ranger Rick and his minions.
We should of known ''he'' was going to
choose their side.
They  appeared to have more
people than us.
I don't even think ''he'' knows our side
....................................I wondered if the law got involved and they found out that all this was reported to the owner of the site what would happen?.......

Does anyone have a answer ^ (just wondering what would happen)

— The End —