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the ice downs
your life downs
as your appearance
show how you lose

stay up
look at the ice
white his
having fare

and loving here
he tells no death
story that tells
that life turns
he wheel serves
the man who suffers
to be upper
live as eagles
who look down
saying, creatures
small as ants
or live as hyena
who eats corpse
and smell worse
the challenge is good and try to be the success
I can soar on Eagle’s wings
And see the wider view it brings
My heart in happy triumph sings
As I prosper daily

I can see with keener eye
From my vantage point on high
I can bid my doubts goodbye
As I prosper daily

I can answer freedom's call
And with my acts give help to all
No true harm can my way fall
As I prosper daily
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Tommy Randell Apr 2019
Remember when I was the eagle on your wrist and
We would go hunting in the early light of day
Walking up and over Blakey Ridge into the misty grey?

So close together in our passions and wayward ways.
We were proper lovers then, bound by instinct and the need
Tip to tip and claw to claw to know our fully encountered greeds.

I regret you let me soar into the cloudless future so foolishly desired.
Letting me go, untying the invisible shackles holding me
Finding myself with no way back wherever you may be.

A man grows to fly away they say, a woman to build a home.
I wish my heart and my need to roam had not been so compelled -
Instead being a Raven, loyal, true, and clever enough to be held.
There are old regrets of certain times & decisions.
A dance
in the
flight ingenious
a team
snare at
yip afield
this fraught
license overland
altogether so
nil in
sides of
play but
torturous slide
as mortals
divisive incline
to march
afoot lawn
A coach's lament
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