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We all see the same luminaries
That brighten our world
We all see them different
And that in itself
Enlightens our world
The blood red sunset was amazing
Strands of light cross my wall.
Full moon through the blinds
So bright it shines within
a city without stars.
It bobs in a murky brown pond.
Mosquito satellites **** by.
I'm enthralled by its loneliness.
In a city without stars,
the moon conducts the
in the streetlamp orchestra
Though it's a solemn life she leads
May she never dream.
May she never wish.
Long as we exist, she's shrouded,
but as long as we do, she is loved.
Light polluted love.
max Dec 2022
"it's dark now.
i know a storm's coming, i can feel it,
but i still want to see the moon tonight.
i miss her." she spoke out into the darkness.
"i missed you" i say, but i know they cant hear me.

"look at the moon," she spoke softly
and all their heads turned to me,
they whistled, hollered, and cheered,
exclaiming their desire to match my beauty.

the girl spoke again,
softer this time, almost a whisper,
"look at her glow, her luminescent charm,"

i always feel the love they send to me,
i wish they knew i love them too.
the moon is cool and pretty.
jl May 2022
I tell her how
how I drown
in the sparkle
of your brown eyes
I tell her
how I think
I think im
like an asteroid

she listens and
she tells me
about her sun
and how she
drowns in his light,
their star crossed
how they can

I guess
you're the sun
and I
im the moon
she's the only one that understands
Jay M Apr 2022
Howling to an unseen moon
Pale luna,
Shine upon me your light
Beam upon my eyes
But a ray of moonlight
Dance across reflections
On the dark waters edge
Dance in your light
Oh pale luna

Enchant me, enthrall me
With your mysterious allure
Your gaze, your wonder
My most dazzling, brilliant muse
Shine upon me your grace
Your nature illusive
Just escaping my grasp
Brushing delicately past my fingertips
Pale luna
Oh pale luna

Bless me with your wisdom
Bestow upon me your gentle touch
But a simple gesture
Would grant me a great
Vast embrace of the heart
Without hands, yet ever
So tender and warm
Against the cold, dark night.

- Jay M
April 21st, 2022
Unto Him I am glued
my King of Prussia.
oxytocin- dopamine dilated
his pupils inside his blue green
as I entered Him, eons ago,
and never came out
He left but returned to my abode
for me or his Tequila.
I wanted to fall down crying beg him to take me with him to his heaven
Saving me from the hellish existence
But pain was greater then tears to convince HIM.
Into his song YESTERDAY I merged 
and with one voice we often sing it
from that time on and on.
I became his song his moon and stars.
Although our fame sleeps
as beauty rested in a glass coffin;
with one leap across the gap
chaos that one butcher
with medical ignorant lies
opened up and three
 of us got evaporated.

With one song each in heart
we bridged that chasm.
In his art we thrive yet for long.

To Him to his heart of gold
I slowly walk to, his ancient bride.
Into our holy temple of forever,
straight to his heart and open arms
United in one single thought.
Our own Taj Majal
to reign we did plan to build.

Into mine eye pupils, grasping
all of his substance in
his light projecting all was received
My intergalactic time traveler.
Interchangeable we are.

In me he finds more than wisdom
he finds truth a true artist.
Our true love bittersweet.

Before Him I Joyfully crumble kneeling
As he embraces my swollen
teary eyes and merging me
Into to his heart and arms
I surrender grace, charm
and complete trust.
In confining solitude
In the darkest of mine nights
My brightest sunny days
it's him I hear, love and seek.
I understand, worship
and adore him forever more
He's my true love! Luna tell Him!
That I love him the most.
Mr. And Mrs Andrew
And Karijinbba.
All rights reserved
jl Sep 2021
each night I stare down at my love.
supine, she lies
staring into the sky above.
with the melancholic hues of her eyes,
tear tracks reflecting in the light
and sweet little lips that told sweet little lies.
why does she come out here late at night?
for her longing expression could be my demise!

oh, but how beautiful a demise that would be!
though that means I can no longer be in sight...
that we could never be her and me..
but at least then I couldn't taunt or smite
and take away her small feeling of glee!
but with silent ideals - we are two worlds apart.
and I could never be a true devotee..
because our star crossed love is a tragic work of art.
im back!!
LR Thompson Aug 2021
My eyes alight softly upon pale velvet waxing
Whose grace is as weightless as a tilting feather
Slowly orbiting between gentle arches
Caressing the space that separates two hearts
And minds locked in a tidal waltz

Waning, my gaze shifts to supple curves
Outlining the crescent shaped body
Which loving light reflects in full
As the beats of my pulse rapidly impact
Scaring the surface with my every rotation
That births a new phase with every rise
Yet sets my sights again upon distant beauty
Teasing the mind to reach out and embrace my muse
Relenting to the gravity ever drawing me nearer
Until we collide in throes of violent passion
Two bodies merging in the fires of love
To become one forever more
jia Feb 2021
sa pagnakaw ng tingin,
atensyon mo ay bumaling.
hindi mo ba pansin?
malas ko, sayo pa ako nahumaling.

habang minamasdan ang buwan
na humimlay sa tapat ng araw na sikat,
tanging nasabi ko na lang ay ewan
at lumaki na lalo ang agwat.

kahit asamin ko na maging akin ka,
ipasasalo na lang lahat sa hangin.
walang ibang salita kundi baka,
nararamdamang dapat itapon na sa bangin.

kaya't sa paglaya ng buwan
sa araw na maliwanag.
maging akin ka man,
mahirap mabanaag.
alexa play luna by udd
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