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MG Sep 9
But maybe I misread the moon.
(She never hides things for long).
You never gave me the chance
to understand why you hate me.

But maybe this is Her way of saying:
by having you completely gone
A new path can finally be cleared.
You left without saying bye.
Luiz Sep 4
the sun shines at noon
at destination midnight
luna glows on time
Shin Aug 12
I look to my Luna, my sun and stars.
My one remaining joy, life's true passion.
At times I see Pandora in her smile,
and in those moments the haze fades away.

Some might say my mind is a bit ajar,
A traitorous fanatic lost in sin.
This is fine, let them ramble, meanwhile
by Luna's side I'll live another day.
Another thought of Harry Potter
Elm May 22
The Clam bedecked with candles
Fourteen nights to open her jaw;
An unattainable jewel she dangles.
High above humanity's greedy maw.
Simple riddle.
Empire Jun 10
When all hope is lost
When I’m alone and breaking
My puppy still cares
I love my little snuggly girl :)
Iska Apr 23
The wistful winds
toss the waves up high
As the sea dare Try
To caress lady Luna’s sky.
a l e x Apr 5
TW!: self harm

Every time I'm tempted to grab the piece of metal hidden inside a box I try to avoid,
I look out the window to see if the sky can fill my void.
It's nothing new,
just the stars and the moon glowing where it's due.
I hold back.
I heave out a heavy sigh.
Each time I want to give up on myself, on life, on everything,
that's when I remind my heart of a promise I can never fail.
I promised myself I'll have more moons to see.
Luna glowed its light on me, and I told him, "don't go just yet, and let me tell you my secrets."
I searched in vain
for your eyes
in this world of
flickering shadows.

I listened without success
for your wing beats
that carry you
through the night sky.

You, who seduces
with magic white
and steals the starlight
to make it her own.

Good and evil
built you temples,
which death climbs,
to collect our souls.

Oh, bright moon,
daughter of lost myths.
Shine on the ocean of tears
which drowns the world.
first glance
beast out of the darkness
frozen in time
majestic seahorse
carrying Aphrodite
grace rising effortlessly
abysses grip released with ease
wielding her magic over moon goddess
while she imagines the first eclipse
illuminated ring circling
shades of darkness
dominating the sky
goddess Selene rests her motion
etching love in eyes
through lasting heartbeats
reflecting the rings
true brilliance
setting the sky on fire
one in the sameness
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