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Maria Mitea Sep 10
Una tu!
Divina creatura!

Asculta, Luna! Asculta!
Only you can hear my soul!

Una tu,
Angel de la Guarda,
Te auguro la Luna!
Te ador Luna suava!

Credema, Luna! Credema!
Only you can see my soul!

Eu sunt,
Umbra ta terestra,
Lumina azurie vivanta,

Eterna principessa in the dark!
Luna, angelic guardian!
Walking through darkness.
Luna leads our way back home,
Two neutron stars collide.
–Authentic Rose
min Jul 23
they call you crazy —
your hair shouts radiance,
your words dance in the limelight,
your soul holds them captive.

they call you luna —
stars surround you
yet you shine on your
own reason
in the blinding darkness.
this is connected to sol. :)
Cayley Raven Jul 4
Luna, Luna, up the sky,
I am yours and you are mine.
As always, the full moon has got the best of me.
Jennifer May 26
sky’s pale till midnight,
satellite glided overhead like some
wandering speck of dust caught in
a patch of sunlight,
and the moon’s hung, like a curled
white eyelash upon the lens of
heaven. i made a wish upon her -
as you are supposed to with
fallen lashes -
though i mustn’t say it, or it mightn’t
come true.
it floats like a feather upon a
stream: hopeful. but to where? i
am not entirely sure.
to Lune.
Oh, dear Luna!
In thy light through the night
I follow ‘til come the morrow
When embarked through the dark
Thou reside by my side
So bright! Thy holy lume
So sacred! Thy godly rule
For no God hath before
Brought light to cursed night
And upon its undead shore
Spawned life from Heaven’s halls
O star of eternity
O queen of divinity
May the mortal man ne’er know
How among immortals
Thy crown glows!
The night sky's brightest "star". A beauty of the dark, a goddess of the light.
Mrs Anybody Apr 21
i feel lonely
i look up
at the moon
that she looks
at me too
also check out my other poems! :)
She brought the light
contrasting my dark.
With every stroke of her beauty,
imperfectly perfect
Not painted by accident
but created with purpose

At first sight
i found myself ; somewhat inlove ,
drawn to her true colours
She  was art
You're worthy of a love so soft, kind, bold , brave and beautiful ; like she WAS.
kim Apr 17
i want to be the moon,
the shining light
on your darkest nights

i want to be the moon
and yet i envy her
for she is noticed
without even a whisper

i want to be the moon
the one you look at every night
before you sleep tight

i want to be the moon
for you give her
your undivided attention

i just want to be the moon,
the one that comforts you,
is there for you,
the one that tells you it’s all gonna be okay

but the moon disappears in the day,
hides and lets another take her place,
and maybe

i don’t have to
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