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Elin Roberts Nov 8
I feel like we're drifting apart.
I know you feel it too
We're stuck, helpless in our love, unsure of what to do
Seeking solace in nostalgia, I feel you reaching for my hands, lonely in their despair
Oh, how I miss that summer love, painted bright by sunny days
Those memories of sandy toes, as our excitement choked on salty sea air
Our sun kissed lips stole love in between laughter, made our knees weak in anticipation for more
I wish I could live in my denial
Blame our reality on winter, blame the shorter days, blame the longer nights
Blame anything, anyone
Turn our backs to one another as we struggle to find the words that'll fix us
As we try to read this stranger we once called love
What happened to us vs the world?
We were indestructible, impenetrable
Blind to the fact that we signed off for our own downfall
Perfectly imperfect, our desperateness to make it work
The little lies we'd tell ourselves, strangling the life out of hope
We nod and agree, let anger dwindle into empty solutions
And our hearts quietly weep, screaming for love in all its absence
I wanna say it was a foolish whim
A scapegoat we needed to evade reality
But I refuse to believe that this is all for nothing
You bring out the realest parts of me, knock down my walls with the flick of your finger
Your love engulfs me whole, caresses my broken parts
Gives my soul a place to be, a home I never dreamed I'd call my own
***** living for our summer love
I want you, all of you
The messy fights and silly spats
The goofy snort of laughter saved only for you
The late nights of fun, the mornings of regret
Our pounding heads, hazed by drink and drugs, yet solid and sure in knowing we're loved
My heart is yours beloved, to keep with my blessing
All my love too, cos, without you by my side
Only god knows what I would do
Skins touch with a shocking wave of electromagnetic beats,
the tempo of our hearts sync in melodies.
When you kiss me with your tender lips, my mind becomes...
Earthly fields summon my spirit when you come unto me with your sweet lavishing ways.
You lay there...on my bed, with's just us 2 alone with the TV on and when i turn to look at you, your eyes are more of a sharp blue than the daylight brings.
I laid there with my eyes closed and felt the gentle grasp of your hand massage my ****, when i slowly opened my eyes around the room...i see you, staring at me with those Electromagnetic eyes and once again we fall into a trance for loves best symphonies.
Whenever you're with me,
The room,
My soul,
Our bodies...become...
Romance between 2 people
My beloved
And beautiful Faisal
You tell me the story
Of your horrific childhood
And ask
“Love me for me”

My beloved
Gift from Allah
I tell you
In bits about what happened
To me
And I say
“Love me for me”

We are two
And broken souls
The product of the same

‎ وجميل فيصل
‎ أخبرني القصة
‎ من طفولتك المرعبة
‎ و إسأل
‎ "أحبني لشخصي"

‎ محبوبي
‎ هبة من الله
‎ أقول لكم
‎ في أجزاء حول ما حدث
‎ إلي
‎ وأنا أقول
‎ "أحبني لشخصي"

‎ نحن اثنان
‎ وحيد
‎ ونفوس محطمة
‎ منتج نفس الشيء
‎ مصدر.....
‎ الإرهاب
I was yakuza
At a time
But my mind became
Weak with PTSD
And my back weak from injuries
I had to find another
Not thinking I
Would find another
More severely
Wayward soul
From Saudi Arabia
Instead of Japan
The yakuza code
Out of love

‎كنت ياكوزا
‎ في الوقت
‎ لكن أصبح عقلي
‎ ضعيف مع اضطراب ما بعد الصدمة
‎ وظهري ضعيف من الإصابات
‎ كان علي أن أجد آخر
‎ طريقة
‎ لا أفكر أنا
‎ سوف تجد آخر
‎ أشد
‎ روح ضالة
‎ من السعودية
‎ بدلا من اليابان
‎ كود الياكوزا
‎ مكسور
‎ بدون حب
Tony Tweedy Jul 7
Me and the guys were cool and cruising,
in my mate Robin's new car.

The cops had slapped a defect notice on it,
and so it was decided we wouldn't venture far.

With Robin at the wheel and I alongside in front,
we headed via back-roads out to an old dirt track.

There was Dale and Steve and Joe and Andy,
and they were all squashed up in the back.

Six teenage boys intent on adventure,
when we finally found dirt road to suit.

I can't recall whose idea it was but Joe and Andy,
were encouraged to climb out onto the boot.

Robin kicked the throttle the car springing off its mark,
fish tailing and raising clouds of dust as it sped upon its way.

I could hear the sound of Joe and Andy screaming,
but I couldn't make out what they were trying to say.

Now some way down the road yells and laughter,
still coming from the guys riding out on the back.

Robin saw the road had been washed away,
a two foot ravine cutting right across the track.

Robin reacted swiftly and stomped hard upon the brake,
I expected to see a cloud of dust but clear as day instead,

Was the startled face of Andy as he did a springing handstand,
from the hood to a perfect landing twenty yards ahead.

Now Joe was a considerably bigger guy,
and depressed indent of roof gave me several tips.

Until Joe slid out onto the windscreen,
giving a human impression of a daytime partial eclipse.

Two thoughts forever are stuck with me ever since that day,
would we have laughed so hard if Robin missed timed the pedal,

But the other one that really haunts and  plagues my mind,
Could Andy's stunt have won him an Olympic gold medal.
The events are true.... it happened.
agalwithwords May 25
Cry to me; cry with me.

You know you can. 

When you are with me.

You’ll just be whom I see.

I’ll ignore the image I may have of you.

Even what the world thinks of you.

Good, bad, ugly — who gets a say in that?

I’ll even take evil if it comes as truth.

Look into my eyes,

Strip to your soul.

I promise I will have no filters.

I see you as whole.

There is an unasked why to each what.

Something has led you to this rut.

So, cry! Be angry! Shout, scream, and yell!

I know you want to, I can tell.

When you are with me, it's a deal.

You don't need to hide what you feel.

The world is fond of liars.

But you stay true to yourself.

Live what is now, it won’t be back.

Live what is real, let’s not pretend.

I see in you a reflection of my lost soul.

May be you will find yourself in my stroll.

That's the soul connection we have...
Mrs Timetable Apr 25
If I could read your mind
It would be reading mine
And we would say it
At the exact same time
Funny how that happens
Mrs Timetable Apr 22
Thank you
For pushing my stuffing
Back in place
When I have one of
Those days

I would do it myself
But I can’t reach

It means more
Coming from you anyway

We will find our needle
And thread someday

Your grumpy 
Brown eyed bear
Tough day support
Mark Parker Feb 13
They say all is fair
    In the chase after the wind.
        As it blows to the North bringing frost
                Snow falls upon my love as war and lust
                                          become bed mates.
All is fair in love and war.
Heather Jan 15
You know some people believe in soul mates
But I was never one of those people
Until I knew him
He's almost perfect
It's like God had me in mind
When he was created
He knew when to put him in my life
At the time when I needed someone like him
To talk to
To make me smile
To make my heart stop yet beat a million times a minute
I kept asking myself if it's real life
It almost feels like a dream
I'm happy yet scared
Because he seems to good to be true
The situation seems to good to be true
But then by his touch or his look
I know it's real
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