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Zia May 14
We used to eat from the same plate
because besides being best mates
we were soul mates
There were some that did speculate
On us being so intimate
We would laugh at their spate
After all, how could love turn into hate?
An answer I'm yet to postulate
Because that's one question I'm still trying to assimilate
Lovely Nobody Oct 2018
I remember when you were my friend,
Our talks would never seem to end.
We'd laugh together, we'd cry together,
We'd mourn all the losses together.
You were the sunshine of my Sundays
And my best mate on the life's way.
But, guess the road ended abrupt,
And I didn't see that you were so corrupt.
You left me on the broken road,
The burden we shared was now all my load.
It as painful without you by my side,
It wasn't fun even in the joyous ride.
And guess I learned to live with the pain,
Hiding my tears in the falling rain .
Now the memory is dull and the pain is numb,
And I wonder how could I be so dumb!
That I never saw you leave my side ,
And how you disappeared with time and tide.
But I promise to have you in my heart .
You and your friendship like crust and ****,
Sweet at the top and hard at the base,
And Oh! how could I forget your lovely face .
And this is how our story ends,
'Cause we both are no more friends.
you said "you can count on me"
but, when I  did , you weren't there
Asha - Ray of Sunshine, hope is her name, she loves to dance, forever young and has a beautiful heart

Pallavi- A beautiful flower, lovely smile, deep thoughts, brownies and chocolates, her recipe to melt hearts, dance her passion, master at her craft

Neeta-  Naive and lovely, with an innocent smile, positivity her armour, she is quite a charmer

Sapna - Bakes most lovely cakes, red lipstick, vermillion dot on her forehead, a trademark, wears her heart on her sleeve, full of love, she extends it to every soul, Punjabi her style, Patiala heart(big heart)

Pradnya- Sweet as saccharine, she knows a lot, sure a woman of substance, wisdom her charm, dances to the tune of her heart

Sajeeda- Versatile personality, a multitasker, holds her goals clear and achieve she does, has keen eyes for quality and performs her best, quite an angel when it comes to taking broken ones under her wings. She has the will power which keeps her going, when the going gets rough. A brave heart, and a wandering soul, searching for heights and higher self. A go getter, with a never say never attitude. Has weathered a few storms. A wonderful person with a tough outer shell and a warm heart beneath

Bijal-  Happy go lucky, warm and affectionate, friend of friends. Ever smiling, never a frown on her brows
Breezes in with a jovial chime

Neelakshi-  Creative and wonderful, she knows the law, cool as ice, her heart warm, dances her heart out, even when a bit down
Goes with the flow and knows what she does, crystal clear in her views.
Jovial and throws caution to the wind
Wrote this for  my friends from the dance academy that I have joined, have known them for about six months. Couple of them asked, if I could write something about them. Knowing that I write :)
Rick Warr Feb 22
we argue every full moon
our determined spirits clash
time has taught us not to worry
it’s just a reclaiming of identity
necessary for self and mutual respect
often times though
i see your lovely nature
am pleased by you and me
tenderness assails me
longing to caress and kiss
i must act on these impulses
and not succumb to
habits of numbness
and head digression
touch when impulse pulses
caress when you feel caring
kiss as soon as the urge comes
we are relationship stayers
who have made it through every crisis
we have seen each other in all states
and are still loving mates
here’s to us
eternal love mates
i think because
at the end of the day
my little boy
and your little girl
will always want to play
dedicated to my loving companion
Nazim Rizvic Nov 2018
Hard to breathe, no
where to turn. You live,
still, the pain of her burn.
I can only watch, friend,
there is nought I can do.
Yet, still, I ponder, the cause.
The ruthless lies of unforgiving
******. You turn to me for
guidance, mistake, perhaps,
your life the remittance? Friend,
for your sake, I ask forgiveness.
IG @posmsbynaz for more.
Em MacKenzie Oct 2018
In your eyes there lives a solar system,
but lately my planets are nowhere to be found,
when rotation is closing, do you miss them?
Your eyes tell a million stories, but in space there is no sound.

In your palms I wish to trace your constellations,
I’m sure there’s a zodiac that connects you and I.
Your infinite galaxy can’t be compared to all other creations,
I just want to float aimlessly in your sky.

I’m running out of air,
and I don’t even care,
‘cause darling the universe is you.
My apologies if I stare,
but such a perfect sight is so rare,
oh darling my heart bursts, it’s true.

Stars line her soul,
and her light is brighter than the sun.
All my life I’ve been a black hole,
but finally destiny and gravity has won.

Her mind is the vast glowing Milky Way,
shining swirls of colour no mortal could ever wish to paint,
and it can pull you in, but you already want to stay,
and bathe in the shimmering hues, both bright and faint.

I’m running out of air,
and I don’t even care,
‘cause darling the universe is you.
Burning up as a solar flare,
your light’s ideal, there is no glare,
but darling I’m cursed as the colour blue.

Stars line her soul,
and her light is brighter than the sun.
Even a supernova has it’s own role,
the suction pulls me away but to you I’ll always run.

They say space is infinite and it’s distance knows no bars,
but I know it’s still intimate to stretch to you across the stars.
We can both still see the moon,
and can still feel the heat of the sun,
I know we’ll combine our two galaxies soon,
and make our planetary systems one.

I’m running out of air,
and I don’t even care,
‘cause darling the universe is you.
The shooting stars answered my prayer,
providing a bond and connection we share,
and I swear, if you burst I’ll use stitches and glue,
‘cause darling the universe is you.
Vaniexe Kafka Sep 2018
The sun has finally set but the moon is nowhere to be seen. The smell of the sea reaches his nostrils as he walks by the bay feeling the soft caress of the wind while relishing his dreams---so lucid--- he thought it was real.

The soft waves of the sea touches his feet and as he looked down, he remembered how he was also looking down at his feet in his dreams before he saw the lady that haunted his night.

Then again, 'It's only a dream', he thought.

But, as he moves his glance up, a lady of ethereal beauty occupied his gaze, taking his breath away, making his heart skip a beat.

Her eyes, he thought, are the mixture of the ocean and ligthning as they blend their colors.

Her soft eyes with a touch of danger was the very hue that haunted his every thought.

None of his paintings of her caught the life in her eyes.

And as he walk towards her, still captivated by her eyes, he finally came to realize why he always felt a pull and a need to go to the sea; to this sea.

The missing piece in his life has finally been found, knowing that the sole purpose of his life continues, more than anything,
"It's because of you."
He uttered as he sensed a forebonding,
feeling like he has finally come home.
Entry # 1 To the Book I Will Never Write
Lydia Aug 2018
If you could just stay around me all of the time
that would be great
carry me when I'm feeling like I can't stand anymore,
hold the weight,
prop me up and shower me in confidence when I can't find any of my own
kiss my bruises
and form me into something beautiful
in your eyes I am always magnificent,
I need more of that in my life

maybe I am guilty of needing you too much
I always said I would never let my soul rely on another,
with you it's like breathing,
it's just too easy
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