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MsRobota 23h
Poorly-contained ball of anxiety
Overanalyzing every interaction

I'll tell you something sweet

Write down
and compliments
and silly jokes
on sticky notes

along the floor
on the wall
in the car

I'll tell you something sweet
I used to be centre of attraction
Boys and girls surrounded me
With full attention
Playful jokes, playful banter
I used to be centre of attraction
I passed out of college
Everyone of them did acknowledge
They enjoyed jokes and banter
They now split in different directions
With no centre of attraction
Their movement used to be tangential
Never colliding with centre of attraction
All enjoying jokes and banter
I used to be centre of attraction
I'm lost myself all the time,
but when I get all of part of me
I just have one percent energy.
I think that is funny.
Indonesia, 10th May 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Michael Apr 10
The Knock-Knock Man.
I'm the Knock-Knock Man.
When you're upset I can lend a hand,
cause the Knock-Knock Man is who I am.

When your luck's gone down,
and got you feelin' blue,
I'll say "Knock-Knock."
and you say, "Who?"
You'll get the joke once you understand,
no one ever laugh's with the
Knock-Knock Man.
An ode to bad knock-knock jokes.
zebra Dec 2020
he watched her excitedly
eat **** shaped food
especially eclairs
as she languidly tongued
the white buttercream
from the sides of her mouth

thinking of her
his masturbations
powered the lights
of the Catskills

it wasn't just his profession
it was his obsession

just another horney
borsht belt gynecologist
Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
when I make jokes about suicide,
you worry about me.

but if I'm joking about suicide
and still finding a way to laugh
through the morbidity,
I am okay.

it's when I stop joking
that you have to worry.
Matt Shepp Nov 2020
Some roses are red,
Some tulips are magenta,
We hardly can believe
Four years ago we met ya.

Most grass is green,
Diamonds and ice are rocks,
We hope you enjoy your books,
new clothes and socks.

Nighttime sky is black,
The ocean (I guess) is teal,
How lucky we are
To have you is so unreal.

The sun appears yellow,
Boogers are chartreuse,
If you were a ******,
We'd always pick you!
Had this idea to write a poem for my daughter who is turning four years old, incorporating some Dad humor.
Justin Racine Sep 2020
All Philosophy Is


                                But Can You Grow Anything


      A Little

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