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What is this that I'm feeling
This is too good i might be dreaming
We went rogue on a secret mission to be together,
Forever, crossed fingers,
Call me up whenever and I'll answer
Invite me over I'll be there even faster
Need to vent talk to me and we'll chatter
About whatever
Unload unto me no questions asked
I'll be here to listen and understand
Let it be known that I'm your biggest fan
And I hope that you're mine too
There ain't a thing I wouldn't do
For you its true because I love you
This was originally part of my first punching bag poem but for some reason I had decided to take it out but since the first one did fairly well I'm just gonna add the other half. I also did change and add a few things to this half.
Wolf Feb 15
But I can't do anything about it now.
StrangeFruit Feb 13
I thought it was over
Done with
The feelings
The urges
They are still here
I thought it was only for you
I thought I only needed to get rid of you
With you gone the fighting is over
I never have to pretend to not see the bruises again
She is smiling now
But you have a friend
Actually you might not know him but you are the same
And she is the same
I think i have to help her too
I will make her smile again
nadine Oct 2017
you were always so dedicated in fixing my hair
everytime you stop, you smile and stare
i was so sure the galaxy was in your eyes, not outside of earth
fast heartbeats and halted breaths right after you've found tranquility in my shoulder
when tears have filled my eyes you were there
your chin rested at the top of my head trying to make me feel better
i've never felt so beautiful and fair
until you told me i was, you even swore
those ways got me and my soul ensnared
by you, a debonair, and your words
but do you really care?
i have thousands of questions hanging in the air
i don't ask for i already know the answer
maybe you do, until you've found her.
maybe you do, but i can never be her.
maybe you do, and i wish i was her.
maybe you still do but now i just want to take me back from you
oh please, tell me i still could.
stop me from falling deeper
Ilion gray Nov 2018
I will love you,

Until the heavens  
Of earth collapse,

I Will live for you, Never ending

you were formed
Above the firmament,
Before existence
You witnessed,

              All things,

My child, your mother is a mighty moon,

she can not be tethered,

Your father,

     I, Am the wild fire,
That's walks with rain.

were made between
And rock;
In the ****,
Of her mountains.
Just Below heaven.
On a night that
the density of light
set the clouds aflame,
And the sky,
could not be mapped,
And the stars,
Revealed their true names aloud,
in the hidden
The names God gave them.

Amid all of these things-

You were made-

         Drawn From Rivers
That carve
out of the earth,

And drip,

softening stone,

a creek
A forest floor-

It was here
That the almighty

forged Existence-

With His hands of wind...

you slept through many lives,

resting Until, the heat
escaped the fire.

Every night,
That summer
I listened
to the sound
of your
Body sleeping-

the silence.

Here I am,
a fire-
running wild
through the
sun burnt,
tall grass Of days-
Watching them Wither,
                   And crumble
To dust as they pass...

I, Could not make them- stop.

I, could not keep you.
now everything is a cage-
            here I am;

Without the immensity
Of your laughter
embracing My heart;                                                      
                                                                ­        I am un-done.

I've sat awake for months,
Replaced the  blinds with blankets,
These days,
it is the light;
that can not escape darkness,

each minute;
makes a feast of seconds,

The starving  hours,

Eating away Every minute.

             Here I am.

And the weight of
dreary day

devours everything.

I, am barely breathing.
Traveling,  through the world;
Wading through
unending hours.

The heat of your tiny
Being Wrapped, In gypsy golden
Hanging from my shoulders,
           Sliding   down
                          my back,
                                        Or resting across my stomach
Bringing me morning,
               The presence of your breathing--
                                                     ­                    I, am un-done

I curse the sun,
                I  reject its rays--
                           Always arriving,
And yet--
It Leaves
Before it comes.
                                     I am         un-done,
And I am never awake--

  I knew,
I would
Have to
              watch you go...

I knew How, 
   I would miss you.

when, the foreign moon
That wild fire needs something beautiful
to burn;
                    I watched her,
                  wrap you in wind;
Where stellar clouds
Begin, and end--

                                   And time

   swallowed us whole.
(For: Ilion, my son/From:Ilion the Gray, your father)
My whole life I've had a bar set just above my head,
and my only task was to grab it.
Written all over it was the rewards and success I would receive,
the admiration and honor, the love and recognition,
and all I would have to do was grab that bar.
So I tried.
I jump up and down,
reaching higher and higher,
I was inches away,
I was almost there,
I just had one more jump,
and then suddenly the bar got higher.
But I didn't give up,
each and everytime the bar got higher,
I learned to jump farther and farther.
But what I didn't realize is this that each time I jumped
I dug into the ground just a little more.
The bar wasn't rising,
I was just sinking,
I was digging my own hole of demise,
burying myself in this grave.
This wasn't my life,
this was a pit of self-hate,
a manipulative game that wrapped me around its finger with a disturbing ease.
I feel like I'm stuck in this hole,
trapped with no escape,
each attempt I make to grab this bar of expectation,
the worse all these thing get.
I look up at this bar with longing,
and then a question forms,
Who set this bar?
Why is it here?
Was it my parents?
My siblings?
My friends and family?
No. It came it to me suddenly,
like a punch to the face,
it is I who have set this bar upon myself,
it is I who is doing this.
No one else.
I put this expectation onto myself,
and I dug myself this cell.
Now I don't how to end this poem,
because it doesn't have an end really,
as long as I'm alive, I'll be fighting this battle,
and as long as I'm alive, I'll be writing.
So now I've written myself into a corner.
I'll believe this is what they call a conundrum. Huh.
Do you ever have those poems where you have exactly what you want inside your head, you have everything all perfectly laid out, and then it just all gets weird when you actually write it? that was basically this. I had an idea, the idea kinda went weird, and the end was just, I don't even know what I was doing there...
RBWhite Sep 2018
Qué buena combinación,
Una oda a la deseada ilusión,
Ahí se ve la mirada,
Ahí tengo la emboscada,
Porque con una fuerza de mil universos,
Tendré el de Ella grabado en mis huesos,
Espero paciente,como el león que suprime su hambre por el juramento de la carne,
Riego conocimientos en lienzos,
Y miento de miedo ante un vientre lleno,
Así obtengo lo que quiero,
A la fuerza e intensidad de un beso con precio,
Entre Tú y Ella,
Estoy en la dulce rivera,
Remitiendome a la Diosa de las Candelas,
Porque una está muerta,
Pero la otra me quema las cejas.
La Poética.
mc ish Jul 2018
my body feels numb
in the absence of yours near
pressing against me
you should be here
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