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Imprisoned in our drunken thoughts of escaping
Is there any single hope for changing?
If the moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to
Then why does it say, there are no directions available to pursue?
I wanted to live a dream, he granted it for me
And yet, there is no time to spare
O you, lonely soul, are you melancholy, or are you in despair?
Words cut like a knife sometimes
But it pierces my heart instead
They say that the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end
Will it even ever change?
collective thoughts around times of covid-19 when everything seems meaningless, repetitive, hopeless, and in utter metaphysical despair. I longed for a real connection with people.
Anais Vionet Jan 13
virtual school moments (in senryus)

I forget that I'm
virtual school, because I'm
really in my room.

And start brushing my
hair or singing a song I'm secretly
listening to - until friends text me!

My mom forgets I'm
in, comes in, to yell
at me about dishes.

My cat walks across
my keyboard submitting "84;'/jifgvbzws"
as a test answer.

"It was a typo!," I complain,
โ€œYou still got an "A"," she says.
"But I LOST 4 points!!" Argh!
"Get a life!," she says.
virtual school is so strange, so lonely, so liberating and convenient.
Christian Simon Nov 2020
The controller in my hand.
The power of life and death
In my fingers.
An imaginary world:
Somehow more brutal than this;
Somehow more entrancing than this.
Somehow, somehow.
A minute gone,
An hour,
A day.
A lifetime
Or enjoyed?

Virtual friends
Living virtual lives.
Scared to open the shutters,
Scared of the sunlight.
Smoke hangs in the air;
A nourishing vapour.
(Despite best efforts)
Reality becomes a backseat driver
Lurking in the background
Impossible to ignore.
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Type 1 civilization
Humanity approaches
Distancing from Nature
Energy from all sources
On Earth it would harness
Type 0 to Type 1
Enormous energy consumption
The only parameter
Determining type of civilization
Natural disasters
Earthquakes, tsunamiesย ย 
To be sources of energy
Technological advances
Life artificially distancing
Flora and fauna
Only on smartphones and computers
Living in virtual reality
A reality
Living in Nature's lap
A dream
Current civilization
Somewhere Type 0 and Type 1 in between
Type 0 civilization
Minimal energy consumption
Pollution free environment
Imagine roaming about
In a jungle
Riding a horse
Bow and arrows on shoulder
Sword in one hand
The other holding bridle reins
Horse galloping the trail
Then meeting princess
Of your dream
In type 1 civilization
Man would be an intelligent mass
Overwhelmed by technology
To and fro
Moon and Mars
Enter next type civilization
Dyson sphere
Around the Sun
To materialise
Channelize and harness
Solar energy Earth towards
Farther from Nature
Artificiality upwards!
Anais Vionet Nov 2020
In virtual school you
see the teacher in one screen
- students in others.

My desk has four screens
two for class, one for browsing,
one for Face-Time.

Record yourself, loop
it as background, and it looks
like youโ€™re engaged.  =]

Teacher: โ€œCome ON, guys
you got this last year!โ€ - and I
can't recall breakfast.

I'm NOT a nerd, I
just don't want to be working
with you at McDonalds.
virtual school, like regular school just subtract the fun.
Anais Vionet Sep 2020
School's started up. sigh
I moved up a notch, of course
but virtual school *****.

We should be walking
- no, swaggering - ivied halls
with new dominance.

Seniors rule, true,
but with one foot out the door
- Juniors set the tone.

One more viral theft,
that renders long traditions

This virus changes lives
- bodied within its limits
- what future will rise?
How many opportunities have been lost to this viral thief.
Anais Vionet Sep 2020
What if a ghost loves
me and using its powers
to keep boys away...

That would explain a
Lot. Does that sound childish? We're
seeped in illusion.

I spend all my school
days with the inhabitants
of a virtual realm.
virtual realm, virtual school, with it's ghost-like inhabitants.
Anais Vionet Aug 2020
Remember summer,
as funโ€™s residue fades.
Well, try anyway.

Now we live prudent,
virtually schooled lives - it's
all a million laughs.

Humidity clings,
grasping, like an ex-lovers
unwanted embrace.

Get your bikini,
hit the pool, frolic - drown school
worries in cool play
summer is really over - I suppose it had to happen - but VIRTUAL SCHOOL AGAIN?? PPLLEEAASSEE!
Anais Vionet Jul 2020
skool alert (a short poem)
school starts in 13 days.
A thousand kinds of torture
in a million different ways.
You work and have a boss
who's awful hard to please
In school, have 6 bosses -
you think that that's a breeze?
Virtual school's the worst
like school without the fun.
No flirting, dates, or parties
It's good training for a nun.

Corona virus pickup lines...
Hey baby, I'm still employed.
What's a girl like you doing anyplace? Seriously, ***? Go home!
You're hotter than medically recommended.

Don't fall so in love with sad poems that you become one.
Today is both the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be

I'm sure waterboarding is all they say it is but try and take a rubber band out of your hair you used for a quick ponytail.

That old monster school is rearing its ugly head.
School (11th grade: virtual) starts in 13 days. sigh
School doesn't teach life skills - but I can solve a parametric equation.
Age doesn't define maturity any more than grades define intelligence.

Friends joke with one another:
โ€˜Hey, your dadโ€™s dead.
โ€™Hey youโ€™re poor.โ€™
Thatโ€™s just what friends do.

Watching my mom on the computer and thinking
Why did you do THAT?
Why are you using Internet Explorer?
Your caps lock is on.
*** you're so SLOW.
You don't need to double click THATย ย sigh
Is this is going to take ALL DAY.
virtual school, is coming.. aaarrrggghhh
Nigdaw Jul 2020
this is what itโ€™s come to
my wife is at college upstairs
sitting on the bed
with sixteen other people
virtually on her laptop
my daughter late for her lesson
at college
without the excuse of
missed buses or traffic
she got stuck in the kitchen
talking to her boyfriend
on WhatsApp
Iโ€™ve booked an appointment
at the doctors
on zoom to diagnose
a worrying mole
thatโ€™s giving me grief
and I might facetime my dad later
the only time I see him
for real nowadays
virtual love
virtual hugs
how do you date in a pandemic
I wonder
looking for someone to share
the end of days with
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