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Farc chica
de Vene
is velvet
scripture but
a muskrat
that's amore
she's made
for lunch
where canta
is sweet
for laughing
while the
bossa nova
teri was
poolside for
the Quakers
of Mohave
a poem of free choice
The Only Thing
I Remember
The Matrix
Is Which Pill To
Are The
Transgender Twins
Are The
In one instance
Voices inside pleaded
To live in
Other dimension

1st D
Where you exist
2nd D
Full of magic

Just imagine
Why the world
Is different
From this corner
After all
Genre: Spiritual
Theme: Transition
PawanTube May 7
neither it’s lit nor it’s
worth to say
that something we’d
have to pay.
the most expensive in the world,
yet upto, no more hope we’d gain.

like a spider searching
their prey on mesh,
we' been searching
beauty on flesh.
why make presumption on
someone's characters,
when phrases complie to faith.
not every men knows
mirror on the witnesses,
makes pretend to fall.
accept it things we're looking for

by:- pawanTube
Aleph Mar 26
Welcome to this brave new world
no longer needing reality
into this new existence you’re hurled
we will replace everything with fantasy
you would like to live beyond your senses,
to transcend mortality

Embrace the illusion,
Existence vaporises itself
spreading the confusion
It  has its breaches its glitches,
but you want to be fooled
you want somebody to flip the switches
you want to be ruled

live in anonymity to avoid consequences
Project the right fictional life of pretences
Embrace life in the simulation
Reality is to plain and you are too trivial
Avoid the frustration
Swiftly avoid the material

Reconstruct your existence the way you always sought
Fill the void inside,
To the old you give no more thought
your  former has  died
destroy the absence drifting within
You new life will fast begin

Remake yourself to cast the divinity
you always craved to be  
indulge all the sins you hunger secretly
as a slave of the deception
you will finally feel free
close you eyes and allow yourself to drift
it will not take long now
Uploading complete...
Hurry hurry step right up!!! Everyone is a winner , don't change yourself change reality
Nylee Mar 6
Traveled half the world
sitting on my bed
whole day
dragging the page down
with my finger

There is no need
of the door
virtually I can be me
just my mind
without the body

Explore all kind of land
almost a fantasy
reaching the highs
and the depths alike
inside your head
and searching my own
Ronald Jun 2018
I saw a picture today
It has a ravishing power, I must say

In search of every information
Direction to nowhere
What can I possibly find?
For the chance of us

Face from heaven
Fine carcass
and a fragile ***
that fell in love
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