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We walk among hero’s every day.
And they are recognised,
But not merely enough.
They all fight on the same team,
They don’t always have the same uniforms,
But they fight for you, out of love.
They get paid sure, just about,
But it doesn’t keep them there,
It’s their compassion.

They suffer long hours, and bad pay,
Overworked, overwhelmed,
Something we need to refashion.
Yet they continue, fighting for your health,
Mending wounds, treating disease,
Doing their all, doing what they can.
They do it with a smile, a friendly face,
They do it agile, and with grace,
Yet they’re just human, not Superman.
They’re on the frontline, hands on,
They’re behind the scenes,
Each a cog, in a massive machine.
But this machine is built by living parts,
And they’re breaking more and more,
Physically, emotionally, everything in between,
Yet they carry on.
They continue to fight.
A battle never won.
Recognised and praised,
These are our heroes,
Recognised, revered, yet still unsung.
Joining a NHS Trust in a digital team, I saw the clinical teams first hand, as well as the admin and "back" staff. I wrote this on a break. Not really Proof read it.
BEWARE seniors are targeted for demolition
They make it look like an accidental solution
First patient visits general doctor then you are asked to fill in tons of weird questionnaire asking specifically how many relatives are still that care about your well being
Upon filling up fraudulent medical required paperwork asking front desk for a copy of documents it's denied and any attempts to complain about the issue they make you into a crazy person with dementia and enter fraudulent
illness codes on file trashing medical records and patient healthy otherwise will be targeted.

If going for a simple UTI antibiotics
are denied and visits to dentist
patient made to wait until all patients have left
To inject poisons  into patients mouth.
Patient is often asked to submit to invasive tests
ordered by visiting unlicenced nurses
instead of doctors
Most general doctors never get involved
they allow the evil doer greedy ******* to do away with their evil deed for a cut in the fraudulent life insurance.
The patients family is usually victimized they lie divide and plot to ****** the loving sage wise relative that was made into a estranged.

Most crooked doctors patients have a list of life insurances fraudulent in nature which they renew and then extort the money from victimized
grown  next of kin .
Trashing the innocent elderly parent
even more to the eyes of patients grown kids
to  embarrass them.
Later years later the patient has been tortured infected on purpose during minor medical procedures
But all you crooks on *******
habitual drug user morons
crooks are not above the law
Publishing this awareness
that what happened to us
is happening
to your loved ones somewhere else 
in this amazing superpower heavenly USA
becoming a **** hole disgrace
called North America
with it's madness rampart
mass shootings
and covert greedy medical Neo Natzis
Abusing medicare Medicaid system
Pre meditating the killing maiming of elderly.
Now martial law continues
targeting senior population US citizens
in hospitals.

Define all this hell life going wrong
hate crimes against beautiful courageous
dodging bullet immigrants.
Like myself.
As to the evil greedy psychopath's
trashing me to the 11 winds to my family
beware I pray Psalm 109
**** murderers human trafficants
To the jealous Liz W and Henry R W
His ****** twisted girl friend
evil nurse sociopath sterile
haina with the fraudulent birth certificates
Some idiot bailed you out of ******* and you implicated me sold my child my life for your evil deeds and bad habits
Your evil doer now you're made public.
All of you are on the FBI list being
You will be cought imprisoned
with each crime you attempt
to commit
You will be made to pay.
My parents didn't birth me for you to ****** me pregnant and stalk me a fife time **** of of Earth in USA
Hussein Dekmak May 2021
Sixty-seven children have been slaughtered.
Sixty-seven dreams have been shattered.
Sixty-seven beautiful faces have now vanished.
Sixty-seven vibrant smiles have faded.
Sixty-seven beds are left empty.

Palestinian children, like all children, love to play.
Palestinian children are longing for peace.
The children of Gaza dream to be teachers, nurses, artists, engineers, and doctors.
Palestinian children want to breathe.
Palestinian children's lives matter!

(Palestinian children killed by Israel in Gaza in May, 2021)

Hussein Dekmak
Ellie Sutton Jul 2020
Nurses bursaries scrapped
Wages capped
Students unpaid, betrayed
By a stratified social system
That ***** on the helpless and the selfless
"Gratitude" is expressed
Not by redressing the balance
But with a clap
Followed by a stab in the back:
Oh, snap.

We're sick of your hollow applause: pause
Rewind your mind three years
To when you jeered
And blocked their cause with a cheer:
Tell me, is your conscience clear?

And when we think
You can't sink any lower
You throw a fresh blow:
Increase front line pay
But decline the same for our warriors in blue
Who saved your **** neck on that ICU

And the saddest part
Of this sorry story, Tory
Is we're outraged and dismayed
At the disdain you've displayed
But amazed? No.
Your track record is traceable
Applause a mere mask
Tasked with shielding years of austerity
That's crippled our NHS
With alarming prosperity

This proverbial *******
Will linger
In the memories of those who chose
A career of care
Over privilege and flair
Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
Date an Air Hostess
and U shall fly,
First Class on Her Flight.
Date a Lady Teacher
and She will Teach U,
how to Read and Write.
Date a Poetess
and She will Compose U,
A Poem filled with Verses.
Date a Lady Doctor,
U will be attended by
all Her Pretty Nurses.
Date a Lady Cop
and U shall find Yourself,
behind Bars.
Date a Female Alien
and U will land Yourself,
on Saturn or Mars.
Damian Murphy Apr 2020
A heartfelt thanks to all going
To work on the front line knowing
You are stepping into harms way,
Risking your lives every day
In caring for, and comforting
All those in pain and suffering.
For the fantastic job you do,
Stepping up when we needed you,
For the sacrifices you make
And the daily risks you take,
The country should never forget
We are forever in your debt.
You are true heroes all of you
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…….
Today is World Health Day
It is an opportunity to appreciate
"The role of nurses and midwives
in saving world from corona threat"
They are doing untiringly long
duties without proper rest
Saving the world without
the fear of self infection
Let us applaud their valuable
role with two words of respect
The 7th April is the World Heath Day.
She held my hand
and dried my sweating brow
"I never asked her"

She comforted me when I was alone
and fed me when I was hungry
"I never asked her"

She washed me when I was unclean
and covered me in warm sheets
"I never asked her"

She blew me a kiss when she left
and said I'll see you tomorrow
"I never thanked her"
Nurses, all in a days work.
Abbas Mar 2020
In times like these we must beware,
for we know not when end is near,
know your purpose in this world,
for time has come to be sincere.
To all those people fighting bold,
whose days are long and nights are cold,
for you and I they risk their lives,
so now’s the time to make them smile.
Give them strength and power too,
for we know not what they go through.
Show respect, support them too:
to all those angels, we need you.
For all those who risk their lives every single day for the safety of others: you are special in this world and you need to be told that. The world must show its gratitude to the warriors that help get humanity through unimaginable crises such as the prevailing one. They deserve love, respect and appreciation.
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