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I took a brief moment out
to think about life since
the day that I lost my wife and no longer understand what It all about this
we'll all suppose love so much and be so grateful for living this life all I see looking through my eyes at this world
born dying lost crying killing staving selfish greedy money grabbing corrupt ambition
own self Importance whilst people die from cold on our
get food from food banks families whose  children are going to school hungry parents that have to cut the ends of their kid's shoes  
because their feet have out grown their shoes
and the parent can't afford new ones a school that has a food bank, not a tuck shop like when I was a
If I hear just one more comment from one of these Conservative stuck up life of luxury MPs saying child poverty Is down under their
Im going to go berserk there own greed blinds them from realities of the world average joes have to
all I can say stop the world I want to get off don't want to carry on this journey to where we
look like certain disaster to me I'd rather not see where It's all going to end
I will skip that one If you don't mind
MPs that don't live In the real world Im tired of the things I see everyday corrupyion
You told me how you wished you were holding me in your arms but behind my back you had let go of my heart and smiled as you let her fall from your brittle hands. You promised to protect her. You promised to hold her for the rest of our lives. And now here she lay face up on this bed staring blankly at the ceiling with tears of second guesses and regrets flowing for anyone to see. She is numb and homeless, strong but trying to keep going. You broke her.
You promised.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Will this pain ever release Its hold me, and let me try
live again for I've done all
that I promised and kept  all the memory of you so much alive
And the world now know of you Helen and the twenty years we spent together through the poems that I write and all who read of you everyone now Helen love's
A promise kept to Helen made to myself Is being fulfilled and keeping your memory alive and always
Kaitlin Evers Nov 2018
Never more than I can bear
It's what you promised me
A wrenching family affair
Obsessed with his authority,
trying to control me,
memories that hold me,
it's almost more than I can bear
He doesn't even care
It tears, it breaks, it falls apart
And this is just the start
Mary Frances Nov 2018
He loved her
with everything he had,
with everything that was left of him.
He promised his heart to her.
Told her to call his name
whenever she needed him.
She never knew that was the last time.
And as he took his last breath
in the darkest alley,
it was her name on his lips.
But she didn't hear and
she would never know.
Not now, not ever.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
I remember so well on returning home after my wife's burial a terrible feeling of betraying her leaving my beloved In that
cold ground having never been apart In the twenty years having always told her that I'd never leave her promised every day of the twenty years that we were together
Opening the front door of my now house for the first time without wheeling Helen In In through the door In her wheelchair so cold lifeless feeling, where once filled with the warming glow of Helen's love Completly empty house empty rooms silent where a pin droped would be heard
After the 23rd Dec 2017, I took the Christmas tree all
lights decorations with It and through them In the garden where nearly a year on they remain, but after doing that
returning back to my now empty rooms to sit and realises this was now to be a reality for the rest of the remaining days I might have left
In a house once that was filled with Helen warmth and her love, never to be
To return home after laying my loved one to rest with terrible feeling of betraying her leaving her In the cold ground having promised In life never to leave her
Nathalie Nov 2018
Silvered flakes illuminate

Her promised path

Crowds of trees

Honour companionship

During this heartening journey

No turning back

Once the voyage begins

Vision lifts the seeker

And encourages progress

Moving towards purpose

Heart and minds speaks

In accord, as momentum

Drives achievement

Elevation boosts awareness

Soul vibrates new frequency
Amanda Oct 2018
You promised roses.
Laughter. Forever. Long nights.
Yet only gave goodbye.
Trying to improve this one.. its not really inspired by my life so it seems.. lackluster.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
You're just within my grasp
but I should know better.
Your heart may be promised for me
but your life is promised for another.
You're my peaceful trance,
my precious muse,
My once-upon-a-time dream
yet not my happy ending.
You'll remain to be someone I see
when I close my eyes,
My own fairy tale,
my soulmate when I sleep.
I'll hold you in my heart
as close as the stars hold the moon
You are my heart's treasure,
my mind's healer,
For you are the dream,
and I, the dreamer.
The one who was protecting my heart
The one who promised me forever
The one who taught me how to love
The one who made me believe in love again
The one who used to love me
The one who knows all my scars and flaws
The one who is perfect for me
The one who used to make me smile
The one who was there with me every time
The one who talk to me day and night

Left me ! Left me!
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