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Nicole Sep 27
A suitcase always promised uncertainty

But staying put always guaranteed absolute

She promised to be strong.
She promised to be stable.
She promised to forget this face.
She promised to erase this voice.
But she repeat the record on the voice mail again and again.
She promised to be strong.
She promised to be stable.
She promised never miss at all.
But she is fragile.
She's fragile like a flower.
She's fragile like a sand.
She's fragile like a crystal ball.
But she's promised to be strong.
Amanda Jun 14
I want more than ever
To kiss your supple lips
Mark neck like you did mine
Cause stomach to do flips

I want you to laugh with me
Stupid, silly, random jokes
Tease me with meaningless words
Annoy me with tickles and pokes

Want to travel the earth with you
Walk beaches, bridges, and tracks
Hear stories, dreams, and fears
Make you happier than Prozac

I want heart to forget how lonely feels
Relieve shoulders of the shame
Never display disappointment
To teach your value is my aim

I want us to forget the feeling
Of any other person's skin
Never want you to give to some other girl
The part opened to let me in

I want nights I spent alone
To vanish and be replaced
With ones laid there next to you
Inches from your face

I want to keep my fear far from me
Heart on an untouchable cloud
Haze of happiness making truth hard to see
I'll gladly live with you forever in this shroud

I want to give up and let you in
Know in the end you'll always have me
Promised myself I wouldn't care too much
Didn't realize how hard that would be
Maybe I just care too much
Ainnoot Jun 12
You illuminated my life just
as the sun lights the earth
when it is most needed.
When the moon could no longer be seen
because the moon meant "to dream"
and the dreams that I had of love
were no longer in existence.
That was when you arrived,
when the illusion was leaving.
Illusions are like dreams,
nothing more, just that one is conscious.
How ironic that to this day
I can't get you out of my mind.
I guess "forever" was promised.
I was high when I wrote this at 3 am. It was originally written in Spanish, by me. This is the translation.
Once upon upon time
many years ago I met
girl so sweet and loving
she was to
Once upon a time long
ago long ago I fell In love
with this pretty called girl
Once upon a time long
ago I got engaged shortly
after that I married this pretty
Once upon a time long ago
my pretty wife gifted me a wonderful son and so proud of her I
Once upon a time not so
long ago I lost my pretty wife to ill health that I'm slowly trying to come to terms
Once upon a time a very short time ago I promised
my pretty wife a
to date I've written nearly
nine hundred and fivty all
dedicated to my pretty
A poem promised to my pretty wife that turned Into nine hundred and fivty dedication poems to her memory
Johnny walker Feb 28
I thought I had It made
my friend, when I first
met Helen on that day thought those days to never end
All now seems such a
a long time ago when we first held hands, of to the park we did
To where we sat a while had our very first kiss so much of this I truly miss
her more than words can ever
My friend all now seems a long time ago but all my memories and dreams I still have my
I thought I had made my friend all now seems a long time ago since she left this life for good but I have all my memories
Helen, memories will never die In my heart she always be my friend for my poem of her I'll always write that I promised my self to her I'd
Promises I made to my self In life poems for my wife to write them and make known to many people In the world as
I can
I took a brief moment out
to think about life since
the day that I lost my wife and no longer understand what It all about this
we'll all suppose love so much and be so grateful for living this life all I see looking through my eyes at this world
born dying lost crying killing staving selfish greedy money grabbing corrupt ambition
own self Importance whilst people die from cold on our
get food from food banks families whose  children are going to school hungry parents that have to cut the ends of their kid's shoes  
because their feet have out grown their shoes
and the parent can't afford new ones a school that has a food bank, not a tuck shop like when I was a
If I hear just one more comment from one of these Conservative stuck up life of luxury MPs saying child poverty Is down under their
Im going to go berserk there own greed blinds them from realities of the world average joes have to
all I can say stop the world I want to get off don't want to carry on this journey to where we
look like certain disaster to me I'd rather not see where It's all going to end
I will skip that one If you don't mind
MPs that don't live In the real world Im tired of the things I see everyday corrupyion
You told me how you wished you were holding me in your arms but behind my back you had let go of my heart and smiled as you let her fall from your brittle hands. You promised to protect her. You promised to hold her for the rest of our lives. And now here she lay face up on this bed staring blankly at the ceiling with tears of second guesses and regrets flowing for anyone to see. She is numb and homeless, strong but trying to keep going. You broke her.
You promised.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Will this pain ever release Its hold me, and let me try
live again for I've done all
that I promised and kept  all the memory of you so much alive
And the world now know of you Helen and the twenty years we spent together through the poems that I write and all who read of you everyone now Helen love's
A promise kept to Helen made to myself Is being fulfilled and keeping your memory alive and always
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