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Dylan McFadden May 2020
Behold the Man who goes to see
The New Creation then set free
The place no sins or sorrows grow
The Promised Land to come aglow

Oh flee the gates of Babylon!
The ***** who feeds on her own spawn...
May Zion be your heav’nly home
The City where true lovers roam

Serendipity Mar 2020
At my very core
am I as human
as I was promised
to be?
I don't know what I'm doing
and have no clue on where I'm heading
all I know is that it's great
wherever I'm going

hell to some, heaven to others
the promised land, a place full of wonders
the place where we no longer suffer
a place where we have each other
a place, full of sinners
I hope to see you soon
my brothers and sisters.
Created by me on November 23rd, 2019
colette alexia Jan 2020
I’m disappointed
I feel our love story is coming to a close
And you forgot to enter it
He promised me a great love
So I opened the door
Fifteen months I waited
Now I’m not sure what I waited for
Clinging to what he said
I kept the door open
And I didn’t find you
But I found my faith instead
So if you ask me how I feel about
What I’ve been dealt
I will confidently assure you
All is well
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2019
I want more than ever
To kiss your supple lips
Mark neck like you did mine
Cause stomach to do flips

I want you to laugh with me
Stupid, silly, random jokes
Tease me with meaningless words
Annoy me with tickles and pokes

Want to travel the earth with you
Walk beaches, bridges, and tracks
Hear stories, dreams, and fears
Make you happier than Prozac

I want heart to forget how lonely feels
Relieve shoulders of the shame
Never display disappointment
To teach your value is my aim

I want us to forget the feeling
Of any other person's skin
Never want you to give to some other girl
The part opened to let me in

I want nights I spent alone
To vanish and be replaced
With ones laid there next to you
Inches from your face

I want to keep my fear far from me
Heart on an untouchable cloud
Haze of happiness making truth hard to see
I'll gladly live with you forever in this shroud

I want to give up and let you in
Know in the end you'll always have me
Promised myself I wouldn't care too much
Didn't realize how hard that would be
Maybe I just care too much
Ainnoot Jun 2019
You illuminated my life just
as the sun lights the earth
when it is most needed.
When the moon could no longer be seen
because the moon meant "to dream"
and the dreams that I had of love
were no longer in existence.
That was when you arrived,
when the illusion was leaving.
Illusions are like dreams,
nothing more, just that one is conscious.
How ironic that to this day
I can't get you out of my mind.
I guess "forever" was promised.
I was high when I wrote this at 3 am. It was originally written in Spanish, by me. This is the translation.
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