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The ones who slay the human lives
Are mostly the religious fanatics
Scared imbeciles
Afraid of what they've done
Or afraid to rot in hell
But forgot
This is the hell that we created!
judgement is made in this world!
Karijinbba Sep 15
Joy happiness
those loved the most
think of me today
my beloved
By: Karijinbba
~Copy Rights apply~
To be remembered well is to relive
after we pass on.
next to never (a pair of ones)

squeezed between nuh-uh and fugetaboutit,

is that long gone notion in the nation of concepts,

like one true love, the connected lines on each of our

bodies, certifying we are a pair of ones, a strong hand.

there are chores to be done:

reread Guy de Maupassant,

delete two thousand unread emails

cry for my so lost children

let Walt Whitman wash over my body like oil

kick the guy out of bed so he can make us coffee.

a ton of stuff to do, good thing, we got a strong hand,

that pair of ones.

which I am now informed is called a pair of


Who Knew?

7:51 Sun Jul 12
“Every failure is a lesson.

Every success is a message.

To hold but, never ruin

blessings of loved one’s around you.“
[People deserve to meet right people]
Find for yourself
someone right,
who can handle
your senses right
even when you’re unkind
to your own-self!

People deserve to meet right person.
Bhill Apr 23
Its Way...

nature has an assignment to wake up the seasons
seasons have their own special way this should be performed
birds chirping and singing in tune with the sun rising
annual blooming of the desert cactus and flowers
melting of the snow in higher elevations
water gaining speed down rivers and streams
waters that will fill lakes, ponds, and reservoirs
trees are regaining leaves and providing shade for the ground below
all in the name of life succession
nature has its way...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 114
Trust in nature
Tizzop Mar 6
the rivers of shades
provide water for the forgotten

who have been isolated
from all living in order to

you'll find their silhouettes
behind curtains, in flickering, a

for the living to look closer
in ice-packed letters forever

you give it all back to me?
i need me my caring, my huggings

stay away from me i wouldn't cope
i would grab a thick rope but ya know i

everything counts no detachments
attachment: the rivers of shades approaching

we can't get away from them they
are here now and they will stay

depictions of endless loopholes
children adults and groups
into rivers of shades:

the last curtain
the last candle
the last silhouette

"we can't get away from them"
you say looking at me but "no sweat
we'll be good baby" i'm echoing as we

become a combination of wolf & lioness
from one unit into one fluid

last echoes voices and shades
but the rivers remain
but the rivers remain
Today is a serious day. A girl I'm very close to threatened to take her own life. What the... Fortunately, she didn't. God bless you

Much Love Mikey.
EP Robles Mar 1
NOT  a goodbye my sweet birds
but that season's  change
o'er time and human need

the burrow may borrow
what little warmth
of heart but the sun sees
the vastness of grand love
we give her\so not a goodbye
little ones but a promise
for tomorrows!

:: 03-22-2014 ::
Rev: 03-18-2018
Tim Kitchen Feb 24
I missed my wife today
while she had to be away.
Realised how lonely I’d be
if she wasn’t here with me.

Without her love and smile
life wouldn’t be worthwhile
I missed my wife today.

I missed my children today
seeing them happily at play.
Sunny days and ice creams
bedtime stories before dreams.

They’ve grown and moved on
now my little ones are gone.
I missed my children today.

I missed my father today
working Monday to Friday.
Taking us out on Saturday.
preaching in church on Sunday.

Taken from us far too young
long before his life was done.
I missed my father today.

I missed my mother today
busily getting through the day.
Dinner cooking, smelling good
afternoon read when she could.

Never a moan, often a smile
looking after us all the while.
I missed my mother today.

   I missed them all today.
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