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Such an fierce yet kind-hearted soul
you grew your own little world
one made of flowers and ferns
that responded like the unfurling wings
of a butterfly
straining for sunlight and warmth

You've touched so many hearts
held so many hands
you've claimed your spot in our lives

Even as I stare ar your face--
so worn from burdens
so lined with laughter--
a glimmer of the woman you were
peeks through the cracks of your eyes

gently grasping your hand that so lovingly
tended to your own
an mere murmur of your former glory

Loved ones flock
shaking under the weight of your death
distant beeping of machinery
mocking our attempts to hold on to you
if only for a little longer

"Don't leave," I inwardly beg
your lashes flutter
as if in response to my plea
I clench my fists but it's no use
you choke but never falter
my mother singing while you gasp

Red lights
whirring machines
as you
your last
I taste salt
it lingers in the air
and I think
it always will.

Esther Krenzin
For my Great Grandmother.
s Willow May 6
The ones that tells you it’s gunna be okay,
They don’t understand what you’re going through

The ones that say their okay,
They’re the ones dying the fastest.

The ones always saying they wish for death
They distract from the desperate.

The ones that stay quiet,
The ones that say nothing
The Poe’s that smile and laugh it off.
They are the ones that need the most help.
Brick by brick
stone by stone
I have built myself up
denying the inevitable
that all things
and small
when it is their time
that mortality is the flutter
of a moth
so brief and sudden
fleeting even
an elusive thief we avoid
until it robs our home
and there are no riches that can
buy the hand of death
it strikes as it pleases
reaps those who sow
and sows those who reap.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
SelinaSharday Feb 13
S.H.E ..2

As a poem needed you.
She 2 as a writing.. adored you.
She 2 depended on you.
S.H.E.2 Relied on you
As poetic arms.. As a baby Poetry is born.
As a child
Poetry needs encouragements to be caring gentle mild.
Poetry has run away..
Poetry heart broke it couldn't stay.
Because you were gone and...Poetry...Needs you. இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—
Like a tide Poetry has sailed away.
SelinaSharday S.A.M (©)
@S.H.E.2..They call her a poem they say she is poetry. she found no company..she has run away from home..Hello.....There's No _______
Fullfreddo Mar 2018
“the ones that feel everything already know...”  Harlon Rivers

curse this blessing. leeches leach this blessing.  
this summation this summary judgment
this sum of my addiction addition
where from this mark of cain upon my eyes, intended to drown
a brimful poet in a wellspring of their product?

blood sweat and tears the tea my quill is
in the rivulets that drown the scarred pathways perforce dipped

walk the streets and all secrets to me betrayed
yours not mine for in my possess but one
feel everything

every scowling every halved smile the ecstasy of belly laugh
I know I know
the libretto of a thousand operas
that do not all reach a final act

a-few cogent my x-ray ability aNd and the most
desperate  with out the disparity of no partition

curse this blessing bestowed, I rather

I cut off my wings,
and made my mama scream.
I already told you,
I'm your darkest dream.
The one that keeps you up at night,
making you terrified to close your eyes
even for a second.
Because in the one, small span
of a moment,
I will make all of your fears
surface their way from your soul,
and you will be left
wondering what
caused you to bleed.
The answer is simple;
Johnny walker Feb 23
There were times In my life when It just passed
me by seemed all my
of youth disappeared I never got the chance to
live the days of my
There was space between
a being a teenager to middle age that's completely missing disappeared behind locked doors drawn curtains never allowing sunlight
Staying In never going out
sleeping away daylight hours came to live briefly after dark laid awake with the other creatures of the night
When everybody slept knowing I could never sleep at night only daylight hours like a vampire's existence afraid of
This poem Is about the devastating effect depression on one life I lost most of mine
because of It
Skywlkr Feb 20
Shhh Little Baby don't You Cry Because I'm Here to Give You the Sky help you Find Your Wings And Fly,
                 And if those Wings don't Fly  
                 I'll Stand Beside you till We
                 Die.......................... Xxxx. ***
Shorty sorry
Please pray
for the loss of my uncle.
The way he
was horrible.
Drug for him were always
a struggle.
And now
his parents have to
put together
the death puzzle.
Please pray
for my grandparents,
and for all those
who need to deal with losing loved ones
Please pray for my grandparents and for my family. The loss of my father's brother, my uncle, came unexpectedly.
Kiara Plummer Jan 11
Was he my father, friend or brother?
To me, he was all; I looked at him-
Tall and thin, my protector.
Was he not my counsellor?
I'd ask things and he'd tell me all;
Everything I needed to hear.

Was he not my confidant?
Oh yes! I told him things-
Quite indoors too and advice I got.
This man had wise words,
He was like superman;
One indeed but without a cape.

Was he not my knight?
Yes indeed! He shielded my
negative words and clothed them,
with positive. Was he not good?
He was generous and caring. I
wondered why he chose me to care
for. Perhaps our spirits were meant
to be crossed; he was an angel. That
God sent to guide me, away from all

I find his traits to be entertaining and
honest, not too upfront to blind your
feelings. Was he not always going to
be my friend, father and brother?
In my heart I think so.
My english teacher was who inspired me to write this poem. I wrote this poem about him as he made me see things about myself that I thought was impossible to see.
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