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Lawrence Hall Jun 2022
Lawrence Hall

                     Fashionable Death Cults Then and Now

After the June 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union and Einsatzgruppe mass shootings of civilians, the Nazis experimented with gas vans for mass killing…

-Gassing Operations | Holocaust Encyclopedia (

Dozens of migrants were found dead in an abandoned big rig in San Antonio on Monday in what appears to be the deadliest human smuggling case in modern U.S. history.

-At least 50 migrants found dead inside a truck in San Antonio, officials say (

We have our death vans too, not well-organized
But rolling down the American road
Unseen by our leaders in their personal jets
Flying to Frisco or maybe Cancun

Bombings and shootings on the street and in church
Job lots in hospitals, by the dozens in schools
For we too specialize in genocide
And may Moloch and Herod bless our AR-15s

If any children survive, we’ll call them Generation Something
And tell them each day how inadequate they are
Our nation as a death cult
Ludovico ludo Apr 2022
Why am like kid to dance on my father's grave.
Why am not sure about my fallen story of love.
Maybe the passerby call me crazy of course they are not sure about who I am.
But they need to know the truth and the world needs to know all but still my mind is allergic on there quotes.
The world is truly nothing as it gives me reasons to back in my sorrow gracias.
Really our clan is not like wheels, so that we can back in our blood shed, and paint our feathers with the curse of black allies.
But please reflect on me, from my family grave I grew, in eyes of my heart murders I make my roots and again with the hands of my neck slaughters we make our land green by irrigating it with forgiveness and remembrance.

Now you can understand how my pain is my back pack that seek my joy but still be my burden to bring me down of my crown.
My king size my rope, there still a farm we need to renovate and tighten our knots so that the eyes keept at us many needs to change.
As we grow we will understand, once we were church mates later we became killers and others became hunts, once we were brothers later we fights in court, once we were Brothers later we became enemies, haters, and nightmare living.
From my pain I saw my light, I ended up smiling, my God served my soul and brought united
Really they fought, they cured our wombs, they rescued our blood, they vallued our land, and seek my happiness again.
Again we ate our bread with juice instead of roots and thirst, we made it sadly to make happy land ancestry DNA.

Let's build together, let's continue our strategy straight forward to our motto.
I see my lights starting and my vow renewals with my heart beeping maybe am winning and my sword will protect rather than shaddind our blood with innocents soul.
I see Victorious holding victory and the victory is my pride and that's our light.
Hello poetic people!
Am proudly happy to share you this new poem about Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsi of 1994.
As today we remember overmillion Tutsi that killed for no reason but only how there nature, yes there were innocents and the rest of them have developed themselves and there are making there life better.
So I shared you this poem I made today so that it can help you understand how it happened, ended, and the rest servived and creates there next life. ©2022 ISHIMWE Jean Louis Segoe
Yousra Amatullah May 2021
Hearts skipping beats,
Unable to vent,
1, 2, 3...
الى متى؟

Lungs filled up with dust,
Medical was attacked,
11, 12, 13...
الى متى؟

Eyes running out of tears,
Unable to occupy,
21, 22, 23...
الى متى؟

Voices heard deeply,
Some pilloried, some bombed,
31, 32, 33...

√'Wir haben es nicht gewusst'
71, 72, 73... Suffocated by injustice.
الى متى يا عمي؟
الى متى؟
Till when?
Yousra Amatullah May 2021
The oppressor,
The oppressor.
Ever thought about going into therapy?
Yousra Amatullah May 2021
Them breaking and entering isn't because they seek some sort of hospitality,

Them breaking the law effortlessly, meaning; destroying humanity,

Became their drug, their simple way of gaining sanity,

Sickness is its base, they haven't seen health in this plea of insanity,

Since the world keeps her mouth shut, afraid to lose her own vanity.

Such a poor mentality.

And for the oppressor,
Who washes his hands with genocide, his head with immorality,

If reason doesn't reach you to stop this act of criminality,

Know, you've never earned what you took, but in the end of days you will earn for your act of brutality.
May Allah be with our brothers and sisters in Palestine.
How could I,
The double-faced
WHO’s current leader,
On par with
A chieftain
Brigade general,
Tightlipped attend
My diabolic
Party’s funeral?

Though for
My criminal
Party’s tragic end,
I have to sob,
I must labor
To garner
The pity of
The credulous, elites
As well as
The mob
Round the globe.

At the same time
Dollars I have
To underwrite
In a bid remaining
Impish junta members
Beef up their might
Armed again
To wage a fight!

After ENDF’s law
Enforcement operation,
“I know not
The whereabouts of
My nephew,
In Micadra’s massacre,
Who might have
Victimized a few!”

Blood is thicker
Than water
Thus about
Genocide victims
Why should
I bother?
By defector as
I’m also
A victimizer.

I forgot
I’ve to seek
A scapegoat,
Though it was
The junta
Who released thugs
And cut throats
Before defeat
So that
They could
Run amok
To wreak havoc
—**** & looting—
I will dish out stories
In order hints not
To the gun the smoke!
If handsomely paid
Some media outlets
Could reverse the talk.
For the double-faced DR.Twedros,WHO"s current leader. He is being exposed by Genuine Ethiopians across the globe specially via twitter.Also read my earlier poem about him Like likes like.
A hatred fiend,
Playacting a votary
Of democracy and federalism
To a gluttonous end,
“Unless we grip
The rein of power
Driving a divisive wedge
Along religious and
Ethnic lines, also
Orchestrating terror
Every hour,
See to every evil
We shall
Till the wind of change
Blowing over the nation
Suffers reversal.”

“On the world-acclaimed
Change drive
We shall inflict
Every possible harm
So that flouted it runs
Out of charm!

Using a Facebook army
On par with Tsunami
We shall trigger
And foment conflicts
And make
This and that ethnic groups
Arch enemy.

Slaying toddlers,
Senior citizens
And women, with
The bun in the oven,
Shock we shall
Create often!”

"Also with
'We are victims' clamor
Seeking for a stalemate,
Global-pity a door
We intend to continue
A  victor.

To deflect attention
From a government-junta
To neighboring country’s town
Firing rockets far
Dragging it into war
We shall internationalize
The fight
Conveying our diabolic move
Is right!
Though unheard of in history
We shall splice
In unholy marriage
With any enemy
Of the country.
Also from its back
The national defense force,
Guarding the boundary
And us
Its forehead
In the crosshair mark,
We shall attack!
Though this makes us
Selfish, our ethnic
Groups we shall use
As a human shield
A daunting influence
On citizens-cherishing
Government to wield."////
(What the TPlF Junta is doing.The true picture of TPLF now being vanquished )
A crackdown on a junta outperforming Satan

The TPLF Junta that is using the peace-loving Tigrian people as a human shield to carry on its evil intent of wrecking down a nation had been milking the country’s economy dry, making citizens shed red tears and perpetrating atrocities of every brand.
While it was in power for over 27 years, with crocodile tears, the Junta was playacting a vanguard of the constitution. It was claiming a votary of the supremacy of law while in reality it was trampling on the constitution in a broad daylight and displaying a mockery of justice to the dismay of citizens.
As an elixir, the junta, which has got one leg in the grave, was using divide and rule as a tactic to make people see one another as preys and predators as well as oppressors and the oppressed. In so doing, it was planting deep the seed of mistrust among people. That is why extirpating the problem has proved demanding despite the nation’s time-old chemistry.
Also TPLF had labored ceaselessly to loosen national unity.
Under the smokescreen of a make-believe federalism, states’ wealth and natural resources were siphoned hardheartedly by finger-counted despots running the Front. During its heyday this junta never gave the slightest attention to the people of Tigray, who paid a lot to the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. It is now making a frantic bid to click with them to save its neck. It is dinning into their ears “because of your ethnic identity you are under siege and your life is under threat.”
Acting the wrong way it had practically underplayed the price Tigrian people played for the birth of democracy fighting against Dergue.
TPLF is a lecher junta which always aims at optimizing its political benefits at any cost. Here, it suffices to raise one issue. Once it did steal drought aid extended to people of Tigray , heavily hit by famine.
As pillage is its characteristic feature this lecher junta has pressed ahead with its thievery. As PM said, to stash away abroad the money it looted, it uses different ways of sending money.  Receiving remittance money from Ethiopians living abroad, here, it had been offering exorbitant price as it had already unduly amassed wealth. It as well let fly FOREX abroad.
Vexed by the larceny, atavism and human rights violation of this Junta Ethiopians had shrugged it off their shoulders as they have embraced the change drive the nation kick started with a forward-looking stance.
Though the crimes the Junta committed don’t let it go scot-free, it was given a chance for introspection and repentance. It was allowed time to mend its ways.
Though the government exercised patience taking into consideration the need for national peace and reconciliation, the heinous bent of the lecher’s junta couldn’t be exorcised from it.
Ever since the onset of the change marches, the junta has been busy at wrecking and destabilizing the nation as well as rendering the life of citizens miserable by the day.
In the statement it had been issuing the incumbent has made clear the invisible hand of TPLF is behind all atrocities being committed throughout the country.
Recently TPLF had attacked the Defense force out to maintain the territorial integrity and sovergeinity of the country.
In so doing TPLF officials have showcased their being traitors. This unheard of impish act has portrayed the lecher Junta spares no effort to meet its evil ends. In engaging in the diabolic attract of the national defense force, writing history with its blood , TPLF has passed the point of no return thereby spelling its own destruction. Attracting a defense force is tantamount to making the country vulnerable to foreign enemies.
Hammering out the antipathy deeply entrenched in the psyche of ethnic groups due to the evil bent of TPLF must be made a point.
Holding criminals culpable is a must do.
TPLF officials’ hands are smeared with the blood of the innocent and they still want to buy time to further spill blood.
Before checking the revolting track-record of the junta trying to broker peace between the sagacious government and this junta is fatuous. Therefore those made a dupe must abstain to ask a chance of negotiation for TPLF.
There are some that say the country is on the brink of destruction and civil war. This wrong mentality is one that emanates from not knowing Ethiopians who love their country and show chemistry in the face of adversity.
Tranquility will ensue when the crackdown on TPLF officials comes to end soon.//
Tumblin’ Bi-latterial bumbkins
Smirk of untrustworthy salutations
Tribes with terabytes of tirades
Engaged in bipartisan relay races
Delay until faces grimace

They really forced our hands on this one

The fat men falling from heights
False winters
And radiation reproduction
Healing blemishes of backwater beasts
Who’ve grown oh so much since
And now silence for ***** sake

Foreign plants and fibers
No more human hands
to tear and manufacture
For cheap and foreign brands,
She won’t care we’re gone,
She’s always been
Will be
Back to a blue blip
Little blue dot
On a mat black background
Grant no sound to the camera
Watching while zooming
Slipping and tumbling
Lonely but still working
Sending pitiful postcards
Of galactic grasses
To a dead receptor
Whose data’s been full for eons
Further and  

Each day
Jordan Gee Jul 2020
sometimes i sit and text women messages free
of any ****** connotations.
other times i come across a chopped & *******,
slowed + reverbed out version of a neoSoul song that i love.
she’s blonde and has a dumb thicc *** and
she’s a woman of few words and she was born
under  a constellation of fire.

like i was.

her eyes are nearly unblinking
and they say less than her mouth
but i know
there is a sea
of symbol-sets
beneath those televised eyes.

how am i supposed to weave or write
when the joy is coming for my neck.
time is the measure of energy in motion

so i turn the dial wayyy down.

God is not a time-piece.
God is a flour mill -
shaped like an inside-out hourglass
in the background of XI Jinping’s latest video on
Tik Tok.
“Violent anarchists held a ‘Night of Rage’”
“Violent anarchists graffitied the Hatfield Courthouse.”
“Violent anarchists continue to attack law enforcement with lasers.”

gravity is ******* the feet and
hills are ******* the walking.
graveyards are a hard one for the memory
(if you believe your family is another pile of bones).
at least we have our three deaths to draw on and die.
1st when our last breath leaves us
2nd the last time someone speaks our name
3rd when Zuccman the Reptilian deletes our postumus, memorialized FB account.

where lies the heart of the enlightened without a mirror?
or when the three deaths are drawn and
it hangs suspended in purgatory like a
pack of Newports in the freezer?
or like a stylized hospital mask produced under
contentious labor practices and
shipped to America via air freight
passing over the Xinjiang province where crimes against humanity
are being committed on an industrial scale ----
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2020
Holy Roman Empire
and its Hakenkreuz.
I hear it in my spirit,
It starts to fall,
Flake even.

In open areas of sylvan and pastoral jazz.

On the iron plating of
Spandau, situated at
The confluence of the Havel and Spree.

Along the rails of "we the children from
Zoo Station."

Inside the books about
Katharina, the burned out postmaster.

And at no daylight, no time frame
—the Final Solution, Auschwitz.

I hear it in my spirit,
It starts to fall,
Tell me how I fear it.
Do we buy hatred for our health?
Is it really worth the taste?
Hakenkreuz [ hah-kuh n-kroits ] : a *******, especially that used as the emblem of the **** party and the Third *****.
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