Tia Jan 14

Facts are my basis
Life isn't full of roses and daisies
You are your own racist
You belittle yourself's abilities

Throw away the pain
Open your door, dance in the rain
Your abilities are the strength you gain
You just need to put that in your brain

Appreciate yourself you have beauty
Trust yourself, you can get through seas that was stormy
Wave your flag after you crossed the unstable bridge
Then get back on the ground, kneel to thank God

Sing that song say 'I will survive! "
Believe in yourself you'll make it out alive
Repeat this cycle of life while holding yourself tight
Then next thing you knew you won already with all your might

For 2018
EJT Dec 2017

O sweet forgiveness:
I fell in love with the past,
And though it did not last,
I watched my hands split into thorns;
And the earth grew by its petals adorned.

And so, I learned.

Karma hits like a wave
You think of me as a 20th century German margrave
Gathering up for a nave
My words of reaction are dried up like the desert of Mohave
I hardly misbehave
I've become pretty tame
Scared of becoming lame
Each day became the same
You needed someone to blame
So you picked me.
No need to get become traumatized by it
I've only become enlightened
Thank you for lamenting your stance
This act is what I''ll be entranced
When I take the world by the lungs
By how hard I've swung
And how high I've sprung

Sincerely Nov 2017

I'm so fucking tired and yet I can't seem to rest.
This isn't a dream, so how can I wake up?
How can I escape?
Tell me!
Shouldn't there be an exit sign in bright green or red lights?
It's a hazard not to have them
and yet it seems I'm the hazard.
How do I escape?
How can I escape the demon inside of me if I am the demon?!
I looked under the bed for the demon,
but it's all in my head.
It's controlling me.
I can't escape this dream.
Or is it reality?!
I can't rest!
My mind is racing.
It's like Mario Kart.
If someone throws something and I happen to land on it I lose control and I fall behind,
slowing down.
People don't realize how they affect me.
How do I win this race if I'm racing the thing inside me?
How do I defeat my demon?!
How do I defeat it without destroying myself?!
I need to rest!
But I keep lapping around and falling behind.
I keep my problems under my bed,
that's where I thought my demon would be.
But my demon is the problem.
I'm the problem…- I'm the.. problem.
But I can't fix my problems when I'm tired.
And no one but my demon is around to help me.
I really need to rest…
but my bed is cold and bare,
and I hug the only thing I have..
My demon...
I only have myself…
this world is a race,
and I'm falling behind.
You won,
I ran out of time..
I can finally rest...

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