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Johnny walker Aug 29
She was all and everything
to me I was blinded to everything except her beauty and her goodness that came from deep
Such loverly kind and caring person that's what Helen surely was to all that knew her I was the luckiest man for I had won her
Mark Wanless Jul 15
i felt a kiss
upon my mangled cheek
Desire Jun 18
Wow! This. So. Unveiling.

Up, Speak. Truth. Wins.

Wins Truth. Speak Up.

Unveiling So This - Wow!

When They See Us

now ... | ... won!
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When They See Us
E B K May 13
you won and I lost in the game that didn't exist
Empire Mar 27
I fought my fear
And it taught me
How to be
The battle was long, but it has been won
I think
that it was
that you had won me
by your first smile.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Throughout my life
I've won and lost and
lost more times, than I
have ever won, but the
most Important thing  
I've ever won that of
my wife just like a
dream she came to
I held hand kissed her
lips, but never did I ever
think not even for a brief
moment there'd be the
time she'd be gone, and
I'd be left here to face this
world alone
Once winner soon became
the loser again and I'll
never see her again In my
life just have wait till It's
my turn
to go
There are winner and losers and those win then lose
Ken Pepiton Nov 2018
If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now

repeat that, mantra red neck style
drivin' down a for-real country road
with oak trees and double yellow lines,
windows all rolled down,
drivin' twenty-five…

If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now

If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now

con spiracy thee or ye and me we all you all we uns you uns

watchathank can the dumb white boy keep time,

or what?

It's a mystery t'me.
Could be.

If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now
Christmas parties carried some punch when I was Junger. I'm thinkin' about rollin' back, value not price. God rest ye merry, gentle men, wombed and un.
Druzzayne Rika May 2018
White was it in the end
no colour, no
the pale skin
an uneasy peace
frightened with shadows
what in the end it came as white
a stream of light
in the night.

Changed what could not be
disturbed yet still
alive to see the shine
the sun, this morning
cheerful to come with all the might
the end of darkness
but then the life left.

White moon flowers in the garden
wilted after fighting the night
all remains was
the feeling of the defeat
prominent after the victory
all the black dressed gathered
speaking kind words
of how she won the night
and died despite.
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