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Who are you beneath your cores
dear poets.all?
Behind your eyes, and
The abyssmal joy of your voice.!
Who bore your hands painters
of my canvas in my
dark skies Moi I love her so!

Who are you in the gates
compass of your feet's troot
In such manly sunny grace
The world of roses bows
to last a season longer
in your courts Moi and
weeping willow, you Crow?
Tspoetry Traveler who are you?
Who are you when the night grabs treasures in your tantric hands
to exploddives full of putpose
claiming your ancient
queen of love.
Who are you behind the Scarlet rose that owns your poems all inked in gold, Moi who is your Z,😇
I thrive for poetry attempting to define true love and find you holder of Grammy birds in rose gardens
mastering grace and joy
arena of loverz expertise.

I find you intriguingly
Inquisitive over powers of women
Needing no man to thrive in life
a faint disregard to Ballance
value wisdom in
Ancient ones wanting more.
Who are you behind your faceal avatars
Who are you dear.poets
Behind your nom de plume
In the ******* Mansion fields
of young damsels landing
to feed on your gummy inks,?.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
By: Karijinbba.
Life is short
so make it shorter.
Go from us to it's all over.

Kiss me goodbye
underneath the summer sky
as willful tears fall from our eyes.

With a long embrace goodbye,
tell me your sweet lies
once more for the last time.

M. 1/30/21
How come
The heart-wrenching
And the  unexpected
Widow's grief

The lady in black
Soon defying
Funeral decorum
Put on pink clothes
Decency that lack
Simply to attack
A deceased
Cheating husband
Whose unfaithfulness
Kept in the dark
Soon after funeral
Became stark!

Aghast adultery
He'll knows no fury.
Some mourners could learn their spouse's affair after they ceased to be
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
"Arey O Bumble Bee!
I Always Greet Thee,
Why're You So Restless,
Spend Little Time With Me."

Bumble Bee Replied,
"Juice Sucker I Am
****. Then I Leave
Not At All Restless I Am.”

Rose Said With Grim Voice,
“Noted For Future Use,
Shall Be Very Careful
That No More You Misuse.
Readers To Muse On The Contents Of The Poes.
Ash Sep 2018
Your sleek real smooth
How you sleeked into me
Into my mind,I shared my thoughts
Into my body,this fingers sinned forth
Into my soul,this fragile broken frost

We played games different games though
I played wanting only you
You played wanting the whole crew
Only I couldn't see we were playing differently
Only I was borderline stupid to fall this hard

Even this nose ring didn't hurt this much
Neither did this tattoo no not this much
What is it your looking for?
What is it you want from this crew?

All this hate that was spewing from this crew
You knew the reason,while I  was hanging on being love struck(stupid)
You just sent me to this ICU bed like my twin
You just plucked me off your bed of lies

Spero tu ottenere che cosa tu siamo ricerca per
I really did love you but its time for me to wake up
Don't worry I'll remove your thorns from my back
You just turn this heart into stone
Nic Mac Apr 2018
Speaking honestly, finally
Naming them, in their multiples.
Listing deceits,
that had sat,
as my obstacles.
Hitting me, as I ran.
Stopping me, so I’d fall
Over the emptyness you placed there.
How cruel it is, to cover my eyes,
while the image is screamed at me
I can still hear it,
I will always hear it.
But, there’s a reason the phrase
“You have to see it to beleive it” exists
with more  prominence.

I had enough dark,
It surrounded everyday,
Illuminate this mistake.
I don’t care if it hurts your head to bow,
is ‘shame’ really that unfamiliar?
Show me, tell me.

finally you let it,
let them.
Some of it, enough, of it.
What was hidden, now basked in truth
I see it now, for all that I knew,
but now of which I can be certain.

Your hands, it seems,
still around my throat.
With this “thankyou”
This “thankyou” I say
to the most ironic of gestures.

Speaking with honesty
about how profoundly you had lied.
Maria Lykke May 2018
Its been a few
I think i thought I knew
And I dress up for your return
Only to learn
That I should be asleep to forget
Better yet
Wake up to new opportunities
To a tomorrow with no you,
You sleep, leaving me to the daily do
You never used to come home so late
After 8
Change, unfaithfulness, regret, hope, marriage, sleep,
Kim Elaydo Jul 2017
Tinatanong mo
Kung bakit hanggang ngayon
Wala parin ang tiwala ko sa'yo.

Para masagot,
Ito ang itatanong ko sayo:
Ang taong nasaktan na noon,
Gusto po bang masaktan muli?
trying to make poems from my native tongue. i just realized how sweet and sincere it sounds once formed poetically
Àŧùl Dec 2016
You accuse me of unfaithfulness,
I was at least as faithful as God,
That's when I don't exaggerate.

You can not describe yourself,
I know what you've been like,
That's what's called unfaithful.
My HP Poem #1353
©Atul Kaushal
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