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deadhead Mar 15
a quiet pond waits,
even more still than the night,
to break its surface
Yazad Tafti Feb 13
melodies flowed through the air but were only heard by the select few willing to decipher

do you remember that tune I hummed life times ago across the pond's still waters as we tilted our hats to the sway of the suns waves.

you wore a denim, deep blue dyed,

- deeper than the stare you first gave me into my glacier blue eyes -

hat,                                                          ­                as i tilted mine to your
                                                                ­shoulder opening
                                                                ­            a landing pad for my
                                                                ­    petunia welding sun
                                                             ­                   hat.

we glared across the bullseye pond meadow  

tenacious a moment i could not let go

ten ages since that moment and i did not let go

do you remember the song i hummed all those lifetimes ago

well you hum it every night so,

               ­                             i know you know
Strung Jan 15
Open gangly arms are reaching
Forward, to a magic gate
Red and faded, painted beady
dragon eyes.
Little water house, you sing to me,
Ears floating from my head
Towards wispy cotton cattails.

I crave a jaunt with ducklings
In icy morning air,
Even if the pond is softly frozen.

Who lives in murky water?
And sings early winter songs
To a fragile gangly girl
Who's prone to listen
And respond?

Palm-sized apples, bitter cores
Losing noons to grape groves.
I wished to be a raspberry ferry
Floating downstream
Donna Aug 2020
Relaxing by a
pond taking life easy , I
admire willow trees

Loving willow trees xxxx
Betty Jul 2020
Ripples on a pond
Spread out like a whispered word
Silent in the depths
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2020
Waters loves swan's dance
Fish fly as nature commands
Hear summer's sweet laugh
Based on a lucid dream while im sick in bed, haha
Once I recover Ill be back more free verses hopefully!
Much love,
Yoh Esters Jun 2020
People fail to see that darkness can be reflected too. Because in those dark times we begin to realize who we truly are inside.
  The shallow waters in a dark pond still give off a reflection. Just the ones we tend to avoid at night.
Elena May 2020
As pebbles are thrown
into the lonesome pond
laughter splashes out
And smiles run and glide
with ripples of liveliness.
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