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Sahar Jul 7
As I record my thoughts down, new memories resurface.
The dusty-green leaves of the lemon tree—
swayed gracefully beside the tranquil pond,
where the fish wandered in liberty.
Moss had begun to propagate around the curves of the pond. Intermittently, koi and guppies-
the size of a human pinkie—
would leap into the air briefly
before plunging back into the water,
disrupting its placid surface.
Zywa Jun 15
There is a pond in

the forest lake: beautiful --

black ice around it.
Series of poems "De vijver in het meer" ("The pond in the lake", 1983, Hans Faverey)

Collection "Held/True"
lucidwaking Aug 2022
Fairytales and picture books
Don't tell the whole truth.
Toads are just toads.
They don't always become your prince
After you kiss them.

It's a funny idea, really -
The notion of finding love
In a murky pond.
Lonely bogs have lonely frogs,
I suppose.
Did you have any doubts
As you traced the surface of the water
With a fingertip?
When you took him in your palms,
Did you not have second thoughts?

It takes a mental blindfold,
Opaque enough to block out reason,
To hold a toad so dear.
He might be charming at first,
If for nothing else than for the idea
Of what the two of you could be.
But soon enough,
The emptiness will settle in.
He won't call you pretty,
Or hold you close.
He'll leave a little trail of slime
Wherever he goes.

And at the end of the day,
I'm left wondering...
Why the **** did I kiss a toad?
Karijinbba Aug 2022
"Like a prayer in church to God
you are to me precious love: " "knowing you is loving you thus, Knowing me is loving me."
How sweet lies sound near or far
how bitter truth tasted as
memories arrived so awkward
It's bitterness lessened with understanding true love
maturing sweetening and
cruel Mr Ttime relentless I'm
In silence and in time
God allowed me to see
where i erred and failed
.I ask God to show me to lead me
as head not as chopped up tail.

God showed me what I couldn't see
showed those I injured unintendedly
parroting unkind words in ignorance
what you want us all to see.
Please notice my lonely waves
Predictable unchanging.
Drop your pebbles in my sand pond
that everything in me may be altered in your grace Lord
Bless a peace my every loved one.
Remove all enemies from our paths.
Bring my loved ones back to my caring selfless Godlike realms
anchored in your mercy God..

We are one soul let no tongue fire in anguish untimely.
We got God's soul so we wait patiently
Even against all odds.
My true love you threw your magnetic pebbles your magical out worldly rocks
on my lap
you called my small momma your portal to heaven star seed.
I called your small Daddy
the bridge to heaven
and we whispered to each other
the titles; Mama and Papa.
I guess we lived many lifetimes as man and wife as twin souls interchangeable twin flames before.
In almost every book ever written where love is lost or found and in every lifetime we found each other I'm never alone, we remain glued
just one thought away.
I notice your waves right here on HP they fall on my writ pond and mine fall on yours my beloved.
You might just as well call me Delene where both of us meetings in some mystic time travel space ship.
In love with your poetic waves revealing secrets;
true love always takes chances on Earth and up in some exotic E.T. mother ship.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
with Karijinbba.
LC Apr 2022
baby ducks are enveloped
within their mother's shadow,
gliding across the pond.

but under the surface,
the ducks furiously kick
to stay above water.
Escapril Day 28! Prompt: only an illusion.
I stuck with a simple metaphor that could be applied to many situations. I hope you enjoy this poem!
Yazad Tafti Feb 2021
melodies flowed through the air but were only heard by the select few willing to decipher

do you remember that tune I hummed life times ago across the pond's still waters as we tilted our hats to the sway of the suns waves.

you wore a denim, deep blue dyed,

- deeper than the stare you first gave me into my glacier blue eyes -

hat,                                                          ­                as i tilted mine to your
                                                                ­shoulder opening
                                                                ­            a landing pad for my
                                                                ­    petunia welding sun
                                                             ­                   hat.

we glared across the bullseye pond meadow  

tenacious a moment i could not let go

ten ages since that moment and i did not let go

do you remember the song i hummed all those lifetimes ago

well you hum it every night so,

               ­                             i know you know
Strung Jan 2021
Open gangly arms are reaching
Forward, to a magic gate
Red and faded, painted beady
dragon eyes.
Little water house, you sing to me,
Ears floating from my head
Towards wispy cotton cattails.

I crave a jaunt with ducklings
In icy morning air,
Even if the pond is softly frozen.

Who lives in murky water?
And sings early winter songs
To a fragile gangly girl
Who's prone to listen
And respond?

Palm-sized apples, bitter cores
Losing noons to grape groves.
I wished to be a raspberry ferry
Floating downstream
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