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a ring
of chestnuts
aflame and
much hotter
here than
Clive is  
to toast
eh blue
as shearling
laid Cumberland
newt with
proclivity as
his legacy
for hire
is too
tired for
the Pennines
Clive is  British author
we walk through the garden
the one beside the house with the yellow door
watching the geese lay in their pond
then we look up at the night sky
gazing the wonders that are the stars
and you start singing
la vie en rose

the water ripples
you start skipping stones
the long grass brushed against our ankles
as if it were a cat, rubbing its head on us

the grass left a mark on my shoes
but it’s all right
because you left a mark on my heart.
Johnny walker Jul 19
Stood late last night outside my door
darkness all around
me whilst lifting my
eyes to the sky watching planes over
people traveling near
and far their
destination unknown
to me I have
so dear to me across the
pond as we would say
but In reality thousands
of miles from me so
I'm at my door
myself high
In the sky traveling
looking down on the pond that lies between us
truth be told for I'm now
far to old and
to fly that pond that lies between us so I guess I'll  have to stay with
dreams of how If the circumstances we're different
I would make that flight across the
M Solav Jul 14
The mind at play is a rocking boat:
It goes along the flow of our thoughts
Between destination and arrival ports.
And on the boat we learn of causality.

The mind at rest is a quiet pond:
Its surface mirrors the world
As the edges are all withdrawn.
And in the lake we learn of unity.

The mind in a rush is a storm:
Waves collides in a frenetic waltz
Where one sees landscapes in eruption.
And in the storm we learn of identity.

...if we could get the vessel across;
...if we could face our own shape;
...if we could settle on the hilltops;
What more would be left for us to behold?
Written in June 2019 - for an exhibition in Peking.
A B Faniki Jul 9
Clear still pond
face it reflects
nature's mirror.
First mirror  on earth is from nature. It always give back.
© A B Faniki 9 july, 2019
Donna Jul 4
Today I went park
with my son , we saw Swans and
lovely Willow Trees
Such a lovely walk *** ❤️
m h John Jun 30
it’s been a challenge
opening up to you
it’s taken therapy
walks around the pond
late nights of getting advice
from the moon
holding you while you cry
and long days
of staring up into the sky
questioning why everything
is turning out the way it is
but finally
i understand you
i know you
and i am happy with you
don’t be afraid of change
Ashley Kaye Jun 13
when they told me:
Guard your spirit
i laughed, frilly manner
listless with decision
a water lily bobbing;
eager to cut my anchor and drift
drifting into deep

depth swallows my yellow.
Written June 2019
“I’m writing this somewhere secret, and green, and  beautiful..

Sparkling water and intoxicating seclusion
That I should be drinking in with relief.

But all I can think of is how badly I wish you were here with me to share in this solitude.

We could wander for hours amongst blossoming weeds, and forget what happened that left us bereft”
I have a beautiful and magical secret pond that I’ve found in my suburban neighborhood full of rules and watching eyes. For the first time since I moved here, I have somewhere I can sit and breathe.
It makes me miss my loved one, but pain can become beautiful.
Moon reflected on the second spring.

The ripples on a pond, leave no trace.

As all things do, from time's embrace.

My moon alone shall shine on this day
Listen to moon reflect on the second spring, it is absolutely fantastic
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