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Michael R Burch Mar 2020
The Princess and the Pauper
by Michael R. Burch

for Norman Kraeft in memory of his beloved wife June Kysilko Kraeft

Here was a woman bright, intent on life,
who did not flinch from Death, but caught his eye
and drew him, powerless, into her spell
of wanting her himself, so much the lie
that she was meant for him—obscene illusion!—
made him seem a monarch throned like God on high,
when he was less than nothing; when to die
meant many stultifying, pained embraces.

She shed her gown, undid the tangled laces
that tied her to the earth: then she was his.
Now all her erstwhile beauty he defaces
and yet she grows in hallowed loveliness—
her ghost beyond perfection—for to die
was to ascend. Now he begs, penniless.

Keywords/Tags: Princess, pauper, death, powerless, penniless, illusory, illusion, ghost, spirit, perfection, perfected, heaven, ascended
Jessica Jarvis Mar 2018
People throw words around like
Love, kiss, and embrace....
But they aren’t ones to commit
To the dreams they claim to chase.

They run and hide from the monster
Hiding beneath their bed,
And claim their peace is found
In the one resting their pillow head.

The sun rises, a new day begins,
The coffee pours, and work resides,
While the feeling for another one’s touch
Is the first thing that subsides.

We throw around words
like penniless wishes.
“I love you, babe”,
But you can’t do the dishes.

Walk the dog, wash the car,
Go to dinner, visit the store,
Search the shelves for carbohydrate fulfillment,
Finish the bag, and still want more.

Unthankful, unsatisfied,
Disloyal, dishonest.
Forget all the memories,
While they were the fondest

Because if you were to repeat their “mistakes”
You just may find yourself bored.
Things like love, a kiss, or an embrace
Only become a chore.

People are the weirdest sometimes. People break up and make up so quickly.... I don’t understand it, honestly, so I write about it. Meanwhile, others move from one thing to the next and can’t make up their mind. I dunno. This is also kind of a spoken word, I suppose. Enjoy!
delved so deep in to a dream
I got lost along the way it seems
woke up in a nightmare
murmuring things I didn't mean
and now the clock is ticking
a pendulum of searing pain
backwards, forwards and repeat
at least for me the pain is sweet
to be reminded of my shortcomings
to rekindle the flame of life's deceit
sleepless sleeping is a curse
and lifeless living I feel is worse
with every breath a problem unearthed
spirit and flesh, love and hate
I know not which will falter first
forgive my potential for that's what hurts
having something you forgot how to use
my self worth
my local church
and any gift I had from birth
back to my sleepless sleep I go
in to a realm of the unknown
where I break bottles with the lifeless living
and learn the dead can not keep giving
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
**I am alive
Vidur Khanna May 2016
Witness the unknown
Reach the unforeseen
Travel,to live
Penniless and Excited.

Burn the midnight oil
Drifting through subconscious visions
Toil, for such majestic realms
Penniless and Excited.

When hunger strikes
Kingdoms, rather Dynasties, fall
For the ever growing appetite
A man hunts
Penniless and Excited.

That sweet spot, a special place
Where love is felt
To live, love
Penniless and Excited.

Penniless and Excited!

— The End —