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Hussein Dekmak Mar 2020
Thank you corona,
For the awakening call to humanity that was lost in the midst of our daily lives.

Thank you Corona,
For exposing our weakness, and vulnerability as human beings to your power of invisibility.

Thank you Corona,
For showing us that we are all equal under your rule regardless of our age, ***, race, or religion.

Thank you Corona,
For reminding us of the forgotten heroes in the field of healthcare, who are fighting in the front lines risking their life to save lives.

Thank you Corona,
For teaching a valuable lesson in standing together as one in our fight of defeating you under the banner of kindness, love, and humanity.

Hussein Dekmak

I stand upon the mountaintop
And raise my banner high
I feel the inner confidence
A strength I won’t deny

Though obstacles I daily meet
These hindrances I shun
For with my constant confidence
Unless I quit - I’ve won

My banner I display to all
That they too may achieve
I cultivate my confidence
And always I receive
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John Glenn Jun 2019
is this how we fix bad photographs?
saturate the focus, craft the perfect banner,
grain enough to feel the gloom
in between the curved lines.
then before our eyes -- perfection
of disgust & delight
if so, then i am just a bunch of
bad photographs
- ing
to be curated, and
to create its own color corrections.
-all from Karen
H Phone Jan 2018
“Oh, you’re baking a cake?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally leave the cake in the oven too long and burn it.

“Oh, you’re painting a banner?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally knock over a can of paint and make a mess.

“Oh, you’re moving some stuff?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally drop a box of fragile things and break them.

“Oh, you’re struggling with something?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally say the wrong things and make you feel worse.

“Oh, you’re struggling with something again…?
I would help with that, but…”
I say as I try my best to help anyway.

Maybe I can’t always help, but I can always try.
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
OF all the souls that Angels create,
I have been blessed with one -
Who kindly opened his gate,
To shine his Morning Sun.

Of when that Time was -
I hearken to his gentle hand,
And it's beckoning applause,
Written in the sand.

Of the warring on that front,
I take the Banner of thee
And after Love's stunt -
I'll drag it down with me.
"So lift it up! Like a Banner! Hold it up o'er me! If this war is never-ending, I'll take this Love down with me!"
Halfway around the world
and here in my heart, dear friend.

Writing brave, wise poems,
so vulnerable, so original,
inviting us into your life and home.

Early this morning, a flash of red
shone at the very top of our oldest pine
like some tropical bird, here by holy magic.

The tail, in fact, of one triumphant,
energetic little squirrel, bright sunlight
transforming that waving tail
into a banner of joy.

"Sally", I smiled. Somehow
it was you, sending me another delight
in this morning display.

Rosalia, a sweet garland of God's own goodness,
connecting us with grace and cheer,
all time zones made as one.
For my dear poet friend, Sally A. Bayan
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Dr zik Mar 2015
There is no use of drop like oceans
This ink of the world is too short to appreciate mother
O’ my heart, O’ my friend
Don’t worry about the letters
Words are also silent
There is no use of twinkling of stars
As the sky is also silent
As this mighty banner dare not to express its views
I am also not able to fix boundaries of your love
There is no narration able to deliver an appreciation
Mother is “Flux of eternal light”
There is no even a single example in the world
O’ my mother
As you prayed for me
A translation of my own poem written in Urdu language. The name of book is "RAH TAKTI AANKH (راہ تکتی آنکھ)"
Matthew Harlovic Oct 2014
The Star-Spangled Banner are Our Mangled Mannerisms

© Matthew Harlovic
Raise your voices high
Lift your banner to the sky
Shout what you believe.

— The End —