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Cruel words
They sting  like  violent  storms of the sea
Crush  inwards towards the seashore.
Erase  a thousand  bad thoughts
Words spoken
Hearts broken
Over. and over again.
An  earthly father  
Doesn't know  how to forgive
But bruises  his own blood and souls. He tread.
There is only one who can deliver us from our pain.
Let us pour out  our hearts to our true Maker instead.
Lies are nice
The essence of lies is to hide truth’s true form of purity or defamation, considering the protection it entails for countless reasons.
Lines of lies by smiles to eyes each side a blind side of layer, reason, caption of safety that remained fiction.
Wolf 7d
The thought that you
Would harm me so
Had never crossed my mind
For I was utterly obsessed

Revolved around you
Oh how I craved it all

But still, I fell
And you caught me
With love growing less
My pain growing worse

Soon my eyes were opened
Blind no longer
To my actions
So I waited for your return

The words which followed
I did not fear
You loved me, you loved me

Leaving for uncertainty
All reasons stayed valid to me
My hope still stood
Just for you

But there was a single sentence
Not another girl
Not turmoil between parents
Not collapsing grades

You simply wanted to leave
"Difficult and unstable," you spat at me
My dearest friend
Whom I fell in love with


My insides churned
Words flew onto the screen
I cursed him
Wept until breath refused to flow

The last words I received
From my future, my place of joy
I don't care.
EmotionalPoet Jan 12
Don't have much to say
Just writting, my heart to obey
Everything hurts so much today
Everything falls along, but not my way

I, a slay..
A clueless little girl, so gray
No way for me to go, affraid
Scared and alone once more, no hey!
Can't believe what my eyes saw today

Why do I feel so alone again, Sunday
Another week has passed away
I'm scared to ask for help, I pray

My lips where yours, your prey
My hips you touch, no shame
Is that your new girlfriend, Fray?
I can't believe what I saw today..
Wrote this in 5 minutes, had to, had to release some pain. I'm sorry it's not perfect
Always Ally Jan 8
And tonight I go to sleep with a heavy heart

Burdened and not wanting to restart

Rest for ages and age bringing death

I fear what comes but I dare not take another breath

Am I ungrateful for a loss that does not outweigh gain

But a heart is a heart that will not easily change

For even a small loss can cause the greatest pain

I fear me, Dear

I’ve gone insane
Calliope Dec 2018
My heart is held in the hands of people who like to break things.
Chaos is their default, and
everything is my fault.
Why do the broken always find me?

They think I am a mirror, but I am a window.
Not fractured like them, but convient and translucent.
They keep their hands firm against my cold surface and stare through me while they continue to look for something.

My mosaic is just not for them.
Sarah Dec 2018
I know

I would have stayed

In eternal Paradise with you

But snakes with their cursed tongues of silver

Stole away my forbidden fruit

Until you got a taste

Of your own
Elizabeth Dec 2018
I thought of you once more,
The way you broke me,
My heart is at war,
I no longer wish to be.

My wings lost all their feathers,
I can never fly,
I just sit and write letters,
Until my thoughts die.

You indeed strangled me,
A little innocent rose,
I cannot let my petals flee,
Pain is what I chose.

Bursting in flames,
My heart still cries,
When it hears your name,
Denying your lies.

My soul consisting of agony,
Wishes to become a ghost,
Disappearance my path shall be,
I will run from you the most.

Your name will never caress my lips again,
Nor will you break my bones,
The memory of you will be my pen,
Writing on the stones.

I am going alone,
This pain will never be spoken of,
The wind has blown,
Taking away my guarded love.
Innocent Tata Dec 2018
there's a warmness to pain
like a sprout in an arid land
almost forbidden but yet welcomed
like a familiar enemy

a cushion in these thorns
the holes they pierce
a stab to the scabs
the reward is to feel

there are truths i can't tell
they can't be made words
not even in the presence of God
its the essence of my thoughts

there are enemies i can't un-love
mysteries i can't un-solve
lips i can't un-kiss
lips i can't resist

i saw my mother's boy
i saw my father's man
it took my mother's joy
it took my father's smile

here lies the man i refuse to be
in captivity i refuse to yield
in a skin that isn't me
in a place that is killing me
Abby Dec 2018
The first time i met you i told you "Everyone is the same"
"Everyone leave"
You seems a little angry, you told me your not like everyone else, i stayed and conutine wandering around ur arms, you really prove my words wrong.

I've never cry infront of anyone but

I've never see someone did so much for someone

never ever see someone being upset because of me.

But time pass by, its getting colder and colder

I guess you had enough of me
And you left like how everyone did

I really trusted you, i thought you would stay forever, i guess I was too relax, i put all my trust on you and get hurt so badly.
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