Troublesome author,
we are suffering subjects;
we didn't pray for this.

Why create the day
when the sun is so gloomy?
Our own light is damned.

You demand our love.
Such a horrid creator;
love isn't ours to give.
Maybe it would be easier
Easier to let go
If only you had said goodbye
You broke the rules of “see you later”
Saying goodbye means I’ll never see you again
But see you later is a promise
A promise that you’ll return
If not now then definitely later
It’s in the rules
It’s like a pinky promise
What good are rules and promises
If they can’t be followed or kept
What good is a heart if it’s so damn breakable
What good is trust if it’s so easily betrayed
What good am I if I’m so easy to discard
What good will it do to still ache for you
What good was your love if it brought so much pain
Why couldn’t you just follow the damn rules
Eno Jun 13
Sometimes you make me feel a little restless
I can see it in your eyes
How you don’t understand
I can’t stay
Sometimes just being there feels wrong
Like you really want me to leave
I can see it in your eyes
And I don’t understand
Just what I’ve done
That’s makes you want rid of me
Sometimes I feel betrayed
All those 5am’s
Spent talking about the future and the past
You were the sunrise for me
But our friendship must have fallen asleep
Oh I miss those times
You look like you’ve already forgotten
Our memories are already rotten
And have joined a compost heap
That now grows negative weeds
With my name
In your bittersweet brain
You’re just so easily swayed
By the ones who shout the loudest
And come to you
But now I’ve gone quiet
You don’t look for me
-    And you always said that was your strategy
Well that seems hypocritical to me
Tony Cortez Jun 9
I let you in
I gave you sensitive information and you betrayed me, I trusted you and look what you did....

This day keeps getting worse and worse let's see how it progresses

Helpless thoughts of a poet in conflict with himself
Lyka Mosca May 16
Everytime I try
So hard to be nice
But, I always end up
As a bad person
A nuisance
Soneone wo existed
To have evilness
In this world..

I always tried so hard
To be better
To be loved
To be understood
Yet I'm always a tool
I wanted to be
So that I could be helpful

But too much, makes me
More than that much
Makes me a greater demon
To the world
Ren May 6
I know who you really are.
You did not do anything for me.
You're not getting any good Karma.
I hope she doesn't get hurt.
You brought me in, when I was at my worst,
And then decided to desert me.
I thought I had a home.
I thought I was safe.
You Lied.
I told you my story.
And you didn't care.
Because I wouldn't be your call girl.
I won't
Ruin your life.
I'll let Karma
Do that.
Samruddhi May 3
Tonight, I hear my own voice, ordering me to speak out
I pacify her by saying, "Few things are left unsaid,
few strings are left untied
with all the knots just the way they are"
But I hear her again, as she boldly shouts
"Yes! You leave it as it is, someone might have said,
only when you have any feelings and emotions tied
with all the beings from whom you are now going off far"
And she makes me ask, "Am I still tied to you,
even after when you lied to me about all your plans?
Are you still my whole night drunk-talk partner,
even when you have simply forgotten me?
Maybe now I am like the lightest hue
admist all the bright colors that you'd ran!
Just a name now, written in your life by marker
with no memories, neither of saddness nor of glee!!!"
She asks me to bid a final farewell
to all those who could not come ahead
A farewell to forget all the wrongs
and to let the cool breeze of peace flow, for once and for all
To conclude she says, "All is well that ends well,
even when the beginning did start real bad,
Finally all would be forgotten and will soon be gone,
when one fine day, you would stand up tall with no glimpse of this fall!"
Kim Essary May 3
Our love once burned like a glowing ember . Beauty on the arm of her sexy beast, your eyes melted my existence.
Not a disrespectful word uttered between us, we made love for hours daily, always leaving us both with the anticipation of lust wanting more ,it was never enough.
How can such a love just fade away.  When you touch me now there's a difference in your feel, I understand my body has changed from my sickness but can't you see I'm still me inside , or at least I was before you shamed me now I remain ashamed of myself .
I still find you so attractive and want you, need you every day , you have left me , I'm no longer in your heart and it hurts my heart to know this no matter what you say.
Love isn't a word to be thrown around, we are supposed to grow old together in sickness and in health . That's all gone now , who and what am I supposed to be now that I've given all of me to you.
Love is patient, love is kind live will totally tear your world apart !
AIA Apr 26
"Your enemies are not the ones holding their swords against you.
They are the ones standing by your side with their daggers behind their back."
Sometimes not your enemies are the real enemies. Sometimes it's one in your circle who's pretending to be your friend.
Anonymous Apr 24
I hate the way you've made me think about myself.
I'm disgusted with my own dependence on you.
I resent that I feel like I can't breathe without you.

You've destroyed what I believed love is supposed to mean.
You're soiled my dreams of falling for my best friend.
You continuously shred my heart with your whiplash tenderness.

I'm confused by you.
Is your attention lust or infatuation?
You and I can't seem to be apart.
No matter how many times I tell you it hurts to be together.

You've made me ashamed to show my face around.
Your touch has turned my skin dirty, it can't be physically cleaned.
When your name appears on my phone, I feel like throwing it and running the other way.

I wish I could take everything back.
Every stolen moment together, every private joke, every discrete dinner.
I want you to know that I want this to be over.
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