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Ekansh Kedia Apr 1
I tread beneath this limitless sky;
this limitless sky of which I also am above.
I soar high till my wings melt,
keep falling;
falling till I run out of breath.
But I am worry-free;
worry-free because I know I'll land on a fluffy bed.
What just happened?
What. The. Heck.
Falling, until I run out of breath.
Nidhi Mar 25
Am I drunk?
Because I thought you loved me
Only to realized you betrayed me
Your hands are no longer warm as fire
But cold as iron
I refuse to hold walk down in life with a cold hand
Ivy Davenport Mar 21
held in place by
a single thread

masked behind
a blushing veil

painted over
colored red

stories told
to grow a tale

pain leaks under
my skin like ink

wake up young
enough to wonder

stained forever
try to blink

filled with pictures
hard to ponder

lost to soul
dark to mind

when I wake
who will I find?
ari Mar 17
you pushed me into the pits of hell
and expected me
to be able to climb back out
alas, i had no ladder.
Archer Feb 23
I was an option to you
A choice you got to make
I don't do that to people
Assign them a number
To wait in a queue
What hurts more
Is that you knew
I had no one else
And you still did this
I knew you had others
And I still did that
You were never a choice to me
I never had a say
Maybe that's my problem
Maybe I should hide
Like you
Scared and alone
With pretend relationships
And sick people to fill the holes
A cut on these fingers
Running down these hands
I waited eagerly for u
Was it to happen
Should I tread passages
Hoping to see u again
I waited eagerly for u
Sleeping gently by the silhouette
I waited for u
Page after page
You filled up
I waited, love, I waited
Till I withered
In a stop of the ink
Never to continue.
Slowly I sunk
I waited in poetry's arms
How do you feel if u miss someone
Annie Feb 2
Behind the walls of heaven
Your face
Masking your disgrace

You speak of pleasure
All things packed in a wrap

You and your silly games
You, fooling around
As if the world is your only way

You visit us again
To leave again
Hoping things would be the same

Oh, my love
You’re not a friend, love
This time you come around
For your plain defeat
Our lives, hopeless and bleak
All because of you, my misleader
All because of you, my love
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