kyle Shirley Jan 9

What good is living in a castle
when it's made of glass?
I'm alone inside,
I chase ghosts and memories.
I look out at the kingdom
So free and pure
Yet in here any stone thrown
My castle tumbles down.

That's what it feels like in my skin
My castle made of glass is my heart
I see everyone happy and full
Yet everyone sees right through me
I'm so fragile,
No one dares to enter
So I sit alone and empty.

Oh Hala'mir if only you knew
When you look at me I see more than blue
There's a past a present and future shining through
And you have no idea how deep my love rings true.
Oh Hala'mir if only you could see
That when you look at me my eyes so green
There's pain and lust and so much suffering
I feel it every time I say go and you leave.
Oh Hala'mir this is the end
From here on we are only friends
I'll watch from a distance as you and her make amends
Forgive me Hala'mir, my heart will always be broken.

This is an old poem and the person is no longer relevant but I had put so much heart into this I couldn't let it be private anymore
Miss Me Dec 2017

The thoughts are present
  Of yesterday
The happiness we had
  In such a way
Then night came to bring
  A new day
It was then that the trust
  Slipped away

Trusting seems like a chase

You're my chocolate, baby ", She said;
"I'm gonna eat every piece of you and throw away the wrapper", she never said.

Solitary Sac Dec 2017

Take me back
To the time
When toys were made
Out of plastic

Not people.

I have been played with..I am being played with.. Is there any escape?
Yolanda Lei Dec 2017

As small as a mouse,
As weak as a rose,
My soul had suffered as the silver wind blows.

Suffered from death?
Or broken like toys,
With warming hearts of little girls and boys.

Friends who betrayed,
Lies in my heart,
Deleting My Happiness, right from the start.

“Please, let me go”,
I said as my rose red cheeks faded,
They found my fragile body, killed by my hatred..

Well, this is sad..
Hanna Jones Nov 2017

I rub my gloved hands together.
My fingers can’t take the cold that slices like the knife in my back.

I watch as my breath crystallises in the cool air, dissipating quickly.
The heat from my body being slowly snatched away with each exhalation.

The blood that trickles from my lips is my only source of warmth.

You tower behind me
in your shorts and t-shirt.
Cheeks glowing red.
Without even looking, I can ascertain that your sweet, pink-tinted smile is painted on your pretty face.

“This is your fault.”

The final blow as you twist the blade.

Chirayu Writer Nov 2017

It hurts when you look others
But no one looks you back
It hurts when you care others
But no one cares you back,
It hurts when you love others
But no one loves you back,
It hurts after you know that
Whatever things you are doing for others
Aren't going to be valued and appreciated
Is useless to do, But still, you do
Because you are not same to them
You are different,
That's why you are you,
A true exquisite pure life.

Do you relate to me?.
Jack Jenkins Nov 2017

i'm a frozen tempest
there's nothing left to bleed
my body is hollowed
emptied of it's essence
a frozen burn from my touch
fire turned to cold ash
spin me
out of control
for i am cold and weary
a broken sculpture
i cannot hear your whispers
my head is split
the veins trail to my heart
where you left your mark
oh how you killed me
with torture
before the killing blow
you said you would grow old with me
but that turned to a lie
you're a desolate soul
looking for hope & love
yet you killed me
i turned to ice
frozen solid
but melting
i still miss you
i still love you
i still hate you
what can i do?
poetry is the only place
i can speak to you
your face reminds me
not to trust so much
keep my love at a limit
say "fine" when i'm not
i locked you out of my life
but there's still a draft
that carries your scent
& it lets me know
i'm still hurting
from you
you were my best friend
oh you killed me...

For all my words, I'm still speechless when people ask me why she left...
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