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Can I ask you?

With vice and disguise,
Are you happy with what you are?
Inflated with pride,
Knotted with jealousy
The unknown balloon burst
With a just ***** of words.

Camouflaged beauty as you were,
Coated and polished to be the society,
Mastered were the words,
With strokes of affection,
Appreciated as I  felt.
I swam in the pits N holes
While thinking of the oceans

The deeper I tried to discover,
Shallower did you get.
Layers and layers of faces,
None uncovered to the core,
What you are still a mystery

I breathe in the pain of phrases,
Toxicity of incoherent love,
I feel the wrenching smirk,
Once which was a curved smile.

I hear the Echoes of my wails,
Strumming in the veins,
Tears were never there
But unseen scars dug deep.

In brighter days,
Darker shadow growing,
In hours,
A nightmare breeding.
You were what dismayed me,
Much more than breaking,  
Maybe a peaceful shattering .
Deciphering what you were ...
I was a broken hearted depressed boy
You came along made me happy stitched my heart only to break it once again
I tried to find peace in your heart
I realized it's  overcrowded
she told me I was her number one,
yet here we are,
me alone,
and her with him.
don't call us โ€œfriendsโ€
when all you do is pretend

act like you don't want to attack
but you'll do it behind my back

and all i've been was loving and nice
but you were threatened by my spice

you mistake me for being flirty
when you're the who did me *****

telling everyone i'm the one to hate
when all i've done was be a good mate

so go on and talk **** about me
and i get we all have our insecurities

but don't be fake and start talking ****
hurting other people is just not it

words are just as hurtful as fists
pain like this can exist on wrists

there's too much hate already being hurled
when are you gonna realize we need more love in this world?

if you're wondering if i'd ever do that to you
i don't have the heart to do what you did to me too

and in the end, i'd still care about you
even if our relationship decides to falls through
you took advantage of my kindness, i was so blind and completely mindless
Void Mar 6
Do you ever feel guilty when you walk all over people?

Do you ever feel ashamed when you lie?

Do you ever think that maybe you should care about your child?

Or does everything always have to revolve around you?

Do you ever get tired of manipulating others?

Do you fall asleep with a satisfied grin?

Tell me, what's it like to be you?
you promised the world

and I fell for it
lose you to love me -Selena Gomez
Delyla Nunez Jan 28
You threw me in jail,
And I couldnโ€™t get a bail.
You betrayed the one person who loved you for everything you had,
Just wanted the better for you before it turned bad.

Which it did.
I have to fight three charges of the lies you told.
I hate you and myself.
No amount of talking can fix what is done.

So as I sit here making these poems and trying to push past what I feel,
I sit there from time to time a cry about what happened.
You think itโ€™s over the girl you messaged.

If you could only see past that..
I wish youโ€™d leave me  alone. You ****** up worse than ever.
Delyla Nunez Jan 27
I canโ€™t believe myself.
Stooping so low for what?
For it to all be a joke,
A waste of time.

It hurts if Iโ€™m telling the truth,
As break ups do.
The official over and done with.
To read your messages one last time.

And turns out you just wasted my year,
Got me close,
And made me fall for you.

I chose you,
After everything Iโ€™ve gone through,
I still chose you.
And I wasnโ€™t enough.

I canโ€™t say it was a waste with full intentions ,
But I know one thing is for sure, I wish it never happened.
See ya. Leave me be.
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