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These are poems about Palestinian children and their mothers...

Epitaph for a Palestinian Child
by Michael R. Burch

I lived as best I could, and then I died.
Be careful where you step: the grave is wide.

Epitaph for a Palestinian Girl
by Michael R. Burch

Find in her pallid, dread repose,
no hope, alas!, for a human Rose.

who, US?
by Michael R. Burch

jesus was born
a palestinian child
where there’s no Room
for the meek and the mild

… and in bethlehem still
to this day, lambs are born
to cries of “no Room!”
and Puritanical scorn …

under Herod, Trump, Bibi
their fates are the same—
the slouching Beast mauls them
and WE have no shame:

“who’s to blame?”

Frail Envelope of Flesh
by Michael R. Burch

for the mothers and children of Gaza

Frail envelope of flesh,
lying cold on the surgeon’s table
with anguished eyes
like your mother’s eyes
and a heartbeat weak, unstable …

Frail crucible of dust,
brief flower come to this—
your tiny hand
in your mother’s hand
for a last bewildered kiss …

Brief mayfly of a child,
to live two artless years!
Now your mother’s lips
seal up your lips
from the Deluge of her tears …

For a Palestinian Child, with Butterflies
by Michael R. Burch

Where does the butterfly go ...
when lightning rails ...
when thunder howls ...
when hailstones scream ...
when winter scowls ...
when nights compound dark frosts with snow ...
where does the butterfly go?

Where does the rose hide its bloom
when night descends oblique and chill,
beyond the capacity of moonlight to fill?
When the only relief’s a banked fire’s glow,
where does the butterfly go?

And where shall the spirit flee
when life is harsh, too harsh to face,
and hope is lost without a trace?
Oh, when the light of life runs low,
where does the butterfly go?

Night Labor
by Michael R. Burch

for Rachel Corrie

Tonight we keep the flame alive;
we keep the candle lit.
We burn bright incense in your name
and swear we’ll not forget—
your innocence, your courage,
your commitment—till bleak night
surrenders to irrevocable dawn
and hate yields to love’s light.


Well, Almost
by Michael R. Burch

Jews and Christians say “Never again!”
to the inhumanity of men
(except when the object of phlegm
is a Palestinian).

I, too, have a dream …
by the Child Poets of Gaza (a pseudonym of Michael R. Burch)

I, too, have a dream …
that one day Jews and Christians
will see me as I am:
a small child, lonely and afraid,
staring down the barrels of their big bazookas,
knowing I did nothing
to deserve such scorn.

Such Tenderness
by Michael R. Burch

for the mothers of Gaza

There was, in your touch, such tenderness—as
only the dove on her mildest day has,
when she shelters downed fledglings beneath a warm wing
and coos to them softly, unable to sing.

What songs long forgotten occur to you now—
a babe at each breast? What terrible vow
ripped from your throat like the thunder that day
can never hold severing lightnings at bay?

Time taught you tenderness—time, oh, and love.
But love in the end is seldom enough …
and time?—insufficient to life’s brief task.
I can only admire, unable to ask—

what is the source, whence comes the desire
of a woman to love as no God may require?

Suffer the Little Children
by Nakba, an alias of Michael R. Burch

for the children of Gaza

I saw the carnage ... saw girl’s dreaming heads
blown to red atoms, and their dreams with them ...

saw babies liquefied in burning beds
as, horrified, I heard their murderers’ phlegm ...

I saw my mother stitch my shroud’s black hem,
for in that moment I was once of them ...

I saw our Father’s eyes grow hard and bleak
to see his roses severed at the stem.

How could I fail to speak?

Starting from Scratch with Ol’ Scratch
by Michael R. Burch

for the Religious Right

Love, with a small, fatalistic sigh
went to the ovens. Please don’t bother to cry.
You could have saved her, but you were all *******
complaining about the Jews to Reichmeister Grupp.

Scratch that. You were born after World War II.
You had something more important to do:
while the children of the Nakba were perishing in Gaza
with the complicity of your government, you had a noble cause (a
religious tract against homosexual marriage
and various things gods and evangelists disparage.)

Jesus will grok you? Ah, yes, I’m quite sure!
Your intentions were noble and ineluctably pure.
And what the hell does THE LORD care about Palestinians?
Certainly, Christians were right about serfs, slaves and Indians.
Scratch that. You’re one of the Devil’s minions.

King of the World
by the Child Poets of Gaza, an alias of Michael R. Burch

If I were King of the World, I would make
every child free, for my people’s sake.

And once I had freed them, they’d all run and scream
back to my palace, for free ice cream!

Why are you laughing? Can’t a young king dream?

If I were King of the World, I would banish
hatred and war, and make mean men vanish.

Then, in their place, I’d bring in a circus
with lions and tigers (but they’d never hurt us!)

Why are you laughing? What else is a king’s purpose?

If I were King of the World, I would teach
the preachers to always do as they preach;

and so they could practice being of good cheer,
we’d have Christmas —and presents—every day of the year!

Why are you laughing? Some dreams do appear!

If I were King of the World, I would send
my counselors of peace to the wide world’s end …

But all this hard dreaming is making me thirsty!
I proclaim Pink Lemonade; please bring it in a hurry!

Why are you laughing? Mom’ll make it in a flurry!

If I were King of the World, I’d declare
a year of happiness, with no despair—

only playing allowed, for my joyful subjects!
Not a toy left behind! Repair all rejects!

Why are you laughing? Surely no one objects!

If I were King of the World, I would fire
racists and bigots, with their message so dire.

And we wouldn’t build walls, to shut people out.
I would build amusement parks, have no doubt!

Why are you laughing? Should I use my clout?

If I were King of the World, I would drive
a red Ferrari, like no man alive!

But behind would be busses for my legions of friends:
we’d party like maniacs; the fun never ends!

Why are you laughing? Hop aboard! Let’s be friends!

If I were King of the World, I would make
every child blessed, for my people’s sake,

and every child safe, and every child free,
and every child happy, especially me!

Why are you laughing? Appoint me and see!

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These are poems about Palestinian children and their mothers, fathers and families.
White House Biden ****
Shame on you
genocide joe
liar liar **** gov
burn in Gaza's hell
bombs fire ***** and all.

Kamala Harris laughing Haina
Genocide Joe hoo morena
Narcissist pooping
heartless lunatic
****** devils advocate
garbage ticking bomb.
Shame on USA, UK,Germany
France, Ukraine
Israel **** regime, go to hell
Court martial sinister satanyahu
and it's **** ****** IDF psychopaths
Free free long live Palestine!
From the River to the sea 1947.
By legions of human beings.
May all Israelites **** regime be
exiled incarcerated famined too
Thanks Israel for teaching us
Earthlings on
how to hate you..
MuseumofMax Feb 21
What does it mean to be truly free?

I am not sure.

I know that I am not free, that I may never be.

But I am more free than others

Why does the government decide my freedom for me?

Why can’t I help those dying across the sea?

Why do they decide who I can be?

I’m not sure I’ll ever know true freedom
while living under this system

But I’m not sure how to escape, how to truly be me
Mane Omsy Feb 12
Is it cruel to silence a pregnant woman with a dozer
Sold their souls to a war criminal's thirst
Rationalizing every lies with more of them, so kosher
Ask the children died of starvation and thirst
Ever felt threatened by the fire they spit
Lessons never learned, or was it a skit
It's inhuman to take side with criminals, we all learn about our homeland freedom fighters or conflicts against oppression. This is not history, this is happening in front of our eyes, yet we are blind.
Media influenced wars gathering support from logical people filling their lives with lies.
In the end, truth shall prevail
But at what cost??
Karijinbba Jan 26
Repost; Various countries.
These Double standards.

With Gaza terror
resounding screams
of babes mothers fathers
sons grandparents all
shot by devils army
of cobras hiding
in plain sight
as the chosen ones
of their horned
adversary type God.

Constrictive pythons
Suffocating for decades
every child born where
no peace can ever exist
as long as unarmed
civilians cannot fight back;

He who burns innocent
souls by an old weapon
of his ancient genetic
deviated cruel make
up will again
die by greater deadly
weapons raising
for justice right now,
faster then the last.

And then only then
these primitive demons
Will be no more.
Neither their demonic
witchcraft invocations
Nor by any heavy
outwardly weaponry
against humanity
unarmed civilians

Never those komodo
Culprit ever will breathe
to smoother precious
innocent life again.

The tyrant regime rising
shamelessly orders to not
do nothing to aid
But only Ukrainian.

Our quest is to
unite find and stop
whoever of us all
will be targeted
for demolition next.

We all already know;
may we invoqie the main aider narcissistic culprit USA and its other puppeteer number two sadist sadist  Sinister.
"Over the top Biden" 100.000 civilians mothers children fathers. And over 10 thousand Palestinian young boys kept in prisons deplorable degrading humiliating pipe beaten, injected sterilized Gestapo headquarters number two Israel pruning human Palestinian, eating grass people!
For all if us to witness
hellish army of malice, greed, blood thirsty human genocidal lying garbage Israel.
Trashing Palestinian indigenous beautiful people to the eleven winds assassination of character Hamas' fighters  are not terrorists, Hamas is hero defender of peoples civil rights violated since fays if yore. 
The suffering three generation parents, for three decades in Gaza concentration death camps forbidden into their holy lands.
As we all boycott Nasi agenda, without end. Demonstrating worldwide, roaring for Israel, USA and England to "stop fire, to free Palestine" free civilians and allow humanitarian aid trucks in to feed children left alive to no avaid"

Now Palestinians civilians starved famined for over a month!
The only sound now israel understands is of bomb falling as if by copycat **** regime id israel brewing in waiting for decades against humanity.

Our quest now is evident, many promise to chop Israel's brutal grass cutting machine and its head snake.
E Jan 13
On the way to make noise for DC to hear,
I imagined bridging solidarity to all illegal occupations.
We took it from Palestine, across the globe, and everyone had a role.
Mine was in calling to action, but my invisibility was okay.
The disrupters were loud at the front, protecting others behind them. I heard chanting, culture, chatter, and I saw the sweat, the drive that drilled people to be there.
More and more will show up in these times, and we protect us, we are better together.
There will not be singular revolutionaries; it is the movement in masses of people which becomes revolution.

I felt at peace and I fell asleep knowing this reality will be true; we will witness a free Palestine.
hope. hope is a discipline, or else we cannot envision a more just and beautiful future. hope is what drove our ancestors to fight. hope is essential to how we show up.
A percentage of me has to hell been consigned
by the ever raging zionists' war machine.
To each livid soldier, a mandate is assigned
to uproot terror where multitudes are confined.
Torrents of explosives have swept my landscapes clean.
Churches, mosques, schools have all to mighty vengeance bowed.
Stricken mothers wail uncontrollably aloud.
Itinerancy pervades my horror stricken crowd,
whilst my kids toy with explosives, carnage and ruin.
Survivors will take shelter from snipers shooting
death ***** and lead from peevish and portable guns.
Horror unprecedented the people outruns.
I have metamorphosed to nothing but a morgue.
Lice and bugs have infested hoodies lined with borg.
Disease and maimed limbs have no remedies in sight.
Let not the world be unmoved by my sorry plight.
Why must I this price pay for a thousand or more killed?
My morgues are beyond their capacity filled.
The deaths of innocents are nothing but unjust.
My once-populated streets have been turned into dust.
Dedicated to the people of Gaza.
Ashwin Kumar Dec 2023
Killed, have you, thousands of innocents
Truly, are you Satan's agents
Destroying an entire nation
In the name of counter-terrorism
Completely abandoning rationalism
And carrying out mass slaughter, with chilling precision

You call yourself a democracy
Yet, you show absolutely no mercy
Even when it cometh to children
Your humanity is absolutely barren
When we call you out
"Anti-Semitic", do you brand us, without a second thought
Jesus tells us to love even our enemies
However, your sheer hatred never does cease

You pretend to be the victim
However, filled to the brim
Is your cup of everlasting greed
As you continue to occupy land after land
And never allow the world to take a stand
Even as there are millions to feed
While the genocide reaches a fever pitch
Because, always functions, does your killing machine, without a hitch

You are so evil
That you **** and ****
Without giving a dime about incurring the wrath of God
Over goodness, do you run roughshod

You think you own Palestine
However, enough have we seen
And enough have we had
The world is mad
Soon, will you pay the price
For your insatiable avarice
Your days are numbered
Soon, will the tide be turned

You may continue your state terrorism
Which you call "counter-terrorism"
However, it is only a matter of time
Before there is divine retribution
For the numerous crimes of your so-called democratic nation
Viva Palestina!!
Amen!! Hallelujah!!
Poem denouncing the genocide of Palestinians being carried out by Israel.
Graff1980 Dec 2023
All I can see
is a wasteland of
stone, glass, metal,
and wooden rubble
in an open air prison
where children are living.

Six thousand bombs,
stirring up
thick clouds of grey dust,
obscuring the horrors
people are enduring.

The attackers are
barely even
warning people
to move on.
The exits are blocked.
The power and water is off.
The suffering doesn’t stop,
and these civilians
are unable to leave.

How are you unable to see
the hell spring of grief
that is burning human beings,
the furnace that still cooks
even when no one bothers to look
because all of the crooks
were just waiting
for the perfect excuse
to make the news
with a justified genocide.

Mass ****** and more oppression
with the weapons
America supplied,
and guess what,
another child just died,
more parents got radicalized,
and if they survive
will you be surprised
if hate is the new demoncont.
that wears their tired red eyes.

The rich guys lied and decided
that unequal retaliation
is perfectly justified,
so we are on a road
to the extinction of
human decency
as the world murders
our collective humanity.

Crack, boom,
the sound of thunder blooms
orange heated chaos,
breaking the foundation
an entire building.

A whole family line
gets an early burial,
as what’s left of my heart
gets carried inside,
popped in a box
to be buried alive,
because their beat
was the same as mine.

Nothing I write
will change the minds
of those unwilling to
listen and see people who
are close to total annihilation,
as deserving of love,
and compassion,
but even so
I am still asking.

Help, please, help!?!

Instead we get beheadings,
mass shootings,
****** assault,
and the expectation
of more tragedy to come.

I can easily condemn
violent actions taken,
but I need to understand
the origins of this rocky foundation,
and potential solutions,
because I can’t stand the
horrors I am facing
without eventually breaking.
kalo zadukr Oct 2023
It means death
It means  hope for change
It means difference on opinions
It means difference in nationality
It means fight for fairness
It means try to establish justice for all.

When it happens  in Gaza
Its not war
Its not justice
Its anything but humanity.
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