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Jack Harrell Jul 14
They say those
Who are afraid of heights
Aren’t afraid of the fall
But are scared they’ll jump

A leap of faith is all it takes
That’s all it took for me
To fall into the trap you made
I got stuck in your lemon tree

The fruit of the lemon
Is much too sweet
A whole lemon
Is quite a lot to eat

So sour it will purify your teeth

If my burdens be yellow
Then my teeth be white
My trouble they make me swallow
Until I blow out my light
M-E Apr 25
Dance! Dance! Forget the past
It will not change or last

And I did dance like there is no rule
I danced as a sane, as a fool

Made tiny steps as a child
And pranced as a fox in the wild

Danced the sultan swing
And the chicken flapping its wings

Dance forward and then backward
Danced like a pro, nah, awkward

I twisted and jumped
Dropped and stomped

Filled the dance floor with steam
Like a sweaty Choo Choo train
My dance was a gift, my night was a gain
I haven't dance in a long time. Lol. My cousin's wedding was a great opportunity to blow the steam after some "difficulties".
Sometimes, somethings might seem trivial but behind it a great message and purpose.

Erian Apr 9
When I'm with you
My worries
My cares
My wounds
Blows away
Gone like a kite
With its string held
In your grasp
Poetic T Feb 9
We where sails torn,
    never catching

each others gusts....

But still we tried to blow
                 life into something,

that wasn't moving anywhere.

And then we knew it was time
             to abandon ship..

Then we realised,
                    that we
  sailed better alone.
Max Jan 29
You're as light as a feather,

I blow you away.
Not in my social mood
Johnny walker Jan 14
Wind that blows so hard today carry me away on the strength of your wind sweep off my
Fly me far away from here where so many painful memories lay swiftly sweep of my
Take me with you to were ever you do blow to another place another time to another day far far away
Just some thoughts while passing my day
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
live behind
a mask for much
longer. I think I'm gonna
blow. All this anger and fear,
It'll come out of me like a volcano.
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