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Maria Etre Oct 2020
Today, I remembered
yesterdays' rain "comin' down on a sunny day"
then suddenly "nothing else matters"
when you ask the piano man to "sing me a song"
as "I listened, to the wind, the wind of my soul"
Elena Basophil Sep 2019
Apparel of starry nights and twilight,
Tracing constellations among flushing nebular scarlet,
Eyes like stellar heavens on the sleepless idle nights.
pa3que Aug 2019
Billy’s voice,
Billy’s touch,
Billy’s midnight slumber.

(he’s a reflection of what i want)

Billy’s smile,
Billy’s lips
and guess who’s got his number.
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2019
Poem Analysis

1st read, I thought gibberish,
2nd I thought Hmmm,
3rd I thought interesting,
4th I felt genius
.  billy

your poem comment-dissects my poem
my process,
a marathon interview for a new poem pole position,
limb by limb, word by word,
chewed and re-chewed,
like a tiring piece of bubble gum,
the flavor remaining ebbs, but is not extinguished,
and can live in your mouth,

and the praise and this poem,
not a rodomontade,
for your comment dear Billy,
is the process description of a poet’s labor,
from word first to a baby’s birth,

gibberish into genius

emergent from first pain, then pushing, then tilled, at long last,
the dirtiest immaculate conception beautiful

billy reads my rambling, silly abstruse^ & wrote me:
1st read I thought gibberish,
2nd I thought Hmmm,
3rd I thought interesting,
4th I felt genius

this is a much loved critique
for I well recall each step of creation,
a summarizing parallel
that your words+genes replicated so well,
forgiving you a minor typo, Billy,

it was genus, not genius that you meant

(but then again, why quibble over a miscellaneous, harmless, delighting, tiny little  extra i...not me, said he, my muse ego )

Billy has gone gray dotted, but his dot, his comment,
with gratitude,
in me, he,
lives for ever

I feel gibberish coming on...
Nohémie Mar 2019
All that there ever was
Was a stone cold face with a puzzled heart.
Very random one. As you can see, I'm definitely upset 'The Punisher' got canceled on Netflix.
Much love,
Jake Dockter Feb 2019
A poem by Billy Collins always seems to have a twist, some humor or a pun waiting to make you chuckle or stop and wonder while holding your chin.

But now, I’m not surprised by his slights of poetic hand. He has tipped his hat one too many times.
Too many winks.
One can only enjoy a twist so many times.

What would really surprise me is not a poem about jazz that is really a poem about death, or some stanza about a Bird in the winter snow (but really about a distant mother or an Ornette Coleman song or a high school sweetheart)...

What would really stop me in my tracks is

A few simple words
A haiku or prose, a
Moment for its own sake.
Timon chukwuonu Jan 2018
The reason of your smiles
Is to be  loved by me
Bad moments could change your face says
The wrong part of lights
But you kept your right smiles.
Now , you could lay your head on me
Because,I am here
Even when the lights goes dark
Like the sun lost its way by the footsteps
Of a unknown man with one foot, as try to take you away from my love
As the agony of your pains
Keep me smiling at my difficult times,
I replied
Love is power which you know
We still loved each other
As the birds Love the color of the skies.
Love.. atmosphere, light
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