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Apr 4 · 88
Kale Apr 4
He’s waiting for you
In the corner of your eye
With a creepy smile.
He wants you to give in
To follow him down the dreary road
Of Madness
Hoping you’d want him to relinquish
You from the confines of safety.
He is chuckling,
Smirking ,
Watching intensely.
He wants you to make a mistake
So he can **** on
The sweet blood of innocence
That was delivered
Jan 22 · 151
Kale Jan 22
Your breath
Inching closer to my neck
You have me trapped
by your spell.
My every thought
Consumed by  your scent
Consumed by your touch
Consumed by your smile
You are a wicked human
Leaving me to suffer
Without you
Now my heart is poisoned
Because the breath you
provided was the last
and now you are slumped beside me
Jan 22 · 107
Rain Dance
Kale Jan 22
Window panes
And persistent rain
Creates music on the
Sunday's eve.
The children
dance among the
beating drum of the
It's a time of celebration
Among the world of
Who knows when the
Kiss of the cold water
would touch their barren face
Once more
Dec 2019 · 357
Kale Dec 2019
The golden sun
Sets on the oceanic view
Kissing the traveler
That fumbled his way
through the soft sand.
The traveler mourned
for the touch of his
spouses warm embrace
But all he could
do was watch her
From his unearthly plane
Nov 2019 · 323
Kale Nov 2019
The ticking
Of the accursed clock
Is a constant lullaby
That weighs heavy
On my beating heart
Each tick of that clock
Draws near to the day of
Eternal Slumber
Where I would be left with
Nothing but the clothes
On my back
Alone .
I don’t have family in Arizona more specifically America so I was feeling a bit lonely. Enjoy the holiday if you are in America
Nov 2019 · 82
Kale Nov 2019
The icy air hits
My warm face
It is that time of year
Where the Christmas music
Chime down hallways.
People filled
With Joy ,
With Hope,
Dance through the streets
Until morn
Waiting for the Jolly
******* to slide down the chimney
To provide the undeserving
Winter is supposed
To be a time of cocoa
Winter is supposed
To be a time of glad tithing
Winter is supposed to be
A time of family
But with each ornate
Decoration I begin to hate
Each simplistic snowfall.
Nov 2019 · 653
Kale Nov 2019
I am not sad
I am not sad
I am not sad
The darkness keeps
Eating away at the remnants
Of the pleasant facade
That I built for myself
But I am not sad
Until I am returned to
The Earth from which
I was born
I will refuse to make
The inconvenience
Of my sadness drag
Me into a pit of darkness
I am not sad
I am not sad
I am not sad
I am not
Nov 2019 · 118
Christmas in Halloween
Kale Nov 2019
The creepy smile
Slithers down the hallway
He is searching
For the naughty
To gobble them up.
He is watching
And waiting
Hoping you slip up
He is hungry.
Be careful those of young
Your days are numbered
Christmas is coming
And he is watching
And waiting.
My attempts at a scary poem
Nov 2019 · 98
Kale Nov 2019
Crazy thing is
Sometimes I really like the rain
The pitter patter of the water
on the glass window pane
Creates the drumming of memories
Of the time of the past
When laughter danced through
This barren household.
What memories we shared
Until that one time
Where you struck me
And both our worlds ended
I couldn't take it
I couldn't take it any more.
All the abuse
All the emotional pain
All the tears
It needed to end.
So it did
And now there is just
Its pass domestic violence awareness month if you are being abused please try to seek help and if you know someone suffering please seek help for them. The time is now to stand up for the abused children, men and women.
Oct 2019 · 216
Kale Oct 2019
My heart weighs heavily
In my chest
I never loved
I never cared
That was until I met you.
You who showed me
That the smallest
Can bring forth bowls of laughter.
Each memory of you
Stays intertwined with
My happiness
Now you’re gone
And I remain inconvenienced
Oct 2019 · 87
Kale Oct 2019
The kissed ocean
Among the precious
Who sing songs of
They have no worries
Just each other
Sep 2019 · 157
Wine and Die
Kale Sep 2019
The sickly taste
Trickles down my raspy
Waiting to burn the thoughts
Of the conscious
And birth the child
Of uncontrollable antics
Wondering where
The people that said
They loved me
Are laid to sleep
In their earthly home
Or if the new ones
Say it so boldly
Would like to join
Them in the holy
Sep 2019 · 118
Kale Sep 2019
My love is confused
It is entangled with depression
Anxiety and non committal views
My love shows me nothing but pain
And loneliness
Shows me my worthless existence can
Still be awaken
And greeted by a blank canvas of
Meaningless lonely adventure
Aug 2019 · 260
Left me
Kale Aug 2019
My ever expanding mind
Thinks back to when
You were here with me
Holding me
Kissing me
But I know now
That even a man as good as
Will leave
Not because you wanted
But because our destinies
Seperated our souls
Hence why I will
Touch the cold crevices
Of your tombstone
Because you left me
And now I am..
Aug 2019 · 486
Kale Aug 2019
The lust of a woman
Sometimes hides
Behind their gaze
They think
They want
They crave
It’s not easy hiding
The emotions of a goddess
But when it comes to fruition
There is complete and utter ecstasy
Aug 2019 · 171
The Mind
Kale Aug 2019
The Mind
Vast and full of depth
Like the open ocean
Rumbles with storms of thought
That crashes against
The peaceful environment created
By dreams of adventure
By songs of love
By the dance of wonder

The dangerous ocean can be stilled
And so can the hurricane in the mind
Jul 2019 · 154
Love poem
Kale Jul 2019
Love is something fickle
It can be sour as a pickle

Love is something that is bright
It shines straight through the night

Love does not have any cost
And it does not show frost

Love is love
no mater what race gender sexuality
Love is love
May 2019 · 211
One Day
Kale May 2019
Give me One Day
And I will gift you plenty
You are my breath
You are my soul
All I need is you
We are lowly humans
That seek that one
Special person
To love
To hold
To cry
To shout
To seek freedom
And abstain from hatred
I just need that One Day
To show you
You my love
That I am the one
From Day One
Dedicated to someone
Apr 2019 · 325
Kale Apr 2019
When we first basked
In the moonlight’s ever
Opposing gaze
Stating our soliloquies
Of admiration
Of love
You gave me a jacket
To warm the coldness of
My heart
Now you’re gone
And now I am left
With nothing more than
This cloth
To represent the love you had for me
Apr 2019 · 163
Missing you
Kale Apr 2019
Morning and night
I will never stop
loving you
I will never forget
How you loved me,
How you treated me as a
How you and I created this
Beauty ,
That constantly reminds
Me of our love
I will never stop
Loving you
I will never stop missing you
Mar 2019 · 251
Kale Mar 2019
I want to meet you
I want to kiss you
I dream of our life
Together, forever
I admit it
I have feelings for you
But that term is
I’m scared
My feelings may no longer
Be one of flirtatious exploits
But of obsession.
Feb 2019 · 597
Kale Feb 2019
Love is so wonderful
And I hate it
It starts as a feeling
That oh so ever tiny
That *** rushes you
Like a six foot five
Then you become
Then the person
reveals he or she does
not care for you
Then you drink
or smoke
to remove the longing
that needless to say
is the worse thing
about love
and I hate it
PSA I do not endorse drinking or smoking cigarettes and only mary Jane if you are 18 and over but still do not do drugs kids. As a science student I can say everything has a consequence
Feb 2019 · 382
Kale Feb 2019
I'm falling slowly
Deeper into madness
Becoming obsessive
Crazed with feelings
of insecurity
I want to *****
the happiness that
I have injected into
my veins
Can I cry?
I hate seeing myself
this way
I hate seeing myself
Can I cry?
Because I want to be free
from the shackles
That bound me to this Earth
Feb 2019 · 744
Kale Feb 2019
They bumpy
Crunchy chocolate
Chip cookie
Oh how delicious!
With each bite
I die a little inside
Because soon
This moment
Will end
Wrote this for class
Jan 2019 · 223
I love you
Kale Jan 2019
Each beautiful morning
That walks by
I think about
My everlasting love
For you darling.
I think about
Our connection on
This earthly plane,
That brought two
People surrounded by
The rules of
Men and Women
Filled with dispear
Hatred and unkindness
Together again and
Again. My love
for you will
Never cease to
Exist and now
That we are
Both here in
This moment grows
Stronger and it
Leaves me to
Say this statement
I love you
Jan 2019 · 244
Once Again
Kale Jan 2019
Once Again
I am left here waiting
If you will come home
Feeling helpless
Thinking she's touching you
Feeling tears swell in my eyes
I want you with me
But each moment you're with me
I feel your ultimate wrath
I want to escape
But each time I try
Your sweet nothings hush me to
My brass cage
I can't do this
I won't do this
I will leave you
I won't get hurt again
Dec 2018 · 538
Kale Dec 2018
Once again I’m here
stuck at the crossroads
dreaming of chasing
the dreams that are forever
bounded by the comfort of the past  
where unhappiness reigned free

With path should I choose
It so hard to be free
I just want to take a path
That lets me be me
Dec 2018 · 174
I want to be free
Kale Dec 2018
I want to love
Feel my heart skip ten beats
Feel tingles go down my spine

I want to love
Feel at peace with myself
Feel warmth and joy

I want to love
Feel happiness kiss my face
Feel passionate about my tasks

I want to love
Not fall in the grasp of meaningless ***
Not hugged by pain and sadness

I want to love
Not be shackled by mundane  events
Not be saddened by the qualms of depression

I want to love
Not be stricken with anxiety
Not be sickened by fear

I want to love
I want to be free
Dec 2018 · 269
Kale Dec 2018
Sometimes I feel so small
Walking around the different forms
Of humanity
I just want to be noticed
I want to be recognized.
I want to cared about.
I don’t want to be this dot
In the land of sentences.
I want what I do appreciated
I want people to give me gratitude
I don’t want to feel this small
Oct 2018 · 223
Anxiety Attack
Kale Oct 2018
Anxiety  sneaks up
Like a snake in the greenlands of Africa
It's poisonous fangs elongated ready to

Anxiety knocks on the door
Hoping that we would answer
His creepy smile
Hoping that we'd befriend him
And when we do
chokes us to unconiousness  

Anxiety please leave me be
I can't stop thinking
I can't breathe
Im suffering from an anxiety attack and was restless so I decided to rest
Jun 2018 · 414
Kale Jun 2018
I began not to feel
That is why I stopped writing
I began to not care
I forgot what love was
I forgot what it meant to be depressed
I just felt a pit of nothing
Is this what it truly means to live.
To feel nothing.
May 2018 · 143
Kale May 2018
I've never felt at home
I always felt ostracized
Unwilling to conform
To the lifestyle
Society provided me

I just want to find
That place
Where I am free.
Where I don't have to change myself
To fit in
I just want to find
Mar 2018 · 223
Snow Day
Kale Mar 2018
That’s all I see
While your arms are wrap around me
I feel your embrace
But not for long
Because soon
This day will be over
Then you’ll forget me
And the only thing cold
Is my heart
Oct 2017 · 250
Kale Oct 2017
Loving myself is the hardest
Task I ever presented myself with
How can someone love me perfect love time soul search. Soulmate
If I can’t love myself  
I am only the human girl
Riding the vast wasteland of space
Seeking my soul and
The soul of my other half
And once I make that connection
It’ll be perfect
Oct 2017 · 412
Kale Oct 2017
It's finally happening
I'm in love,
I feel the beating heart
I wonder how long will this last
Because all good things
Must come to an end sometime
Jul 2017 · 250
Kale Jul 2017
If you have something to say
Say it to my face
I don't need to hear your negativity
Through the grapevine
I'm already insecure
Struggling to love myself
Just say what you have to say directly
Jul 2017 · 216
Kale Jul 2017
I thought I was doing better
I thought I got stronger
But as usual as something gets better
Everything gets worse.
Apr 2017 · 569
Kale Apr 2017
Am I happy?
Am I truly happy?
All my friends are happy,
Does that makes me happy?
So many questions to ponder,
As the cold metal touches my head.
Why am I alive?
What is my purpose?
I see no point in living,
The voices tell me "No one wants me."
So why should I keep drawing my breath.
I pulled the trigger,
There was a click but nothing happened.
A tear fell down my cheek.
I pulled the trigger again,
Nothing happened again.
I dropped the weapon
I just can't die.
People you may know may be suicidal. Help them.
Apr 2017 · 329
Kale Apr 2017
Tyranny reigns through the world
Causing death and destruction
Forcing people to come to qualm
With this harsh reality
That this is what we evolved into
Something dark
Something without hope.
As time keeps going on and on
Will we as a society be able to say
That we achieved the greater good as a collective.
Dec 2016 · 635
Save Me from Myself
Kale Dec 2016
I think I am slowly loosing my mind
I walk each day trying to grow
But fail
And fall deeper into the pits of despair
Craving the kiss of death
And dancing with with depression.

My thoughts are
I want more..... strive for more
But end up succumbing to power of less.

Please someone,
hear my cries
Save me from myself
Save me from my mind.
Nov 2016 · 418
Kale Nov 2016
It's crazy to think
We all get so consumed by the
The darkness in our hearts that we
Forget to think
There is a brighter day
After yesterday
That moon will say Good Bye
To make way for the rays
Of Sunshine
Sep 2016 · 345
Kale Sep 2016
Always come to an
Fighting or Loving
Punching or Kissing
At some point
It ceases,
And we live
in the memories
Of the yesterdays.
And as the sun comes
To end the day,
My life has ended
Because you are in
A shallow grave
Sep 2016 · 7.2k
Kale Sep 2016
The time has come
There is a war in these
Love is dead
Passion is real,
We fight not because
We want to
Its because we have to.
We fight to survive,
To climb that
Crumbling social ladder
That only accepts
Those who are absolutely free.
Then, Maybe one day
We can go back
To our Roots
Where we basked in the cold
Aug 2016 · 300
Kale Aug 2016
The Moon,
That's what shines
Down each night
When I think about you.
The Moon beacon
Acts as a guiding light.
Stopping me,
From Jumping down
The rabbit hole
And hugging
The corpse left
Sleeping under
the Orange Tree.
Aug 2016 · 834
Kale Aug 2016
Sometimes its good
To start the cycle over
To erase all the troubles
The subsequently haunt your
Dawning future
And just be free
Even its for an inkling
Just start over.
May 2016 · 340
Love is Patient
Kale May 2016
Love is patient
I was told when I was young
But I believe love is not stupid
Don't waste my time
Hoping I would forgive you
Hoping I would wait for you
Because this not a romance novel
Its life.
May 2016 · 503
Kale May 2016
Your body tenses
Someone is behind you
Stalking your every move
You feel squeamish
So you look behind you
But there is nothing there.
You sigh knowing
That it was something out of
Your sick twisted fantasy
However your mind races
Because you feel something
brush against your throat
You feel the sticky
Liquid slowly slide
From your neck
As you slowly die
You realize
That it what killed you
Wasn't human
It was your paranoia.
Apr 2016 · 519
Kale Apr 2016
Mother once told me
Don't waste your tears
On those who don't deserve it
Its now worth
Seeing the wet emotions
Dripping down your face
Because there would be times
Where you really need to cry
And then there would be nothing
Dripping down your face
Apr 2016 · 511
Kale Apr 2016
I am sitting here wondering
Does he really love me
If true what does he love about me?
I am not beautiful
Or smart
I have no ambition
I am not creative
I am nothing
I have nothing
So what does he love about me?
I can be real with him...
I don't have to act like someone else...
I don't have to be something else...
Please someone
Anyone provide me with the answers
To my questions of insecurities
Please help me rid this doubt
So that I don't destroy something that is good.
Apr 2016 · 953
Isn't it Strange
Kale Apr 2016
Isn't it strange
That men women and child
Are being prosecuted
Because of their beliefs
Because of their color
Because of their gender
Because of their class.

Isn't it strange that
Now-a-days it is cool to be stupid
But stupid to be smart
It is cool to bully
The weak
And praise the unworthy.

Isn't it strange
That we disrespect
Those who raised us
Because we see it happening
On TV.

Isn't it strange
That we would spend
Thousands of dollars
For the latest item on the market
But can't afford to help
the less fortunate.

Isn't it strange
That my voice will become
Because what I say is true
and I stand for what I believe in.
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