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Kay Aug 2022
Dear ####,
How long has it been? To be honest, since we stopped seeing and talking to each other I have been miserable. You'd be upset with me, I've started stress smoking because of us, or because of what we were. I was thinking to myself the other night and I was brutally honest with myself. I still love you, and I'm sorry for it. I'm sorry because I never wanted to put you in this position, I never meant to fall in love with you, but I'm sorry the most that you couldn't bring yourself to say the same, that you were falling in love with me.
I'm sorry.
Now I am left to grieve, like you have died but its worse, your just down the street, just out of reach. You have decided that I was no longer part of your storyline because loving me scared you. Left with all of the memories, all the emotions. All the times we touched, you make me feel like I've never even laid my fingers on you. As if it never mattered to you. Like I was holding the shadow of your hands, snuggling with the idea of you. I cant go anywhere without memories of you, you in my bed, on the couch, playing cards at the table with my Nana, your hand in mine, your lips meeting my shoulder, even just at the grocery store. You claimed me as yours with Marker "####'s Kay", but it was as if your love was  like the ink, bright and beautiful in the moment, but not strong enough to last forever, not permanent.

But its okay, one of these days I will release the ideas that if I just wait long enough, you will realize that it doesn't matter if we are the same gender.

Its okay because I will heal.
Just so you know, I don't regret a single moment of us.
I miss you.

Your Kay
W/W, Just a letter I wrote and will never send. I know its a mess, but that's what I was/am.
Dave Robertson May 2022
loose moral blossom
flaunting for all comers
throbbingly defying
to let life thrum
Krystal Dec 2021
You trace the lines,
You pull the string,
Their pulled together,
Like a bond of love,
Like a bond of beads,
They go together.
They break easy,
that just means be careful.

He sees ME,
He Loves ME
He wants ME,
He needs ME,
I want HIM,
Men can love each other as much as a woman and another woman + a man and a woman. Love is love don't take it away.
I love him, he loves me. SO WHAT?! Were just humans like you. (Besides me no one knows what I am I wont say!)
end Sep 2021
you told everyone you had a girl
tried to control every aspect of her world
but what if she didn't feel the same
what if she was they or he some days

somedays, she wants you to tell her she's pretty
even if you hate the way she looks
and somedays, he just wants to laugh with his mama
even if he hates the way he looks
somedays, they need to hear you say you love them
because they don't feel like you do
somedays you don't have a daughter
is that okay with you

you warned her of how boys were stupid
but told her she'd marry one someday
so what if she decided not to
what if she didn't feel the same

somedays, they dream of boys who'll kiss them
even though they hate themselves
and somedays, they dream of girls who'll hold them and want to be held
even though they're a little chubby
somedays, they want to have a partner regardless of what that partner wants to be called
somedays your child doesn't want anyone at all

is that okay with you
does it make you mad
if i weren't normal
would you understand
because this song is about me
it's about how i feel
it's about what i am
fluidity is real

end Sep 2021
you put your faith into her
yeah you gave her the world
she promised that she'd do right by you
you taught her things like
little girls never hike up their skirts
girls don't wear shirts
they wear dresses and blouses
do their hair in pigtails
and make homes out of houses
paid for by their husbands

but what if he told you the truth
told you she went away with his youth
she was gone but he would take her place
and he
wants to be
someone you could learn to love
if it was me
id see to it that he
knew that he was enough
he just wants to know he's loved

somewhere else
he reaches for the high shelf
he carries the heavy loads
and he watches as time goes by
he can't help but cry
what if he asked for help
asked to end the life he was delt
begged for you to look past the body he never asked for

what if she told you her new name
would you turn her away
because just the other day
she was the little boy you raised

and she
wants to be
someone you could learn to love
if it was me
id see to it that she
knew that she was enough
she just wants to know she's loved

and they
want to stay
in your good graces
don't say they're going through phases
don't take away their happy places
just because you don't get it
doesn't mean they have to regret being alive
janessa ann Jul 2021
I love Elizabeth
Beth loves dolphins
Dolphins love water
Water is wet
Wet I am
While being with Beth,
Sorry not sorry Reese's
hiba sajid Jun 2021
Love who you want to love,
And  if there are others who cannot comprehend your love,
they are weak themselves and need love in their life .
Because love is the strongest force in the world,
and love is the only thing that makes sense without making any sense,
this world needs more of love,
love above all,
love beyond all.
Because Love is love.
Love without borders, love is love. Happy pride month
It's hard to see the bigger picture if you're standing in the middle of it
Blinded by our senses
Complacency becomes us
It's the world we live in
A whole lot of black, a whole lot of white but mostly, a whole lot of grey
The greatest illusion is that yesterday, today and tomorrow are consecutive
That time is linear
We marvel at the vastness of what lies beyond our five senses
At the infinite possibilities beyond what we can't see
But cower at the evidence of things not seen
Chasing horizons becomes an unattainable obsession
My eyes are open but i never see what you're showing me
We're looking at the same picture but we have different images
I know you're speaking but i have no idea what youre saying
I'm listening but i can't hear you
I've often wondered how deep i could go if i dove into your soul
Your eyes are the magnet that draws me
I have loved you with a love that is frowned upon
I yearn for you with a desire that's fobbiden
I need you the way hell needs sinners
If love is pure, why is loving you so wrong?
I taste music on your lips,
Sweet melodies serenading my soul to slumber
I just need some clarity
What is life if I can't love?
To dare is to touch,
touch the hallucination of your presence.
My reverie doesn’t do justice,
to your eyes under a blithe twilight.
My hands run through the air silhouette,
collecting wishes of you in my palms.
They come in handy when writing poems of our love.
I cut through the illusion,
I will let you deceive my heart.
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