Mary Jun 26

I found a home
in rough arms
and delicate touches.
In the smell of cologne
and bright roses.
I found a home
in wide shoulders
and tiny hands
both my asylum
keeping me safe
during the darkest nights.
In sharp stubbles
and blood red lips
marking my skin
as if it was a canvas
painting it in the best work of art
the world has ever seen.
I found a home
in the long locks of an awesome boy
in the short curls of a beautiful girl
tangled between my fingers
as we intertwine our souls.
I found a home
in the intergalactic being
of a lost soul
who heard the call
of my empty one
and decided to make it its own
in the purest, most natural love
that has ever been.

Maddie Berry Mar 31

A shout out to the transgender people,
to the strong women and men,
may you see yourselves as self-made heroes.

A shout out to the non-binaries,
to the gender less,
the in between,
may you take pride in who you are.

Happy Trans Visibility Day.

Love is glamorous ,
Love is alluring,
Love is beautiful,
Love is attractive,
Love is elegant,
Love is stylish,
Love is charming,
Love is charismatic,
Love is fascinating,
Love is intriguing,
Love is enchanting,
Love is irresistible,
Love is seductive,
Love is lovely.

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Our only home throbs
as we squeeze, devour,
dump, repeat while
hoods around us bleed,
march, shot down,
incarcerated, drowned
by the sounds of the
while the reservations mourn
their rivers, lakes, and streams, 
counting down the sacred
spaces defiled by our greed
while the mosques downtown
fear our acts of
“freedom," “peace," and “creed"
while the border jails swell
with the young, old, 
and frail while the night 
clubs twitch hit with 
homophobic kills while
the witch trials proceed
around abortion clinic bills
while from sea to shining sea
the man we chose to lead us,
guarded in his tower,
would rather fucking tweet us.

Tab Nov 2016

i loved her so much
i've never loved something
or someone
so pure
so raw
so beautiful
in my whole life
she left me warm
before she left me

i've never missed someone as much as i miss you
Scarlett Aug 2016

little girl wants a monster truck
little boy wants a fairy doll
little girl wants to be a boy
little boy wants to be a girl
doors closed and eyes closed
wishing for a brighter tomorrow
closet doors creaking open
light shining in
closet doors jammed open

The Mellon Aug 2016

Three days
And I will be the age that I will be when I graduate high school

Seventy two hours
Until I'm on my last teenage year

Four thousand three hundred twenty
Until Eighteen years have gone by

Two hundred fifty nine thousand two hundred seconds
Until we arrive on the day I was born

I remember when I was younger I would always beg for toys or games for my birthday.

Now I wish for nothing
Of the sort

This year my wishes are self fulfilling

I wish for happiness
I wish for love
I wish for life long friends
I wish for identity
Humility and grace

But I wish for all if that and none of it

I wish not to have them I wish to be them
I wish to be the love that someone needs on a dark night
I wish to be break threw clarity

I wish to make people happy

Most of all I simply wish to choose love
I once wrote
Love is love is love is love
Because love is love
I am loved
Because I am loved
And love is love
I love too

That's what I want
I want to love

If the whole world shared that believe,
And I love too,

That means that I love you
And because you are loved by me,
And I love because
Love is love
Then you love too

Before to long the whole world would love

That. That is what I want for my birthday.

I kiss the spots I know others have missed
& shake my head
what a loss it would be
to not have all of you

Nik Jul 2016

Today I experienced true lgbt+ hate for the first.
A disagreement turned violent because the opponent refused to apologize for calling me something that I am not.
Someone who I am not.
It's like my identity was stolen from me and auctioned off to the highest bidder,
as if my identity was not mine in the first place,
as if my identity was a joke and I was the only one not laughing. 
My self love was almost warped into self hate because my pronouns were an inconvenience, 
because "not knowing," is an excuse for arrogance,
because political incorrectness is an excuse for an @ sign.
I refused to be given any less than what I deserve, what I have worked for.
No one will take that away from me.

I have finally gotten to a place where I am comfortable with my identity. I am a grayromantic, pansexual, genderfluid, half latin american, half black individual.
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