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To dare is to touch,
touch the hallucination of your presence.
My reverie doesn’t do justice,
to your eyes under a blithe twilight.
My hands run through the air silhouette,
collecting wishes of you in my palms.
They come in handy when writing poems of our love.
I cut through the illusion,
I will let you deceive my heart.
Arya Night Oct 22
Your wrong,
They say, using a few words to sharpen
The knife of cruelty.

You’re wrong,
They say, pressing the blade against
the thin string of life that holds me.  

You are wrong,
They say, using a few sentences in a book
The symbol of rebirth turning into

You are so wrong,
They say, pressing their lies and wrapping
The noose around thin scared necks.

You are not wrong
Your heart says, clinging to the ones that give you life.
The one that keeps life in your scared lungs.

You are right,
Your love says, holding you close in the dark night
The shield from the rest of the worlds damnation.  

You’re right,
Your soul says, clinging to love
The light that guides you away from the cliff.

Your right,
Those who love you say, holding warmth in their hearts.
The one that loves you the way you are.

Love is love
and nothing they say can take that away.
Arya Night Oct 20
Her touch brought light into this world.
Her smile chased away the cloud around my heart.
Her lips breathed air into my lungs,
forcing a breath, I didn't know I had been holding.
Like a flower in the spring day sun,
I basted in her light.
pitying those who could only see in black and white.
my love
my brave love
I do not know then,
it was your rainbow blood
and allowed me to see the world.
that it was your color that seeped through the creaks
of their concert cities
and built me a
Away from all those who couldn't see the color of love.
The beautiful, lie unclothed.
Hand in hand they lie unclothed.
Hand in hand. Male with Male, Female with Female, Male with Female.
The bare girl crosses the bare breast of her lover.
With measureless love, arms and hearts with measureless love.
The breath goes with the breath of the friend.
The kisses. The wrong is right.
Supple and awake.
They pass the chemistry.
I, too, stay a while to love you.
Should be afraid to trust myself with you?
I am not afraid to be myself, to love who I love anymore.
First time back in a while, I finally came out, i am having conflicting feelings regarding my bisexuality, i like women more than men. i feel the need to label myself a lesbian.
Jazzy-Goats Apr 18
There is so much
That I wish to do
But I can't do such
Without You
Expressing love in poetry is difficult for me. I'm so used to writing about my traumas that now when I write about the love I feel it seems weird.
Nyx Mar 29
Did i ***** it up before it even blossomed
Into something more i wished we were
I know we're going through circles
Every time we tried to dance together
But i thought this time would be different.
We found more common ground
Found more whatnots and ideals to talk about
It was getting better
And i wanted it to be something more
But i do end up ******* it every time
I don't know what to do
And i know you've been fed up with
Empty promises and half-assed vows
Of faith and staying
So maybe fate has a funny way of toying with me at the moment
To have you close but not even mine
To have you far and farther still
But i couldn't just stay away
I don't want to
Because this dance is what i do want to do
Eventhough i know i have two left feet
So, here goes what has always been constant
My loyalty
To be yours in any sense that might be
I'm stretching my hands and my heart to you
Would you dance with me?
j Oct 2019
Living life all chained up and tied.
She watches other people walk by.
They smile and laugh and on her behalf, all she does is stand by.
                                     They can be themselves and not have to worry about their feelings being put on bookshelves.
They can love who they want and not feel all this haunt.
Religion is the reason why she’s feeling this way.
She knows that it’s okay to be gay.
She knows that it’s normal to feel this way.
She just don’t understand why it seems to affect people everyday.
Being controlled like a video game, society is the one to blame.
“Holding hands with the same *** is wrong”.
“I guess hell is where she belongs.”
More and more slurs being said.
It can be very hard for her to sleep in bed.
All of these thoughts in her head.
Then she realized what other people have said.
“We love you for you.”
“We see your point of view.”
Remembering that set her free from her sadness.
Now she’s standing above the madness.
know that i support you fully. yes, this is based off of my story of coming out.
j Oct 2019
I’ve been staying up all night.
Sleep seems impossible without you.  
Wishing to feel your warm embrace.
Caress my face.
Your eyes have me mesmerized.
Feelings have me electrified.
Soft hearted yet so mischievous,
I’m in love with the thought of you
Shane Leigh Jun 2017
Its not outrageous to love
the way he loved him in the
shadows of the skyward stars
and glimmering shine of the moon.

How outrageous to think
that a single kiss he gives to him
is meaningless;
not meaningless,

How beautiful it is to believe -
to love as he loved him
in the yawning rays of the sun
deep in their bed,
among their sheets,
not outrageous.

It's moments like these
that open the eyes and minds
of those that dare not walk
in the dark, and in a world that changes;
it changes, and it changes, and
It Has Changed.
How *outrageous
© Shane Leigh
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