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Love is love
Yeah so what
im into girls
Why is that so tough
To speak
Every fusking word that comes out
Feels so **** bleak
I mean
Love is love
So what the **** matters
You hatin’ on me
Like my happiness don’t matter
Well **** that
Man life is short
So I’m here to state some facts
And you tryin’ to take me to court
***** up with that man
Love is love
So step the *******
I mean what’s the deal
How does my life effect yours
All this **** is wack
They all talk and say
“Why you go around acting like that”
Love is love
They say “it’s just a phase”
This is my life now
I’m not tryin’ to play around
I’m the same as you
I never changed
Keeping me on the outside
like there’s someone to blame
Man it’s no game
No need to throw shade
You need to watch what you do
And what you say
Love is love
So get that in your ******* brain
BadWolf Feb 9
Young fools under the stars,
hands entwined and knuckles white,
afraid to let go,
we shouldn't have to worry,
and yet, we do.
The spillage of ink above us, our playground,
the planets our swings, at this moment we aren't lost,
we are found.
Sand cascades down this hourglass of fragility,
as I take my fall from grace, plummeting head-first into a pool of adoration.
With a personality unlike another,
soul aflame with passion and understanding,
mahogany eyes filled with amber embers,
but this fire won't die out.
They can't see the beauty,
wrapped their eyes in cotton wool,
they only see one thing,
two girls.
Fighting the ignorance, we carry on,
watching films under blankets,
hot chocolate lacing our breath,
we talk of dreams
and adventure to places far beyond their reach,
because at the end of the day love is love
and were just some young fools,
tired of having to run.
i've always been told to love;
and that if i do,
i do it raw and passionately
but now as i sit here with
the girl i may love,
i am told i cannot

for her body looks too much
like my own, so i am to
love the body of a man
whose soul does not
match mine like hers does

i wish you knew how
confusingly destructive
that sounds-- i am to love
the body of a man over the
soul of a woman
Em Jan 26
There's this thing that I've always wanted to tell you but I don't know how
I know you you know this but I love you
You might not know this but I need you
When you hold me the world around us melts away
Your face reminds me everyday that I am
100% ***
I've been watching couples in movies for months now and all I think about is your hand holding mine
You help me become a better person and help people around you in every way possible
I've never met someone who is so niceness and compliments
I talk about you all the time
It's kind of sad
I don't want to love you but I can't help myself
Carmelina Jan 21
I look at you and smile.
I’ll always love that face.
Since the day I saw you.
My heart raced.

No one but you
Can keep it at that pace.
The love we share.

Nothing else in this world
Can compare.
I fell in love with you
After one stare.

Such beauty and grace.
I had to chase you.
Because you catch my eye.

Any time you are near.
I can clearly see.
It was always
Just meant to be.

You and me!
Now all I’m left with are all these ******* memories.
you asked me why i didn't come looking for you. and you assumed it was because i didn't love you enough. because i didn't want you enough. but the truth is, i couldn't stand rejection; i couldn't stand you looking at my soul and mocking it. i couldn't stand losing myself because that's all i ever had. and i already lost so many parts of myself for the people i love that i can't do it anymore. i gotta fall in love with myself before i can fall in love with someone else, i hope you understand that.
indigochild Dec 2018
I loved you but not in the way where
Your body becomes an ocean under my palm
And your tongue becomes the treasure I have to find
And your hands become the gasp of air before I drown in your moans

I loved you but
Your body has no cave to dive into who’s walls are filled with the wetness of the ocean breeze from your breath on my neck
And your chest has no curves like crystals on the sea floor I swim to just to hold them
And you have no gills that protect the entrance in which you breathe life from
           No gills in which you must rub the right direction

I loved you but you are the man on Earth and I belong with the mermaids under the sea
My heart is telling me the telly isn't telling me anything.
I need but it needs to keep selling me,
Besides celebrities lacking in integrity.
Holding up the status quo instead of showing the kids,
That they matter, who are they gonna batter next?
Just keep holding their necks and keep selling them ***?
It’s better if we keep them perplexed,
It's better if we make them want the opposite ***.
And disenfranchised young criminal minds,
In a car park beside where your nan resides,
Are not slow, they've just never been shown,
That you should be...
Loving someone.
Thank you, Matty Healy.
Faith Dec 2018
We can’t choose what we like. It isn’t easy when that thing you like is not accepted by everybody. Yeah I’m talking about love. We’re supposed not to care about what other people say but when it comes to family things change.. My mom can’t accept my homosexuality and it kinda *****. Every time I go through a break up with a girl, I can’t say anything to her. I have to grieve alone. I need her. But well, this is not the end of everything. She’ll eventually understand it and I’ll be able to be myself with her. If you’re going through something like this, I get you and I know how painful it is.  I’m here if you ever wanna talk about it. We’re all humans, and humans fall in love with whoever they want to, regardless it’s a woman or a man. The thing is, we all deserve to love and be loved. We need to push away every hateful words and vibes and move on. And well, nobody is 100% hetero anyways haha. Hope this will give you at least a little hope that everything will turn out fine.
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